The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366 Massacre

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However, the instant the palm print shimmering with Buddha glow struck, Yongye Chuxues eyes turned completely cold, and a dim grey whorl appeared on her abdomen.

"Seal, open up!"


With an abrupt revolution, the whorl transformed into endless dim grey energy and surged into all parts of her body. That was the sign of sorcery energy spreading.

In the meantime, stupefying divine energy erupted from her abdomen, looking extremely horrendous.

The Asura who had looked so self-confident before, turned pale and growled in dread, "Level Three deity!"

Yongye Chuxue let out a cold laugh. "Finally! You hadnt seen this coming, right?"

When she finished, her fair hand slammed upwards with astonishing speed.


All of a sudden, the heavens and the earth growled and shook, and the Buddha brilliance was sent flying backward.

The Asura flew right out of the Woods of Drunken Immortals and fell into the lake, his body cracking up as though having sustained an immense blow. He was on the verge of falling apart.

Prince Yuns vile smile froze on his face, and without a second thought, he turned around and took flight!

Yongye Chuxues face was full of scorn and contempt. "I attended this banquet to give you a chance, but you dont seem to appreciate it. If that is the case, theres nothing else for me to do but kill all of you!"

With a snap of her fingers, a terrifying wave of divine energy penetrated the Void and shattered a great half of Prince Yuns body.

Prince Yun was horrified. Who would expect the usually humble Yongye Chuxue of the Imperial house to conceal a dreadful Level Three power?

This was comparable to the level of the Saints of the Moonwatch Sect!

In the face of a Level Three deity, Prince Yun stood no chance of escaping.

However, just when Yongye Chuxue was about to launch a fatal blow at him, a furious growl pierced through the air, reverberating in a vast, majestic tone:

"Who dares to hurt my son?"

Yongye Chuxue sneered, "The Monarch of the Northern Xue Nation? Glad that you came. I am going to eliminate you traitors and rebels on behalf of my Father!"

As she spoke, she charged skywards with the dragon sword in her hand and began a duel with the magnificent figure in the air.

With a thunderous boom, the heavens and earth trembled vigorously, and mad, vast waves rose from the lake. The fight between the two had almost devastated the palace of the Northern Xue Nation.

After a while, a delicate figure plummeted from the clouds with a miserable whimper and fell into the Woods of Drunken Immortals.

Shortly after, a middle-aged man with blue hair and a purple robe touched the ground.

With his hands placed behind his back, he stared coldly at Yongye Chuxue, who was sprawled at his feet.

Yongye Chuxue sustained lethal injuries in many parts of her body, and most importantly, her sorcery energy broke loose from her. She seemed to be on the brink of death.

Having gone through a near-death experience, Prince Yun hurried back, fuming with rage. "This Yongye Chuxue has hidden her strength too well. People only ever knew her brother for being a phenomenal genius."

"No one would have thought that she was so powerful. If Father hadnt come to our rescue, we would have died today!"

The Monarch of the Northern Xue Nation replied sternly, "No matter. The downfall of the Empire of Darkness is propelled by circumstances. Her death is only the beginning!"

Upon finishing, he stepped forward to kill Yongye Chuxue but was stopped by Prince Yun. "Hold on, Father, how about leaving her at our disposal?"

The Monarch of the Northern Xue Nation cast a look at Yongye Chuxue and nodded lightly. "Fine, I have no wish to stain my hands with the royal blood of the Empire of Darkness!

"But you have to be cautious. There is extremely powerful sorcery energy within her, which has spread to every nook and cranny of her body. If it gets into you by accident, you might not die like she soon will, but it might be the end of your training path."

When he finished speaking, the Monarch of the Northern Xue Nation left by streaking across the air and returned to his chambers.

The moment he entered his chambers, his calm face turned pallid all of a sudden and he threw up a big mouthful of blood.

Traces of fear lingered on his face. "That was too terrifying! If it was not for the eruption of the sorcery energy inside her, which injured her, I might have been killed it the fight went on! At her peak condition, I dont think anyone among the Level Three deities could rival her."

Without knowing what he had said, the Princes and Princesses gathered around after recovering from their fright.

Looking at the semi-conscious Yongye Chuxue, who had lost the ability to retaliate, the Princes eyes glittered with a beastly desire.

"This woman wanted to slaughter us all? Humph, if I dont show her what we are capable of and punish her properly, how would she know about our power?" A restless Prince said with a vile smile.

After he consumed an elixir, Prince Yuns shattered body had healed considerably. Putting on a sly smug smile, he said, "How about that, Princess Chuxue? At last, you see you cant escape the fate that we have provided for you, can you?"

"Not only will I use your blood to leave a monumental mark in the history of the Empire of Darknesss downfall, but I will also make you serve my brothers before your death!"

Perhaps she heard his words. With a fading consciousness, Yongye Chuxue raised the Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword and tried to stab her own chest with it.

Prince Yun reached out and easily grabbed the Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword. He scoffed, "Theres no way wed let you die just like that. You havent done your job of pleasing my brothers yet! So Ill just keep this Emperor-based Saint Artifact."

As he spoke of Emperor-based Saint Artifacts, Prince Yun could not help but remember his own True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody. He told his brothers, "I leave the Princess to your mercy."

When he finished, he walked towards Su Yu.

However, Xue Xiaoman was already standing at Su Yus side, complex emotions playing across her face. She had intended to kill him, but could not bring herself to do it.

"Xiaoman, why havent you killed him?" Prince Yun asked with a frown.

Xue Xiaoman took out a sharp blade but hesitated to plunge it into Su Yus unconscious body. She said, "I think I think hes innocent. We might as well spare him and kill Yongye Chuxue alone."

The moment she uttered those words, Xue Xiaoman could not even understand herself. No matter what, she should be longing to kill this man, so why was she speaking for him?

"Innocent?" Prince Yun was indignant. "Stealing the Emperor-based Saint Artifacts of the Northern Xue Nation is an unpardonable crime, one beyond redemption, yet youre calling him innocent?

"Kill him right now!" Prince Yun compelled.

Xue Xiaoman struggled inside. The rational part of her told her to do so, but something inside her had rebelled.

From her perspective, it was due to her own inadequacy that the treasures were stolen.

As for the murder of Xue Zhongbao today, Su Yu was culpable for certain, but they hadnt invited him here with pure intentions either.

After a moment of hesitation, Xue Xiaoman gritted her teeth, set down the sharp blade, and turned to leave. "I cant bring myself to do it, Brother Yun. You had better do it yourself."

From afar, she saw a bunch of euphoric Princes crowding around Yongye Chuxue. A streak of disappointment flashed in her eyes. She hung her head low and walked to the lakeside without saying a word.

Prince Yun shot a doubtful look at her and stared at Su Yu once again, his killing intention palpable in his eyes.

"You beast! You caused me a lot of trouble, took my True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody, and drunk all the fairy wine before you died! You cant pay for this enough, even if you die a million deaths!"

Maneuvering his divine energy in his hand, Prince Yun sneered as he looked at the unconscious Su Yu. "The fairy wine must be so good that youre still craving more of it, right? Id be too merciful to finish you off just like that!"

When he finished, he lifted his hand to strike down with deadly force.

However, right at that moment, a stupefying scene unfolded before Prince Yuns astonished eyes.

Su Yu opened his eyes abruptly and flashed him an indulgent smile. "The fairy wine was really tasty. Thanks for your generosity."

Prince Yun was taken aback. "You did not pass out?"

As he spoke, his hand reached for Su Yus chest.

At the same time, a bolt of divine energy surged from Su Yus abdomen, charging the Ice Blue Divine Armor around his body.

The Ice Blue Divine Armor was fully activated, radiating with a magnificent, cerulean icy brilliance.

Prince Yuns palm, which was charged with divine energy, hit the icy light and encountered great resistance. Its divine energy was relentlessly absorbed, gradually weakening.

Seizing the chance, Su Yu jumped up like a carp leaping out of water.

The scene alarmed the rest of the Princes and Princesses. Overcoming their surprise, all of them scurried over, encircling Su Yu.

Prince Yun was flabbergasted, but his fury did not diminish. "How could you be conscious when you have drunk so much of our fairy wine and poison?"

Su Yu chortled. "What, that weak stuff? I would be safe even if I drank more. However, I have not expected you to be able to bear with my poison for so long after drinking it. I suppose the fairy wine has canceled some of its effects."

Upon hearing that, everyone was dumbfounded.

"You you put poison in the tree stump?" Prince Yun was very perturbed, but he kept his composure. "Dont panic, everyone, he might be raising a false alarm to scare us"

As if confirming Su Yus statement, one of the Princes turned pale, and a rotten-looking pitch-black liquid flowed out from his hair follicles. He said, "Prince Yun, it might be true. I have been feeling unwell for a little while now"


As he spoke, he spat out a big mouthful of black-colored blood, along with a faint liquid of seven colors.

That was the powerful venom of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, which Su Yu injected into the tree stump!

A Level Two deitys body would be corroded once it got into contact with this poison, and consuming it was like seeking ones own death.

Su Yu had the Milky Way Star Sand, which helped him remove the poison when it got into his mouth, but it was not the case for the Xue family.

"Ohhhh" Suddenly, another one of the princes had collapsed.

"Eeekkk" Another one!

"Ahh! My body is all rotten inside! Prince Yun, save me!" Yet another cried out desperately.

Before long, the venom took its toll on them, beginning with those who had low-grade cultivation and had consumed a lot of the poisoned wine.

Before they could be rescued, they began dying and decomposing from the inside out, and not even their souls were spared.

Normally, they would have sensed the presence of the poison in their bodies earlier, but having drunk the fairy wine, they were all intoxicated to some degree, which numbed the discomfort they felt. That was how the horrendous plight of mass poisoning had taken place.

Watching his brothers and sisters collapse to the ground, Prince Yun growled like a beast, with his eyes bulging and his face contorting in agony, "Give me the antidote!"

Propping himself up on his arms, Su Yu asked indifferently, "What antidote do you want? Dont you want to mark the glorious history of the Northern Xue Nations detachment from the Empire of Darkness with blood?

"If it is your own blood, you might earn the respect and admiration of the future generations, and your names will live on."

"Hand me the antidote, or Im going to kill you!" Prince Yuns features were hideously distorted as he bellowed.

Su Yu cast a glance at the Princes and Princesses sprawled on the ground and shrugged. "Its useless, theyre all dead."

"I will destroy you!" Prince Yun howled in wrath and pounced forward.

Su Yu dared not take the attack of a Level Four deity lightly.

However, he had come prepared. His eyes turned cold, and he called softly, "Nine Suns Sword Formation!"

Slash! Slash! Slash!

All of a sudden, nine rays of blindingly glaring golden suns appeared in the air above the Woods of Drunken Immortals, illuminating the entire area with a golden halo.

Under the brilliant golden rays, many of the trees in the Woods of Drunken Immortals turned into ashes and dust.