The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 Encountering Hua Chen Once More

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They realized that the matter was serious and that the other party did not mind killing a few extra people at all.

The withered old man surveyed the group. "Say, who did this? Stand up and confess."

He unfurled the scroll in his hand. Stamped upon it was an afterimage of Su Yus eyes after he killed the waiter.

"You killed not for money or for profit. The people you killed have nothing in common, so I think you must have your own reasons. If you are willing to confess, I might consider letting you go."

As he said these words, everyone looked at each other. They started doubting one another, but no one would stand up and confess.

No one would admit anything. Everybody knew that once they spoke, they would be as good as dead.

Judging from the ruthless murder just now, this man had nothing of mercy or benevolence about him.

He waited for a while, and there was no response. The withered old man said carelessly, "Kill them all. It is best to kill them all at once. If we cant find the criminal, he will perish along with everyone else."

With these words, a hundred powerful crossbows were raised and aimed at the unfortunate targets.

The arrested men were full of despair and rage.

This this was simply treating everyones life like dirt!

Without interrogation, they would kill everyone.

"I would rather kill a few more people than let the criminal go. Dont leave anyone alive," the withered old man said indifferently. "After this, we can claim that they were all killed by that murderer."

The head henchman smirked and said, "I understand. My lord, rest assured that I will follow your orders."


Many deadly crossbows moved forward, threatening hundreds of captured people. They were all going to die.

The prisoners finally attempted to escape, but the door of the holding cell was so sturdy that they couldnt move it even the slightest bit. They could only watch as many terrible arrows were aimed at them.

Cries of horror, fury, and panic mixed in with tones of despair.

However, just as the arrows were flying forward to shoot them all, something strange suddenly appeared before their eyes.

Hundreds of arrows suddenly froze in the air, motionless, as if time had stopped.

The indifferent eyes of the withered old man flickered suddenly as he glanced at the people like a bird of prey.

The black-armored soldiers were stunned as well. This was the first time in their lives that they had witnessed something so strange.

What they saw now made them panic!

After freezing in mid-air, the arrows suddenly turned around and aimed at the black-armored soldiers instead.

Ah ah ah!

At once, screams pierced the air.

Hundreds of black-armored soldiers were killed and injured, falling down beneath the rain of arrows.

The withered old man protected himself and his henchmen, who were the only ones to escape this massacre.

"You are indeed here!" The withered old man was afraid and pleasantly surprised at the same time. He shouted, "I respectfully invite the First Prince to show up and kill this criminal!"

He sent this call into the sky.

However, even though he waited a long time, he didnt get a response. A faint voice then sounded and said, "Your First Prince probably wont come."


A middle-aged figure in white robes teleported over.

He clasped his hands over his chest as he gazed at the withered old man and his henchmen.

The old mans pupils contracted sharply and his heart pounded quickly. As he stood in front of this newcomer, he felt that his breathing was heavily affected.

This feeling was by no means something that a Level Three deity could impose upon him.

"You, you are" The old man seemed to be shaking, and his eyes were horrified. He had guessed the identity of the man in the white robe. Moreover, because he knew who the man was, he was becoming desperate.

The middle-aged man in the white robes smiled slightly. "Since you know who I am, you can rest in peace."

One could not see any movement made by the middle-aged man dressed in white. However, suddenly, the withered old man and the henchmen beside him died silently.

The old mans body was covered in cracks, and it seemed as though he had endured some powerful and mysterious attack.

The white-robed man raised his head, and his eyes swept across all the people in the holding cell. However, whomever he chanced to look upon averted their eyes and shuffled backward, afraid to invoke his wrath.

As he approached Su Yu, he stopped looking around and smiled slightly. "We meet again."

Su Yu was secretly surprised. Wasnt this man the one that he had encountered on the restaurants staircase the other day?

He was the one who caused Su Yus hidden wizard powers to experience uncontrolled fluctuations and had almost exposed him!

"You are the one who recently killed the Wizard Hunters," Su Yu said. "Can you tell me why?"

The middle-aged man in the white robe was unperturbed. "Are you surprised that I did what you wanted to do?"

What? Su Yu was surprised again. He had only revealed the idea of getting rid of the traitors to the short-bearded man whilst they were alone.

Could it be that the middle-aged white-robed man was also present at that time?

If so, what kind of cultivation did this person have?

In addition, the First Prince, who was a superior Level Three deity, was in ambush outside the cell. Once a suspicious person was identified, the First Prince would kill him.

However, the First Prince was missing at this moment, most likely because this man overtook him.

This man in front of him was certainly very strong. That much was obvious!

He must be a Level Two deity, at the same level the four emperors were at.

"Boy, I look forward to meeting you again, if we have the chance." The middle-aged man in white robes smiled, but when his eyes glanced at Yongye Chuxue, he froze for a moment, and then his face assumed a meaningful expression. "I take that back. I think we will definitely meet again."

With those words, the middle-aged man in white robes disappeared.

Dong dong dong!

As if aware of movements in the cell, the thousand-man general led his guards forward, only to see the black-armored soldiers and the withered old man dead.

"Who did this?" The hands of the thousand-man general trembled as he spoke. The killings had only taken a short while. The withered old man had no chance of resisting before he was assassinated on the spot.

He glanced at the prisoners in the cell. Apparently, it was impossible for them to have done it.

The killer must have been someone else!

"Come on, who is the murderer?" the thousand-man general said coldly. He grabbed a crossbow and aimed at a random person.

Perhaps out of fear, the thousand-man general released an arrow and killed the prisoner without waiting for him to answer.

As soon as the man fell down, the rest of the prisoners went into a total panic. They feared they would become the victims of a massacre after all.

At this time, several golden lights flashed, and the door of their cell was opened.

The arrested people were overjoyed and rushed out immediately.

The thousand-man general was shocked and called out, "Stop! Those who disobey the military order will die!"

"Get out of our way! I obey the law, but arent we going to be killed after all? Brothers and sisters, lets hurry out!"

No one doubted this persons words. Staying in the cell meant certain death. The guards would later place the blame upon the mysterious middle-aged man in white robes.

Su Yu also mixed with the crowd and fled out with Yongye Chuxue.

When they came back outside, they went straight to the suburbs and didnt stop in the city.

"Huh, its so fortunate that this mysterious man intervened and saved us. Otherwise, we couldnt have escaped." Yongye Chuxue was afraid. Perhaps they could have dealt with the guards ruthless tactics, but if the First Prince was indeed waiting out there, it could have been a lethal encounter.

Su Yu said, "I do have a little regret that I havent been able to kill off one of the supreme leaders myself."

Looking at the list, the highest-ranked general who participated in the assault was one of the three leaders the withered old man!

He gathered his henchmen and ordered his soldiers to collect as many souls as possible on the battlefield, and then secretly handed them over to the Moonwatch Sects Saint so that he could cultivate the forbidden technique.

He had received amazing benefits from the Saint for this service.

Su Yu originally wanted deal with the man himself and destroy this traitor. Who would have anticipated that the other man would appear?

Yongye Chuxue blinked and asked, "How powerful are you?"

Su Yu laughed without saying a word. If he had used all the means available to him to kill the withered old man, perhaps he would have succeeded, though he really would have had to use all his powers.

Suddenly, Yongye Chuxue expressed her doubt. "In the beginning, you managed to control the arrows. Why did that method resemble the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control of our Empire of Darkness?"

Yongye Chuxue stared at Su Yu and went on, "Did you steal it?"

Su Yu wanted to laugh. How could he steal it? He obviously learned it formally and had nothing to hide.

"This technique wasnt even learned by your father the emperor. Where did I learn it, you ask? This is a magical power I cultivated by myself, and it is a bit similar to your empires ancient secrets, thats all."

Hearing this, Yongye Chuxue felt it was a reasonable explanation. This technique was lost in the Empire of Darkness. Where could Su Yu have possibly stolen it?

"Alright, I believe you." Yongye Chuxue gave it no further thought. "What are your plans now?"

"Hide and wait for your brother to bring the Great Desolation Smelter. As soon as he does that, I will go to the Lost Nation," Su Yu said. "I have been exposed too often already."

Yongye Chuxue smiled mysteriously. "If you want to hide, I have a good place."

After a short while, Su Yu was surprised to stand in front of a shop under a banner that said, "Tiannu."

"You have shops even here?"

Yongye Chuxue smiled proudly. "My shops are spread all over the cities of the Ancient God Realm. You just dont know a lot about me."

For some reason, she was very eager to impress Su Yu.

Su Yu bowed to her. "You are a rich lady. The accumulated wealth you have must be amazing."

"That is true," Yongye Chuxue replied as she entered the shop proudly.

Seeing that she was coming, two Level Five deities came forth and welcomed her.

"We pay our respects to the owner of this noble enterprise!" They were very aware of her identity and addressed her properly, even though she had given no notice of her coming.

Yongye Chuxue looked at one of them in surprise. "Hua Chen?"

If that brilliant Level Five deity was not Hua Chen, who else could it be?

Hua Chen spoke, his mixed emotions clearly visible on his face, "Hua Chen is ashamed that he failed to protect the shops in the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories. I only took with me 70% of the resources, and the remaining 30% had been taken and locked away by your enemies, Princess."

After she had gone through many hardships, Yongye Chuxues heart had softened a lot. She comforted him, saying, "Its not your fault. The sudden rebellion in the Northern Territory was unexpected. It could not have been easy for you to succeed in taking 70% of the resources when you fled. You escaped alive from that place, which is a blessing already. Come here and tell me all about how you escaped."

Hua Chen was grateful for her kind treatment. "Thank you, Princess! I had been operating in the Northern Territory for many years, and I cultivated a few helpful ears in the royal family. I learned that the Northern Territorys rebellion had taken place and that the princess killed all the descendants of the royal family and fled. Once I learned this, I packed up as well and rushed out to the next nearest shop to seek refuge."

Then Hua Chen looked at her with undisguised wonder. "I didnt expect to see the princess here, however. It is an amazing coincidence."

His eyes stared at Yongye Chuxue. He not only respected her, but also loved her, and the love that he had for her could not be concealed.

"Being alive is good. From now on, you and the shopkeeper will take care of this shop. When a new shop opens, you will be transferred there."

Hua Chen was overjoyed and presented her with a space ring.

Yongye Chuxue took it, glanced at it quickly, and seemed relieved. "Fortunately, we did not give them too much to take away. We have retained most of the more valuable resources."

Yongye Chuxue pocketed the ring and said, "Please prepare a private room for us so that we both can use it."

Hua Chen noticed that Su Yu still followed the princess, and his face stiffened. He asked, "Just one room?"