The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 The Feast In The Woods Of Drunken Immortals

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Su Yu was not surprised by this sudden attack. He was still sipping wine, holding the cup in his hand casually.

He did not move a bit even as Xue Zhongbaos fist moved towards his body.


A dreamy ice blue halo appeared all around Su Yu, absorbing all the energy of the punch like a sponge.

"The Ice Blue Divine Armor? Do you work for Shangguan Feiyu?" Although Xue Zhongbao was quite rude, he had sharp eyes. After figuring out the origin of Su Yus armor, he said, "Fine! If you can survive my next attack, Ill allow you to stay here!"

Apparently, the Xue Nation did not take Shangguan Feiyu seriously.

After saying that, Xue Zhongbao took out a Morning Star that was full of chilly energy.

"This weapon was forged from the ancient black ice found in the Ice Sealed River Bottom. It can wound even a Level Six Deity! If you can withstand its attack, you can stay here. Otherwise, just get lost!" Xue Zhongbao said as he stared at Su Yu overbearingly.

Finally, Yongye Chuxue was annoyed. She shouted, hitting the table in front of her with a fist, "Behave yourself, I told you!"

The four deity-level underlings of Xue Zhongbao were terrified by her angry outburst.

With fury flashing in her eyes, Yongye Chuxue said as she stared at Xue Zhongbao, "Are you really going to treat me in such an insolent way?"

Xue Zhongbao had come uninvited. Then, he smashed the door of the private box and even tried to attack her bodyguard!

It seemed like he had no respect for her.

Xue Zhongbao replied with a fake smile, "Princess, please calm down! I have a feeling that he might be a bad guy who is harboring an evil plan. Im only trying to keep you safe!"

After that, Xue Zhongbao went on arrogantly, "Princess, have no fear! I will get rid of this overconfident womanizer for you!"

Then he said, waving the Morning Star in his hand with a cold smile, "Are you ready? I hope you are powerful enough to withstand my attack!"

Su Yu said, staring at Xue Zhongbao in puzzlement as if the latter were an idiot, "What a strange idea! Why should I withstand your attack? I think it will be much better if I knock you out directly!"

"Hah! Hah! Hah!" Xue Zhongbao laughed wildly, "I will actually show you a little respect by attacking you so that you can prove your strength in front of us all! Are you ready?"

He waved his hand to send the Morning Star at Su Yu like a strand of chilly light.

The distance between Su Yu and Xue Zhongbao was very short. In addition, Su Yus training level was far lower than Xue Zhongbaos. Therefore, it was impossible for Su Yu to resist this attack.

However, Su Yu didnt move to dodge the attack. His right hand covertly created a seal under the table.

Then, a mysterious wave swept over the room.

Everyone in the room was stunned by what happened next. The Morning Star in Xue Zhongbaos hand suddenly swerved and flew back at him.

It was fast, powerful, and precise.

Xue Zhongbao was caught off guard because he did not expect his own weapon could attack him.

The Morning Star slashed through his skull and he fell down to the ground, bleeding profusely.

"Prince!" The four underlings were shocked by this scene. They rushed to support Xue Zhongbao, who was seriously wounded.

Even though Xue Zhongbaos wound was severe, his physical body withstood the attack. Chilly energy gushed out from his pores to heal his wounds. After a short while, his crushed head was almost restored.

However, the wound in the head seriously affected Xue Zhongbao. Although his wound had been healed, his aura was much weaker than before.

"You did that, right?" Xue Zhongbao asked uncertainly when he fixed his blurry eyes on Su Yu.

Su Yu said, shrugging his shoulders, "Prince Xue, you managed to wound yourself seriously while leaving your enemy without a single scratch! How powerful you are! I guess that if you actually meant to attack your enemies with this ruthless skill, they would be killed instantly!"

Hearing this, Yongye Chuxue, who was quite serious until now, couldnt help but snigger.

However, she was puzzled by the weird scene as well.

The Morning Star was Xue Zhongbaos famous weapon. It was impossible for him to make a mistake in using it.

It must have been controlled by someone here!

She fixed her beautiful eyes on Su Yu. Her intuition told her that Su Yu was the one who seized the control of that Morning Star.

"You!" What happened just now blew up in Xue Zhongbaos face. He was extremely angry at this moment, but he didnt dare to use his Morning Star again.

After staring at Su Yu for a while, he memorized the latters face. Then, Xue Zhongbao pushed away the underlings who were still trying to support him and uttered in a low voice, "Lets go!"

When he walked out of the box, his head hanging low, ruthless expression was flashing in his eyes.

They heard the sound of footsteps.

Hua Chen rushed up hurriedly, crying out as he dropped on his knees outside the box, "Princess, I failed to provide you with efficient protection! Please forgive me!"

Yongye Chuxue said, "Never mind! Xue Zhongbao is always so arrogant. He even looks down upon my elder brother! It was natural that you could not stop him."

Hearing this, Hua Chen let out a sigh of relief. However, he felt extremely puzzled.

It seemed the arrogant Xue Zhongbao left because of a great setback.

Who could be powerful enough to rival him?

He looked up at Su Yu, dismissing him at once. At last, he concluded Xue Zhongbao was driven away by Yongye Chuxue.

As a princess of the Yongye Family, she was quite powerful in her own right.

"Have you prepared everything I need?"

Hua Chen took out a Cosmos Bag and passed it to Yongye Chuxue reverently.

After checking the bag, Yongye Chuxue said with an expression of pleasant surprise, "Oh? You even found some 80-year-old Soul-stabilizing Wood! Thank you for your diligence!"

The Soul-stabilizing Wood? Su Yu looked at Yongye Chuxue in surprise.

Yongye Chuxue waved her hand. Then, Hua Chen walked out of the room, bowing low. Before leaving the room, he glanced at Su Yu enviously.

This man appeared so mediocre! Why did the Princess think so highly of him?

After setting up an isolation seal, Yongye Chuxue said, "The Soul-stabilizing Wood is a kind of divine wood we use to counter the witchcraft of the Moonwatch Sect. This wood could protect us from the influence of the wizard strength."

Su Yu had witnessed the effect of the Wizard Strength with his own eyes.

Both Xue Xiaoman and the Grand Wizard were Level Five Deities. However, Xue Xiaoman could not rival the Grand Wizard at all.

The Moonwatch Sect would have captured her if she didnt use her Peacocks Plume at last.

Most skills and techniques in the Ancient God Realm were useless in the face of the Wizard Strength. Without effective measures to resist it, people of the Ancient God Realm would suffer great loss in their fight against the wizards.

"Only a few kinds of divine wood could resist the Wizard Strength. Soul-stabilizing Wood is one of them. It can only be found in the Lost Nation. This divine wood was cultivated in order to resist the wizards. The older the Soul-stabilizing Wood is, the more effective it is in resisting Wizard Strength," Yongye Chuxue said. "This particular Soul-stabilizing Wood has a history of 80 years! It will be very helpful for us in the Lost Nation."

Su Yu said in surprise, "This wood is only 80 years old. As the princess of this Empire, I guess you could find divine woods with a history of 800 or even 8,000 years, right?"

Yongye Chuxue rolled her beautiful eyes. "Do you think the Soul-stabilizing Wood could be planted everywhere? It can only live in the Lost Nation, and it can only live for 90 years. After 90 years, it will wither immediately!"

"The Lost Nation is an extremely dangerous place, full of dangerous beasts. Most of these beasts feed on the Soul-stabilizing Wood. Normally, a Soul-stabilizing Wood over 50 years old will be guarded by a powerful beast. Dont forget we can also encounter the Moonwatch Sect there! The death rate of the herbalists who harvest the Soul-stabilizing Wood is very high, and they take great risks whenever they venture out to look for it. Soul-stabilizing Wood as old as this is extremely rare!"

Hearing this, Su Yu had a thought.

"Do you have the seeds of the Soul-stabilizing Wood?"

Yongye Chuxue was surprised by his question. Then she realized Su Yu had the idea of planting some Soul-stabilizing Wood. She said as she shook her head with a smile, "No, I dont have seeds of this divine wood. However, I have two roots. You can have them!"

She took two khaki-colored, sickly-looking roots out of the Cosmos Bag.

Su Yu, who was shocked by these extraordinary plants, said in surprise, "What? It seems they can devour souls!"

Yongye Chuxue was also surprised. Then she looked at Su Yu curiously.

Only Soul-stabilizing Wood 80 years and older could absorb souls. Only an expert with a deity-level perception, however, could figure out this fact.

How could Su Yu know it? Until a moment ago, he didnt even know what Soul-stabilizing Wood was!

Now I know why my elder brother thinks so highly of this man, Yongye Chuxue murmured to herself secretly.

After putting the roots away, Su Yu said thoughtfully, "Since you have got everything you need, I think we should set off as soon as possible!"

Yongye Chuxue said with a frown, "Do you still have a sense of being followed?"

Su Yu said, "Yes, I still do. However, the reason why I propose leaving as quickly as possible is that we should take precautions against the Xue Nation of the North Territory. This is definitely not a good place for us to stay too long!"

Although Yongye Chuxue didnt like this proposal, she didnt want to meet Xue Zhongbao again either. So she said, nodding, "Alright!"

After making some preparations, Su Yu and Yongye Chuxue walked out of the shop.

However, as they walked out of the door, they were stopped by many young men with powerful chilly auras and pure bloodlines.

Su Yu even knew one of them.

Yongye Chuxue was surprised. Then she said, looking at these people, "Its a great honor to have all the Princes and Princesses of the Xue Nation here!"

Apparently, those were the Princes and Princesses of the Xue Nation who stopped them.

Among them, Su Yu saw Xue Zhongbao, who had left earlier, and a beautiful woman with chilly light in her eyes.

It was Xue Xiaoman!

However, Xue Xiaoman was not the leader of these people.

The one who looked like the leader, standing at the forefront, was a Prince who was a Level Four Deity.

He seemed to be in his early 30s.

Even though he was still a young man, his natural gifts were obvious and very extraordinary. He could even rival Yongye Wuheng, it appeared.

This graceful man, who was wearing a robe adorned with feathers, said with a smile, "After hearing of your arrival, Princess Chuxue, we all decided to come here to greet you!"

Yongye Chuxue sneered secretly. The Xue Nation of the North Territory was no longer loyal as it was before. The Empire of Darkness knew clearly that it was colluding with the Heaven-defying Empire.

Before this, the Princes and Princesses of the Xue Nation had never gathered like this to greet her.

Therefore, Yongye Chuxue believed they were harboring an evil plan.

"Thank you, but you really shouldnt have. Im tired and want to go back to the Empire of Darkness. Im sorry, but I have to leave now. And you can get a discount for anything you like in this shop," Yongye Chuxue said calmly. "Hua Chen, make sure all these distinguished guests are satisfied!"

After saying that, she made a step to walk out of the shop.

"Heh! Heh!" The graceful young man reached out his arm to stop Yongye Chuxue, and said with a faint smile, "If you leave in this way, we will be accused of treating a Princess of the Yongye family rudely!"

Yongye Chuxue said coldly, "Make way!"

It seemed the graceful young man could not be annoyed easily. He continued very calmly, "Princess, please show us a little respect. We hoped we could invite you to enjoy the feast in the Woods of Drunken Immortals!"

"Im not interested, thank you." Yongye Chuxue clearly did not intend to show him any respect.

The graceful young man continued placidly, although the smile disappeared from his face, "Princess, Im afraid my younger brothers and younger sisters wont agree to your absence!"

When Yongye Chuxue heard those threatening words, she felt a stab of anger.

However, she was not stupid enough to resist openly.

She knew clearly that she would be defeated if she tried to fight against so many opponents in a hostile country.

"Since Prince Yun insists on inviting me, I cant refuse his kindness! I will enjoy having a good time together with you!"

Prince Yun said with a smile, "Thank you so much, Your Royal Highness! The feast will be held tomorrow evening in the Woods of Drunken Immortals. We are looking forward to your arrival!"

Then Prince Yun left with his younger brothers and sisters.

"Elder brother, I was quite impressed when you forced that woman to give in!" Xue Zhongbao flattered Prince Yun.

Prince Yun said sternly, no longer smiling, "Humph! How dare she come to the Xue Nation after killing Xue Qingchen? Does she really think the Empire of Darkness still intimidates us as it had done before?"

Hearing this, his siblings murmured and nodded.

"Make the appropriate preparations for tomorrows feast. We should let this Princess know that her Empire wont do anything to punish us if she dies here," Prince Yun said sinisterly.

Xue Zhongbao said greedily, "Elder brother, I hope I can fulfill my goal before her death! Because of her lofty position, this woman has always ignored me. Now I will win her virginity before her death!"