The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 Heaven Defying Cool Star

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The previous time that they fought, he was poisoned and he could not display more than 30% of his strength.

In addition, Asura was also severely injured by Yongye Chuxue, who had removed her seal.

Now that both Prince Yun and Asura joined hands to attack together, even if Su Yu had three heads and six arms, he would not be able to escape from them.

As for Yongye Chuxue according to the emperor of the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories, she was suppressed by sorcery energy, and she would be lucky if she could even protect herself. It would be impossible for her to show the strength of a Level Three deity, and therefore they had nothing to fear from her.

The only one they worried about was Su Yu.

Although his power was not extraordinary, he had a lot of tricks and skills. In addition, he also had the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole, the highest-ranked emperors flying weapon. If he wanted to flee, even if all four emperors were here, they would not have been able to stop him.

However, they had prepared for this meeting.

Prince Yun released a white cicada.

Asura, on the other hand, released a black cicada.

One white and one black: their colors were symmetrical.

The two cicadas appeared behind them, flapping their wings.

The white cicadas wings fluttered, and strangely, half of the sky was colored pure white.

The black cicada, on the other hand, rendered the other half of the sky black.

The sky looked extremely peculiar, half of it as white as snow and the other half as dark as night.

Even stranger was that this color formation over the sky moved along with the two cicadas. To escape it, one had to pass by and move faster than the cicadas.

However, the two cicadas were in a void and almost appeared to be teleporting around. It would certainly be impossible to pass them.

Su Yu clearly felt that, in the area under the sky transformed by the two cicadas, the yin and yang breaths were disordered and chaotic. This would greatly affect the operation of the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole.

In other words, he had just lost his power to escape.

"Your time to die has come!" Prince Yun said jubilantly. "Asura, lets attack together! This will be a quick battle!"


Prince Yun channeled his divine power with both palms. Since losing the True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody, he could only use his physical self in real flesh.

"Sky-Destroying Heavenly Seal!" The palms of his hands rotated and he interlocked his ten fingers, revealing the seal formula in the void. The divine power in his palm obeyed the formula, condensing into a full-scale seal. He performed it with a menacing expression.

"Form!" With a low growl, Prince Yun pressed both palms together and squeezed hard.

The seal came falling down. Its weight and size were equivalent to that of a small mountain.

Su Yu suddenly felt that the surrounding air was frozen, and his body trembled uncontrollably under the effects of the seal.

This was not all his enemies had prepared for him, however. Asura looked solemn. Then, shrouded in golden Buddha light, he pressed his palms together.

"Palm of the Great Buddha!"

The horribly huge Buddhas palm print exuded splendid Buddha light and struck together with Prince Yuns seal.

Su Yu was not afraid, however. "Just in time!"

"Contention of a Hundred Gods!" Su Yu cupped his hands together and let out a scream that shocked the world.

He seemed to be under some kind of induction. Then, a Heaven-defying figure with a powerful form appeared behind Su Yu. With his black hair and black eyes, it was unmistakably the figure of a Heaven-Defying Divine Warrior.

Both Prince Yun and Asura were shocked. Wasnt a figure like that, of the first emperor of heaven and earth, described in the historical records? Wasnt he the one named Heaven-Defying Cool Star?

What happened next made them more shocked than ever.

More and more figures appeared behind Su Yu.

The virtual shadows of many gods, much like bamboo shoots emerging after a rain, came into being one after another.

In the end, more than one hundred virtual deity shadows appeared, standing close together under the overcast sky.

Several of the virtual shadows projected a very strong sense of oppression onto the soul of the opponent.

Once the divine virtual shadows emerged, they looked up at the falling Sky-Destroying Heavenly seal and the Palm of the Great Buddha.


It sounded as if they all issued a hoot in unison.

The two attacks that swept toward them suddenly rolled back.

Prince Yun and Asura looked on in horror and retreated hastily.

However, they never anticipated a counterattack, so how could they avoid it?

The two were hurt by the magical powers they themselves had cast.

Prince Yun was not badly hurt. He had a magic weapon for defense, and a layer of fiery red barrier appeared in front of him, which offset a large part of the blow. He sustained only minor injuries.

However, Asuras injuries were serious. He was smashed by his own palm print. His chest was torn apart, and the Divine God Source Origin in his abdomen was greatly affected.

"How did you cultivate this? The virtual shadows of one hundred god! Is this even possible?" Prince Yun was an outstanding figure himself. Although there were many heroes in the world, he was confident that only a few of them could match him.

However, this young man, who was a mere Level Four Mortal Fairy individual, had managed to condense hundreds of Divine Powers in one breath!

This completely subverted his perception of everything he ever knew.

Ordinary people who had tried to condense one Divine Power might have had to spend all their lives until they succeeded. Few people ever condensed two Divine Powers.

Su Yu had condensed more than a hundred.

If he ever told anyone about this, no one would believe it.

The two of them joined forces to kill Su Yu, but Su Yu used the virtual shadows of gods to counterattack.

Prince Yuns eyes were cold, and he said, "Fine! You really should be killed! I admit that you are skilled, indeed. However, it is now time to say goodbye!"

With these words, he drew out a delicate and clear Jade Tiger, which vividly demonstrated the majestic nature of the owner.

"This Jade Tiger has been passed from generation to generation in the royal family of the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories. In terms of its power, it is far superior to the Purple Gold Yin and Yang Rings. Su Yu, prepare to die!" Prince Yun instilled divine power into the Jade Tiger.

The Jade Tiger, as if alive, grew rapidly and was soon more than three thousand feet long. It jumped down and landed in front of Su Yu.

The Jade Tigers chilly breath was even more powerful than that of an ordinary Level Three deity!

Su Yu paused for a moment to think. This item was a magic weapon that was of the consumption type. There was, therefore, a limit on the number of times it could be used. Otherwise, it would have become the number one holy weapon of the Xue Nation.

A Level Three deity Su Yu took a deep breath and looked resolute all of a sudden. "Alright, its time to try this anyway."

With that, Su Yu suddenly appeared and then disappeared. One could not quite determine where he was.

The heavens and the earth were dark. On the boundless wasteland, a figure stood alone and silently looked up to the sky.

The endless rain was falling incessantly, and it seemed to be destroying all the living beings below.

The lone figure, at this moment, shouted loudly across time and space, and this shout was audible throughout the boundless wasteland.

"If the Heavens dont die, the fight never dies!"

Suddenly, the lonely figure merged with Su Yu.

It was as if he stepped out of a picture!

With a loud roar, Su Yu and the painted figure embarked on the vicissitudes of life and took three steps together.

"The first step, the sky breaks!"

"The second step, the Qingming collapses!"

"The third step, the universe reverses!"


These three steps stamped out the falling vicissitudes in the picture.

In reality, the Jade Tiger roared in agony after each of these three steps, and finally, its body was cracked along three lines. It was forced back into its original form and became a small jade tiger once more.

Prince Yun and Asura were shocked. "The secret skill of the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior, Heaven-fighting Three Strokes!"

As they were unprepared, the three steps landed on them as well.


With a scream that penetrated through the sky, Asura, a Level Four deity, was trampled and his soul was crushed.

Prince Yun turned on his defensive stance, but alas, could not resist this terrible power either.

His defense layers shattered and his entire body exploded, turning into powder.

Only his soul was left. He was fortunate enough to survive due to the protection of a hidden sacred imperial weapon.

Across the sky, there was a sense of boundless warfare and a lingering hidden power in the air, peculiar to the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior.

However, the entire world was silent, as if it was thoroughly shaken by this combat.

Prince Yun was utterly terrified. He turned to flee, attempting to save his soul.

Alas, Su Yu was determined not to let him go. He waved his hand, and the Violet Gold Yin and Yang Rings crossed the void and caught him swiftly.

Prince Yun finally realized what he was up against, and he was afraid. He finally realized that, back then in the Woods of Drunken Immortals, had it not been for his father, he would be dead already.

"Su Yu! I will give you whatever you want, but please let me go," Prince Yun begged. He no longer cared about his dignity.

Su Yus expression was indifferent. "You should never have come to find me again. If you had not, I would not have bothered to go back to the Northern Territories to deal with you."

As he spoke, his eyes grew colder.

Prince Yun was afraid that he was going to die immediately. He hurriedly said, "Wait! Dont kill me. I know many secrets of the Heaven-defying Empire!"

Su Yus eyes narrowed slightly. "Oh? For example?"

Prince Yun was overjoyed and hastened to reveal some vital information. "For example, The Great Prince of the Heaven-defying Empire is in fact"

However, at this moment, an overwhelming and terrible force soundlessly attacked Su Yu from behind.

This power was ruthless, overbearing, and contained a perverse intention to destroy everything.

It was a Heaven-defying Warrior. They could never be purged of domineering and rebellious intentions!

The attack was very sudden and Su Yu had made no precautions against it. In addition, coming from behind, it was more difficult to avoid.

A sense of mortal danger took over his soul.

If he were to die here Su Yu began to get desperate.

However, he was also a rebellious person who never yielded to any external will.

Suddenly, Su Yu turned around and faced his adversary.

Others who saw this would immediately think of it as a more dangerous situation to be in.

Su Yus chest was in a critical position. Then, suddenly, a black scale appeared.

Boom boom boom!

A wild, overbearing power bombarded the scales.

However, the scales behaved as if they were living beings. They opened and closed like mouths, sucking in more than 90% of that mad, overwhelming power.

Only 10% of the power managed to reach into Su Yus heart.

With that line of buffering, Su Yu immediately activated the Ice Blue Divine Armor to its maximum. A wide ray of ice blue divine light came out through his body.


However, after a moment of stalemate, the power penetrated the light of the Ice Blue Divine Armor as well. Even the Ice Blue Divine Armor itself was finally broken.

The remaining power, not meeting any obstruction, penetrated deep into Su Yus heart with an irresistible force.


There was a squeaking sound. This terrible force was like a needle, hitting an iron plate and then dissipating.

The dangerous blow was finally resolved under the resistance of the Rule fragments.

Su Yu, who was covered in cold sweat, looked back.

He saw a dark-skinned, short-bodied young man who stood behind him, all calm and upright.

He held a curved long sword in his hand, exuding mighty power.

This was the sword that had attacked Su Yu earlier.

If this sword was not aimed at his heart but was used for beheading instead, how dangerous would that be?

"Oh? You could actually deflect a blow from my Life Reversal Snake Sword?" The dark young man was surprised.

This blow was so powerful that no one could have completely resisted it, except the four empire rulers.

This man, however, not only resisted it but actually came out unharmed, which really surprised him.

Su Yus eyes were cold. "Are you the First Prince of the Heaven-defying Empire?"

Standing in Yongzhen City, this man was holding a Life Reversal Snake Sword, the heritage of the royal empire. In addition, he was very strong. Thus, who could he be if not the First Prince?