The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 Mysterious Strange Beast

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At that moment, the tribe leader revealed his vile, hideous nature. "Unfortunately for you, the place Im sending you to isnt the Holy Land, but Hell!"

Nonetheless, there was no sign of dread on Su Yus face. It was like he had seen the treacherous move coming.

Su Yu had no intention of fleeing from the circle. Instead, he got out the second statue, his face expressionless.

The statues color was green and it gave off astounding energy. It looked a lot more powerful than the one the tribe leader had.

"The real statue that you want is right here in my hand."

The tribe leader gasped in shock. He looked at the statue in his own hands, and only then did he notice the crack.

As for the real one Su Yu had, it was about to be blasted into smithereens by the power of the wizard statue!


At the critical moment, the tribe leader tapped the ground with his walking stick, and the surging waves of energy instantly subsided back inside the wizard statue like a falling tide.

Fuming with rage, he growled in a low, dangerous voice, "How dare you fool me with a counterfeit statue!"

Su Yu said without inflection, "I was only guarding against you, while you, just as Ive expected, were planning to murder me."

He had always been a discreet, cautious man. How could he possibly trust a tribe of the Moonwatch Sect unconditionally?

What were the consequences of sending Su Yu, an enemy from the Ancient God Realm, to steal the Green Snake Spell?

The Dayu tribe would be severely punished by the Moonwatch Sect, and the entire tribe would most likely perish.

How could the Dayu tribe fail to foresee such a terrifying repercussion?

What was the only way of getting the Green Snake Spell, while avoiding future trouble? Murder.

If the Dayu tribe could figure that out, surely Su Yu could as well.

"What do you want?" The tribe leaders eyes blinked intensely.

Su Yu replied calmly, "I should be the one asking this question. Do you want to get the Green Snake Spell, or do you want to murder us? Youre only allowed one choice. There is no killing two birds with one stone."

Upon hearing that, the tribe leader hesitated. If he released Su Yu, there would be tremendous implications.

However, if he did not, and the Green Snake Spell was destroyed, who was going to save his son?

After some inner struggle, the tribe leader made up his mind. As he tapped his walking stick on the ground again, a surge of magical force was liberated from the wizard statue.

It was no longer a destructive kind of wizard force, but the Power of Space!

"Give me the Green Snake Spell!" The tribe leader demanded furiously.

Su Yu smiled and hurled out the statue.

The Power of Space was activated at that exact moment, sending Su Yu and the others away.

However, in the instant when the teleportation took place, a shocking shaft of harsh sword energy struck from the sky above, aiming straight for the wizard statue.

The immensity of the force equally matched the sorcery energy, which mustered the strength of ten thousand wizard statues.

With a clash, the wizard statue was shattered by the sword energy.

The space in which Su Yu had stood was on the verge of crumbling.

If the space continued to sway and create a turbulent current, the consequences could be worse than being sent to a dangerous place. The turbulence within the space could kill whoever stood there.

Seeing the relentlessly striking sword energy, Su Yus eyes grew stern.

"Heaven-stomping Three Strokes!"

The world turned dark and the entire universe seemed to be shifting its position, switching it to another scene.

The heavens collapsed, crushing the living beings on earth.

The destructive will rampaged the world.

Everyone at the scene could feel the horrendous force, and all lives in the world were on the brink of being massacred by the heavens.

Feeble creatures had had their souls shattered already, and the stronger ones were sprawled on the ground, watching helplessly as the heavens assaulted the earth.

However, right at that moment, a growl that shook the universe reverberated between the sky and the land.

A rumble that seemed to have come from a faraway dimension sent tremors through the desolate universe.

"Heaven-stomping Three Strokes!"

With the first step, the skies collapsed.

With the second step, the Heaven and Hell crumbled.

With the third step, the cosmos overturned.

An immense, striking air of belligerence advanced from a primitive, chaotic era, transcending time and space.

Where the air of belligerence passed, the sharp, overwhelming sword energy turned into nothingness, dissipating from the world.

The powerful energy making its way there from even further afar was likewise halted by the boundless air of belligerence.


The crumbling skies shattered into pieces, the stupefying scene disappeared, and the world returned to the way it had been before.

Remnants of the tremendous, overwhelming force still lingered between the sky and land, traces of the horrifying air of belligerence.

However, two figures had disappeared.

Su Yu and Bi Wanqing were gone!

They had been transported away.

When the tribe leader came to his senses, he growled anxiously, "Enemys attack! Enemys attack! Raise our defenses!"

They were not bothered about Su Yu anymore, because an even more horrendous entity nearly destroyed the wizard statue with sword energy.


However, while his words still floated in the Void, a crooked sword energy ray shaped like a snake had pierced right through his skull.

Only then did a short-statured, pitch-black youth with a terrifying air of defiance appear on the scene.

His eyes looked like those of a frightening beast, brutal and callous. Those were the eyes of a demon.

"Kill them all, leave none behind!" He ordered in an eerie voice.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Behind him, a great army that looked like a vast ocean wave charged forward like a swarm of bees, moving at a coordinated pace.

The people of the tribe were petrified. "The great army from the Ancient God Realm!! No, how is that possible? A month ago they were still attacking the faraway Maple Leaf Tribe. How could they appear here at the Dayu Tribe all of a sudden?"

The youth with a snake sword in hand wiped the remnants of blood left on the blade. His eyes were filled with disdain. "Lowly peasants! They are so inferior and pitiful. How would they know the ways and strategies of war?

"The move against the Maple Leaf Tribe was only a feigned attack, while the Dayu Tribe has been the real target all the while. Why do you think your wizard statue got to borrow strength all of a sudden?"

"That was because we have given up attacking the Maple Leaf Tribe early on, and they have let down their guard.

"As for you you must have thought we havent managed to conquer the Maple Leaf Tribe and are still millions of miles away, right?"

Upon hearing that, the faces of the tribe people fell at once.

They had been tricked!

This was a tactic of diversion.

"Kill them all!" With this order, the wave-like army rampaged the Dayu Tribe, tearing it down.

From powerful adults to young children, not a single soul was left alive.

"Congratulations, First Prince, on eradicating another tribe. We shall expect the colonization of the Holy Land anytime soon!" The black-faced general exulted.

The one who had come was none other than Nitian Hanxing.

"Whats there to rejoice about? He had escaped again, hadnt he?" Nitian Hanxings eyes were cold and he had a dismal look in his face. "I did not expect him to have gotten here!"

In fact, what made him even more frustrated was that the improvement in Su Yus strength had made him an even more formidable force than he had been before. Not having seen him for two years, Nitian Hanxing was afraid.

Su Yus Heaven-stomping Three Strokes move was no longer comparable to what it had been before. Its power had intensified tremendously.

Even if he had faced Su Yu himself just now, he would have had to defend against him with all his might!

"Su Yu! You cannot run away." Nitian Hanxings eyes grew even colder. His opponents defiance made him wish even more ardently to kill Su Yu and seize Yongye Chuxue.

Otherwise, he would never be satisfied!

Without contentment, his strength would remain forever in its current state, and he would never stand a chance of attaining a breakthrough into Level Two.

Therefore, Su Yu had to die.

At all costs!


A whiff of Power of Space flickered, penetrating the vast expanse of sky.

Within the space, Su Yu held Bi Wanqing tight. His eyes were solemn.

The blow from Nitian Hanxing had inevitably made an impact on the transportation.

The original plan was to be transported into the depths of the Holy Land by taking a detour around the pit.

Now the direction of transportation had been switched, and they went forcefully through the space of the pit itself.

Due to the immense strength of the Power of Space, the voids of various sizes along the way were crushed into powder, and innumerable three-eyed strange beasts were slain.

However, the immense space undulation had directly alarmed all the voids from their slumber, and one after another, the dreadful strange beasts emerged, growling maliciously.

With great fury and madness, they chased after the force.

Su Yu was wearing a glum look on his face. Nitian Hanxing had caught him at a bad time, sending them straight into the most dangerous place.

Otherwise, the vast transportation force would have been enough to send them safely away from this region.

However, Su Yu had not forgotten about the spine-chilling entity residing in this place.


All of a sudden, a growl that made the heavens shake and all the other beasts scamper in fright, reverberated through the air like a petrifying bolt of thunder from the sky.

The transporting Power of Space that enclosed Su Yu and Bi Wanqing shuddered vigorously, showing vague signs of crumbling.

Su Yus face fell, and he bellowed, "Hang in there!"

As he weaved signs with both of his hands, many space-securing Divine Paths appeared all over the place. Only then did the swaying transporting force regain its stability, continuing the journey once again.

Bi Wanqing was stunned. "In two years, you have accomplished three new Divine Paths?"

Su Yu nodded. Bi Wanqing felt a wave of ease washing over her, thinking to herself, "He always gives people a sense of security, but not many are quite able to appreciate the full scope of his power."

Right as the thought crossed her mind, a colossal void appeared ahead of them out of nowhere, shattering the hundreds and thousands of voids in its proximity.

A gargantuan palm covered in hideous fur and ending with sharp claws emerged from the void, brutally striking towards them.


The transporting force that encased them was smashed into nothingness under the massive impact of the force.

Su Yu and Bi Wanqing plummeted from the Void. At the brink of death, Su Yu grasped her and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Shifting of Stars!"


Immediately, the two of them switched places with a void nearby, escaping the attack by a hairs breadth.

However, before they could flee, a colossal sucking force broke loose from the enormous void.

Su Yu and Bi Wanqing were sucked into it in the fraction of a second.

Once they were sucked inside, the force from the void vanished immediately.

At a broad view, the void contained a whole other universe within. It turned out to be a small-scale cavern world of ten thousand feet in perimeter.

A spectacularly enormous strange beast sprawled before Su Yu and Bi Wanqing.

The size of the beast was about equal to that of the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

Its gargantuan blood-red eyes stared coldly at Su Yu with a contemptuous expression. "There is a stench on you that I find appalling!"

Su Yus thoughts were racing wildly, yet he remained calm and composed on the surface.

He could not run. A single move would get him killed a hundred times by the entity before him.

Its strength was by no means weaker than that of any of the empires Monarchs. Perhaps it was even stronger.

Meanwhile, Su Yu noticed ten silver-white shackles appear around the strange beast, heavily entangled, securing it within the space of the void.

When he heard it speaking the language of humans, Su Yu replied in a low voice, "We have no intention of offending you. We have been transported here by accident. Please forgive us."

The strange beast kept its cold eyes on Su Yu, completely ignoring Bi Wanqing. It was like the beast was especially hostile towards Su Yu.

Its red, gigantic eyes flickered, and it said in a deep low voice, "So that old fellows descendant is here."

Its huge claw brushed past Su Yu lightly, and an unexpected scene unfolded.

Su Yus Buddha Pearl opened up by itself, and so did the Reverse Scales on his chest. Yongye Wuheng, Yongye Chuxue, and Yongye Wuming emerged from within.

The three of them glanced at their surroundings in bafflement.

When they saw the horrendous strange beast in front of them, they trembled forcefully as they drew sharp terrified breaths at the sight of the gargantuan, horrible monstrosity.

"Its you, indeed!" The strange beasts eyes turned even more dangerous, glinting with hints of vengeful hatred. "Didnt your ancestor, Yongye Qiumo, tell you to stay away from me? How dare you barge into my territory!"