The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355 The Remains Of The Divine Warrior

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Letting his ancestors voluntarily become Divine Laksanas was something that Nitian Guyun would never allow.

At the moment when the spirit of the Divine Laksana was discovered, Nitian Guyun had already passed Su Yus death sentence.

He turned his head and looked at the Holy Maiden with a smile. "Be my concubine! Let both you and the previous Greatest Saint Lady serve me together!"

The Holy Maidens face was red, and she clenched her teeth. "What if I say no?"

"You dont have a choice. Even if the Lord of the Moonwatch Sect was present, he could not change my decision about you!" Nitian Guyun said as he waved one of his robe sleeves. A halo appeared in the air and shrouded the Holy Maiden and her sorcerers.

The Holy Maidens face stiffened as she struggled, together with the other sorcerers, to perform witchcraft.

However, the ripples generated were all crushed by the halo.

The Holy Maiden was frightened. She shattered the jade pendant on her chest, and a formidable magic force wafted from it.

The might of this magic force was beyond comparison.

The magic force swept out, knocking back the halo and rushing towards Nitian Guyun.

The corner of Nitian Guyuns mouth curled. "Oh? It seems that the Lord of the Moonwatch Sect has attached more importance to you than he had to your predecessor, since he personally crafted the asylum spell for you!"

"However, I have already said that even if the Lord of the Moonwatch Sect was present, he could not have changed my decision! If I want you to serve me, then you will jolly well do so!" Nitian Guyun said, throwing a punch in the air.

The punch was full of unyielding will that threatened to destroy all the obstacles in the world. He was getting into a defiant temper.

"Seven Defiance Punch!"

Imperceptibly, it seemed like seven sounds reverberated at the same time.

The magic force that came attacking earlier was inexplicably subjected to seven consecutive hits and dissipated into smoke.

When the magic force disappeared, the Holy Maiden was nowhere to be seen.

Nitian Guyun looked up into the sky, and a smile formed at the corner of his mouth. "If I want you, you can never escape me."

"Sky Seal!" Nitian Guyuns voice implied the meaning of absolute defiance, one that would override any obstacle on earth or in heaven.


In the sky, within a ten-million-mile-wide gap, a sign of resounding willpower suddenly appeared.


Instantly, it appeared that something was brought back by the immense willpower.

Upon a closer look, it was the Holy Maiden herself, who was completely surrounded by the invisible spell.

"Ground Lock!" Nitian Guyun exclaimed.

Another beam of invincible willpower came out and sealed off all directions.

In this way, even the hole in the ground was sealed.

"Trap people!" Yet another ray of willpower came on.

In the sky, the Holy Maiden was caught by surprise. She was bound by this willpower. It not only sealed her magic, but even prevented all resistance, and she was falling straight down.

Nitian Guyun raised his arm and directed her to his side.

Glancing at her graceful form, Nitian Guyun smiled and said, "If I want you, youve got no other choice, no matter how much you might object."

He used two moves to kill the World Annihilation Dragon and three moves to capture the Holy Maiden.

Nitian Guyun smiled lightly and finally looked at Su Yu. "I have kept you alive until now because I want to ask you a question."

"Where did you get the Divine Laksana of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior?"

Of course, Su Yu had self-cultivated it himself!

Unyielding willpower was something he had too.

"Dont want to answer me? Then you have lost your value, and I will now pass your death sentence," Nitian Guyun chuckled as if he were the Creator who got to decide who would live and who would die.

Su Yu raised his eyes and said in an indifferent tone, "I dont think there is any need to answer, especially to you."

"Haha! Since the beginning, you did not have a proper measure of yourself. I cant figure out what makes you think you are qualified to dismiss me!" Nitian Guyun chuckled and reached towards Su Yu with his hand.

The World Annihilation Dragon was destroyed by that move. Would Su Yu be able to resist?

However, at this moment, a terrible aura suddenly appeared and caused mighty tremors in the direction of the Saint Realm.

It was if something that had been asleep since ancient times woke up.

The barrier of the ruins was shattered and turned into a pile of dust.

The Ice Sealed River that froze countless mountains and rivers suddenly sent off huge waves and wiped out everything along its path.

The ancient snow-capped mountains in the northern region of the Xue Nation suddenly collapsed. The never-ending snowflakes had suddenly disappeared as well.

At the Empire of Darkness

In the palace, on top of the throne, a majestic middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked. "This aura is the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire? His remains had come back to life!"

At the bottom of the Ice Sealed River, where the ruin was now tattered

Nitian Guyuns smile disappeared for the first time, and his eyes filled with confusion. "Strange. How come did it manage to wake up so soon?"

However, at this moment, a flying flaming bird flew across the emptiness and went straight towards Nitian Guyun.

"Urgent message?" Nitian Guyun grabbed the bird and the flames were extinguished. A large fire-star formed, condensing into a line of words in mid-air.

"The remains were unexpectedly modified and awakened by the blood of others. Urging the Faction Master to take actions."

Upon reading, Nitian Guyuns face was a little shocked at first. "How is this possible? I infused the blood of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior, the tomb-guarding spirit, the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, and the Nine-headed Devil Sage. How could this be bested by someone elses blood? "

Being the descendant of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior, it was easy for him to extract more blood from the Divine Warrior.

What blood in the world could possibly be stronger than the Heaven-defying Divine Warriors?

There was only one answer. The Royal Annihilator!

The first emperor of the world, the World Annihilation Emperor!

Only his blood could suppress the blood of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior and pre-emptively refine the remains of the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire!

"Who did it?" Nitian Guyuns eyes were cold, sweeping past the Holy Maiden. He shook his head slightly. If they knew that the blood of the Divine Warrior could refine the remains of the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire, they would know was no need to excavate further.

He thought of the Sacred Faction of Eternal Darkness and shook his head for the same reason.

Suddenly, Nitian Guyun fixed his gaze upon Su Yu. His eyes narrowed gradually, staring at his opponents calm face, and he said, "Was it you?"

After getting the silent treatment from Su Yu, Nitian Guyun was even more convinced, and said, "You have been acting very strange! You were the only one who guessed that the outside world was surrounded by my Heaven-defying strong men. You were also the only person who speculated that I would be here in person! Both the World Annihilation Dragon and the Holy Maiden are stronger, yet they did not sense it. You, infinitely inferior to them both, did!"

"The strangest thing is that you knew that this place was the tomb of the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire, and not just some ancient relic!"

Su Yu smiled slightly. "Its not strange at all."

"In the beginning, I thought this was a relic that had remained from ancient times, nothing more. I never thought it was the tomb of the divine warrior. After all, there should be tomb-guarding spirits at the tomb of a divine warrior," Su Yu said. "But when I went to the Saint Realm, I was inadvertently aroused by the cold atmosphere, and gradually came to my speculation."

"In fact, the tomb-guarding spirits have always existed. The Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, the legendary Nine-headed Devil Sage, and the bug in the lost person. They were the tomb- guarding spirits, but they had taken the form of beasts and insects."

Nitian Guyun raised his eyebrows. "How is that so?"

"The aura of that cold air, I have seen it on a tablet," Su Yu said. He had seen the Nine-Emperor Tablet with his own eyes. The tablet was made from the flesh and blood of the Nine Divine Warriors and Su Yu had remembered all their nine auras.

The aura of the cold air belonged to one of the nine divine warriors.

Combined with the lost people encountered on the road, as well as Yongye Wumings cover-up, Su Yu finally had a conjecture.

The so-called ruins and the so-called genesis civilization weapon were just a red herring meant to divert peoples attention.

The Empire of Darkness had been deceptively digging in the ancient tomb of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior!

What surprised Su Yu even more was that the source of the cold air in the stone wall was alive, and it was merely in a sleeping state.

After obtaining all this knowledge, Su Yu made a series of moves.

He lured the Holy Maiden and the World Annihilation Dragon here but secretly sent Yongye Chuxue to deliver the blood of the Royal Annihilator, which would nourish and awaken the Divine Warrior.

The reasons why he was able to speculate about the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior and the dangers in the outside realm were simple.

Everyone always believed that it was the Moonwatch Sect that changed the rules of the ruins.

However, the rule of the ruins contained the power of the Great Path Rules. Even the descendants of the Nine Divine Warriors could not change them, let alone outsiders such as the sorcerer clan.

It was supposed to be impossible, but it was done by defying heaven and earth.

This extraordinary defiance could only be achieved by one kind of person.

A descendant of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior!

Heaven-defying, defying the Great Paths, defying all obstacles.

Only those who were defiant enough would be able to reverse the Great Path and forcefully change the Rules.

As for how the Moonwatch Sect had discovered the changes in the rules of the ruins, if he guessed correctly, it should be due to the scheming nature of Nitian Guyun.

It would be best if he could attract the Lord of the Moonwatch Sect. Then he would use the remains of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior to kill him.

Even if he did not come in person, he would send important representatives to come.

The Holy Maiden was undoubtedly an important person in the Moonwatch Sect.

Unfortunately, the arrival of Su Yu changed everything.

After listening to Su Yus explanation, Nitian Guyun stared at him with a tinge of dread.

He thought that his calculated moves were far cleverer than those of any descendants of the divine warriors. He had believed he was comparable to the former divine warriors.

However, Su Yu was able to come to accurate conclusions through the cause and effect of many small details. These careful observations and the power of his calculations shook Nitian Guyuns confidence, and he no longer considered himself so very superior.

Putting himself in Su Yus shoes, he did not think that he could have exercised his logic so successfully!

The Holy Maiden was surprised as well. Su Yus claims were impossible to believe. How could what he said be real?

However, the end results all confirmed his statements.

From the beginning, Su Yu calculated step by step, and even the Faction Master of the Heaven-defying Imperial Faction was included in his calculations.

This strategic planning and unwavering wisdom deeply moved the Holy Maiden.

If the Moonwatch Sect were supported by such a figure, they would not be so downright oppressed.

A faint gleam flickered within her eyes. She was thinking that if this person could be used for their own purposes, then

Unfortunately, Nitian Guyun obviously did not intend to keep this person alive.

"I admire you, but unfortunately, you cannot work for me," Nitian Guyun said with a regretful expression.

Su Yu said indifferently, "You dont have to pretend. You and I have harnessed the defiant bloodline, and we both were naturally born to defy all restraints and suppression! Since I have threatened you, your nature will not allow me to exist!"

After realizing there was no point in acting, Nitian Guyun smiled in an extremely cold and stern manner. "Since you know that, go to hell!"

At this moment, Su Yu smiled in a very strange manner.

"Actually, I think you may be the one who is going to die today."