The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365 Heaven Striped Dragon Sword

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Yongye Chuxues cheeks became flushed with anger. She glared at Su Yu, meaning, Why did you touch my leg?

Su Yu pretended to be drunk, but the look in his eyes as he covertly glanced at Yongye Chuxue was soberer than ever.

Cautiously looking sideways, Yongye Chuxue finally understood what Su Yu meant. Something was wrong with the wine. She looked up.

"Princess, why dont you drink more?" Prince Yun pressed her.

Yongye Chuxue rubbed her forehead and laughed playfully. "The fairy wines fame is indeed well-deserved. I already feel a little tipsy after taking just one sip of it."

Prince Yun found it rather bizarre. The poison he injected was only directed at Su Yu, so why was Yongye Chuxue affected too?

Was it because the golden liquid had not been controlled well and part of it had flowed in Yongye Chuxues direction?

Anyway, that was not a big deal, as long as Su Yu fell victim.

"Haha, in that case, you should take a rest, Princess," Prince Yun laughed politely while seizing the chance to drink a little more wine himself.

Yongye Chuxue offered him a stiff smile. Then she reached down, grabbed Su Yus hand that was placed on her thigh and pushed it aside in apparent anger.

She then shot a fierce glare at Su Yu from the corner of her eye.

Su Yu chuckled, the warmth of her thigh still lingering in his palm.

He could not help but remember the naked, gorgeous body in the venomous lake of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, and his heart fluttered a little.

The thought flashed across his mind quickly, and Su Yu shook off the sensation, guiltily thinking to himself, "Drinking this wine really does mess with peoples minds, the ancient ones were right about it."

"Brother Su, why dont you take some more wine?" Prince Yun asked, pausing in his drinking.

The other Princes and Princesses appeared to be savoring their wine as if nothing was happening. In fact, all of them had stopped drinking, and now were just pretending.

Su Yu took a glance with his Transparent Eye. Good God, the golden liquid in the tree stump had increased more than threefold!

They were planning to inebriate him and kill him once and for all!

"Haha, fine, Ill take a few more sips then. Hope you dont mind, Prince Yun. My tolerance for alcohol has always been impressive." Su Yu belched.

Prince Yun was rather stingy about his wine, but just how much more could an already drunk person take?

"Hahaha, dont mention it, Brother Su. Both of you were invited here today to have a hearty drink, so please dont restrain yourself. Drink all you can!"

Su Yu said, "How generous! I wont be so scrupulous anymore then!"

As he spoke, Su Yu began drinking to his hearts content, sucking the thin tube in his mouth.

Meanwhile, under the table, he held his right palm to his chest.

Before the spiritual liquid could flow into Su Yus bloodstream, the Milky Ways Star Sand removed it from his body.

The golden liquid it was mixed with was thoroughly eliminated as well, leaving behind the pure emerald liquid, which Su Yu channeled into a massive jade plate the size of a basin.

Yongye Chuxue was worrying about Su Yu. Then she caught sight of it and her jaw almost dropped from shock.

She was amazed not by how Su Yu could separate the spiritual liquid, but by the size of the vessel he had prepared. Was he planning to plunder all the spiritual liquid of the Woods of Drunken Immortals collected over the past ten years?

Yongye Chuxue took a few deep breaths and pretended as if nothing happened. However, the corner of her eye kept glancing at the gradually dwindling fairy wine, and she couldnt stop herself from pouting in resentment.

She thought to herself, "So this fellow isnt going to give me some of it? With its spirit-refining effects, this wine would be extremely beneficial to help me break through into the realm of Level Two Deity."

"No way! Im going to confiscate all of it later. Im the Princess, after all."

Watching Su Yu take a few more sips, Prince Yun and the others smiled.

However, after quite some time, he was still sipping the wine without showing any sign of falling into a coma. The smiles on their faces slowly disappeared.

"Why hasnt this fellow fainted yet?"

"Having drunk so much wine, even if he has an antidote, he must be nearing his limit already, isnt that so?"

Prince Yun was beginning to worry. Even though the Princes and Princesses were allowed to hold a banquet at the Woods of Drunken Immortals, there was a limit to the amount of fairy wine that they could consume. If they took too much of it, they would be strictly punished by Father.

Prince Yun held back his displeasure and sent a comforting message to his siblings: "Dont get worked up yet, its happening soon."

However, time passed and Su Yu was still drinking.

The faces of all the Princes and Princesses fell.

Even Prince Yun was wearing an intimidating look.

"What the heck is going on? Even if the poison has not taken effect, drinking this fairy wine alone would be enough to intoxicate the monarchs of the four great empires to the point of collapse. Why is this fellow still totally unaffected?"

"He has sucked up nearly a third of our supply, hasnt he? If he goes on, the source is going to dry up!"

Prince Yun smiled stiffly. "Brother Su, you should slow down, drinking too much is harmful"

Unexpectedly, Yongye Chuxue, who was thinking of sharing the spoils, spoke, "Eh? Didnt Prince Yun say that we could drink all we want and that we shouldnt have any scruples?"

Prince Yun smiled sheepishly. "Im just worried about my guests well-being"


Upon hearing this, Su Yu began drinking even more quickly, so that the liquid in the tree stump made a gurgling sound.

The sight of him drinking like that totally unnerved the Princes and Princesses, yet despite their anxiety, they could not speak a word. They sat as if mesmerized, watching the spiritual liquid in the tree stump being sucked away at an insane speed.

However, as they watched Su Yu turn a darker and darker shade of red and look as if he was about to collapse, they thought that they just had to bear with it a while longer.

Another half-hour passed by.


Eventually, there was the unmistakable sound of the tree stump being sucked dry.

The last drop of fairy wine trickled down Su Yus throat.

Much to the stupefaction of the Princes and Princesses, Su Yu, who had ingested an immense amount of fairy wine, did not collapse despite his flushed cheeks and unsteady posture.

This was the first time the Northern Xue Nation ever encountered such a peculiar event in all the years they had guarded the Spirit-reaching Wood.

Su Yu had finished ten years worth of fairy wine, yet he did not pass out.

Patting his belly, Su Yu belched and said in a slurred voice, "Great wine, really great wine"

In the meantime, avoiding everyones attention, he hid away the basin-size vessel full to the brim with wine.

Prince Yuns attention was so focused on Su Yu that he did not notice the fairy wine had actually all been siphoned away.

"Is there more? I want to drink some more if you have more of this stuff" Su Yu ranted. And at long last, he closed his eyes and appeared to have passed out.

The Princes and Princesses did not look relieved, however. This effect has come too late.

If that was the price they had to pay, wasnt it too high?

He had finished ten years worth of fairy wine. How were they going to explain it to Father?

The mere thought of it made them want to commit suicide. How did things even turn out this way?

Nonetheless, no matter what, now that Su Yu had fainted, taking back the Emperor-based Saint Artifacts safely should no longer be an issue. They could finally put their minds at ease on this point at least.

Having suppressed their emotions for so long, the Princes and Princesses slowly revealed their vengeful cruelty.

Several Princes could not conceal the rapacious looks in their eyes any longer as they stared at Yongye Chuxues willowy, alluring form. The heat in their eyes was palpable.

Yongye Chuxue raised her brows and hissed, "How dare you look at me so insolently!"

However, having exposed their ulterior motives, they no longer had any fears.

"Youre the insolent one!" Prince Yuns amity and courtesy disappeared without a trace, replaced by fury. His Level Four aura was no longer concealed as he unleashed all of it at once, forming a shroud around Yongye Chuxue.

The expression of Yongye Chuxues beautiful face turned icy cold. She slammed her palm on the table and demanded in a low voice, "Are you people trying to rebel?"

Prince Yun offered half a smile. "Congratulations, you got it right!"

What? Although Su Yu had predicted this, having heard their confession, Yongye Chuxue was still taken aback. Indignant, she said, "The Empire of Darkness has always showered its grace upon you people. When did we ever mistreat you?"

"Why would you rebel? I do not believe this. Let the Northern Xue Monarch speak to me personally!"

Looking at Yongye Chuxues frantic manner, Prince Yun finally got to vent his grievance and anger. He sneered eerily, "You want to meet Father? As you please. I will take your head and bring it to him!"

Until then, Yongye Chuxue was holding on to the last shred of hope.

It all unfolded just as Su Yu had predicted. The Northern Xue Nation was planning on a rebellion.

The banquet at the Woods of Drunken Immortals tonight was supposed to be a historical event.

They were planning to announce the detachment of the Northern Xue Nation from the Empire of Darkness, and their accession into the Heaven-defying Empire, with her blood.

She closed her eyes gently. When she opened them once again, Yongye Chuxues expression was icy and solemn, as though she was looking through a curtain of snow and frost, giving off a boundless frigidness.

"Anyone has the right to punish traitors and rebels!" Yongye Chuxue took out a short sword from her sleeve. It was engraved with an epigraph and gave off a shockingly formidable air.

Prince Yun was rather fearful. "The 38th-ranking Emperor-based Saint Artifact, the Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword! According to the legend, it was crafted from the horn of a divine dragon as powerful as the Nine Emperors and possesses astonishing capabilities."

Yongye Chuxue held the dragon sword in her hand, her murderous aura raging. "You did not see this coming, did you? I have secretly acquired this sword a long time ago!"

"I think it is even less likely that you have expected me to know your intentions early on. I am offering you one last chance to back off!"

Much to her shock, Prince Yun flashed her a creepy smile. "No! In fact, I knew it, and therefore, I have prepared a gift especially for you!"

"Palm of the Great Buddha!"

All of a sudden, a furious growl resonated through the air above the Woods of Drunken Immortals.

A ferocious-looking monk clad in a cassock, with a necklace of skulls wound around his neck, was basking in a sea of golden Buddha glow.

With his left hand weaving signs, and his right hand serving as the striking palm, a turbulent surge of Buddha glow roiled and formed a humongous palm shape, slamming down from above.

The power of the palm could match a Level Four deities, which meant it was on par with Prince Yun.

The difference was that the strike of the ferocious monk was a move that Yongye Chuxue couldnt have guarded against.

Yongye Chuxue was stunned. "The Grand Adviser of the Northern Xue Nation, Asura?"

In a flash, Yongye Chuxue raised the Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword above her head and thrust it skywards. "Dragon Stripe Skyfall!"


Amidst the bleakness, a dragons growl sounded, piercing through the heavens.

A beam of pure divine brilliance gushed out from the Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword, shattering the Buddhas palm that came striking.

However, before the strike was complete, Prince Yuns eyes shimmered and he moved in a flash, aiming a brutal blow at Yongye Chuxues abdomen with fists as powerful as mighty mountains.


Under the assaulting force, Yongye Chuxue opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of essence blood. Losing control, she was sent flying backward.

Having taken overwhelming blows, Yongye Chuxue was severely injured.

"Take another hit from me!" From the sky, the vicious-looking Asura was preparing to charge with another Palm of the Great Buddha.

Prince Yun smirked. "Do not kill her, Grand Adviser. My brothers are waiting to have a taste of Princess Chuxues noble body!"

The Asura burst out in hoarse laughter. "Id like to savor the exquisite body of the Princess too, to find out if shes any different from ordinary women!"