The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 The Top Forbidden Technique

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The hunched elder burst out laughing. "Liang Kuan, this brat must have gone madUghh!"

A powerful fist smashed his heart and blood back-flowed into his throat, rendering him unable to speak.

Misery, disbelief, and befuddlement lingered on the elders face. Then his vision turned dark as his body went limp and collapsed.

Having witnessed the scene, Liang Kuan choked in terror.

The hunched elder was killed before he even managed to see clearly how the other person attacked!

Even more to his shock and dread, a seam opened up between Su Yus brows, and the hunched elders soul was devoured before it could escape.

Liang Kuan felt chills creeping down his spine. Horrified, he ran out of the villa, screaming on top of his lungs.

Su Yus cold eyes were flashing at him like bolts of lightning.

However, strangely, Su Yu did not chase after him, but remained motionless. Calmly, he said, "Dont try to fool me! The formations in the villa are meant to prevent the targeted quarries from escaping, just in case."

Once he said this, Liang Kuan, who was running, gradually slowed down to a halt. He turned around, the boundless panic in his face replaced by wariness.

"You even realized that?" He had killed many and had known all along that he would become the prey sooner or later. How could he possibly be surprised by the elders death?

He was only trying to lure Su Yu to go after him so he would step into the formations in the villa, which would give him a chance to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu replied placidly, "I told you, your tactics are too clumsy and inferior."

Liang Kuan stared closely at Su Yu, feeling very intimidated. However, he had given up and seemed to be simply waiting for Su Yu to step forth and give him a fatal blow.

Nonetheless, Su Yu made no move. He said indifferently, "Where is the real wizard? Come out. I think there is no need for you to hide anymore."


Thirty feet ahead of Liang Kuan, puffs of misty grey smoke emerged from the ground, and the scent of a real wizard showed itself.

It turned out that there was a trap here as well.

If Su Yu went anywhere near Liang Kuan, he would be exposing his back to this hidden wizard.

From the way they collaborated seamlessly, it looked as though they had a well-honed system for killing creatures of the Ancient God Realm.

The dim grey smoke condensed into the figure of a human. He turned out to be a short-statured man, his cheeks covered with a dense growth of beard.

Su Yu was not surprised at all. He said, "Just as expected. You, the servant, are the real wizard."

Apparently, the anguished scream was only an act he put up to lure them over.

The short man with the long beard glowered at Su Yu. "God da*n it, what is it about you? Why didnt I see you when you first came, but only saw the three of them?"

Su Yu flashed him a playful smile. "Are you talking about this?"

In an instant, he disappeared right on the spot.

However, strangely, Liang Kuan was able to see him.

That was the magical effect of the Illusory Soul Realm. As long as ones soul was stronger than the opponents soul was, one could delude them with a mere maneuver of thoughts.

The short man was stupefied. "Can you do that? This is a very brilliant spiritual power. You are no ordinary man."

After a moment of brooding, the man said in a low voice, "You may leave now."

He could sense great danger here, so he was reluctant to get into a fight with Su Yu, despite being a Level Five Grand Wizard himself.

Standing in front of Su Yu, he felt a sense of uncertainty as though he was facing a profound chasm.

Su Yu did not go. Instead, he said, "You did not ask me if I give you permission to leave."

When he finished speaking, two rings flew out from Su Yus sleeves.

The short man let out an angry laugh. "Since youre so eager to fight, Ill grant you your wish."

"Soul-enthralling Spell!" Overbearing patterns of sorcery energy filled the atmosphere, fending off the two rings in midair.

Before Liang Kuan could catch his breath, he saw Su Yu retrieve a feather, which he gently shook.

In the blink of an eye, a strong gust of wind took off, aiming straight for the long-bearded man.

He scoffed, "What can weapons of the Ancient God Realm do to wizards?"

"Wind-stabilizing Curse!"

The Grand Wizard Su Yu came across during the battle with Xue Xiaoman at the Myriad Bone Mountain had used the same tactic. One could destroy all artifacts and magical powers with a Wind-stabilizing Curse.

The storm dissipated, and the Divine Feather of Frost fell helplessly.

Nonetheless, before the short man could catch his breath, Su Yu retrieved another item, a piece of black-colored wood.

At the sight of this, the short mans face finally showed fear. "Soul-stabilizing Wood!"

Su Yu nodded gently. "Glad that you know!"

As he spoke, he raised his hand and tossed the piece of wood into the air.

The wood gave off a scent that calmed ones soul and thoughts. When the waves of sorcery energy swept past it, they weakened strangely and rapidly dissipated.

No longer halted by magical resistance, the two Yin and Yang Rings in the air fused into one in a flash, streaking across the Void and encircling the long-bearded man.

He was petrified. "Let go of me!"

Su Yus eyes were ice cold. "You should be begging me not to kill you."

When Su Yu approached the man step by step, a nonchalant yet domineering voice sounded from far away. "I could say the same about you."

As the voice spoke, a wave of pure sorcery energy as strong as that of the Saint Lady came striking brutally out of nowhere.

Having encountered the wave of sorcery energy, the Soul-stabilizing Wood hovering in the air shattered into pieces right away, incapable of fending off such a powerful energy wave.

The Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang around the short man trembled vigorously under the influence of the wave, showing signs of strain.

Su Yu snorted coldly. "You think so?"

With a flick of his hand, an emerald flute appeared between Su Yus fingers. He placed it at his lips and blew once it was infused with his divine energy.

All of a sudden, a heavenly, ethereal melody floated through the air, like the singing of an angel from paradise.

Where the celestial melody passed, the surging waves of sorcery energy dissolved quickly, like virgin snow under the warm sun. They disappeared without a trace.

The Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang tightened once again, firmly securing the long-bearded man.

Su Yu hid the flute inside his robes again. With each hand grasping a man, he used the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole to teleport out of the villa.

He had no choice but to leave, as he felt an evil, overwhelming power quickly approaching.

The moment he took flight, a youth with fiery red long hair arrived, carried upon a gust of black wind.

The youth was extremely skinny, as though he was nothing more than a bag of bones. His eye sockets were so deeply sunken that his eyes seemed to be glinting out of deep pits, adding to his ferocity.

He glanced around and said in a hoarse voice, "Many can fend off my blows, but not many of those are as young as I am. Who was the Ancient God Realm creature that had been here just now? Has the Ancient God Realm gained another unrivaled prodigy after all these years?"

After a moment of brooding, the fierce youth said, "However, my purpose of coming here today was to clear up the awful shambles left behind. If the Sect Master finds out, I will surely lose to Luo Xueyi, and I wont be able to succeed to the position of the Sect Master."


With a shift of his thoughts, Su Yu had returned to the suburban area of Yongzhen City, on top of a mountain.

The long-bearded man was firmly bound with no hopes of escape.

Su Yu looked at Liang Kuan. Under the penetrating stare of Su Yus eyes, beads of cold sweat appeared on Liang Kuans forehead. He was shivering.

"Please, please forgive me. I have been too ignorant to recognize your strength and thus have offended you. Please spare my life!"

An idea occurred to him. Liang Kuan retrieved the Wizard Dragon Fruit and presented it to Su Yu with trembling hands. "This this is the Wizard Dragon Fruit that you asked for. Ill give it to you, my Lord, just please spare my life."

Su Yu did not look at him, but raised a finger and tapped it between Liang Kuans eyes. Coldly, he said, "You killed many people, but Im not concerned about that. However, colluding with foreign enemies and harming your own people is an unforgivable crime."


A surge of dragon power was unleashed from the tip of his finger and pierced through Liang Kuans skull. As for his soul, it was devoured by Su Yu at once.

Reaching out, Su Yu took the Wizard Dragon Fruit. Only then did he look at the short man with the long beard. He said dispassionately, "Now that youre in my hands, you must know I cannot let you live, right?"

The short man snorted. "What else could I expect? When did creatures of the Ancient God Realm ever spare the lives of the Moonwatch Sect disciples?"

"Youre wrong about that. I have killed wizards before, but there were also wizards whom I have released, even Grand Wizards, and no less than a hundred of them," Su Yu said placidly.

"I dont kill people because of their identities, but for the things that they do. If you posed no harm to the creatures of the Ancient God Realm, or even behaved with decency, of course I would spare your life. However, it does not seem as though you had done so."

The short man was startled. He was not quite convinced Su Yu meant what he said, though he certainly believed the fact that Su Yu had killed many wizards.

"What do you want to know?"

Su Yu said, "I want to know this: you wouldnt have colluded with men from the Ancient God Realm just to lure them and kill them, would you? These tactics are inefficient and troublesome."

The short man hesitated for a moment and then sighed. "Im working for the Saint."

"The one whom I fought with from across the air just now?" Su Yus eyes glittered, and he went on, "Hes really powerful, even more powerful than your Saint Lady."

The short man was taken aback. Could this man have fought the Saint Lady before as well?

Who on earth was he?

"Yes, that was the Saint! Under his orders, I collected souls for him to help him practice the top forbidden technique of the wizard tribe."

"This forbidden technique requires many lives. If we looked for souls within the Moonwatch Sect, it would be noticed," the short man explained.

Su Yus eyes gleamed with profound, icy light. "So you looked for souls among the creatures of the Ancient God Realm instead? And because you wanted this to remain confidential, you could only choose to collect them stealthily in this way?"


Su Yus eyes turned even colder. "Unless I am mistaken, there must be many more like you, who collect souls for the Saint, right?"

The short man was stunned. How did he know?

"Yes. Most of these are wizards who follow the Saint. However, some of them are locals whom we had bribed, among them high-rank generals from the army of the Heaven-defying Empire."

"Besides, there are also many in the Alliance who serve us. The souls that they had collected outnumber my haul a hundred times over."

Su Yu looked unperturbed. He said, "I dont care about the wizards. However, tell me about all the men of the Ancient God Realm who work for you in this way. Leave no one out."

The short man shuddered. Despite Su Yus calm manner, he sensed deadly peril in his words.

Half an hour later, the short man had given Su Yu a complete list of all the men of the Ancient God Realm who collaborated with the Wizard Tribe.

At a random glance, Su Yu found a familiar name: Feiying!

If he remembered correctly, he was the Master of the Condor Alliance, a being of Level Four deity.

"Even the Alliance Master kills his own people and gives them to the enemy in exchange for benefits? His subordinates must be totally depraved then, arent they?" Su Yu said placidly.

As he recalled how Liang Kuan drew him to the villa, he thought of the Wizard Hunter from the shop.

If he had not been secretly providing information, how would Liang Kuan know that Su Yu needed the Wizard Dragon Fruit?

He skimmed through the name list, and just as expected, the members of the Condor Alliance who accounted for nearly 30 percent of it!

In other words, the Condor Alliance had killed its own people.

Having memorized all the names on the list, Su Yu said, "Looking at the history of humankind, the traitors are the most despicable of all."

Lifting a finger, Su Yu showed mercy and gave the short man a clean death.

He stood up and looked over at Yongzhen City. Calmly, Su Yu said, "My hands have not been stained with the blood of my own people for a very long time."