The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Apart in the world
Chapter 137: Apart in the world
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Outside the house, Li Hao crouched near a pile of stones.

Li Hao's expression was depressed. He had three disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal behind him, silently awaiting his signal.

Among them was Chen Xiang, who had once been defeated by Su Yu.

"Senior Li, it has already been two hours. Why is there still no signal?" Chen Xiang was anxious.

Li Hao had been engaging in trickery for a while and he knew that such things required patience. "No hurry, take it slow."

Chen Xiang was a little worried. "Senior Li, Yun Yan is on good terms with Su Yu, will she really do what you told her to?"

Li Hao let out a cynical laugh. "She has no choice!" He held the fate of the Yun family in his hands, which was equivalent to having full control over Yun Yan. His engagement with Yun Yan was the best example of the extent of his power over her.

Even though Yun Yan clearly knew it was Li Hao who was supporting the Tie family, she could only lower her head and obey him. Now that the Fire Dragon Mantra was so close, Yun Yan had no reason to disobey.

Chen Xiang's worry eased. "We've put too much trouble on Senior Li's fiancee, allowing her to take such a risk. If she was exposed by Su Yu, getting injured is but a small matter. What if he uses the opportunity to commit indecent acts. After all, Senior Li, Yun Yan has a beauty that can topple nations and she is far weaker in ability than Su Yu."

Hearing this, Li Hao's heart skipped a beat. But he gently shook his head. "That won't happen! First, Su Yu will come with Qin Xianer, how can he resist her? Second, even if Su Yu had consumed the love potion and committed indecent acts, she should have already crushed the jade pendant! Yun Yan is proud of her purity, she would not allow her innocence to be violated by anyone; I understand that about her very well.

"I think Yun Yan still has not found a chance to strike, let's just wait patiently." Li Hao was confident. He had pulled similar tricks multiple times back in the royal family. He was so familiar with this that he thought that there would be no hiccups.

Chen Xiang remained doubtful, but Li Hao was a master at planning these thingsthey had to believe him.

"I have ordered the servants to prepare some food. The night is long, we should not mistreat ourselves." Chen Xiang got someone to fetch them dried rations. "If we arrest this person we must give him a taste of his own medicine!"

Li Hao's gaze was cold. "He's the first person who has made me lay in ambush through the night willingly!"

Dawn was approaching.

Su Yu looked at the ceiling, unable to form words. What had happened yesterday was absurd!

He looked at Yun Yan beside him. She was still breathing rather heavily, her hair slightly draped over her face.

"Why did you do that?" Su Yu's heart was heavy. He had clearly neutralized a large part of the drug, but Yun Yan had given the both of them another dose.

Yun Yan stared at the floor, her clear eyes trembled as she came to terms with what she had done. After Su Yu had processed the drug, she had panicked and dosed him again, then slept with him.

She had given him the power of the constitution of the Fiery Lotus. She had transferred it into his body, pushing Su Yu from Second Level Peak Holy King to Third Level Holy King!

Her first time with a man for his breakthrough.

"Can you forgive me?" Yun Yan leaned onto Su Yu, her expression was peaceful but her fists were nervously clenched.

Su Yu was in shock for a long moment, gently gripping her shoulder as he sighed. "Since you are already my woman, how can we talk about forgiveness? I will take responsibility for you."

The incident between them was too sudden, Su Yu did not even know how to explain it to Xianer.

Xianer's young soul had only loved him. If there was the presence of another woman, would she be heartbroken? Even though Xianer was young, she was by no means stupid.

If she knew, she would definitely be devastated.

Your woman? Responsibility? A happiness welled up within Yun Yan's soul, her heart completely relaxed.

What was most important was that Su Yu had forgiven her.

Thump, thump

Someone was knocking on the door. It was Li Hao, his expression terrible. "Yun Yan, open the door!"

He had laid in wait for an entire night, but Yun Yan had never set off the signal. Could it be that Su Yu and Qin Xianer had not come at all?

Or did Yun Yan dare to betray him and protect Su Yu and Qin Xianer?

Thinking about that, Li Hao, who was knocking on the door, became more sinister.

Hearing the knocks, Su Yu felt a little embarrassed. Yun Yan was Li Hao's promised future wife!

But Yun Yan grabbed Su Yu by the hand, her face determined. "It's about time I ended things with him! He's despicable! Come in, I am in my bedroom." Yun Yan coldly answered.

Li Hao froze for a second, then kicked the door open. He entered with three disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal.

He thought that since Yun Yan would allow them to come in, she would definitely have tidied up. Li Hao naturally pulled open the drapes and entered the room with large strides. "Yun Yan, what's up? You made us wait the entire night"

Li Hao angrily stepped into the house, freezing when he processed the scene in front of him. He remained frozen at the entrance, unable to believe what was in front of him.

Yun Yan was draped in a thin bedsheet, sitting beside with another naked man!

The three Law Enforcement Tribunal disciples behind him were equally shocked!

Wasn't wasn't that Senior Li Hao's future wife? Why was she together with Su Yu?

Even though she was draped in a bedsheet, her bare shoulder suggested that Yun Yan was actually naked! Even more prominent was the hickey on Yun Yan's collarbone.

Without a doubt, Li Hao's fiancee had committed indecent acts with Su Yu as Li Hao was just standing guard outside!

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal were equally shocked!

It had clearly been Li Hao's plan to frame Su Yu and Qin Xianer. When did it turn into Su Yu sleeping with Li Hao's fiancee?

But the impact that it had on them was ultimately smaller than what it did to Li Hao. Chen Xiang mercilessly grunted. "Su Yu! You violated a female disciple, do you know what crime that is"

Yun Yan leaned back, placing her head on Su Yu's shoulder, her lips formed a mocking smile. "I voluntarily slept with him, he did not violate me. Does the Law Enforcement Tribunal want to meddle in the love affairs of another?"


Chen Xiang's looked at Li Hao in a daze. It had been consensual!

Thud! Thud! Thud

Li Hao staggered back a few steps, his eyes full of disbelief. The scene he witnessed had flipped his world.

He had never thought that the woman he had firm control over would one day betray him!

Did she not want to save the Yun family? Or, had she already given up hope on the Yun family?

Thinking back, when Chen Xiang reminded him that Yun Yan could be violated by Su Yu, he had confidently assured him that nothing would happen. It was all horrible!

Yun Yan had committed indecent acts with another man in the house while he had been standing outside the house, guarding for the entire night!!

He had been made a cuckold. This this was a humiliation that no man could bear!!

"Su! Yu! And you, wretch!" Li Hao's body trembled. This was the greatest humiliation he had felt in his life!

Yun Yan's gaze was cold. "Why, do you want to strike?"

To do so would be against the rules, and Yun Yan knew that. Who would dare fight without thinking of the consequences? Even Cao Xuan had to respect the rules of the faction, much less Li Hao!

"Alright! When I return to the mortal world, I will question the Yun family and ask for an explanation! You engaged in indecent acts with another man despite being my intended" Li Hao suppressed his killing intent, clenching his teeth.

Surprisingly, Yun Yan remained calm. "Apologies, but the engagement between us will be canceled. I'm with the person I love, what business does it have to do with you?"

"Cancel the engagement? You wouldn't dare!" Li Hao felt as though his chest was about to explode in fury.

Yun Yan did not look him in the eye, deeply leaning into the embrace of Su Yu. "I naturally have a way to make my family agree. As for our crisis, you need not worry too much about it. Please, go." Yun Yan closed her eyes, enjoying Su Yu's embrace.

Chen Xiang and the rest of the disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal had no choice but to retreat, as they could not do anything to the two of them.

Li Hao trembled violently, leaving in humiliation and fury.

He had spent multiple years trying to obtain Yun Yan. She could have helped him attain Fifth Level Holy King, but had instead she had been stolen by Su Yu! His achievement of Third Level Holy King was proof!

Now he was a cuckold! t was an unprecedented impact, one he had never felt in his life as royalty!

"Su Yu! I will never forgive you!" Li Hao shouted!

After sending away the outsiders, Yun Yan's body slumped into Su Yu's embrace. She had been forcing herself to be calm.

Su Yu wanted to comfort her, but Yun Yan gently said. "Su Yu, since you want to take responsibility for me, can you give me a title? Someone from the faction should be our witness, be they an elder or a discipleas long as you trust them."

Su Yu felt a little conflicted. But since he had said that he was going to be responsible, he naturally had to fulfill his promise.

He dressed and returned to the Inner Sanctum, thinking about who to get as a witness.

Suddenly, Su Yu realized something. He froze in his steps, his expression changing slightly. He returned speedily! When he returned to Yun Yan's house, there were still remnants of a fragrance, but the house was already empty.

Only a short letter was placed on the table.

"Thank you for your forgiveness. I am satisfied, the knot in my heart is gone.

"Also thank you for taking responsibility. But, regrettably, I am not the one you love. I cannot accept your responsibility. Just treat the night we had as my compensation, you do not need to blame yourself.

"Take good care of Xianer. She is the one you truly love. I cannot convince myself to come between the two of you and be an evil woman.

"Forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye, and please understand that I am too ashamed to face you. Please do not come find me at the Yun family palace, and please allow me to have a place of solace.

"Marriage and love, I have had both. I no longer have any longing for either. I shall stay with the family forever and create weapons for my family.

"Lastly, I wish you and Xianer happiness. With love, Yun Yan."

Staring at the white envelope, Su Yu was unbelievably shocked. Did Yun Yan really send him away and take the opportunity to leave?

If she requested that he take responsibility Su Yu would definitely do so, even if he was unwilling.

But, taking into consideration the feelings between him and Xianer, Yun Yan had chosen to leave him alone and go back to her family, where she would be lonely until she died.

In that moment, the hatred in his heart disappeared. Yun Yan was still Yun Yan, kind and pure.

Su Yu once again saw her as the kind and beautiful lady from the island in the vast ocean, smiling at him in his memories

Li Hao was stumbling, his mind in a whirl. He was still immersed in the great humiliation he had witnessed earlier.

The image of Yun Yan and Su Yu together was like a curse, spiraling within his brain and causing him much discomfort!

"Su! Yu!" Li Hao growled, his eyes burning with hatred. "You bedded my woman, I will not let you die peacefully! The people close to you shall all die!"