The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 Ill Teach You How To Behave

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Yongye Chuxue encountered difficult events, one after another. She had long been accustomed to living in the same room with Su Yu. She did not find it inappropriate, and said, "Yes, one room. Go arrange for it immediately."

"Yes, my lady." Hua Chens heart was very confused as he turned around immediately to make the necessary arrangements.

As he turned his back on his mistress and Su Yu, his eyes flashed decisively as if he had made up his mind on doing something.

What he did not know was that at this moment, Su Yu observed him from the back as well.

"Zhou Dali, warn the clerk to watch his mouth. The news of our arrival must not be allowed to leak. Even to the people of the Empire of Darkness, this must be kept a secret."

Zhou Dali said, "I know what to do."

Just like that, Su Yu and Yongye Chuxue were left in a safe secret room.

They had remained hidden there for three full days and everything was extremely quiet.

It was so until in the early morning of the next day, Hua Chen eagerly knocked on the door of the room. "Princess, I have something important to report to you."

Yongye Chuxue opened the door a crack. "What is it?"

Hua Chen looked in and saw that the two were neatly dressed and it did not look as if they were doing something naughty within. He heaved a little sigh of relief and said, "Prince Wuheng sent a message telling me that he is outside the city."

Hearing this, she said with joy, "Is my brother finally here?"

However, Yongye Chuxue found it a little strange. "Why didnt my brother contact me directly, but reached out to the shop instead?"

Hua Chen said, "That is probably because you are in the secret room. The isolation and prohibition of it are probably too strong. Outside information cannot be transmitted inside. Prince Wuheng had summoned you and asked if we knew where the princess was."

Yongye Chuxue observed the secret room. Indeed, its magical isolation was too strong. That was reasonable.

Moreover, Hua Chen ran a few miles to tell her this and had clearly hurried over with an air of great urgency. She no longer had doubts and rejoiced. "Then tell my brother to enter the city at once."

"Im afraid that would be unwise, my lady. Prince Wuheng said that due to his position, he did not want to bump into the First Prince of the Heaven-defying Empire."

Yongye Chuxue thought about it. "Yes, the relationship between this prince and my brother is not very friendly. Take me to him, then. I will meet my brother myself."

With that, Yongye Chuxue leaned toward Su Yu and talked to him very intimately. There was no longer any proper distance between the princess and the civilian.

Hua Chen witnessed this scene, and his expression clearly showed that this disturbed him.

"As you say. Ill lead the way."

Hua Chen took them all the way to the suburbs until they stood in front of a ruined mountain temple.

"Why hasnt he arrived yet?" Yongye Chuxue frowned.

Hua Chens face was calm. "We are almost there. Out front by the woods."

Yongye Chuxue didnt find it strange and walked forward, but Su Yu grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

As she appeared confused by this gesture, Su Yu leisurely said, "We had better stay here. There are too many ambush formations ahead, which is dangerous for us."

Hua Chens body suddenly froze and his expression changed drastically. He said, "You what are you talking about? I brought you to see Prince Wuheng. What ambush could you possibly mean?"

Su Yu chuckled. "You took us to see not Prince Wuheng, but Prince Yun of the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories. Oh, by the way, what about the big monk who likes to set up sneak attacks? Did he not come?"

With these words, intently observing the forest, Su Yu shook his head and went on: "The princess and I were willing to give you the honor of meeting you, yet you still refused to show up. What did we come for then? Lets go back home."

With that, he started flying back with Yongye Chuxue.

As soon as they moved, a few bursts of energy erupted behind them, passed them, and intercepted their way back to safety.

"Prince Yun, Asura! Both of you are here!" Yongye Chuxue was surprised as her eyes glanced at Hua Chen.

By now, he had hidden behind Prince Yun and said with an angry face. "Dont blame me. You forced me to do this!"

"I was dedicated and loyal to you, but you never even looked my way, while he, a lowly man who came out of nowhere, got your attention and intimacy!"

"Originally, I was still hesitant. However, your behavior forced me to make a decision to help them! Dont blame me. This is not my fault"

Before he finished speaking, Su Yu interrupted him: "Betrayal is betrayal. Why do you come up with so many excuses? Do you want to prove how pure you are? How innocent? How loyal you had been? You could not get your woman, so you chose to become someone elses dog. Now, do you resent the woman for not giving herself to you?"

"You are so completely focused on your desires that you have become utterly self-centered. You have betrayed your own values!"

Hua Chens face was tomato-red, and Su Yus words were arrows to his ego.

After a while, Su Yu added, "Naturally, the relationship between me and the princess is pure and clean. We have never crossed boundaries in any way you might have imagined in your dirty mind. Of course, those who have filthy thoughts themselves will naturally think ill of others."

Yongye Chuxues ears turned red upon hearing his words. Su Yu spoke in such a calm, collected way. How could he discuss such things in public? Was he trying to embarrass her?

Hua Chen heard it and felt angry. What did this man mean, saying that their relationship was an innocent one? Did that mean there was a relationship?

"Haha, do you think I am a fool? Do you think I will believe it?" Hua Chen screamed in anger.

Su Yu looked at him indifferently: "What do I care? Why would I need you to believe it? I am merely defending Chuxues reputation and declare our innocence in public."

At this moment, Hua Chen had been overwhelmed with anger. He raised his head with a grin. "Hahaha! I couldnt stand your guts from the start! You do not have any special abilities and merely relied on your handsome face to win the princesss favor. How is that possible? Did you have to work as hard as I had?"

With that, Hua Chen looked at the princess and bowed. "May the princess forgive me. I want to challenge this man to a fight."

This gesture, of course, was to impress Yongye Chuxue.

What a joke! The two masters, Prince Yun and Asura, would blast Su Yu into smithereens, and then force her to give herself to Hua Chen.

He had planned all this. He was too cowardly to fight by himself.

Nevertheless, all of this performance was done to win the favor of the princess. He was hoping that after she became his, she would become willing to accept him as a husband.

However, unexpectedly, Yongye Chuxue nodded, albeit coldly: "Yes, you can do so. I will not intervene."

Wait a minute Hua Chen was stunned. This was not part of the plan.

Princess Chuxue should be trying her best to protect Su Yus handsome lily-white face, right? How could she agree? Wasnt she afraid that Hua Chen would destroy Su Yu?

However, he could not back out now. Hua Chen could only follow through on his word.

He thought about it for a while. If he ended the princesss favorites life with his own hands, although the princess would hate him for a short while, after seeing his powerful abilities, she would surely look at him differently.

After thinking for a moment, Hua Chen smiled and pointed at Su Yu: "Come out and fight with me!"

Su Yu shrugged helplessly and glanced at Yongxue Chuxue. "A womans heart is so cruel. You had just allowed him to be foolish and die. Not long ago, you had praised him and followed him here."

Yongye Chuxue said with a chilly voice, "I might have forgiven him if he had only betrayed me. However, for tarnishing your name, he deserves to die ten thousand times."

Su Yu was a little taken aback. This should be what he was supposed to say, right?

Hua Chen stepped forward a little awkwardly, and Su Yu looked at him calmly. "I will give you a chance to attack," He said.

After hearing these words, Hua Chen laughed wildly. "Princess, your protg seems to have turned foolish after having curried your favor for so long! Has he forgotten who and what he is? Does he think we are playing games? I can kill you as soon as I want, you bastard!"

"Thats a load of nonsense! You will soon find out that you have overestimated yourself." Two violet-gold rings flew out from the sleeve of Su Yus robe. Floating in the air, they merged into one and flew toward Hua Chen in an instant.

Hua Chens face changed drastically, and he stepped back without thinking. "Eagle Wings!" he said.

"No need for that. Ill send you flying instead," Su Yu said mercilessly. The Divine Feather of Frost in his hand shook, and a violent gust of wind suddenly rose up to the sky.


The Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang instantly caught Hua Chen.

Then, like a sack of potatoes, he fell from the sky and hit the ground hard. His head was smashed and he turned dizzy.

Hua Chen could not believe this. He did not even have a chance to show his moves at all. Instead, his adversary easily subdued him!

"So this is your hard work? Were all your efforts spent on women instead?" Su Yu smiled coldly. "I have said that you, a self-centered person, can only see yourself and not others, who are truly working hard. There are many beings in the world, and you are the only one who worked hard? What narrow-mindedness and ignorance. "

Hua Chen screamed angrily, "Let me go, you lowly dog. Come at me again if you dare!"

Su Yu smiled and shook his head in disdain. "Save your breath. This is not a childs play. It is a struggle between life and death. It will be meaningless to drag this out any longer. Even on the brink of death, you fail to admit your mistakes."

With that, Su Yu pressed his palms together.

The Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang shrank to the size of a palm, and Hua Chen was crushed into pieces.

With just one stroke, Su Yu took back the Rings of Yin and Yang and then proceeded to look at Prince Yun and Asura. He sighed and said, "You guys, when the rabbit dies, the foxes will all come forward and enjoy it to the fullest. Anyway, this man was merely a dog with a loud bark, but you just watched him die like this. "

Both Prince Yun and Asura had encountered and fought against Su Yu, and they knew how powerful Su Yu was.

However, they did not stop Hua Chen from challenging Su Yu and seeking his death.

Prince Yun said indifferently, "A traitor who can turn his back on his masters can never be trusted. Whats the point of keeping him alive? It was better to let you do the work hard and get rid of him for us."

Asuras vicious face split into a smile as well. "Its a pity that this dog was of little use and failed to lead you into the trap. Otherwise, it would have saved us a lot of trouble."

"Im curious as to how he had exposed himself and triggered your suspicion," Asura said.

Su Yu replied, "Do you still need to ask? It was his motivation, of course!

"Heaven and earth are big, but of all possible places, he fled to the remote city of Yongzhen. And I am a man who never believed in coincidence."

"Just that?" Asura said.

Su Yu said, "Of course not. If it were just that, I may have believed him, but he actually surrendered 70% of the resources he retrieved! If he were smart, he would have taken those resources while the Empire of Darkness was in chaos. He could have concealed his identity and gone to make a fresh start someplace else. Those treasures could last him for more than a lifetime, right?

"His excessive loyalty was suspicious. So I guessed there was more to it."

Asura frowned. "Then how were you sure that we would come after you? No one knew where you had escaped."

Su Yu smiled indifferently. "Isnt this easy? It was no secret that Yongye Chuxue was going to the Lost Nation. The ancient spiritual realm base closest to the Lost Nation is Yongzhen city. Her presence here wasnt that difficult to predict, was it?"

"Then, if she were here and wanted a safe place to stay, where would she go? Naturally, to the local Tiannu shop."


Prince Yun clapped his hands. "How clever! No wonder you could slip away from Nitian Guyun and Yongye Jiuyang. Yes, we did deduce your hiding place. I thought we would give you a surprise. It seems that it didnt work out as expected."

"However, though you had escaped the pursuit of ancient heroes and emperors, you will not escape today," Prince Yun said as he smiled mysteriously.