The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 A Troublemaker

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After evaluating the current situation, Su Yu believed that it would be a wise decision to leave the territory of the Ancient God Realm as soon as possible. Therefore, it would be a good choice for him to hide in the Lost Nation.

"I will honor my words. I dont know whether Princess Chuxue has changed her mind or not, however."

Hearing this, Yongye Chuxue decided to make other preparations after this sudden change.

However, she was surprised by the words of Yongye Wuheng. "No problem! We will adhere to the original plan! Please take care of my younger sister."

What? Yongye Chuxue raised her eyebrows and looked at her elder brother with puzzlement.

Su Yu said, "OK! However, due to some reasons, I cant go back to the Empire to get the reward of the Emperor-based Saint Artifact. Could you"

"No problem," Yongye Wuheng agreed without hesitation. "Brother Su, which Emperor-based Saint Artifact do you want?"


Su Yu was surprised by Yongye Wuhengs enthusiastic reaction. Was he planning some sort of a conspiracy? Therefore, he said tentatively, "I hoped I could get the Great Desolation Smelter, which ranks 45th!"

"No problem! Ill go back to the Empire and take it for you," Yongye Wuheng said as he laughed. "Ill give this item to my younger sister. When you finish the escort task, she will give it to you immediately!"

Ah? Yongye Chuxue gaped as she looked at her elder brother in disbelief. She didnt believe her brother, who was always clever and rational, could work out such an irrational plan.

What if Su Yu tried to take liberties with her on the way?

She didnt know her elder brother earnestly wished Su Yu would do exactly that.

Even Su Yu was surprised. He didnt know what Yongye Wuheng was about to do next.

"Brother Su, I will need at least one month to come back, so please take care of my younger sister during this period!" After saying that, Yongye Wuheng left immediately. It seemed as though he didnt want to spend one more minute in this place.

Now only Su Yu and Yongye Chuxue, totally puzzled, were left here.

Yongye Chuxue asked as she observed Su Yu carefully with her beautiful eyes, "What did you promise my elder brother? He is always calm and aloof. This is the first time I see him treat others in such an enthusiastic way!"

Su Yu shrugged. "Im wondering the same thing. Did your elder brother get hit on the head?"

As far as he knew, Yongye Wuheng was always a calm and steady man.

Yongye Chuxue frowned. "Stop speaking ill of my elder brother Im sure he has something on his mind!"

Su Yu fell silent.

The Celestial Crystal Mountains

Deep inside a crack, a pitch-dark dragon was sitting on a giant stone gate.

When the reverse scale was broken, the dragon opened its giant mouth as it emitted the horrible Dragon Breath which gushed out as if it was about to incinerate the entire world.

The Nine-Emperor Tablet trembled a bit. Then, many words of the Heavenly Book fell down to stop the horrible Dragon Breath.

Inside the stone gate, it seemed the woman who had been suppressed for many years sensed something. She said indifferently, "You failed, right?"

She knew the World Annihilation Dragon, who didnt want to face his defeat, sent a clone, which was transformed by his reverse scale, to kill Su Yu.

The World Annihilation Dragon said coldly, "This guy is cunning and good at scheming. He lured the descendant of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior to that place. Then, that descendant smashed my clone. Otherwise, he would not be able to run away this time!"

"Just admit your failure. We will be trapped here for billions of years because of our defeat. I dont want to hear any excuses for this," the woman said calmly.

The World Annihilation Dragon let out a Dragon Breath reluctantly and became quiet at last. Then, he said as thoughtfully, light flashing in his giant dragon eyes, "However, I found something interesting this time. This person was quite special! His aura is similar to yours, mistress. Also, he reminded me of the one who used to startle the universe by using a Superior Deity as his Divine Laksana!"

"You mean the genius who betrayed the Heaven Path Palace, right?"

The World Annihilation Dragon nodded as his mind was filled with old memories. "I remember he was the oldest Book Deity between heaven and earth!"

"Who, him?" The woman was surprised. Then, she said regretfully, "What a pity! He would have become the Heaven Path Emissary, but he chose to betray the Path Leader and stole the Book of First Heavens!"

The World Annihilation Dragon sighed as well. "Right! He should have been our ally. It is a pity that he made the wrong decision."

After a long time, the woman inside the gate said, "Since you have found his aura, we shall capture him when we finish our secluded training and take him back to be at the mercy of the Path Leader!"

Su Yu, who had no idea what happened just now, had arrived at the capital of the Xue Nation in the North Territory, accompanying Yongye Chuxue.

"The Lost Nation is an extremely dangerous place. Besides the Moonwatch Sect, we will find many mysterious creatures that we havent seen in the Ancient God Realm before. I need to collect some special materials," Yongye Chuxue explained.

The Lost Nation was a place with a longer history than any other place in this world.

Therefore, the Lost Nation was the birthplace of the Ancient God Realm.

Su Yu replied calmly, "I dont care. I only want to stay away from the Royal Family of this country!"

Yongye Chuxue said casually, "We only killed Xue Qingchen, and that is nothing! There are many geniuses in the Royal Family of the Xue Nation. Xue Qingchen was expandable. Dont worry! Their Royal House will not punish you for the death of Xue Qingchen! As for Xue Xiaoman," Yongye Chuxue said suspiciously, "I guess the death of her younger brother was not the only reason for her fury!"

Su Yu, who felt guilty, changed the topic casually. "Where are we going now?"

"Lets go to the contact point I set up in this place. We can ask my underlings there to collect the special materials I need."

After a short while, they arrived at a shop in the downtown area of the capital. The banner above the entrance stated that its name was Tiannu.

When they entered the shop, a young worker walked out to welcome them. "Greetings, Princess Chuxue!"

This man, who was a powerful Level Five Deity, was very young. Therefore, he was a rare genius!

Yongye Chuxue sent him to this place to take charge of the shop, which meant she thought very highly of him.

"Please rise. Prepare some food and these items for me," Yongye Chuxue gave the man a jade pendant, which recorded the items she needed.

The young man received the jade pendant. After checking the list, he said with a confident smile, "Princess, you can put your heart at rest. All these items are specialties of the Xue Nation of the North Territory. They have been ready for a long time. Now, Ill just pick them up for you."

Then he asked hesitantly when he saw Su Yu, who was standing beside Yongye Chuxue at a certain distance, "Princess, I only need to prepare food for you, right?"

Yongye Chuxue murmured secretly as she looked at Su Yu, My elder brother thinks highly of this man. I should show my due respect to him as well!

"No, for both of us!"

What? Hearing this, the young man raised his eyebrows. Then, he looked at Su Yu again, with visible suspicion in his eyes.

Yongye Chuxue was seldom seen in the company of men. Even important members of the other three Imperial Families did not approach Yongye Chuxue that often.

It seemed Yongye Chuxue thought highly of the mysterious young man who accompanied her. Therefore, the shop attendant regarded Su Yu curiously.

Su Yu ignored him with a smile. Then, he walked into the private box together with Yongye Chuxue.

"Is this man reliable?" Su Yu asked when they walked into the box.

Yongye Chuxue replied as she looked at Su Yu with puzzlement, "You mean Hua Chen? Is something wrong with him?"

"No, but I sensed hostile vibes from him," Su Yu said.

Yongye Chuxue said casually, "It is quite normal for him to be hostile to you! Your current position would elicit envy in any place of this Empire!"

She was one of the most powerful young experts in the Empire of Darkness. At the same time, she was also the most beautiful Princess of this country.

Therefore, many young men tried to pursue her. When Su Yu was seen in her company, it was quite natural that his position would evoke hostility and envy in others.

Su Yu said seriously, touching his nose, "What I mean is another kind of hostility, one that includes murderous intent!"

He didnt mean it in a humorous sense at all. When the young man looked at Su Yu suspiciously, Su Yu sensed a strand of hostile killing intent which was promptly concealed. When Su Yu tried to find it, it didnt show up again.

However, Su Yu still got a feeling that someone was staring at him at this moment.

Yongye Chuxue blushed as she gave Su Yu a stern look. Then, she started to scan the place carefully. After a while, she said as she shook her head earnestly, "If that kind of hostility had really been here, I should have felt it as well! I guess you are oversensitive!"

Su Yu smiled but said nothing. He decided to keep his suspicion to himself for the time being.

Su Yu only had this weird feeling of being watched secretly once before.

When he was in the capital of the Empire of Darkness, a black shadow followed him. However, Su Yu failed to find that black shadow, no matter how hard he tried.

Shortly after that, the Yaksha King ambushed Su Yu.

Now this feeling of being watched appeared again, which totally surprised Su Yu.

"Who is Tai Shang?" Su Yu murmured. The Yaksha King mentioned these two characters haltingly before his death.

Then Su Yu asked tentatively, in a louder voice, "Princess Chuxue, have you heard of a man by the name of Tai Shang in the Empire of Darkness? I believe this man should have quite an elevated position."

Yongye Chuxue thought it over carefully. Then she said, shaking her head, "No! I have never heard of this name. It would have sounded familiar if it belonged to someone of importance."

Running some quick checks, Su Yu knew Yongye Chuxue didnt lie to him. He frowned.

Who was this so-called Tai Shang?

Knock! Knock! Knock!

At this very moment, Su Yu and Yongye Chuxue heard loud noises from outside. Then, several powerful auras rushed towards the box.

Vaguely, they could hear the angry roar of Hua Chen.

However, the intruders were quite rude and hostile.

Yongye Chuxue remained calm. She only said, shaking her head slightly, "Here comes a troublemaker!"


Suddenly, the door of their box was flung open by someones foot. Then, a strongly built rude man, wearing a robe with dragon patterns, walked into the box in a threatening manner. He was accompanied by four Deity-level underlings.

This man was not only physically strong but also quite powerful. He had reached the peak of Level Five Deity and was about to become a Level Four Deity soon.

When he walked through the door, he laughed wildly. "Princess Chuxue, why didnt you inform me of your arrival at the Xue Nation? I dropped everything to come here when I heard you were here!"

Then he sat down beside Yongye Chuxue, looking at her in an impudent way.

Yongye Chuxue frowned. "Xue Zhongbao, please behave yourself! I didnt invite you to come to this place!"

Xue Zhongbao laughed as he said, "I agree with you! Those who were not invited shall get lost!"

Then he unexpectedly punched Su Yu with his fist, which was full of pure divine strength.

Actually, Xue Zhongbao used half of his divine strength in this attack, which looked quite casual.

He didnt know Su Yus actual strength. Apparently, he had made up his mind to kill this Stage Four Mortal Fairy!

"Princess Chuxue asked you to leave! What are you waiting for?" Xue Zhongbao shouted at Su Yu with an insolent look. His voice was laced with derision.