The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 Withered Old Man

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Su Yu floated in and out of sleep for a long time. He finally woke up when his spirits had somewhat recovered. The first thing he saw was a fully clothed Yongye Chuxue, with a look of embarrassment in her eyes.

"You woke up." Yongye Chuxue sounded less like a noble princess and she was more approachable now.

Su Yu looked at her well-cut clothes, felt slightly embarrassed, and nodded. "Im relieved to see that youre fine."

"I have something to do." Yongye Chuxue stretched out her small hand flirtatiously. "Give it to me."

Su Yu was flabbergasted. "Give you what?"

"Where is the fairy wine from the Woods of Drunken Immortals?" Yongye Chuxue demanded. "Could you have possibly stolen all of the fairy wine without me covering for you? Now the princess confiscates the loot."

Su Yu froze and said, "You should have kept sleeping."

Yongye Chuxue pouted. "If you give me half of it, it will do."

Su Yu ignored her and closed his eyes to cultivate silently.

"A hundred drops will do!"

"What, not even ten drops?"

"Ah? Just a drop! You are quite unfair!"

"Go on, I will take just a drop! Dont be cruel!"

Yongye Chuxue delighted tasted one drop of the fairy one, enjoying herself like a little child. She carefully savored it and no longer bothered Su Yu. Instead, she stood at the window, looking from left to right as if analyzing something.

"I heard that the great prince of the Heaven-defying Empire, Heaven-defying Cool Star, is personally leading an army. This prince is a powerful figure in the Ancient God Realm. He is also a great leader and does not have a rival to match him. None of the heirs of the four great empires could equal him."

Su Yu half-opened his eyes and said, "Such a formidable being! Then shall we not go and meet him? I believe that with your identity, appearance, and status, given that the great prince is generous, he will not neglect you or treat you badly."

If he drove this woman away, Su Yu could practice for a while in peace.

However, while Yongye Chuxue initially seemed very happy to hear him speak, when she heard the latter half of his sentence, her mood suddenly went all gloomy and sour.

She turned her head and said seriously, "Do you think Im such a woman?"

Su Yu froze. Could she possibly throw a tantrum now?

"I was merely joking. The princess shouldnt take it to heart," Su Yu said calmly.

Despite this, Yongye Chuxue was still in a bad mood and returned silently to the bed. She crossed her knees and started working on her divine power and on the recovery of her body.

"It is good for you to practice quietly. Although the outbreak of the sorcery energy is temporarily relieved, it is only an expedient measure. If you do not remove the remaining energy from the inside, you will still be in danger."

Yongye Chuxue opened her eyes and stared at him fiercely. After seeing Su Yus concern, she felt better.

"Once my brother brings the Great Desolation Smelter, we can set off. The one who caused the problem will be the one to fix it. To remove the curse, we need to search through the Lost Nation. As long as I find that place, I am fairly certain that we can successfully undo the spell. "

Hearing this, Su Yu nodded and closed his eyes again. He continued to refine the enlightened Heaven-fighting Three Strokes.

He regained his peace of mind and returned to the heavenly sky, savoring the divine style of the cultivation.

After a long time, Su Yu opened his eyes, and they suddenly radiated with an unexpected ripple that was deliberately set off.


The formation that he had laid out indoors had disappeared in an instant.

Along with the entire inn, it trembled fiercely. It felt like an earthquake.

"Who is it?" The innkeeper was frightened and opened the formation in the inn. This could just barely stabilize the inn and stop it from being destroyed.

He felt that something was amiss. Su Yu quickly rushed forward to fight.

Despite his quick response, he still scared some people, such as Yongye Chuxue.

"Elder Brothers Heaven-fighting Three Strokes?" Yongye Chuxue stared blankly at Su Yu, and her eyes flashed with shock: "Have you also understood and learned the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes?"

Su Yu stayed silent. Every time he revisited the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes, he could not extricate himself completely and thus could not control the external force. He would, therefore, be forced to wake up at once.

Now Yongye Chuxue noticed it as well.

"Yes, Commander Long gave me a chance to see the mural. I only got to learn it a little."

Yongye Chuxue shook her head seriously. "Dont lie to me. You are ten times better than my brother! My brother only learned a mere bit of it over the years, but you have already reached the first form. What great success!"

Su Yu did not explain further. "So what?"

Yongye Chuxue blinked. "So what? Of course, it is the re-ranking of the ancient deity levels, isnt it? If your power is not restricted by your cultivation, your talent definitely exceeds that of any contemporary genius."

"So what?" Su Yu said again. "Its a cumbersome thing to be known. Its better to practice low-key and go my own way."

Such humble words did not match his age. Yongye Chuxues heart skipped a beat and her eyelids fluttered.

For the first time in her life, she had met such a strange man.

He had learned a vast amount of skills and techniques and his wisdom surpassed many. However, he was modest and quiet, completely different from his peers.

"If we can come back from the Lost Nation alive, we will recommend you to our father. Talent like yours should not be buried in a ditch to rot."

Su Yu smiled. Yongye Jiuyang was now hunting all over the world for him.

"By the way, during the five days that you were in cultivation, I have received a message from my brother. He has arrived in the territory of the Heaven-defying Empire. Within five more days, he will be able to join us."

Su Yu was slightly surprised. This cultivation took five days?

At the same time, learning that Yongye Wuheng was coming, Su Yu was slightly relieved.

Once he took away the Great Desolation Smelter, Su Yu could leave.

"Is there any unusual activity in the city?" Su Yu asked.

Yongye Chuxue looked solemn and said, "Yes, very weird things are happening. There are constant strange deaths of wizard hunters in the city. Initially, it happened only in the Condor Alliance. Mysterious beings assassinated more than 30% of the people there. In the following five days, many people of the Wizard Hunter Alliance personnel died. The Alliance then disbanded. Weirdly, no one has seen the face of the man who did all this!"

"Yesterday, there was other news. Several senior generals working under the Great Prince were assassinated, one by one!"

Hearing this, Su Yus expression revealed that he was deep in thought.

The assassination in the Wizard Hunter Alliance was nothing. He could have done it himself.

However, going deep into the barracks to kill high-level generals in a hostile environment was no easy feat.

With all the strong men in the barracks, plus top defense tactics and magic weapons, they still could not stop the assassination from happening.

How arrogant and strong was the man who attacked?

Moreover, what was even weirder was that all the people he killed were from the Ancient God Realm. They had helped the Saint collect souls and practice the forbidden arts.

Although he was curious about this persons identity, he had done just what Su Yu wanted to do. Naturally, Su Yu would not butt in and try to do more.

What a pity. What he did not know was that his appearance in the Condor Alliance had caused him some trouble.

Step, step

Stealthy footsteps headed upstairs, their sound ominous.

Ding Dong!

With a loud noise, the door of their room was kicked open, and in walked a bunch of powerful soldiers.

A thousand-man general, who was very strong and a Level Five deity, headed them.

He held a picture of a wanted criminal, looked at Su Yu, and yelled, "Here is the suspect! Take him!"


Several of the soldiers immediately stepped forward and surrounded Su Yu.

Yongye Chuxue spoke coldly, "What are you doing?"

The thousand-men general said indifferently, "Someone reported that this man looks very similar to the criminal who had recently killed the Wizard Hunters in succession. We were ordered to bring him in for investigation."

Yongye Chuxue replied, "It was not him. For five days, he did not take a step out of this place. How could he kill someone?"

"Humph! It is not up to you to decide. We need to investigate it before we know the truth!" The thousand-men general looked at Yongye Chuxue, studying her. "Actually, you are a suspect as well. Take her too!"

Yongye Chuxue had never been treated this way. However, just when she was about to explode and argue, Su Yu stopped her. "Do not seek conflict. Otherwise, even if you are not guilty, you will get in trouble."

Yongye Chuxue though that it was strange. With Su Yus strength, how could he be afraid of a few insignificant soldiers while he could easily slip away from the siege in the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories, Prince Yun, and Asura?

Then she cast her eyes down. Yongye Chuxue stayed silent and cooperated. She went with them to stay in a temporary cell and await investigation.

Su Yu was one of many people in the cell who looked very similar to the wanted criminal.

He was locked in the same cell as Yongye Chuxue, but no one came to interrogate them.

Almost at the same time as Su Yu was arrested, a large number of people were arrested as well, one after another. Anyone remotely similar to the criminal was seized immediately.

As a result, Yongzhen City was full of buzz and excitement.

After half a day, the guards finally stopped arresting people, but then foreigners rushed in. They were a group of black-armored soldiers holding long-range crossbows.

They were all murderous, and the strong crossbows in their hands were especially deadly.

The black-armored soldiers were not extraordinarily strong, but hundreds of long-range crossbows were something even Level Four deities could not resist.

Holding their crossbows, the soldiers aimed, seemingly willing to shoot at any time.

Yongye Chuxues face changed and she whispered, "Be careful! These crossbows were specially made by the Heaven-defying Empire. They are very powerful, and ordinary deities can be killed at a single shot."

Su Yus face looked detached, but he nodded slightly to show he had heard.

Dong Dong!

At this time, several generals walked by the side of an old man with a dry, wrinkled face. His strength was as high as a Level Four deitys.

This withered old man was one of the three advisors of the great prince.

The withered old man tilted his head sideways and looked at the packed cells one by one. Each of the cells held about a hundred people.

"Elder, Im really not a wanted criminal. I have the strength of a mere Dust Fairy. How could I destroy so many masters of the Condor Alliance in one swoop?" A young, well-dressed man who obviously came from a well-to-do family, begged to be heard.

The withered old man did not even look at him and merely waved his hand.

The soldiers surrounding him lifted their crossbows and shot at him.

The young man was merely at a Dust Fairy level and not at all a warrior. How could he possibly resist the crossbow?

Without even the chance to scream, the young man fell down.

One of the soldiers lowered his crossbow and smiled. "Lord, it seems that he didnt lie. He really could not have done it."

The withered old man said indifferently, "Well, tell his family to come and collect the corpse!"

He smiled confidently, looking at the hundreds of people in the cell, his face full of arrogance. "When you speak without permission, this will be the consequence! No matter what your status is, who you are, who you report to, you will all suffer the same outcome!"

Having heard these ominous words and witnessed the bloody scene before them, all the arrested people who had clamored to be heard quieted down immediately.