The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 A Stroke Of Glory

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Those werent golden rays of sunshine at all, but numerous shafts of powerful sword energy.

"Ahh!" Prince Yun cried out in pain as countless cracks appeared all over his skin.

Right at that moment, the nine dazzling suns vanished from the air, transforming into long golden swords that penetrated Prince Yuns body.

Not only were the nine swords extremely fast, but they were also exceptionally sharp.

One after another, the blades pierced through the body of Prince Yun, making it look like a sieve in the blink of an eye.

His death was only a matter of time; it would only take a few breaths to kill him right then and there.

However, right at that moment, a magnificent Buddha brilliance charged from the air above.

"Palm of the Great Buddha!" The humongous palm print, charged with Buddha brilliance, interfered with the operation of the swords, causing a moment of stagnation.

A ferocious monk jumped in at that moment and grabbed Prince Yun out from the sword formation.

It turned out that the Asura had climbed out from the bottom of the lake and happened to see the Eldest Prince in mortal peril. Thus, he rushed to Prince Yuns rescue.

"Buddhas glory!" The Asura slapped Prince Yuns back with his palm, and the Buddha brilliance surged into the princes body. It possessed an enigmatic purifying effect, which cleared the poison from Prince Yuns bloodstream and organs.

Now free of the poisons influence, Prince Yun swiftly maneuvered his divine energy and healed his wounds.

However, Su Yu had picked up Yongye Chuxue from the ground at that exact moment and withdrew the Nine Suns Sword Formation.

Looking at the dead bodies of his brothers and sisters, and recalling his rendezvous with death, Prince Yun was furious. "Su Yu! You slaughtered the entire younger generation of the Northern Xue Nation royal house. If you get away with this, how am I going to explain it to the world?"

Su Yu flashed him a genial smile. "Its very simple. You can tell the world that you have used the blood of an entire royal generation to promote the glorious history of the Northern Xue Nation.

"Besides, if I intend to leave, there is no way you can deter me."


At that very moment, a beam of extraordinarily harsh force, carrying boundless wrath and murderous desire, struck from nowhere, aiming right at Su Yu.

Without looking, Su Yu knew who it was right away. He laughed coldly. "A crooked stick is bound to have a crooked shadow. Wasnt one raid enough? Are you now coming for the second round? Too bad. if Im determined to leave, no one can stop me!"

"Farewell, Northern Xue Nation. The happenings of today will certainly be marked on the pages of history!"

As Su Yu spoke, a figure of the Supreme Pole emerged above his head, shrouding him and Yongye Chuxue.

All of a sudden, Yin and Yang were reversed and the balance of the world was overturned.

In the next moment, Su Yu teleported right out of the Northern Xue Nation.

Nobody in the Northern Xue Nation could even detect his scent, let alone chase after them.


A whiff of sword energy struck the spot where Su Yu had stood, shattering half of the Woods of Drunken Immortals.

A middle-aged man in a purple robe showed up, his eyes bulging with boundless rage.

When he saw the cold bodies all over the place, he went ballistic. He was so furious that he acted like someone who was losing his mind.

"Tell me! What happened? Why, why are all my children dead?" The Monarch stared at Prince Yun and the Asura, his eyes ablaze with rage.

His stare was like a bolt of thunder striking at them, making them throw up blood and whimper.

Prince Yun, especially, felt as if he was falling apart. He started to beg for mercy. "Father, please forgive me, it was Su Yu. He put poison in the wine!"

The Monarch was beyond furious. "I left the matter to you, yet you yet all your siblings died, and youre the only one alive"

His voice was trembling, from either grief or extreme fury.

All of a sudden, the Monarch looked to the lakeside, where a person was standing motionless. It was Xue Xiaoman.

She was safe and sound, showing no signs of being poisoned. Neither was she injured by the sword brilliance of the Nine Suns Sword Formation.

Prince Yuns eyes narrowed in suspicion, and he hurriedly said, "Father, something is wrong about Xiaoman! All of us were poisoned, yet she is unscathed!"

"And that sword brilliance it shrouded the entire area of the Woods of Drunken Immortals, yet she is unharmed! Besides, when I asked her to kill Su Yu, she stubbornly refused!"

The Monarch squinted and reached out from across the air, grasping Xue Xiaoman and dragging her towards him. He clasped his hands around her neck, and with eyes bulging in madness, looking like a beast, he uttered slowly, "Give me an explanation, or else"

Xue Xiaoman was petrified. She struggled to break free from her hideous-looking fathers hand, and said, "I I have no idea either!

"I took a sip of the wine at the very beginning and did not drink anymore afterward. I guess this is why I was not poisoned."

"Then how do you explain being unharmed by the sword brilliance?"

Xue Xiaoman stammered, unable to come up with an explanation. That sword brilliance should have harmed her, but when it fell upon her, it swerved in a different direction all of a sudden. How was she supposed to explain it?

"Cant explain that? Ill ask you then, why didnt you kill him?"

Xue Xiaoman wasnt sure about that herself. How could she possibly explain?

The Monarchs eyes turned red, and he looked on the verge of losing control. "Sinful woman. I ought to kill you!"

However, reason stopped the Monarch. He bellowed, "You will not stay in the Northern Xue Nation any longer. I will contact the Heaven-defying Empire immediately and send you over there. You will be married to the Eldest Prince of the Heaven-defying Empire!"

Xue Xiaomans face was full of grievance, yet she had no choice but to bear it in silence.

The Monarch shot a cold stare at Prince Yun and the Asura. "The two of you, you have escaped the death sentence, but other forms of punishment are in store!"

"I will give you a chance to atone for your crimes by meritorious service. Capture those responsible for what happened here today. Otherwise, you can go to Hell and keep them company!"

Prince Yun and the Asura assumed an obsequious attitude, holding their breaths.

After a pause, the Monarch glared at Xue Xiaoman and Prince Yun. "Besides, an Emperor-based Saint Artifact has been stolen by a mysterious powerful individual with a dragon head and a human body. You must settle this matter too!"

Upon hearing that, Prince Yun was stunned. Someone with a dragon head and a human body? Didnt Xue Xiaoman say that it was Su Yu who stole it?

Xue Xiaoman seemed perplexed. A dragon head and a human body? Was Su Yu a demon? However, he did not look like one!

The Monarchs expression turned dismal. "Is there a problem?"

Xue Xiaoman voiced her doubt. "Father, it was Su Yu who stole the guardian Emperor-based Saint Artifact, not a demon with a dragons head and a human body."

The Monarch was taken aback. His eyes bulged, and he questioned, "Oh? What other treasures of yours did Su Yu steal? What powers does he possess?"

Xue Xiaoman replied guiltily, "All the treasures I carried have been taken, including the Divine Feather of Frost and the Peacocks Plume. As for the power he possesses, we have all witnessed the sword formation just now."

"How is that possible?" The Monarch was stunned.

The three of them exchanged glances.

The Monarchs eyes nearly popped out of his head, and finally, he glowered at her with vexation, "Why didnt you say it earlier?"

Xue Xiaoman put on an innocent look. "How would I bring myself to speak about such a humiliating matter? We were thinking of telling you after we got the Emperor-based Saint Artifact back, Father."

The Monarch said with frustration, "You youre such an undutiful daughter! If only you had told me earlier, we could have gotten not an Emperor-based Saint Artifact, but the skeletal remains of an Ice and Fire Divine Warrior!"


Prince Yun, the Asura, and Xue Xiaoman were stupefied.

The Monarch said, "Yesterday, the rulers of the four great empires visited in secret and we had a confidential talk. They asked me about the whereabouts of the Emperor-based Saint Artifact."

"After making a detailed inquiry, I got to know that the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang were stolen by a demon with a dragons head and a human body!"

The Monarch shook with wrath as he recounted it. "This demonic creature was very powerful. He was even capable of fighting the World Annihilation Dragon by himself!"

"Not only that, but he also carried many treasures with him, which greatly impressed even the four great rulers!"

"The Taiching Emperors Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole, the skeletal remains of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior, and the Emperor of Darkness Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control were all in his hands."

Upon hearing that, the three of them inhaled sharply.

They were astounded by what they had just heard.

More importantly, they realized they had a problem.

Xue Xiaoman asked, "But what does the dragon-headed, human-bodied demon has to do with Su Yu?"

The Monarch sighed with regret. "The dragon-headed, human-bodied demon was using the treasures that you lost. The magical power of the Nine Suns Sword Formation was one of a kind too. How, in your opinion, could he be related to Su Yu?"

The three of them froze on their spots upon hearing that!

A fellow possessing treasures that shook the entire Ancient God Realm was sitting right in front of them a while ago?

If they had known it then, they wouldnt have bothered with trying to kill Yongye Chuxue. They should have killed him instead, without a second thought!

"Do you have any idea what kind of opportunity you missed just now? You had deprived the Northern Xue Nation of a great accomplishment!"

The Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole might be nothing, as were the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control, but the remains of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior could be used to build a whole new empire!

Such a marvelous opportunity just slipped right past them!

"Father, we"

The Monarchs eyes blazed with anger. "What more do you have to say? Capture Su Yu at any cost! However, do not disclose his identity to anyone else!"

At the border between the Northern Xue Nation and the Heaven-defying Empire

The Yin and Yang energies of the world were disorderly, and the mark of a Supreme Pole was flickering high up in the air. From there, two figures descended.

The two were a silver-haired handsome man in white clothing and a beautiful woman with wounds all over her body.

Having escaped the Northern Xue Nation successfully, Su Yu was nevertheless far from happy.

Yongye Chuxue was severely wounded. The injuries inflicted by the Northern Xue Monarch were only skin-deep and could be healed with some high-quality spiritual medicines.

The dangerous part was the sorcery energy that had erupted within her.

"The sorcery energy inside her is unusually pure, even more powerful than that of the Saint Lady. The eruption must have been caused by a Level Two wizard. In the Moonwatch Sect, the Sect Master is the only one who has attained Level Two, isnt he?" Su Yu pondered.

Su Yu tried to expel the sorcery energy inside Yongye Chuxue with the sorcery that he had learned.

However, not only were his efforts in vain, but he nearly suffered the reverse impact, by which the horrifying sorcery energy almost invaded his body.

With no other options left, Su Yu used the Milky Way Star Sand.

It took him quite a while to extract a whiff of it.

If given ample time, healing her in that way would not be a problem.

The thing was, Yongye Chuxue would surely perish before the healing process was complete.

The eruption of the sorcery energy was overwhelming, repelling all the divine energy in Yongye Chuxues body. Having lost protection, her internal organs and soul were being corroded by the sorcery energy.

Currently, one-tenth of her body had been corroded. In ten days at most, Yongye Chuxue would be thoroughly consumed, and once her entire being was transformed into sorcery energy, she would vanish into thin air.

If she were gone, the Great Desolation Smelter would be hopeless.

Without the Great Desolation Smelter, it would be a big hassle for Su Yu to construct the Cosmos Sword Formation.

Hence, he had to save her!

Expelling the sorcery energy from her body was quite impossible at this point. The crucial thing was to support her vital signs.

Fortunately, Su Yu had searched the soul of a wizard while in the relic and had learned some tactics to relieve an outbreak of sorcery energy, but it required some special tools of the wizard tribe.

Tools of the wizard tribe were rare in the Ancient God Realm. The available ones were mostly collections, and there were basically none in the market.

There was only one place in the nearest Heaven-defying Empire where it would be possible to find tools of the wizard tribe.

That place was Yongzhen City, which was located at the border between the Lost Nation and the Heaven-defying Empire.