The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377 The Loose Seal

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As he went on, Yongye Wuheng looked at his sister. "And you, if you successfully undo the curse, dont come back again. The Empire is a dangerous place. Perhaps when you return, it will no longer exist."

Yongye Chuxues face was full of sadness. With chaos in the south, rebellion in the north, and Nitian Guyun adding fuel to the fire, the Empire of Darknesss fate was indeed hanging in the balance.

"Take good care of my sister, my only sister." Yongye Wuheng looked at them as he retreated, waving goodbye.

It was as if he was saying farewell to them forever.

He was going back to fight against Nitian Hanxing in a battle of life and death.

After the battle, he would not return any more.

"No!" Being close to Yongye Wuheng, his sister understood him perfectly well. Yongye Chuxue came forward to stop him, but Yongye Wuheng was too quick for her.

He turned around. His eyes were sharp and glistening and he held a long sword that flashed like the lightning.

However, at the moment when he made to move away, the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang suddenly entrapped him, causing him to tumble to the ground.

Yongye Wuhengs indomitable imposing manner was destroyed all at once.

"This is not the time to die in vain." Su Yu looked at the battlefield in the distance, listening to the non-stop sounds of struggle.

A commander had fallen!

Yongye Wuheng insisted and said, "Brother Su, if you still remember the personal favor I did for you, just let me go. The Empire is tottering and in chaos, there is no home for me to go back to now. There is a woman who has been waiting ten years to get her revenge. There is no reason for me to live in this world any longer!"

"Haha, all the more reason why I cant let you die! You managed to bear it for a decade, why cant you wait a few more years?" Su Yus eyes were shining with warmth and he smiled. "Let us go to the Lost Nation together, maybe over there you will have a favorable turn in life."

Yongye Wuheng froze for a moment and was moved by Su Yus confident expression.

"I have encountered a lot of despair in the past, and every time things seemed hopeless. I have managed to survive to this day because I did not give up, because I was determined to fight until the very end!"

"As long as you have breath in you, you can continue to fight!"

After hearing that, Yongye Wuheng seemed to be convinced, and his eyes gradually became brighter.

Yeah, so what if the Empire was gone? He still had a lot of time to train and prepare and take back everything that was snatched away from him.

After being released by the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang, Yongye Wuheng bowed down to Su Yu and said, "Thank you, Brother Su, for talking sense into me. I know what to do now."

"Alright, then lets go." Su Yu smiled and stepped into the everlasting mist.

After fighting for a long time in the distance, Nitian Hanxing was covered with blood. He held the Life Reversal Snake Sword and reached the edge of the mist in an angry mood.

The Lost Nation was vast and boundless. It was said to be ten times larger than the entire Ancient God Realm.

Moreover, the perpetual mist isolated any divine auras, making it impossible to track down any deities who chose to conceal themselves.

In other words, finding the fugitives would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Nitian Hanxing proclaimed in extremely conceited defiance, "The woman I fancy, the treasure I fancy they will never be able to escape me!"

At the Lost Nation, in a remote mountain village

The three of them stopped to rest and sat around the bonfire.

The atmosphere was just a bit weird.

Yongye Chuxue stared at Su Yu and Yongye Wuheng coldly, without blinking.

She looked at them until they began to feel uncomfortable.

"Brother, so you are saying that you had known from the beginning that the mysterious creature with a dragon head and the human body was Su Yu?"

Yongye Wuheng replied uneasily, "This listen to me, sister. Actually, I want to"

"Liar!" Yongye Chuxue clenched her teeth and interrupted Yongye Wuhengs words.

Then she glared at Su Yu again, but her eyes softened a lot, and she was a little bit shy and timid. "You snatched my things, then you still still did that to me by the pond. How could you lie to me?"

Su Yu did not know what to say.

During the battle with Prince Yun and Asura, Su Yu had used the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang.

At that time, Yongye Chuxue was in a coma.

Earlier on, she was trapped by the figure with a dragon head and a human body by means of that magic weapon.

She was a wise woman and immediately made the right conclusions.

That mysterious figure with a dragon head and a human body was, in fact, Su Yu!

After entering the Lost Nation, her confrontation with him confirmed her conjecture, making her angry and ashamed at the same time.

What made her even angrier was that her brother had known about it for a long time, but kept it from her intentionally!

The feeling of being kept in the dark drove her crazy.

Su Yu said, "If you put yourself in my shoes, Im sure you would understand. Im from the demon tribe and was hunted down in the Ancient God Realm. How could I reveal my true identity? Therefore, I could only keep the secret from you. I didnt mean to deceive you. I hope you can understand."

Listening to Su Yus patient and gentle explanation, Yongye Chuxues heart grew warm. Not only did her grievances disappear without a trace, but she also felt that she was too aggressive and not empathetic towards other people. She hurriedly said in an apologetic tone, "Sorry, I do not blame you. Its not your fault."

Su Yu said in embarrassment, "But its not the princesss fault either."

When he said that, Yongye Chuxue felt flustered. She suddenly pointed her finger at Yongye Wuheng and said, "Yes, it was not you or me who was at fault. It is all my brothers fault! Why did you hide it from me, Yongye Wuheng? Yes, it is all your fault!"

Yongye Wuheng, who was being targeted, opened his mouth. "My dear sister, how can you do this to me?"

It would have been alright if he kept silent. However, when he tried to speak, Yongye Chuxue became angry. She grabbed a handful of sand and threw it at him, exclaiming, "Its you, its all your fault! I dont care, it was all your fault."

Yongye Wuheng whispered to himself, "The relationship has not even begun to take shape and you treat your own brother as an outsider already. Women are indeed fickle and do not merit trust!"

Yongye Chuxues ears were sharp and she overheard him. Her whole face turned red and she blustered loudly, "You, you, what are you talking about? If you continue with this, I will ask Su Yu to drive you away and you will not be allowed to come with us! "

"Alright, alright, I will keep quiet." Yongye Wuheng was extremely disappointed. Since Yongye Chuxue was little, she was an obedient younger sister. Now that she fancied someone, she turned hostile all of a sudden.

Su Yu smiled and felt that the brother and sister had a very close relationship.

"Alright, now can you tell me your specific destination?" Su Yu finally asked the question that was weighing on his heart.

Since this was an escort mission, they could not wander aimlessly.

Yongye Chuxue then calmed down, her cheeks still flushed a little. She did not dare to look into Su Yus eyes as she said quietly, "We are going to the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect."

"Where is that?" Su Yu was surprised.

Yongye Chuxue said, "It is at the edge of the Lost Nation. It is the birthplace of the Moonwatch Sect. It is rumored that this mist surrounding us came from that place."

Yongye Wuheng added, "The ancient tombs of all the previous Lords of the Moonwatch Sect are over there. The place is filled with amazing wizard power. In order to undo the curse that lingers on my sister, we will have to utilize the master-level wizard power at that place."

The curse on Yongye Chuxues body, which Su Yu had witnessed, was dangerous and unpredictable. Indeed, it could not be undone by any ordinary method.

"How confident are you in your ability to cross the Lost Nation? Even if you do not encounter the Moonwatch Sect, brutal beasts are hidden in this mist. Arent they all very dangerous? "

The initial mission plan was for Yongye Chuxue to go alone. As for Su Yu, he was only playing a supporting role.

Back then, where did Yongye Chuxues self-confidence come from?

"We are fairly sure we can do this." Yongye Chuxue took out an ancient map, a large part of which was blank, indicating that she had not been there before.

However, on the map, a bright red line ran through the entire region to the innermost part of it.

"This is what an elder of the Empire of Darkness had left us with after he had gone on an expedition in the Lost Nation. There are not many dangers on this route. As long as we get past this region called Thousand Demons Ridge, we can directly reach the depths of the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect."

After listening to her, Su Yu thought about it and said, "As it is the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect, do you think it will be so easy to reach? Dont you think there might be some important information that your relation had missed?"

In response, Yongye Chuxue said, "This is something we had also had thought about. Theoretically, the Holy Land must be full of the Moonwatch Sects guards. They will never allow outsiders to arrive at that place easily. Nevertheless, our elder relative had succeeded in doing so."

As he listened to the explanation, Su Yus eyes flashed and he asked, "What was the condition of your relative when he came back? Were there any unusual behaviors?"

"Everything was normal, and he passed away in his sleep a hundred years later." The brother and sister looked at each other and secretly thought that Su Yu was being overly probing with his questions.

Was that all? Su Yu still felt a little disbelieving.

However, there were no other options except for traveling along this red line on the map.

Su Yu handed the map back to Yongye Chuxue, but his eyes suddenly swept away, headed outside the mountains and flew out with an afterglow.

Standing in the sky above the mountains, Su Yu grabbed a handful of air, and a faint wisp of magical power swirled in the palm of his hand.

The Yongye brother and sister rushed over and said in surprise, "Brother Su, was someone out there just now?"

Su Yu nodded. "Yeah, a person who has been constantly watching me secretly. They have been doing it on and off ever since I reached the Empire of Darkness."

Staring at the magical power in the palm of his hand, Su Yu was even more surprised. This person was actually from the wizard tribe. How could it be?

What had transpired made Su Yu and the others unwilling to stay and they left promptly.

In the meantime, outside the City of Yongzhen, a large number of wizards had gathered.

A young girl who had fair skin and was beautiful like a fairy led the group. A tall and indifferent-looking woman followed her.

"Saint Lady, judging from the fighting aura here, it is indeed the place where Su Yu had been staying." The tall woman was Cailin. She analyzed the situation and said, "According to the information I have received, he will escort Yongye Chuxue of the Empire of Darkness to the Lost Nation. If I am not wrong, he should have reached the Lost Nation already. "

After such a long time, they were finally certain that the mysterious creature with a dragon head and a human body was indeed Su Yu, exactly like Cailin had said before.

Su Yu alone in this whole world could have such outstanding capabilities.

After hearing this, the sweet young girl pursed her lips with remorse. "It turns out that it really was him! If I had known it before, I would have trusted Sister Cailin and captured him at the Xueman Building. Now we have to look for him at the Lost Nation. That place is ten times larger than the Ancient Gods Realm. There are many dangerous places there, some that even our Moonwatch Sect did not dare to set foot in."

Cailin said, "There is no use indulging in regrets now. It is better to return to the Lost Nation as soon as possible and mobilize all the tribes to watch his movements."

The Saint Lady was frustrated. "I guess there is nothing else we can do. I just hope he doesnt enter the three restricted areas of the Lost Nation. Otherwise, its all over."

In the depths of the Celestial Crystal Mountains and inside the huge stone gate, an unsettling and shuddering wave suddenly flowed out from within.

For a moment, the long ranges of mountains broke apart. The 10,000-year-old underground flames rose, burning the Celestial Crystal Mountains like a dragons breath.

Thousands of blood amulets hanging on the stone gate fell into the dust one after another.

"The repression of the ten thousand amulets has finally been loosened, and in eight years, the seal of the stone gate can be broken," the pleasant voice of a woman wafted out from inside the gate.

The World Annihilation Dragon was looking forward to it. "Hehehe, this forsaken world is waiting to be destructed by my mistress"

The wave radiated throughout the entire Ancient God Realm.

Yongye Jiuyang, Nitian Guyun, Binghuo Cangxing, and Taiching Yunluan, the four Empire monarchs, suddenly felt the sweeping wave and the expressions of their faces changed.

Startled, they gathered at the Celestial Crystal Mountains, looking extremely stern and gloomy.

In the southern domain of the Empire of Darkness, on a corpse mountain, a merman king wearing a golden yellow robe had a look of poorly controlled panic on his face. "That woman and that dragon are coming out soon! I must hurry up, or everyone will die!"