The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 The Mysterious Killer

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If he could avoid it, Su Yu was unwilling to do it himself.

With a cool look, Su Yu walked towards the suburbs within the Condor Alliance.

It was very strange. Just a few days ago, outsiders visiting the Condor Alliance flowed in like a swarm of bees, and there were countless wizard hunters. Now, there were no people around and everything was quiet.

"What happened?" Su Yu was suspicious.

Sure enough, as he approached the Condor Alliance, he smelled something bloody!

Looking at the area of the Condor Alliance, he saw many bloody corpses. Their blood was flowing all over, staining the streets.

Two corpses were the most striking of all.

One of them was a wizard hunter who conspired with others to trick Su Yu into the Evil Fending Villa to sell him wizard tools. His body was now torn apart and only his head remained. There was a look of boundless fear across his face.

Another was a Level Four deity!

His soul was taken away from him and the body was hung at the entrance of the Condor Alliance, right where the huge Condor statue stood.

His identity was obvious. The leader of the Condor Alliance was said to have killed many powerful wizards of the same rank. To think that he had actually died so suddenly, and in this manner, too!

In addition, there were hundreds of dead people sprawled on the ground in various unnatural positions. The whole spectacle was extremely grotesque and sinister.

Su Yu was shocked. Looking at the bodies, it seemed to him as though all of them died instantly.

In a moment, hundreds of people were killed, and most of them were no less than Level Six Gods deities

Su Yu shuddered and a chill ran down his back.

Who killed all these people? This person was not only cruel but also extremely powerful!

Was it a Third Level deity? It looked like it, but it could not be. To perform such an amazing feat, the capabilities of a Level Three deity would be insufficient.

He stepped into the Alliance grounds and surveyed the corpses. Su Yu was very surprised to find out that the people who had been killed all seemed to be on the list of people that he wanted to kill.

The more he looked into this, the more surprised Su Yu was.

More than one hundred Wizard Hunters died, and they all matched the names on his list.

Of course, there were also other, unknown people, who were killed as well.

"Who who did this?" Su Yu froze.

Someone was one step ahead of him, and they carried out a massive massacre.


As Su Yu passed the backyard of the Condor Alliance, an afterimage lingered and fled to the sky.

Su Yus eyes closed. Two rings flew out of his sleeves and surged into the air, trapping whatever it was on the spot.

"Tighten!" Surrounding their target, the Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang shrank suddenly. No matter what creature they trapped, it would be unable to resist the tension created.

The creature that fell down along with the rings straightened up. It was, in fact, the waiter from the restaurant.

He was frightened, as if he had just encountered the worst nightmare of his life.

Su Yu remembered that the waiter recommended the Condor Alliance to him. In addition, he was behaving very suspiciously now. Su frowned, pinched his chin, and asked, "Who are you, really?"

"No, please dont kill me! I was forced to do it," the waiter panicked and clasped his hands in supplication.

Su Yu looked at him coldly. "What happened here? Who did this?"

The waiter shouted, "I didnt do it! I just got some benefits and sent outsiders to the Condor Alliance. I didnt know what they did."

Sure enough, the one that targeted the outsiders, helped the Moonwatch Sect to collect souls, and practiced the so-called first forbidden technique could have bought out a waiter. How many of their helpers were still hidden in Yongzhen City?

"I ask you again, whos behind this?" Su Yu asked, looking at him menacingly.

The waiter panicked and said, "It was a hotel guest who gave me a precious piece of wood and asked me to bring him here. Then he made a gesture and killed hundreds of people. The rest of the people fled."

"Why didnt you run away?" Su Yu glanced at several space storages held in his sleeves and sneered in contempt. "People die for money and birds die for food. People like you are better off dead."

The waiter said he didnt know what the Condor Alliance did. How was that possible?

He knew it very well, but he still deceived people who did not know about it.

This kind of person should not exist in this world.

With a flick of his fingers, Su Yu crushed his head.

As for the storage ring on his finger, Su Yu was too lazy to search through it.

Just as Su Yu was about to leave, there was a loud noise outside the Alliance.

There were countless powerful men approaching. Moving quickly, they surrounded the place.

"Are they the guards of the city?" Su Yu wondered. He concealed his identity while suppressing his breath and disappeared before the army completely encircled the area.

He didnt think that with him being found at the scene of the crime, the guards would possibly listen to his explanations.


Three powerful breaths indicated the presence of Fourth Level deities.

The three of them had solemn faces. A mysterious person attacked the Condor Alliance, and hundreds of people died in an instant. Those who had fled the place had finally delivered the news to them.

How could they not take such a thing seriously? Capable men were immediately sent to investigate.

The leader of the Condor Alliance had died in a highly humiliating manner. The three were all trembling with fear and rage.

The strength of this leader was something they had all known and heard of. He could kill wizards of the same level, which was evidence of his power. He was certainly much stronger than they were.

Yet, to think that such a strong person could be mysteriously killed in an instant!

Adding to the matter, the people who reported the crime said hundreds of people died in one fell swoop.

1"Such a terrible thing could only be achieved by Level Two deities," The white-faced leader said.

The leader to the left of him was a middle-aged woman. She was very angry. She gazed at the corpses and said, "I felt the breath left by the Wizard Tribe. Unsurprisingly, the Wizard Tribe was among them."

"Wizard tribe? Under the watchful eyes of our army, hundreds of people were killed instantly, and the Wizard Tribe could do all that without us knowing until now?" The leader on the right was a rather old wrinkled elder, his whole body as dry as a tree trunk.

Suddenly, the old man sensed something. His withered right hand suddenly turned into a tree root, reached into the territory of the Alliance, and fished out a corpse. It was the waiter from earlier, who was killed by Su Yu.

"The corpse is still warm. He had just died." The old man bent, his eyes narrowed, and the faint green light that filled his eyes met with the dimmed eyes of the waiter.

A wondrous scene was presented to him, and the afterimages of what the waiter saw before his death were enlarged and suspended in the air, appearing before them.

That was a young man in white. His appearance was slightly blurred, and one could only make out an approximate outline of him.

The other two leaders were slightly surprised. "Is this the one who did it?"

The old man examined the eyes of the other corpses in turn. However, it had been too long since they had died and their eyes were dull. No clue was found.

"All we can know for sure is that this man had been here and killed this waiter. As to whether he is responsible for the massacre, that remains to be confirmed."

Hearing this, the other two leaders bowed in agreement.

"Anyway, we need to find this person first. Although we cant see him very clearly, anyone who can find someone who resembles this man can report to my guardian forces and get a reward." The three leaders would delegate this task to all their people.

The old man with the wrinkles stared intently at the corpse, and there was a strange expression upon his face.

After returning to the inn, Su Yu immediately laid out a formation.

If he were disturbed, he would wake up immediately.

He pulled Yongye Chuxue out and laid her flat on the bed.

At the moment, she was still in a deep coma, and her body was covered with a dark gray mist over three feet thick.

These dark mists were extremely aggressive, and with a slight touch, they could get into the body of the healer, which was very dangerous.

"The eighth day had passed, and more than 80% of her bodily strength has eroded. If the sorcery energy is not suppressed, no one can possibly save her," Su Yu said to himself. As he waved his hand, a series of Wizard tools and the Wizard Dragon Fruit appeared in front of him.

Acting by memory, Su Yu first took out a scarecrow-like Wizard Tool and smashed a Wizard nail into Yongye Chuxues chest, skull, and abdomen successively.

The role of the Wizard nails was to keep guard and protect the three key vital points. This would prevent fluctuations in mana during the treatment, which could cause irreparable harm to vital body parts.

With the first step completed, Su Yu took out a scoop-like lacquered black vessel, added many materials containing magic properties, and then mashed them together into a powder.

Then, Su Yu grabbed the Wizard Dragon fruit, sacrificed a ray of Golden Flame Forbidden Wood sword light, and accurately cut the Dragon Fruit into pieces.

In this manner, the juice in the Wizard Dragon fruit would be retained in its most complete state. It flowed into the vessel and fused with the grounded powder.

Using his dust fairy force, he rubbed it, producing a paste-like purple-black sticky substance.

"According to the method of repression, this object can be applied to all parts of the body, which can restore power and absorb the sorcery energy that is about to explode." Su Yu looked at Yongye Chuxue and, with a sheepish expression, peeled off her clothes.

"I apologize, but I must do this," Su Yu whispered softly. He then evenly and carefully applied the purple-black sticky substance to every part of her body.

In order to ensure that no inch of skin was left untreated, Su Yu repeated the process several times before he finally concluded that he had succeeded.

It was a seemingly simple procedure, but it took him two full days and nights. In addition to the recent continuous application of the Yin and Yang Tai Chi wings, Su Yu felt highly overwhelmed and leaned against the bed to get some rest.

Although he was tired, this method was indeed effective.

After the viscous substance was applied, it gradually absorbed the three-foot-thick gray-colored mist.

With the gray mist gradually getting thinner and lighter, Yongye Chuxue, who was in a coma for many days, finally woke up from her deep sleep.

Yongye Chuxue felt that her head was heavy and was a little disoriented. From time to time, there was a stinging sensation in her head.

"Im still alive! Its a miracle." Yongye Chuxue regained consciousness and was pleasantly surprised.

The last thing she remembered, she was fighting against the emperor of the Xue Nation in the Northern Territory, and the sorcery energy that had been suppressed for a long time broke out suddenly, causing her to lose her combat power.

Then, the emperor of the Xue Nation seriously injured her.

Before she fell into a coma, she merely remembered a group of disgusting faces surrounding her.

Then she further remembered that she fell into a warm embrace before losing consciousness completely.

She was surprised that she had held on until now.

It was also a wonder that she could escape from the emperor of the Xue Nation, as well as from the heirs of the royal family who had pursued her. Their power was not something to trifle with.

Then there was the sorcery energy within her. Wasnt it supposed to have exploded?

At this moment, a sense of chill swept through her entire body.

Yongye Chuxue looked down and started with surprise. Her face flushed at once.

She saw that she was naked and that her body was covered with a strange viscous liquid.

If that were all, it would not have been so bad. However, on top of all, Su Yu was also asleep next to her!

A rush of embarrassment flooded her. Did he smear these sticky things on her? Did he take off her clothes? Did he touch her all over?

She never would have imagined that what happened a long time ago at the Myriad Bone Mountain Seven-Colored Poisonous Pool would happen again. It was a strange re-enactment!

She raised a palm and meant to slap Su Yu across his face.

Then, however, she bit hard on her lip and sighed helplessly. "Am I ungrateful? He rescued me and healed me, so would I treat him so unfairly?"

She was very intelligent. The moment she saw Su Yu next to her, she knew to whom she owned the miracle of being alive.

Of course, Su Yu saved her.

She raised her eyes and looked at Su Yu intently. This was the man whom she asked to escort her to the Lost Nation.

At first, she just felt that Su Yus capabilities, intelligence, and memory were superior to all the other candidates. Back then, she had no other ideas of what he could do.

As for his power, Yongye Chuxue had not given that much weight at first.

She had to be stupid not to know that Su Yu had hidden his strength. After all, he had been the one responsible for the death of Xue Zhongbao.

After that incident, she was able to escape from her plight whilst under siege of the Northern Territory people. This made her feel curious as to how that could have happened.

She tried to stop herself from looking at him. However, upon careful examination, Yongye Chuxue found that Su Yu was actually very handsome. Even adhering to the spiritual aesthetics of the Yongye clan, he was an extremely handsome man.

Yongye Chuxues heart skipped a beat and she could not help but look at him a few more times. Only then did she retract her eyes in embarrassment and said quietly, "What am I thinking? He has touched me all over, including my private areas! The insolence!"

However, then she secretly said, "But if it was him, it doesnt seem to be a big deal to be touched like that, right? Yes, I had been touched once like that anyway, and it was no big deal."

It was the same concept of touch. When she thought of the beasts of the demon clan, she hated them and would always remember it.

As for Su Yu, she could easily brush it off.

The difference was intriguing.