The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 The Mysterious Wizard Ancestor

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"If the World Annihilation Dragon sees me, he has to address me as his superior!"

Su Yus whole being was filled with deep, great shock.

In his imagination, this disheveled, pitiful divine dragon was, at the very most, a deity of the Star River Overlords level.

He never expected him to be on par with the World Annihilation Dragon!

According to the Evil God, the World Annihilation Dragon possessed a strength that could destroy all the Star River Overlords, which was just below the divine warriors of the world.

If so, this so-called Epoch-making Dragon was most likely a living divine warrior?

"Epoch-making Dragon?" The rest of them were so stupefied they stood rooted to their spots.

After a moment of shock, Su Yu gradually calmed down. He said, "However, your strength isnt at its peak, is it?"

From Su Yus encounters with both creatures, he felt that the strength of the World Annihilation Dragon was far superior to that of the Epoch-making Dragon.

The Epoch-making Dragon nodded. "Thats for certain! The dragon pearl is equivalent to more than 90 percent of a divine dragons strength."

"After I lost the dragon pearl and had been contaminated by sorcery energy for ages, my strength is no longer the same as before."

"So," The Epoch-making Dragon said triumphantly, "If you want to avoid being killed by the World Annihilation Dragon, the only way to do so would be to kill Yongye Qiumo and help me take my dragon pearl back!"

That was the reason why he did not need to set a prohibition on Su Yu. Even without the prohibition, Su Yu would help the Epoch-making Dragon get his dragon pearl back in order to protect himself from the pursuit of the World Annihilation Dragon.

"If I can help you find the dragon pearl, I will surely present it to you, elder," Su Yu said.

The Epoch-making Dragon smiled in satisfaction. "I certainly believe that you really do stand a chance of helping me find the dragon pearl. One whod be remembered by the World Annihilation Dragon cannot be a simple person."

As he spoke, he glanced around at all the people present and sneered. "Yongye Qiumo had expected you to die in my claws, but unfortunately for him, I will not fulfill his wish! Not only will I spare your lives, but I will also help you with your training!"

Upon hearing that, even Bi Wanqing, who had been indifferent until now, became excited. Her violet eyes glinted with surprised delight, shining as bright as stars. Agitated, she muttered, "It looks like there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Fates are changing."

Even imperial descendants like the Yongye siblings and Yongye Wuming were so exhilarated that they could barely keep from panting.

As scions of the Empire, they understood what the guidance of a divine warrior meant, even better than other people did.

It could change everything!

"From today on, for five years, I will train you personally." The Epoch-making Dragon sent the four reverse scales before him flying toward the Yongye descendants and Bi Wanqing, one after another.

"I belong to the dragon race, and all the magical powers that Ive ever practiced are unique to creatures of my kind. If you were to practice my powers, you need to have the bodies of dragons."

"This reverse scale contains a drop of my dragon blood. It can transform you into a half-dragon form, which would then enable you to perform my unique magical powers."

The four of them accepted the reverse scales without any hesitation, allowing them to merge into their bodies.

This was a prohibition, as well as a life-changing turning point.

"As for you" The Epoch-making Dragon displayed a drop of dragon blood and threw it at Su Yu, aiming for the spot between his brows. "No reverse scale for you. Keep this drop of dragon blood so you could assume a dragon form too."

Su Yu was delighted. He opened up his defenses and allowed the drop of dragon blood to blend with his being.

"You have half a year to absorb the dragon blood. Six months hence, I will impart magical powers to you personally. If you cant manage to refine the dragon blood in time and attain the half-dragon form, you will miss the opportunity of practicing the powers of the dragon race."

Upon hearing that, they dared not hesitate for another moment. Immediately, they sat down with their legs crossed and intently began to refine the dragon blood, fearing that they would miss such a marvelous, phenomenal opportunity.

The energy contained in the blood of the Epoch-making Dragon was much too pure and concentrated for them.

Even Yongye Wuheng, with his exceptional talents, found it quite difficult to refine. Half a year sounded as if it should be enough time, but they wouldnt necessarily be able to refine it at the end of six months.

Yongye Wumings progress was even slower. He had not been refining for long before fat drops of sweat broke out all over his forehead, a sign that he could not quite control the divine blood.

The Epoch-making Dragon noticed their painstaking refining efforts but said nothing.

Yongye Chuxues and Bi Wanqings refinement, however, made the Epoch-making Dragon chortle in surprise. "A talent with secret Level Three capacity, and a prodigy who touched the Path of Fates. No wonder they could refine my dragon blood with such ease."

The refining processes of the two ladies were exceptionally easy.

Yongye Chuxues success, indeed, was not surprising, for she had the true cultivation of Level Three deities. Despite having her cultivation suppressed, her capabilities were powerful and her talent considerable, and she quickly showed signs of integrating the dragon blood within her.

As for Bi Wanqing, the enigma hidden within the dragon blood soon became crystal clear to her. She uncovered every single detail and the dragon blood quickly fused with her body.

In less than a month, they had succeeded in refining the dragon blood.

"Your body is built from the blood of the World Annihilation Dragon. My dragon blood does not need refinement from you; you could use it for your own directly," the Epoch-making Dragon looked at Su Yu at last. "Seems like you will need to wait for your companions for six months until they are done."

"This time wont go to waste. While they refine the dragon blood, I intend to make a trip to the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect," Su Yu said.

The Epoch-making Dragon showed a look of understanding and cast a glance at Yongye Chuxue. "Is it about the scent of the Wizard Ancestor in her?"

"Exactly," Su Yu said intently. "I promised her to head for the Holy Land and help her counteract the spell in her with the remnants of pure sorcery energy left behind by the Moonwatch Sect Master. I wish to travel to the Holy Land alone and collect sorcery energy."

The Epoch-making Dragon chuckled. "Boy, do you really think the sorcery energy of the Holy Land could help resolve the curse of the Wizard Ancestor left in her?"

Hmm? Su Yu was taken aback. "Elder, what do you mean?"


The Epoch-making Dragon shook his enormous body and the ten silver chains began tightening all of a sudden, firmly confining him and making him unable to free himself.

"If I tell you that the one who imprisoned me here was the first-generation Sect Master of the Moonwatch Sect, the Wizard Ancestor, would you still think that the sorcery energy of mere Level Two wizards could fight against his?"

As he heard that, Su Yu felt a cold wave of dread wash over him.

He was, in fact, trapped here by the Wizard Ancestor!

Then the Wizard Ancestor must be what kind of entity was he, actually?

"Haha, you cant even begin to imagine the immense strength of the Wizard Ancestor. The so-called descendants of the Wizard Tribe are mere puppets that the Wizard Ancestor randomly pulls out and casually throws away!"

"These wizards worship him like a god, without knowing that in the eyes of the Wizard Ancestor, they are only objects which he had discarded."

Su Yu suppressed a shiver.

The Epoch-making dragon might seem nonchalant about the Moonwatch Sect, but the Wizardry Path practiced by the Moonwatch Sect had given a start to a completely new training system that could compare to Divine Paths.

Back when the Nine Emperors just perished, the Moonwatch Sect had almost wiped out all nine Imperial Sacred Factions that arrived at the Ancient God Realm.

If the latter had not found the ancient civil weapons left behind from past eras, the Ancient God Realm would have been history by now.

The enormous and powerful Wizard Tribe turned out to be just a random creation of the Wizard Ancestor, which he threw away unceremoniously!

"Humph! If he hadnt left and been absent for all this time, those nine emperors of yours couldnt fight against a single finger of his even if they joined forces. Would they even get to resist the Moonwatch Sect as they have done until today?" The Epoch-making Dragon said.

Su Yu did not doubt his words in the slightest bit. Even the divine warrior, the Epoch-making Dragon, was sealed here due to the immensity of the Wizard Ancestors power. That was a fact.

In that case, it was almost impossible to resolve the energy of the Wizard Ancestor, wasnt it?

"Elder, do enlighten me. I have a promise to keep, I cant just abandon it," Su Yu offered him a polite bow.

The Epoch-making Dragon snorted. "How could I let you seek your own doom?"

Su Yu was delighted. There was a way indeed, it seemed.

"Rest assured, elder, I will surely return in half a years time to learn the magical powers of the dragon race," Su Yu continued after a pause. "If I fail to keep the promise, therell always be a regret in my heart."

"Im afraid it would keep me from training in peace. If this affects your plans, I can never absolve myself from the blame."

The Epoch-making Dragon snorted loudly when he heard that. "Stop trying to manipulate me!"

Having lived through countless years, he certainly knew that Su Yu was trying to provoke him.

"However, what you said is a valid concern. The powers of the dragon race are different from ordinary powers; if they are disturbed, they cannot be utilized at all."

"If you cannot manage your thoughts and emotions at the critical point and fail your practice of the power, it might have a negative impact on me." The Epoch-making Dragon thought for a moment, and two golden, brilliant dragon horns emerged on top of his head.

He slammed his head against the edge of the space pit, and the two dragon horns were broken with a crack. They fell down and rolled until they stopped before Su Yu.

"These two dragon horns are the objects of my Original Life. At the critical point, burn one of them and I will reach out to help you once. I can only do this twice, so use these horns wisely."

Su Yu was overjoyed. This meant that he had two chances of performing top-class life-saving tactics of Empire Monarchs!

With these dragon horns, there werent many places Su Yu would have to avoid, despite the perils of the Lost Nation.

"Do not be reckless. With the protection of my dragon horns, your life can be spared indeed, but there are two places youd better simply avoid setting foot in. Otherwise, I might not be able to save you."

Su Yu was stunned. "Oh? Are you talking about the headquarters of the Moonwatch Sect?"

"Cheh! A bunch of petty, pathetic ants. Why would I be afraid of them?" The Epoch-making Dragon said with nonchalance, but his eyes turned solemn.

"Im talking about the two most dangerous places in the Lost Nation. Together with the place where I am, they are known as the three major forbidden places of this land!"

The Epoch-making Dragon looked more and more forbidding. "However, compared to the two other forbidden places, this place cant be considered dangerous at all. If I am not alerted, I wont even bother killing the invaders. But the two other places are where true dangers lie!"

Su Yu was shocked. This place was known as the Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Demons, with countless space pits and strange beasts. As far as any living creature was concerned, it deserved the title of a dangerous place for sure.

However, in the eyes of the Epoch-making Dragon, only the two other places could be considered forbidden!

"Elder, in what ways are those two forbidden places dangerous?"

The Epoch-making Dragon shook his head. "No idea! I have been trapped in this part of the world by the Wizard Ancestor and have never left this pit, so I am clueless about the outside world."

"However, back then Yongye Qiumo attempted to explore one of the forbidden places with my dragon pearl. As a consequence, even with the dragon pearl and strength that surpassed Level Two, he nearly died in there!"

"According to him, those two forbidden places were personally designed by the Wizard Ancestor and contain formidable power that could kill divine warriors."

Su Yu inhaled a cold sharp breath. A power that could kill divine warriors

That forbidden place sounded too terrifying!

"Hence, you can travel anywhere in the Lost Nation, but dont ever set foot in that place!"

Su Yu nodded solemnly. If no need arose, he definitely would not venture there.

"Back to the topic. You gave me two life-saving items, elder, because you assume I will need them. I suppose the way to resolve the wizard curse must be very perilous anyway, right?"

The Epoch-making Dragon flashed him a mysterious smile. "Quite perilous, especially to handsome creatures like you. Oh yes, very dangerous.."

There was a wicked mocking tone in his voice, which made Su Yus hair stand on end.