The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 Nitian Guyun

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Su Yu frowned. He was just an ordinary human being. What was so strange about that?

As for the shadows of the nine emperors surrounding him, each one had a clear origin and was definitely not due to Su Yus special abilities.

There was only one very special thing about him.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

That was something that Su Yu had been unable to understand quite clearly until now, and he had absolutely no clue about its history.

He thought that it was a very high-ranking emperor based holy artifact until it re-forged Su Yus body and refined the fragment of the Rules. Then, Su Yu knew that the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was by no means an emperor based artifact.

No matter how powerful an emperor based artifact was, there was no way it could have refined the fragments of the Rules.

Perhaps the shadows of the nine emperors gathered in Su Yus body, and he got the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in the process.

Seeing that Su Yu did not answer, the World Annihilating Dragon said, "Since you dont want to answer me, I will search your soul myself!"


Another might roar followed, shaking the mountains and rivers.

Hundreds of Divine Paths virtual shadows swayed to and fro, and a flickering bright light emerged.

"Do not think that you will be able to fight me with one hundred kinds of Divine Paths!" The World Annihilating Dragon opened its mouth, and a fireball of destruction appeared in it.

The Holy Maiden, who rushed to the scene, was surprised. She performed sorcery again to protect herself and said, "Is this the Dragon Ball?"

Her beautiful face seemed cautious and she said sternly, "Everyone, cast your defense spells and dont waver no matter what. Otherwise, even I will not be able to save you."

Facing the Dragon Ball, Su Yus entire body kept trembling, and his dragon form appeared involuntarily.

After the dragon ball appeared, the whole ruins crackled with an ear-splitting sound, as if one side was under excessive pressure, forcing the crystal to shatter.

The World Annihilating Dragon kept the Dragon Ball in his mouth and said, "The Star River Overlord who died under the World Annihilation Dragons ball was no less than the fragment of the Rules! Although this is not the Dragon Ball from the original body, the breath alone will be enough to wipe you out ten million times!"

"Die!" A fiery red dragon ball spun out from the mouth of the World Annihilation Dragon.

Boom boom boom!

The ruins shook, and cracks appeared one after another on the barrier, spreading throughout the whole area.

A devastating crisis loomed ahead.

However, at this time, Su Yu was abnormally calm. In these moments of life and death, he was holding himself together, as if he had a well thought out plan.

He glanced at the Holy Maiden and the others, and quietly said, "Is everyone here already?"

Eh? The World Annihilation Dragon and the Holy Maiden were both astonished. At this moment, what else could Su Yu have up his sleeve that he had not shown yet?

"Since we are here, it means this expedition is coming to a close," Su Yu calmly said.

As he spoke, he looked up and pointed towards the outside of the ruins barrier and said, "I gathered everyone for you. Shouldnt you be thanking me?"

The World Annihilation Dragon glanced at him and asked, "Who are you talking to?"

The Holy Maiden looked around, full of apprehension. Was there a more powerful being somewhere around?

After a long silence, there was no response.

The World Annihilation Dragon regained his self-confidence and smiled ghastly. "Deliberately complicating matters? Even if there is someone around, I am the strongest in these ruins!"

Su Yu shook his head. "First, these are not ruins, it is an ancient tomb! Second, you are not the strongest creature here. Someone else is correct? The Faction Master of the Heaven Defying Imperial Sacred Faction?"

The Heaven Defying Imperial Sacred Faction had built itself up tirelessly and was recognized as one of the four supreme empires today.

The Faction Master was a supreme being of a Level Two deity. Apart from the other three Faction Masters, few would be able to rival him.

When this name was mentioned, a voice reverberated and chuckled, "This is interesting."


A silver-white light flashed and a middle-aged man appeared hovering in the air above their battle spot, sizing them up with a smile, his arms crossed over his chest.

There was no aura surrounding him, and he looked just like an ordinary man.

His face was dark and his eyes were deep and profound, hinting at his boundless abilities.

He stood still in the air, inspiring unparalleled fear and uneasiness in those present.

The Holy Maidens face changed color and she exclaimed in disbelief, "The Master of the Heaven Defying Imperial Sacred Faction, Nitian Guyun!"

As the Moonwatch Sects leader, how could she not know who Nitian Guyun was?

Nitian Guyun was different from all the previous Faction Masters of the Heaven Defying Imperial Sacred Faction.

Not only did he have amazing talents, but he had also cultivated to be a Level Two deity in the shortest time in history. He also had great skills and bold ambitions.

The Heaven Defying Empire was a neighbor to the Lost Nation, but because of the dangerous environment of the Lost Nation, the Heaven Defying Empire had maintained its defensive position for many years.

When Nitian Guyun became the new monarch, he changed the defensive stance to an offensive one and took the initiative to launch an aggressive attack on the Moonwatch Sect concealed within the Lost Nation.

During the 1,000-year-long war, nearly a third of the Moonwatch Sect members were lost, and the casualties reached as high as twenty percent!

Despite the powerful counterattack launched by the Moonwatch Sect, Nitian Guyun was bold and tenacious. Step by step, he foiled their plan to regain lost ground and also caused them to suffer heavy losses.

If this kept up, within three thousand years, the Moonwatch Sect could be erased from the world because of Nitian Guyun.

Back in the day, the nine great factions joined forces but could not eradicate the Moonwatch Sect. Today, however, they were being pushed to their limits by Nitian Guyun.

That was all because of Nitian Guyuns relentless efforts.

In the Moonwatch Sect, Nitian Guyun was revered as a sorcerer that harnessed superior wisdom.

The Holy Maiden grew up hearing the name Nitian Guyun since she was young.

She knew very well how terrifying this low-key Faction Master really was.

Nitian Guyun glanced at her with a sardonic smile on his face. "Are you the newly appointed Holy Maiden? Based on talent, power, and looks, you are comparable to the previous Greatest Saint Lady. Alright, you shall be included in my harem as well!"

As she heard that, the Holy Maidens face turned pale.

The previous Holy Maiden was captured by Nitian Guyun, who forced her to abolish her life cultivation and join his harem, turning her into one of his many concubines.

That was a great shame that The Moonwatch Sect had to endure for all eternity.

Biting her lip, the Holy Maiden maintained a calm expression, but her heart was anxious and beating fast.

No one had expected that the Heaven Defying Faction Master would actually come to the ruins in person.

Nitian Guyun laughed, looked at Su Yu, and glanced at the Heaven Defying Divine Warriors Laksana behind his back. His eyes glowed with a profound meaning.

A moment later, he looked at the World Annihilation Dragon.

"Oh? It seems like its the aura of the World Annihilation Dragon," Nitian Guyun said indifferently, as if not taken aback by seeing that the World Annihilation Dragon reappeared in the world, "Let me see, what exactly are you?"

Having said that, he stretched out his right arm and grabbed the World Annihilation Dragon, lightning-fast.

The World Annihilation Dragon had no more inclination to banter. He was seething with anger. He did not expect that such a strong being existed in todays world.

At that moment, the dragon realized that he had been wasting his time on insignificant beings, unaware of a greater danger.

As Nitian Guyuns hand swiped, the World Annihilation Dragons expression changed and he shifted the trajectory of the Dragon Ball to blast against Nitian Guyun instead.

Nitian Guyun smiled slightly, clenched his palm into a fist, and directly hit the Dragon Ball.


The explosion reverberated through the sky, and the Dragon Ball was ripped apart with a punch. The destructive force released from it swept across the whole place and smashed the dragon against the barrier of the ruins.

Amidst the loud explosion, a gap that was ten million miles wide finally broke open in the ruin.

Endless icy rivers gushed in, flooding the area.


The Dragon Ball was destroyed, and the World Annihilation Dragon let out a furious roar. "You you are about to break through the barrier of the gods and reach the realm of Level One deities"

It was rumored that the Faction Masters of the four Imperial Sacred Factions were comparable to each other in strength.

Actually, no one really knew what the actual situation was. Because of the existence of the Moonwatch Sect, which was a common sworn enemy, the four Faction Masters had never fought against each other.

Nitian Guyun smiled and slammed his hand down again.

The World Annihilation Dragon was frightened and turned to flee. As he was trying to escape, he twisted his head and opened his huge dragons mouth, roaring, "Divine Dragon Bite!"

A shockingly strong sucking force came on all at once.

Nitian Guyun just smiled and moved his hand again, as if the Divine Dragon Bite was no more than a childs play. He struck the World Annihilation Dragon.


The World Annihilation Dragon was flung and pressed against the ruins barrier once more, crushing the barrier and causing the gap to widen even further.

The enormous body of the dragon was crushed and its dragons breath was reduced to almost nothing as he struggled to cling onto his life.

With a couple of strokes, Nitian Guyun managed to defeat the World Annihilation Dragon to such an extent!

As she witnessed this scene, the Holy Maidens heart was beating fast. It was one thing to hear about how Nitian Guyun was so powerful, but it was quite another thing to witness his prowess with her own eyes!

The World Annihilation Dragon was helpless under his hand and roared, "Lowly ants, this is just one incarnation of the Divine Dragon! Let me go immediately, or I will surely slaughter your whole bloodline in the future"

Nitian Guyuns smile never faltered. "The World Annihilation Dragon, right? If you dont come to me, I will find you myself!"

After he finished speaking, he clenched his five fingers together. A deafening noise was heard and the body of the World Annihilation Dragon was crushed, turning into a large black flame.

"You will regret this!" A residual growl came from the World Annihilation Dragon.

Nitian Guyun waved his robes sleeve as the dark flames dispersed, leaving only one dark scale on the spot.

"The reverse scale of the World Annihilation Dragon compiled together with the Dragons essence. No wonder it belongs to the Level Three realm," Nitian Guyun said, tucking the scale into his sleeve. He calmly said, "This is a good thing."

However, while he was trying to pack the scale away, the dragon scale suddenly assumed a life of its own and shot towards Su Yu.

The will of the World Annihilation Dragon, which was attached to the dragon scale, had been scattered by Nitian Guyun. The dragon scale sensed that Su Yu had the aura of the World Annihilation Dragon surrounding his body, so it chose him naturally.

Nitian Guyun laughed abruptly. "Its a pity that I cant grant your wish. You are my trophy."

However, as he made to catch the scale, a palm came over and grabbed it.

The owner of the palm was Su Yu.

As Su Yu grasped it, the reverse scale returned to its natural state and merged with Su Yus body.

This move was undoubtedly a provocation against Nitian Guyun!

Nitian Guyun smiled. "Interesting! You are the first who dared to snatch away my spoils of war right in front of me."

The Holy Maiden looked at Su Yu, finding the whole thing incredible.

Wasnt the incredible power demonstrated by Nitian Guyun enough to deter him? After that formidable display, he actually dared to make such a move.

Su Yu said in a neutral voice, "Whatever is in your hands is considered yours. Now, it is mine."

Having fought against the Demonic God of Six Paths, Su Yu did not have much fear even of a being as powerful as Nitian Guyun.

"Hehe," Nitian Guyun smiled and shook his head. "Is that what you mortals think? My opinion is that a trophy is mine if I want it! Anyway, you are asking to be killed, and I dont mind granting your wish."