The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 : A Target For All

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"Heh! Heh! Then did we come to another agreement to inform each other of the actions one of us going to take?" Yongye Jiuyang, who was a little bit miffed, replied coldly. "Since we didnt come to any such agreement, the original one is still effective now."

After being fooled by Su Yu, he was quite moody now.

"Hah! Hah! Hah! Yongye Jiuyang, if you want a fight, Ill give you a fight!" Binghuo Cangxing was thoroughly annoyed by Yongye Jiuyangs reaction.

"Please, calm down! It is not a good time to quarrel now," a middle-aged woman, the only female present, said calmly.

This woman had delicate features and a slim, upright figure. Although she was not young anymore, her graceful and elegant form was still very attractive.

After meeting each others eye, Binghuo Cangxing and Yongye Jiuyang snorted and stopped quarreling to show their due respect to this woman.

The woman said with a salute to Nitian Guyun, "Are you sure this man has the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings that had belonged to the ancestors of the Taiqing Family?"

Nitian Guyun replied with a nod, "Yes! Only the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings, the No.1 flying Emperor-based Saint Artifact, could enable a man to cover a distance of billions of miles instantly!"

Then, Nitian Guyun continued to speak, shooting covert glances at the attractive body of the woman, "Yunluan, you can entrust this task to me. If I capture this guy, I will definitely return the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings to you!"

Taiqing Yunluan replied with a faint smile, "Thanks, lord Nitian, but that wont be necessary! The Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings belonged to my ancestors. Now they are in the hands of a stranger. The Taiqing Family will get the Wings back without anyones help!"

Then, she turned to the two other men. "I guess we all share the same goal, right?"

Binghuo Cangxing wanted to get the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior back.

Yongye Jiuyang wanted to kill Su Yu to stop the divulgence of the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control.

Nitian Guyun, who was full of resentment, was determined to kill Su Yu for tricking him into letting his guard down.

Taiqing Yunluan, of course, was after the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings.

In this way, the four leaders of the Imperial Families came to an agreement.

"The four great Empires take up the entire Ancient God Realm. Once this man appears in our territory, we shall hunt him down so that he wont run away again!" Nitian Guyun said with a murderous look. "I suggest that we organize an extermination army that would be responsible for finding and killing this guy!"

Yongye Jiuyang said approvingly, "Exactly! Since this man was able to enter the ruins, he should be somewhere close to this place. I guess he is a citizen of the Empire of Darkness or the neighboring Heaven-defying Empire!"

Nodding his head, Nitian Guyun said, "I agree! Above all, this man has the most important Emperor-based Saint Artifact of the Xue Nation in the North Territory, as well as many other precious items of that country. I suggest that we start the investigation of his actual identity in the Xue Nation!"

Taiqing Yunluan and Binghuo Cangxing didnt raise any objections to this proposal.

Su Yu didnt know he had just become the most wanted man in the entire Ancient God Realm!

Once Su Yus disguise was seen through, he would have no place to hide in the Ancient God Realm.

At this moment, Su Yu was examining the trophies he had obtained in this expedition in an inconspicuous small hotel in the Northern Territory.

First, he had obtained the design drawing of the World Annihilation Plate and many other drawings of ancient weapons.

Second, the Grave of all Deities;

Third, the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control;

Fourth, the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior;

Fifth, the reverse scale of the World Annihilation Dragon;

The rewards of this trip had gone beyond his imagination.

However, the troubles he had created for himself during this expedition were also unimaginable.

If his guess was correct, there was no longer a place for him in the Ancient God Realm. He could only hide outside the territory of the Ancient God Realm. Su Yu sighed. "However, they might still need some time to see through my disguise. I dont need to leave here immediately. Let me handle the World Annihilation Dragons reverse scale first!"

Then, a pitch-dark dragon scale appeared in front of his chest.

Compared to the ordinary dragon scales, this scale was harder and darker. It was quite amazing that a drop of the World Annihilation Dragons blood was contained in this scale.

"As Nitian Guyun said, this is really a precious item." Su Yu believed this reverse scale was powerful enough to protect him from the attack of an Emperor!

When Nitian Guyun tried to kill the black dragon, his lethal attack failed to create a scratch on this scale, which meant it was extremely hard.

Therefore, it was a perfect defensive item for Su Yu!

Suddenly, Su Yu sensed a weak fluctuation of space inside this reverse scale.

"What? Does it mean there is hidden space in this reverse scale?" Su Yu was surprised. After scanning the insides of the scale, he was shocked by what he found.

There was an entire world inside this reverse scale!

All creatures and items that had ever been devoured by the World Annihilation Dragon were saved in this space.

Su Yu found the hundred wizards who had followed the Holy Maiden, and the eight Grand Wizards as well.

In addition, Su Yu found Yongye Wuheng, Yongye Chuxue, and Yongye Wuming, whom he had left behind.

At last, Su Yu also found an extremely beautiful woman Xue Xiaoman, the Princess of the Xue Nation of the North Territory.

All those who entered the ruins but failed to run out were sent into this space.

All of them were wrapped by the breath of the dragon and thus unconscious. They did not know where they were now.

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu left the hotel and went to an uninhabited wasteland.

Then he opened the reverse scale to release all the people in it, except Yongye Wuming, who knew his actual identity.

After that, Su Yu put away the reverse scale and canceled his disguise. Then he sprawled on the ground and pretended that he had passed out like all the rest.

After a while, with a groan, Xue Xiaoman woke up first.

She stood up shakily. She was disheveled and wearing a mans robe. Then, she looked around and found many people who were lying on the ground, unconscious.

"What happened? I remember something devouring me!" Xue Xiaoman murmured with puzzlement. Suddenly, she saw a man among these unconscious people.

Instantly, her face was filled with murderous anger. Firing up, she shouted as furious flames raged in her eyes, "Its you!"

She saw the one who took away all her belongings, stripped her naked, and buried her in the Myriad Bone Mountain!

Xue Xiaoman would never forget this enormous humiliation.

"Pervert! Now you will pay!" Xue Xiaoman shouted with a trembling voice. Nobody knew whether it was caused by anger or weakness.

Su Yu rolled his eyes secretly. D*mn! He didnt expect this woman would regain consciousness first. If he had known it from the beginning, he would have stripped her naked and thrown her out on the way!

Xue Xiaoman rushed up to him angrily. She reached out to grasp the sleeve of Su Yus robe. It seemed she was trying to capture Su Yu alive and take him back with her to torture him for the humiliation he had caused her.

Seeing this, Su Yu was quite annoyed. It seemed he had to defend himself now.

If he woke up first, he had to explain what happened and why they were all here, which could arouse suspicion at once.

Just at this moment, a strand of cold light flew towards Xue Xiaoman rapidly.

Xue Xiaoman was surprised by this sudden attack. She took back her hand and stepped several hundred meters aside to dodge the attack. Then she turned around and was surprised by what she saw. "Yongye Wuheng! When did you regain consciousness?"

Yongye Wuheng stopped Xue Xiaoman from attacking Su Yu at this critical moment.

"Almost at the same time as you did," Yongye Wuheng replied casually.

Xue Xiaoman said with a slight bow towards Yongye Wuheng, "Prince Wuheng, could you please do me a favor? I need to capture this man and take him with me!"

"Why?" Yongye Wuheng asked.

Xue Xiaoman was quite embarrassed. She would never tell him that Su Yu took all her precious items away or that she was stripped naked and buried in the Myriad Bone Mountain!

"Sorry, I cant tell you the reason. However, you can trust I would never do something to endanger our Empire," Xue Xiaoman said.

Yongye Wuheng refused, shaking his head slightly. "Im sorry, but you cant take this man away!"

Yongye Wuheng would not allow anyone to harm Su Yu, of whom he already thought as his younger sisters future husband. He didnt care whether Su Yu had taken away the Emperor-based Saint Artifact of the Xue Nation, or even humiliated the princess of that nation herself.

This man was the most extraordinary genius he had ever met.

Yongye Wuheng was one of those who knew Su Yu was the mysterious man who resisted the World Annihilation Dragon. Therefore, he would do his best to defend Su Yu now.

Xue Xiaoman shouted, "Yongye Wuheng, dont provoke me! Otherwise"

Hearing this, Yongye Wuheng replied coldly, "Otherwise what? If you dare to attack him, dont blame me for standing up to you!"

Xue Xiaoman was almost man with anger when she knew Yongye Wuheng had made up his mind to defend Su Yu. She could not figure out the reason why Yongye Wuheng would decide to do that. As far as she could see, he would have no benefits by taking Su Yus side.

"Eh?" Yongye Chuxue also regained her consciousness at this time.

Seeing this, Xue Xiaoman had to leave resentfully, even though she was extremely reluctant to give up.

Before leaving, Xue Xiaoman said coldly, "Su Yu, Ill remember you! It is not over yet!"

When Yongye Chuxue opened her blurry eyes, she heard Xue Xiaomans resentful words. She asked with puzzlement, "Brother, what happened?"

Yongye Wuheng replied as he laughed, "Nothing! You could help Su Yu stand up!"

What? Yongye Chuxue looked at Yongye Wuheng in surprise. Normally, her elder brother would not allow any man to approach her. Now he asked her to get close to a man, which puzzled her a lot.

"What are you waiting for? Come on, dont forget to use your divine power to heal his wounds!"

Yongye Chuxue did as he said, although she was still quite confused.

When Yongye Chuxue tried to heal Su Yus wounds, she found many wounds on his body. Then she murmured in a low voice, "This is so weird. He disappeared as soon as we went into the ruins. Now he has returned with so many wounds! Humph!"

Yongye Wuheng only smiled but said nothing as he murmured in his mind secretly: My younger sister, those wounds were created during the great battle between him and the World Annihilation Dragon!

Although he didnt know what happened after he was devoured by the dragon, he knew the Divine Dragons Devour didnt kill Su Yu, because otherwise, Su Yu wouldnt be alive now.

At the thought of this, Yongye Wuheng was further impressed by Su Yus power.

How could a Stage Four Mortal Fairy be so powerful? What if he became a deity in the future?

If the Yongye Imperial Family could cultivate this man, his future would be unimaginably glorious. "I will be quite satisfied if my younger sister marries this man," Yongye Wuheng murmured to himself.

While Yongye Chuxue was tending Su Yus wounds, the other people regained consciousness one after another.

Su Yu also pretended to wake up at that point.

Then, over a hundred wizards regained consciousness.

Under the unusual circumstances, the awakening people didnt start a fight with each other but patiently waited for their fellows to regain consciousness.

After a while, everyone woke up.

This time, the wizards were not in the mood to start a fight.

First, they found Yongye Wuheng, who was a Level Five Deity, among their enemies. Second, they were in the territory of the Ancient God Realm, which meant powerful experts could come here at any time to fight them. Third, they lost contact with their Saint Lady.

"Lets go!" Led by the Grand Wizards, all wizards left and disappeared for the Frozen Land.

The creatures of the Ancient God Realm let out a sigh of relief. Then they left as well. Only Yongye Wuheng, Yongye Chuxue, and Su Yu were left there at last.

"Brother Su, would you still escort my younger sister to the Lost Nation as you had agreed before?" Yongye Wuheng stared at Su Yu with a sly look, which he was certain went unnoticed by the other two.