The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378 The Forbidden Lands Of Ten Thousand Demons

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At a certain steep mist-covered mountain in the Lost Nation

"Sword Inquiring Cosmos!" In Yongye Wuhengs palm, the sword divided itself into tens of millions of sword rays and cut a Level Five weirdly-shaped strange beast into numerous fragments.


Yongye Wuheng put away his long sword. His mood was grave and stern, and he was more composed and capable than before.


At the same time, a loud roar reverberated through the air and a giant behemoth of a thousand feet collapsed. Judging from its fiery aura, it was a monster of the Level Four realm.

On the body of the behemoth, a young man stood with his hands behind his back, three thousand divine figures floating behind him.

"Brother Su, your speed of progression is amazing. In just two years, your mastery of divine paths has reached as high as three thousand!" Yongye Wuheng was amazed.

They have been at the Lost Nation for two years now.

Unlike in the Ancient God Realm, here they could not fly around frequently.

The Lost Nations environment was dangerous, and with perils lurking everywhere, flying in the air became too risky. They could only travel on foot.

Not having any choice, they had spent two years walking.

They had experienced what just happened about a hundred times already.

Su Yu jumped down, his demeanor cool as the danger was behind them. "Brother Wuheng has also made great progress. Back at the start, when you encountered a Level Five strange beast at its peak, it took all your energy and power to take it down. Now you are able to defeat it with ease. Your increase in strength is enviable too."

Hearing that, Yongye Wuhengs confidence increased.

Yes, overcoming life and death experiences for more than two years had stimulated his hidden potential. Although his cultivation had not made much progress, his strength has been increasing day by day.

If he kept up with his training, he would be able to match Nitian Hanxing and challenge him!

The decision to embark on this trip to the Lost Nation was indeed the right one.

"Dont be too proud of yourself. You have to follow Brother Sus example. He has made more progress than you have," Yongyue Chuxue said cheekily.

Yongye Wuheng had become accustomed to his younger sister favoring an outsider over her own kin. He sighed, "Brother Su is a natural genius, and I will never be able to reach his level in this lifetime."

He knew very well that for Su Yu, killing the Level Four deity with three thousand divine paths figures was just a small feat.

Even if Nitian Hanxing came after him himself, he had the power to fight him now, and he would not be caught unprepared with no countermeasures as he had been before.

Whats more, he knew perfectly well that Su Yus progress in the past two years was far more than merely the divine paths. He had also advanced significantly in other areas.

For example, the Heaven-stomping Three Strokes.

The first move was Heaven-stomping Three Strokes. He had already practiced that to perfection but had never performed it yet.

If it were performed, the power would be terrible and unimaginable.

"Of course it is. Thanks to Brother Su Yu, you can now grasp and make headway with the Heaven-stomping Three Strokes."

For the past two years, under Su Yus guidance, Yongye Wuheng had also gained unprecedented benefits in learning the Heaven-stomping Three Strokes. From just scratching the surface, now he had reached the Lower Tier level in using this technique.

"I am ashamed of myself. Brother Su personally instructed me, but I am so slow that I am still at the initial stage," Yongye Wuheng said in a helpless tone.

In the eyes of outsiders, his progress over the past two years was so great that it would be considered amazing. Even the arrogant Nitian Hanxing would have dreaded facing him if he knew of it.

Compared with Su Yu, however, he paled into insignificance by comparison and this frustrated him.

Su Yu laughed. "I could master it thanks to my special circumstances. Chuxue, dont underestimate your brothers potential. He just lacks an opportunity."

In fact, in terms of mastering the technique, Su Yu was inferior to Yongye Wuheng.

He had a secret method to speed up time a thousandfold. Thus, the time it took him to reach the Lower Tier level was actually far longer than two years.

Yongye Wuheng, on the other hand, reached the Lower Tier level within two years, no cheating and no tricks. Thinking of that, Su Yu felt ashamed and inadequate.

Yongye Chuxue smiled, showing her pretty dimples, and said to Yongye Wuheng, "Brother, did you hear that? Brother Su Yu was praising you."

"I am overwhelmed with joy," Yongye Wuheng rolled his eyes. His sister was now hopelessly and totally smitten with Su Yu.

Su Yu smiled lightly and took out the map.

"According to the route, we have already reached the most dangerous place, the Thousand Demons Ridge. I hope you are ready for the possibility of us not being able to access this path."

The Yongye brother and sister looked at each other with stern expressions.

Everything was exactly like what Su Yu had originally guessed. Could the holy land of the Moonwatch Sect really be accessed so easily?

They met countless Level Five beasts along the way, and there were hundreds of Level Four beasts. They would encounter one every three to five days on average.

With such frequent dangers lurking in their path, if Yongye Chuxue had been traveling alone, she would certainly have died very soon after setting off. After a few attacks by Level Five beasts, her end would have been quick and merciless.

Fortunately, Su Yu had extraordinary strength, and thanks to him they were still alive.

However, they were by no means safe.

Thousand Demons Ridge was the only dangerous place marked on the map by the Yongye elder.

So far, the dangers of the road were beyond what they had expected. What perils were awaiting them at the Thousand Demons Ridge?

Two weeks later, at the Thousand Demons Ridge

The trio stopped, staring at the vast, strange-looking sky before them.

The sky here was filled with voids upon voids. There were billions of them, all densely packed together.

Every void was like a living creature, swelling and shrinking as though they are breathing.

Looking from a distance, it seemed that the sky here had become like an enormous honeycomb, densely covering hundreds of thousands of miles. This made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Even without deliberately exploring the area, Su Yu could feel the presence of powerful creatures in the voids.

The weakest was at the level of a prospective deity, while the strongest its strength was hard to evaluate, but it was comparable to the Level Two Faction Masters, no less.

Yongye Wuhengs eyes were wide with fear. "This this does not match the descriptions of our relative!"

Yongye Chuxues face was pale. The relative did say that the Thousand Demons Ridge was guarded by many powerful deities and prospective deities, but according to him, the strongest of them was at Level Six, no higher.

However, the scene before them was quite different from that description.

There were not thousands of voids here, but hundreds of millions!

There were countless Level Six creatures residing within, but there was also something deep in the voids that made Yongye Chuxue feel extremely uncomfortable. She shuddered.

Su Yus eyes narrowed. He grabbed a stone, wrapped it with divine power, and aimed it at the open space where he was heading.


The stone hit the open space. Even though Su Yu didnt aim for a void, the voids were so dense that there was a high probability of hitting one of them.

The stone fell into a void and a fierce roar came from within, as if it awakened something.

Suddenly, a vicious, three-eyed dog-like creature crawled out of the void, a terrifying grimace on its face.

A pair of sharp fangs reflected the sunlight while blood-red drool dripped from the corner of its mouth. Its sharp claws emitted sparks as it came out from the void, and a low, rumbling growl came out from its throat.

As though their occupants were connected, there were also commotions starting in the nearby voids. Evil creatures of different sizes, but all similar in appearance, started to come out of them.

When they discovered the presence of Su Yu and his companions, the monsters bared their teeth, salivating in the anticipation of juicy flesh. Their claws scratched the ground as they prepared to pounce forward and attack.

Su Yu made a rough count and discovered that there were about three hundred of these evil creatures.

Among them, about thirty were in the Level Six divine realm and five in the Level Five divine realm.

As for prospective deities, they were countless.

Moreover, they kept appearing and there seemed to be no end to them.

More and more voids in the back were startled and transmitted in the form of waves towards the deepest place.

In a blink of an eye, millions of voids were activated.

Su Yu took a deep breath and looked at the Yongye brother and sister. "Do you still want to try and venture across?"

Yongye Chuxues face turned pale.

"Now is hardly the time to discuss venturing forward. The question is whether we can leave here alive!" Yongye Wuhengs face was grave as well. The appearance of three hundred strange beasts alone would be enough to keep them busy for a while, let alone dealing with those that started coming out one after another in the back.

Su Yu nodded his head. "Then let us leave first and discuss our options later."


He raised his hand and threw out a delicate and exquisite peacock, which danced in the air and shot out a series of light rays.

Then countless roars sounded and dozens of strange beasts were killed.

The Peacocks Plume, which had already been used many times, finally shattered and turned into dust.

Taking this opportunity, the three of them immediately retreated and escaped by fleeing tens of thousands of miles, until the dense voids disappeared from sight and the strange beasts stopped chasing them.

The three of them stood on a huge boulder, their expressions grave.

"Any little bit of movement can cause all the voids to resonate, so this path wont work out for us after all." Yongye Wuhengs face was serious. If the throw of a stone could cause such turbulence, what would happen if the three of them entered the area of the voids and accidentally aroused all of them?

Moreover, the sky above that area was entirely filled with the voids, so they could not even fly over it.

Even with Su Yus Tai Chi Yin Yang wings, they would not be able to cross it.

Yongye Chuxue made an effort to appear composed. After toiling for two years, this was the outcome they got, and it felt terrible.

"It seems we can only try and go around that area," Su Yu suddenly said.

After hearing Su Yus suggestion, Yongye Chuxue could not help but tremble. "You are willing to take the risk of embarking on this detour?"

Even Yongye Wuheng admired his tenacity. "Brother Su, according to the original agreement, that was the path we were supposed to take. You do not need to accompany us and risk your life."

Su Yu calmly said, "Our agreement back then was that I would escort Chuxue to the Holy Land, right? As that road is no longer feasible, then it is not within the scope of the agreement!"

As he spoke, Su Yu glanced at his surroundings. "We will stick closely to this region and take a roundabout route by traveling along the outskirts."

The brother and sister were apprehensive. What sort of dangers would they encounter in the Lost Nation if they changed their route now?

Along the way, they did not meet anyone from the Moonwatch Sect yet because they managed to avoid dangerous places by relying on the map left behind by their relation.

Now that they were going on a detour, it would be highly dangerous to proceed alone. There was no question they needed Su Yu.

"Sister, if you were betrothed to him, as your brother, I could put my mind at ease," Yongye Wuheng said softly.

Yongye Chuxue blushed and said quietly, "Thats provided he would want to become betrothed to me, which is by no means certain."

As the three of them left the place, shortly afterward, two men who exuded magical power emerged from the dark.

"Ah Pa, arent these three live spirits brave? They actually plan to go straight into the forbidden land of ten thousand demons," said a short, lithe figure, strikingly similar to the Black Fish deity.

Ah Pa was his father. He was old, and his fish eyes were filled with shock. "Live spirits from the Ancient God Realm? This is not good. Go back and inform the tribe. The army of the Heaven-defying Empire is nearby!"