The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 The Young Girl Shengge

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"Do enlighten me, elder," Su Yu said.

The Epoch-making Dragon said, "It will be meaningless if I do. Anyways, to resolve the wizard spell, you have to head for the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect now, but not to collect the sorcery energy of the former Sect Masters."

"What should I do then?" Su Yu asked, baffled.

"At the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect, there is an ancient grave. It is the tomb of the Wizard Ancestor and contained his belongings," the Epoch-making Dragon said. "All you need to do is touch the writings on the tomb, and then you could begin."

Begin? Su Yu had an ominous feeling.

What would happen would not necessarily be dangerous, but it would be troublesome.

However, the Epoch-making Dragon clearly had no intention of telling more, and Su Yu had no power to coerce him.

Feeling helpless, Su Yu said, "Alright, I shall set off now."

"Hehe, let me see you off." The Epoch-making Dragon raised his gigantic claw and sent Su Yu out of the space pit.

When he got outside, he discovered many strange beasts crawling in all directions, as if protecting their ruler.

However, they were not concerned about Su Yus appearance.

"These are incarnates created from my scales. I made them in an attempt to free myself back then, like a form of defense," the Epoch-making Dragon explained. "You can leave now. Remember to return six months hence."

Su Yu nodded and left the domain of space pits without encountering any obstacles along the way, heading straight for the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect.


In the village of the Dayu Tribe, where corpses were scattered and blood was spilled everywhere, Nitian Hanxing stood in front of the three idols.

Standing before every idol was a powerful tribe leader.

"First Prince, all the preparations have been made. We could start breaking the space barrier and head for the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect," the two generals said, their backs bent in a deep bow.

Nitian Hanxing laughed hideously and said, "This day has finally come! We are going to march into the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect, annihilate the headquarters of the Sect, seize the Saint Lady, and begin my everlasting reign!"

The three idols were activated, each of them mustering the power of ten thousand idols and channeling it into an unimaginably colossal talisman of the Dayu Tribe.

Where the talisman passed, the surrounding space was shattered into pieces by the impact, opening up an unobstructed path for the great army.

In the space pit, the Epoch-making Dragon seemed to have sensed it. He smiled in a mysterious manner. "Seems like this has become even more interesting. If that brat had greater insight, he would be reaping massive gains."


Su Yu walked out of the space pit and, following the route on the map, teleported directly past trillions of miles of mountains and rivers using the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole.

A few days later, on a bald mountain, the figure of a silver-haired, handsome youth appeared.

His profound gaze was cast upon the edge of the sky, falling on a dim, grey spot far away.

Boundless dark grey fog was surging in the sky in the distance, emitting sorcery energy that would make anyone shudder.

Powerful waves echoed in the sky, showing no sign of dissipating.

No creature dared to approach that region of the sky, including the mountain on which Su Yu stood, which was barren and deserted, devoid of all life.

It was a deadly silent world.

Intuition told Su Yu that under the dim grey patch of sky, there were nearly a hundred concealed whiffs of evil scent. The thought was unnerving.

On his right palm, a pitch-black dragon could not help but show itself, floating back and forth across his hand.

"Such a powerful scent of death! Even the Dragon of Death could sense it. That was why it emerged," Su Yu mumbled softly with a somber look on his face.

As one of the nine dragons of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, the Dragon of Death would normally appear if Su Yu called it himself.

This was the very first time it appeared on its own.

On the Myriad Bone Mountain, facing the remains of thousands of deities, the Dragon of Death had not been affected in the least bit.

However, this time, it showed up on its own. Apparently, the density of the deathly energy in this region was outstanding.

"After all, this is the Holy Land where the former Moonwatch Sect Masters are buried. I need to make proper preparations," Su Yu pondered. Then he entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with a shift of his thoughts.

Upon his entry, Su Yu felt a dense Buddha brilliance and divine energy charging at him. He saw a young, pretty girl training intently, sitting with her legs crossed.

The girl had a sweet appearance, with a pretty little nose, well-defined brows, and snow-white skin.

Su Yu was stunned. "Who is this?"

The girl opened her eyes and smiled at him. Her teeth were impeccable and dazzlingly white, and her smile enchantingly beautiful. "Its me, Shengge, master."

"You?" Su Yu was taken aback. He had gotten used to Shengge in her child form and could barely recognize her now that she had transformed into a beautiful young lady.

The girl covered her mouth and giggled. "Dont you like it, master?"

Either intentionally or unintentionally, she straightened her shoulders to show off her curvy, womanly form.

"Ahem you have become a deity?" Su Yu sensed a dense, thick divine energy emanating from her. It was fairly strong, with the level of a late-stage Prospective Deity.

Shengge offered a brilliant, alluring smile. "With the legacy of Xiao Dies ancient Divine Path, and my master providing me with endless resources, I have achieved a breakthrough in the divine realm and rapidly attained the level of a late-stage Prospective Deity."

Su Yu gasped in shock. "Forget the resources. It must be due to the uniqueness of your Divine Path that you succeeded in training so fast!"

"By the way, where is Xiao Die?" Su Yu glanced around and found a silkworm cocoon.

The silkworm cocoon had become several times larger than it had before, and was now about as tall as a person.

Immense vitality surged from the silkworm cocoon ceaselessly.

"She is still in the process of transforming but should be able to get out soon. A year ago, I received Xiao Dies message, saying that she was about to come out very soon." Shengge was anticipating it too.

What would Xiao Die become following the transformation this time?

Su Yu was very curious about it too. A butterfly with memories of the God Realm? What was her background?

After thinking for a moment, Su Yu took out a space ring that he had gained after killing the Asura. He tossed it to her. "If you find any suitable resources, use them to your advantage."

"Ah, thanks a lot, master!" Once she had become a deity, Shengges perception had sharpened a great deal and she noticed the extraordinary nature of the ring immediately. Overjoyed, she took it.

With a respectful nod, she said, "Master, if there is anything that I could help you with, do ask for it. I would like to be useful to you."

Su Yu smiled. "Your generous offer is accepted. I will seek your help if the need arises."

When he finished, he left that space and stood in front of the nursery. A strange tree, a hundred feet in height and purplish-black in color, stood in the middle of the nursery, emanating an enthralling scent that soothed ones soul.

"Purplish black?" Su Yus eyes were filled with satisfaction. "The Supreme Growth Soil is capable of anything, indeed."

Usually, Soul-stabilizing Wood only had the lifespan of a hundred years and would wither and die once its lifespan was exceeded. Their mature form was earthy yellow in color.

However, under the cultivation of the Supreme Growth Soil, the age of this Soul-stabilizing Wood had exceeded a hundred years, achieving a nature-defying lifespan of a thousand years, and its color was purplish-black.

Most fascinatingly, the tree had borne ten fruits.

Normal Soul-stabilizing Wood had no record of ever bearing fruit.

Reaching out, Su Yu plucked one of the fruits.

It fell upon his palm and its fragrance wafted into his nostrils, instantly calming his soul. The enchanting scent it gave off was far more powerful than the scent of the Soul-stabilizing Wood itself.

"Hmm, could the essence of the Soul-stabilizing Wood be concentrated in the fruit?" Su Yu was delighted. He broke off a small piece of the fruit to examine it. Just as he expected, he sensed no side effects.

"Haha, looks like it would be much less troublesome than carrying the Soul-stabilizing Wood around." Su Yu smiled and swallowed the fruit whole.

All of a sudden, an inexplicable soothing sensation spread through his soul. It was surreal in its intensity.

Moreover, once the fruit entered his system, a layer of unique scent appeared on Su Yus body, hidden underneath his skin like some kind of protection.