The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 Harboring Vicious Intent

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The beauty chuckled. "Fine, Ill lavish my mercy on you today and allow you to know this before you die. I was born with a magical power that allows me to see through the void of time, so of course, I could easily see through your invisibility!"

"As for how I informed them to lay the ambush? Thats even simpler. There was a messenger spell hidden in the wizard spell that I performed."

"Now you can die with your curiosity satisfied, cant you?"

However, with a rapid change of attitude, Su Yu wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and flashed an eerie smile. "Thats enough of a delay. Thanks a lot for your patient, clear explanation."

The Green Snake Tribe Leader squinted and shifted the wizard statue.

The statue unleashed another surge of murderous waves that aimed straight for Su Yu.

Su Yu was bombarded into pieces without putting up any fight. However, strangely, the flying shreds were totally devoid of blood and flesh, let alone traces of soul!

The people at the scene were stunned.

"What whats going on?" the beauty asked, stupefied.

The Prince gasped in shock too. "He was killed! How did he even"

"Does it need more explanation?" The tribe leader was vexed. "We have been deceived! That is a Divine Path of the Ancient God Realm known as the Shedding of the Cicada."

"All the while, Huaer was only looking at his outer skin, while his true form still remains in the depths of the cavern!"

The beauty came to her senses. She was so outraged that she trembled. "I I have been duped all the while?"

The Green Snake Tribe Leader shot her a hateful glare. "You think so? Im afraid hes known that you were one of us for some time! Now, lets go after him! I hope he hasnt found the hiding spot of the real statue."

In the depths of the cavern, a young man who had shown himself outside was standing in front of the empty pit, rubbing his chin as he pondered.

"The most precarious place often turns out to be the safest. If it were me, I would have hidden the statue in the deepest part of this pit too."

"When someone found the fake statue in the outer part of the cavern, they wouldnt doubt it was the real thing. Few people would venture further inside, but Im smarter than that!" Su Yu smiled.

Sorcery energy surged from his body, and he imitated the Water-calming Spell of the beauty, creating an instant of stagnation in the protective spell of the pit.

Su Yu seized the opportunity and punched his fist into a deeper compartment of the pit.

Just as expected, a soft creak sounded and the hidden space in the back of the pit was revealed.

A statue glimmering with a green sheen, giving off a strong air of sorcery, stood quietly inside.

There it was!

Reaching across the air, Su Yu grasped the statue, pulled it out, and rapidly stored it in his space ring. He then concealed his scent and figure and soundlessly leaped out from the window of the underground space.

The Shedding of the Cicada was one of the 3,000 Divine Paths he had acquired.

He realized at once that the beauty harbored malicious intent. Su Yu had used another type of Divine Path, the Hearts Eye, which enabled him to see through the thoughts of creatures. He knew the truth as soon as she spoke.

It was with the help of the two Divine Paths that the interesting proceedings had unfolded.

After Su Yu took a detour around the wizard statue and left the mountain village, the Green Snake Tribe Leader and the rest arrived.

Looking at the broken pit and the spot where the statue had stood, but was now nowhere to be found, they were extremely dejected.

The Green Snake Tribe Leaders face was terrifyingly dismal, and he was clenching his fists so tightly that his joints creaked. "The Dayu Tribe! How dare they collude with our enemies from the Ancient God Realm! Im going to report them to the Sect!"

Although they had not noticed, the fake statue on the square was also nowhere to be seen. Someone unknown had taken it.

A few days later, having risked his life to retrieve the statue, Su Yu returned to the Dayu Tribe.

The tribe leader and many villagers who had been eagerly waiting received him with great surprise.

"Have you have you succeeded?" The tribe leaders eyes were filled with wonder and delight.

Su Yu displayed the statue without saying a word.

Having taken a look and closely inspected the scent of the Green Snake Tribe on the statue, the people were overjoyed.

The tribe leader examined it for a long time, his face beaming with joy. "Yes, yes, this is the statue!"

"In ten short days, you succeeded in retrieving the statue from the Green Snake Tribe. It is astonishing, indeed! Your kindness will always be remembered by the Dayu Tribe for as long as we live." As he spoke, the leader reached out for the statue.

However, with a turn of his wrist, Su Yu pulled the statue away and looked at him expectantly.

The tribe leader came to a realization. "Oh! I know! I shall keep my promise and send you away from here with the force of the statue."

However, he seemed troubled. "But now is not the time."

"Are you going back on your word?" Su Yu questioned coldly.

The tribe leader replied with a gloomy face, "No, its because a tribe not far from here has suffered the attack of the Heaven-defying Empire."

"The power of the Dayu Tribes statue has been borrowed to defend against the enemy, so we cant utilize it for the time being."

Su Yu was taken aback. So the Heaven-defying Empire had brought their rampage to this area already.

Casting a look at the tribe leader, Su Yu said, "Until I get my due, I will not hand the statue over to you. This is the deal. I hope you understand."

The tribe leader sighed. "I understand. You should take a rest in the village throughout this period. Once the statues power is restored to the Dayu Tribe, we can make the exchange."

"Sure!" Su Yu wasnt afraid of being attacked, so he took residence in the village without any worries.

The tribe offered him the best treatment and arranged a nice private chamber for him.

Inside the chamber, Su Yu had a brooding expression on his face. He muttered, "After all, they are uncivilized village people who cant see the big picture. This tribe is on the verge of destruction"

Heaving a sigh, Su Yu closed his eyes and began his training.

All of a sudden, the spot between his brows twitched. He opened his eyes, and they were filled with delight.

A Buddha Pearl on his wrist glimmered with dazzling violet radiance.

"Awakened at long last." Su Yu opened up the space of the Buddha Pearl, and a fairy-like woman in a purple dress flew out from within.

She had a willowy body, and a face covered by white muslin. Her kind of beauty was mysterious and dreamy.

Most astoundingly, her eyes glinted with dream-like purple splendor like a pair of amethysts.

When those eyes gazed upon somebody, it was as if no secret in the world could remain concealed.

"Congratulations on achieving the Upper Realm of Divine Path. You have surpassed the Purple-Eyed Demonic God." Su Yu offered her a praising smile. "If he knew it, he would be turning in his grave."

The woman dressed in purple was Bi Wanqing, whom he hadnt seen in a long time.

She had been severely injured while helping him defend against the Fragment of Law, but also received unimaginable refinement from the impact of the Law.

Bi Wanqing smiled, her crystal-like eyes gazing at Su Yu like calm lakes in the autumn.

A moment later, she seemed shocked, and a few seconds later, the shock turned into a bitter smile. "Im not certain whether to be happy or sad hearing your congratulations. I cant see through you at all now, sir."

She could easily see through many secrets of Su Yu before, including what he was thinking.

However, right now, Su Yu seemed a complete mystery to her, like a black void.

This was the first time she had failed to probe a person. Furthermore, this happened right after she achieved the Upper Realm of Divine Path. How would she not be upset?

Although she was improving, Su Yus improvement was much more remarkable than hers, so much so that she couldnt see through him again.

The Fragment of Law lay within Su Yus body, which had to be the reason why she couldnt probe him.

Su Yu asked her, "Tell me, to what extent are you able to read into people now?"

Only then did Bi Wanqings eyes glitter brightly. "Fates!"

"What?" Su Yu gasped in shock. "You can see through fates?"

"Yes! This is what I gained from the Fragment of Law. Now I can vaguely sense the existence of fates, such as" She looked at Su Yu, but withdrew her gaze in disappointment, shifting her eyes elsewhere.

Her eyes turned solemn gradually. "Such as I can see, a gruesome disaster is bound to happen here."

She couldnt see Su Yus fate, but she could see that an imminent disaster would befall this place.

"Sir, since you arent planning to run, why dont you resolve it? Fates are changing at all times; they are never constant. With your nature as the source of disorder, you should be able to resolve it with ease."

With a calm look on his face, Su Yu shook his head. "I can resolve it, but I do not wish to do so. The Dayu Tribe deserves the consequences that will befall it. Why should I try to meddle with fate?"

Su Yu usually tried to avoid needless intervention. It was clear from the fact that he hadnt killed the fish-like beauty.

The Dayu tribesmen were not necessarily a good sort of people.

Bi Wanqing heaved a mournful sigh, her eyes filled with sadness. However, she had no intention of defying Su Yus will. "I believe there will be times when I could be useful to you, sir. I wont be returning to the space for now. Ill stand by your side through this crisis."

Su Yu nodded and closed his eyes to continue his training in silence. He rehearsed the Top Realm of Heaven-stomping Three Strokes again and again in his mind, practicing it until it was well-rounded and fluent.

Time passed slowly.

One month later, Bi Wanqings gentle voice woke Su Yu from his training.

Slowly opening his eyes, Su Yu felt extremely rejuvenated. His weariness had faded away, and the Heaven-stomping Three Strokes were much smoother and more flexible.

A strong sense of confidence rose within him.

Bi Wanqing couldnt help but glance sideways, her pretty eyes flashing with extraordinary splendor. She thought to herself, "Having miraculously survived the Fragment of Law, he has transformed into such a powerful state? This is truly worth seeing."

The reason Bi Wanqing woke him was because the tribe leader had arrived to see him.

"My guest, the crisis of the tribe has been resolved, and we can use the statue to send you away now." When the tribe leader saw a beautiful, mysterious-looking woman in the secret chamber, he was surprised but tried not to show it.

Any deity would possess a portable space, after all.

However, having been gazed upon by the purple-dressed woman, the tribe leader felt his heart flutter. He had a sense of being seen right through, and he couldnt help but raise his guard.

"My guest, who is this?" The tribe leaders eyes glinted.

Su Yu said, "My friend, lets go and get ready for my departure, and Ill give you the statue as we discussed."

The tribe leader gazed at the woman for a while. Only then did he turn around to lead the way with a strange look in his eyes.

Bi Wanqing heaved a soft sigh. "It really depends on your intentions," she murmured to herself. "My master really does have a reason for not saving you."

When they arrived at the square, the pure sorcery energy gathered around the wizard statue was an order of magnitude stronger than before.

Under the influence of the powerful sorcery energy, the space of four corners transformed, as if repelled by something.

The tribe leader drew a circle on the ground with his walking stick. It could accommodate two people standing within.

Once the wizard statue was activated, its energy would shoot towards the magic circle, transporting them away from here.

"Where is the Green Snake Spell?" The tribe leader stood in front of the circle.

Su Yu took out the statue, and after he handed it over, the leader stepped aside to allow Su Yu and the woman to stand inside the circle.

"Stand properly!" the tribe leader said, and the walking stick in his hand touched the ground. All of a sudden, the wizard statue trembled vigorously, and the roiling, vast energy contained within shot towards Su Yu and Bi Wanqing.

However, the force wasnt meant for transportation. Instead, it carried an evil, murderous intent.