The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363 Refusing To Confess

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He felt a slight, lingering unease.


What comforted him was that Su Yu had finally stopped procrastinating and dived into the lake.

A smile danced on Prince Yuns lips, and he asked Yongye Chuxue, "Princess, who do you think is going to be the victor?"

Yongye Chuxue answered without a second thought, "Su Yu, of course!"

Prince Yun sneered secretly. Did she really think it was as simple as scooping the thing up? With Xue Zhongbaos strength, it would be a piece of cake for him to kill Su Yu underwater.

On the other hand, Yongye Chuxue believed that Su Yu must be carrying some remarkable artifacts with him since he could remain unscathed in the eruption of the dragons power just now.

He would not necessarily lose to Xue Zhongbao.

Su Yu sank into the lake and quickly disappeared.

Everyone waited in silence.

Inside the lake, the moment Su Yu went under the surface of the water, boundless dragons power came surging from all directions, rendering his Mortal Fairys capabilities useless.

A patch of scales appeared on Su Yus arm, canceling out the impact of the dragons power. Now it was as though Su Yu was in any other ordinary lake.

Before long, Su Yu reached the center of the lake, where he found a pearl radiating bolts of lightning, about the size of a fist. It was the Pearl of Godly Thunder, which was capable of defending against any lightning and thunder in the world.

It was an Emperor-based Saint Artifact after all, and Su Yu wouldnt let it go to waste. Reaching out from across the water, he took the Pearl of Godly Thunder.

Right at that moment, a harsh violent force struck from behind.

He turned around. It was Xue Zhongbao, who had been lying in ambush behind Su Yu, and now aimed a deadly blow at him while he was collecting the Pearl of Godly Thunder.

"Brat, you have no idea yet, do you? This will be your grave!" Xue Zhongbao had learned his lesson. He did not use the Meteorite Hammers again but solely relied upon his vantage point of bodily strength to direct fatal blows at Su Yu.

Su Yu flashed him a smile. "What a coincidence, I happen to have that thought too."

When he finished, he turned around, transformed into a 2000-foot-long black dragon, and rushed towards him.

Pow! Ahh!

Xue Zhongbao was caught unawares and was sent flying by the humongous black dragon. He threw up a mouthful of blood, and half of his body was shattered into pieces.

An overwhelming terror struck him!

Back when they fought last time, Su Yu hadnt had such spectacular strength yet. It had only been a day ago, but he had become so horrifying since!

Xue Zhongbao was a man who noticed the details. Despite his gruffness, he wasnt totally reckless.

During the fight, Xue Zhongbao realized that he was losing.

As he ran for his life, his broken body healed at an astonishing speed. After a couple of breaths, he had recovered almost completely.

In the meantime, he swam towards the surface of the lake as fast as he could. Once he was in Prince Yuns sight, Su Yu would not dare to hurt him.

However, the instant he leaped out of the water surface, a black shadow blocked the area above his head, and a colossal, hideous dragon claw slammed down on him brutally.


Xue Zhongbao was forced back down into the water.

His heart sank, and he growled with his head held high, "Su Yu, this is only a contest! Are you trying to kill me?"

"A contest?" Su Yu chortled.

Xue Zhongbao was horrified by his laughter. Hastily, he said, "It was it was only a slip of tongue. I was angry about that day and had wanted to teach you a lesson. I meant no harm."

"After all, Princess Chuxue is right here, so how would I dare to kill you for real? I swear that this is only a game."

When it came to survival, Xue Zhongbao couldnt care less about his pride and ego anymore, but the hatred deep inside him had intensified. Once they surfaced, he would kill Su Yu immediately. This man was too dangerous to keep alive.

"Alright, I believe you. Lets agree that this is just a match," Su Yu said after a moment of musing.

Xue Zhongbao was secretly relieved and heaved a silent sigh. Youre going to pay a high price for your naivety!

However, the next moment, Su Yu said, "However, you can get on with your game while I get on with my killing, so there is no conflict between us."

As he spoke, he slammed his dragon claw down. Xue Zhongbaos body was about to fall apart before it got the chance to heal completely.

Xue Zhongbao was petrified. "Ahh! Su Yu, do you want to kill me?"

Su Yus dragon eyes were indifferent as if a true dragon looked out of them. Dispassionately, he said, "Youre wrong; its not only you that I want to kill, but all of your family!"


His dragon claw pressed down forcefully, and Xue Zhongbaos body shattered into smithereens.

A pure spirit escaped from his body, fleeing from the lake in terror.

Initially, at the speed at which the spirit crossed the Void, it could have fled back to Prince Yuns side with teleportation.

However, the dragons power inside the lake water had restricted his speed, making it even slower than his physical body.

Su Yu returned to his human form. His lips stretched into a satisfied smile and a seam cracked open between his brows. "Soul Devouring!"


Xue Zhongbaos spirit was entirely consumed by Su Yu, along with his terror and remorse. He became a piece of nourishment to Su Yus soul energy.

That was the spirit of a Peak Level Five deity. It would be a great supplement to Su Yus strength even if he absorbed just a tenth of it.

Su Yus soul energy was boosted rapidly, making a direct advancement to Level Five!

Having attained immense strength once again, Su Yus senses became even more astonishing. Now he could even faintly capture faintly the source of the eyes that were watching him.

As if realizing his exposure, the owner of the eyes stopped his surveillance immediately.

"Haha, I will get even with you very soon," Su Yu snorted coldly. Without the feeling of being watched, he felt a heavy weight lift off his shoulders.

Having dealt with Xue Zhongbao, Su Yu found the True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody effortlessly.

He rubbed it, and a faint melody floated from the holes of the flute. The moment it reached his ears, Su Yus soul shuddered slightly at it, as though having received a baptism. It was a pleasurable sensation.

Su Yu marveled secretly, "This is a great thing indeed! Even the mere sound it makes is powerful. It can absolutely fend off the impact of all sound wave techniques, as well as suppress the waves of sorcery, with its heavenly melody."

"Hehe, Prince Yun has offered me a remarkable gift indeed!"

In the outside world, Yongye Chuxue and the royal heirs of the Xue Nation stood by the lake, paying close attention to what was happening inside it.

Before long, dull noise sounded from under the lake, and the water became murky. Right away, they knew that the fight had begun.

The Xue Princes were secretly sneering in self-assurance. They glanced at Yongye Chuxue from time to time, desire burning in their eyes.

Very soon, she would turn into their toy.

However, they were slightly perplexed upon seeing the pitch-black shadow of a dragon under the water, which vanished in a fleeting moment. Many of the Princes and Princesses thought it was a mere illusion.

The commotion died down very soon. They thought Xue Zhongbao had probably finished dealing with Su Yu.

Prince Yun was smiling slightly. "Princess Chuxue, although this is just a match, the lake is full of perils. If your friend doesnt make it out alive, Im really sorry for your loss."

Yongye Chuxue appeared calm, but she was, in fact, extremely nervous. She knew very well what kind of position she was in.

In terms of strength, the chances of Su Yu getting killed were sky-high!


All of a sudden, the splashing sound of water broke through the air. The Princes and Princesses were delighted. It was finally over.

However, when they recognized the person who surfaced, all the Princes and Princesses were stunned.

On the other hand, Yongye Chuxue heaved a great sigh of relief and unclenched her fists. Her palms were clammy with sweat.

Su Yu swam ashore, exhausted. Yongye Chuxue, who instilled him with divine energy to help him recover his strength, subtly held him up.

Prince Yuns eyes grew fierce. "Why was it you who came up first?"

With a pale face, Su Yu questioned him in return, "Why were you so certain that Xue Zhongbao would come up first?"

"I" Prince Yun bit his tongue. Of course, he had planned that Xue Zhongbao would kill Su Yu underwater, but he couldnt disclose it. With a snort, he asked, "Wheres Xue Zhongbao?"

Su Yu replied, "How should I know?"

Prince Yun held back his roiling urge to kill Su Yu, which was about to make him lose control.

"Brother Yun, no need to worry. If he could make it out, of course Brother Zhongbao will, too," a Princess said.

The rest of the Princes and Princesses put their minds at ease as well. They were thinking to themselves that perhaps Xue Zhongbao was careless enough to have let him escape, and was probably still down there looking for Su Yu right now.

Among them, only Xue Xiaoman remained alert.

She stared Su Yu in the eye as an ominous feeling crept into her soul.

Perhaps Xue Zhongbao would never make it out again.

A while later, the surface of the lake turned calm and tranquil again.

Half an hour later, there still wasnt any more movement in the lake.

When an hour passed by, the expressions of the Princes and Princesses finally changed.

Even if Xue Zhongbao were still looking for Su Yu, he would have surfaced already after an hour.

The more he waited, the more Prince Yun felt that something was not right. He shot a cold look at Su Yu and questioned, "Why hasnt he surfaced till now?"

Su Yu shrugged. "You should ask him. Perhaps hes fallen asleep under the lake?"


Prince Yun erupted in rage, sending the dust and dirt in the surroundings flying everywhere.

Yongye Chuxue replied placidly, "What are you doing, Prince Yun? Are you trying to kill us?"

Prince Yun shot an icy glance at her and slowly concealed his energy. He said, "I just want to know what happened under the lake now. What had caused that massive commotion?"

Upon hearing that, Su Yu put on a befuddled look. "I have no idea. I was frightened by all that turbulence. That was why I swam back quickly."

"Youre lying! That commotion was" Prince Yun said grimly.

Su Yus eyes were calm and serene. "What was the commotion about? Do enlighten me, Prince Yun."

Prince Yun was speechless. Could he divulge that it was Xue Zhongbao assaulting Su Yu?

"Nothing. It must have been roused by some strange beasts in the lake," Prince Yuns tone of voice was inexplicably dismal.

"Hold on a bit!" After another half hour of waiting to no avail, Prince Yun dived into the water himself.

A short while later, with a soft splash, Prince Yun surfaced, dripping water.

His long wet hair was plastered to his back, and his face was looking even more sullen.

In his arms, he was holding half of Xue Zhongbaos dead body. The hideous wounds caused by sharp claws were clearly visible.

"Ahh! Brother Zhongbao!"

"Brother Zhongbao was killed!"

"Who did it? It must be Su Yu! Who else could it be!"

Xue Zhongbaos death caused a massive tumult among the Princes and Princesses.

Su Yu glanced at them serenely. Then, with complete nonchalance, he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, do watch your mouths. What reason do you have for accusing me?"

All the Princes and Princesses stared at Su Yu with great resentment, their eyes glinting with malice.

"Haha, you are so certain I am the murderer, just as you knew I would be fighting with Xue Zhongbao. Is it possible that all of you happen to be prophets?"

The moment he spoke, the Princes and Princesses quickly concealed their hateful expressions and avoided Su Yus gaze.

"By looking at the wounds, it seems obvious they were caused by the bizarre beasts in the lake, but you people are trying to blame it on me, arent you?" Su Yu questioned coldly.

The Princes and Princesses dared not meet Su Yus eyes at all.

However, the raging fire stifled in their hearts blazed even more intensely. It was obviously Su Yu who killed their brother, yet he was questioning them so righteously and audaciously, and they couldnt even voice their suspicion.

The grievance was not something that they had seen coming at all.

"Su Yu," Prince Yun spoke at that moment, in a grim, dismal voice, "Where is my Emperor-based Saint Artifact, the True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody?"