The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 A Woman Disguised As A Man

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"With these preparations, I could travel to the Holy Land without any worries."

Su Yus soul returned to his body and in a flash, he instantly appeared outside the Holy Land.

The moment he set one foot in it, a wave of eerie, dark deathly energy surged forth.

Instantly, a powerful energy of life surged from Su Yus chest, canceling out the effect of the deathly energy that was about to invade his body.

It wasnt just the deathly energy that came striking, however, but also dim grey energy that circled in the skythe pure sorcery energy left by the dead bodies of the former Moonwatch Sect Masters!

Su Yu was not afraid of that either. Taking out the piece of Soul-stabilizing Wood he got from Yongye Chuxue, he fended off the sorcery energy.

Only then did Su Yu move ahead on the ground of the Holy Land.

However, right at that moment, Su Yus ears pricked as he picked up a faint noise.

Turning his head and glancing around, he saw two people in the distance, moving ahead towards the center of the Holy Land.

"Shes sixteen years old this year and will be coming of age soon. If we dont try now, we might never have the chance again," a crippled Level Five Grand Wizard said. He seemed to be in his thirties.

Beside him was a white-faced younger man who appeared to be a Level Six deity. "Youre right, this is the time that will determine if we can be shortlisted. If we dont succeed, well never get another chance."

Su Yu rose his brows. What were they talking about?

All of a sudden, the crippled Grand Wizard looked behind him and exclaimed in shock, "Another one? Just as expected. Were in the final days, so who wouldnt come to try?"

The sorcery energy in this region was so dense that the other person did not notice that Su Yu wasnt a wizard.

"Little brother, we are people from the Capital. My name is Wang Dachui, and this is my nephew, Wang Feilin. May I ask, who are you?"

Su Yu mused for a second before stepping forth and greeting them with a polite bow. "I am Su Yu."

His footsteps were brisk and lively. The deathly energy and sorcery energy apparently had little effect on him.

Wang Dachui was surprised. "Eh? How are you able to walk so briskly in this Holy Land?"

"Such dense energy of life and an 80-year-old Soul-stabilizing Wood!" Wang Dachui exclaimed in envy. "Hmm, you have really come here prepared for her. It shows that you have put in a lot of effort indeed."

For her? Su Yu wanted to ask who she was, but this would definitely expose him. Thus, he laughed in a silly manner and played the fool. "You got it. Id very much like to give it a try."

Wang Dachui measured Su Yu up and down and burst out laughing. "Brother, with your great good looks, you could easily get shortlisted. You would be more qualified than most people."

What on earth were these guys talking about? Su Yu was full of doubts.

"Haha, yes, youre right," Su Yu laughed briskly.

As he heard his uncle praising Su Yu, Wang Feilin was not quite convinced. He snorted disparagingly. "He would need to get into the heart of the Holy Land first. Without deity-level capabilities, most would be defeated before they even got there."

As he spoke, he strode forward by himself, heading straight for the forest ahead.

Wang Dachui laughed and clenched his fists. "Brother, meet you at the Holy Altar."

Su Yu smiled and nodded, and only advanced once the other two disappeared from sight.

As he ventured deeper, Su Yu found that the death energy and the sorcery energy got steadily more intense.

His Heart of Eternity palpitated faster, and the Soul-stabilizing Wood in his hand emitted soul-soothing energy several times stronger than before, counteracting the ever-present waves of sorcery energy.

His steps gradually slowed down as he moved forward.

When he arrived before a forest, he felt that the deathly energy and sorcery energy were even more overpowering.

The Heart of Eternity pounded even more rapidly, and the Soul-stabilizing Wood was searing hot as if it was about to burst into flames.

"The forest ahead is the heart of the Holy Land? This means that if I travel across it, I will arrive at the tomb of the Wizard Ancestor," Su Yu thought to himself as he strode into the forest.

Unexpectedly, at the very moment he entered, a hidden surge of wizard spell waves that were hidden in the boundless sorcery energy struck towards Su Yu.

Su Yu responded quickly by shielding himself with the Soul-stabilizing Wood without any hesitation.

The force of the Soul-stabilizing Wood quickly counteracted the waves.

"Whos there?" Su Yu called out and turned around to look.

On top of a tree, there was a figure of a man clad in black, his face covered. It stood boldly, in the midst of casting a spell.

Having failed in his first attempt, he muttered a soft "eh", and shortly after, he tossed out a cylindrical weapon.

The weapon shattered in midair and numerous sharp, deadly long needles shot out from within, giving off an intense whiff of poison as they aimed for Su Yu.

Su Yu did not even bother to fend it off with the Ice Blue Divine Armor. As he made a shift of thoughts, the long needles that were aimed at him suddenly deviated from their trajectories and changed direction.

The black-clothed man on the tree was caught unawares, and steel needles pricked his body all over.

All of a sudden, as the acute poison entered his system, he was killed on the spot, falling from the tree.

Su Yu walked up to him and checked the dead body. In a space ring, he found nine fresh corpses with varying cultivations.

Most of them were Level Six wizards.

"Judging from the age and gender of the dead, they seemed to be participating in that shortlisting thing. If the black-clothed man was trying to reduce the number of his competitors, there was no need to kill nine."

"The correct way was to get to the Holy Altar as fast as he could, so what was his reason for staying here and killing the competitors?"

Still puzzled, Su Yu continued his journey.

In less than half a day, another black-clothed assassin attacked him.

Although he resolved the crisis with ease, Su Yu now knew that these men in black belonged to the same organization and had the same intention.


He heard the sound of metal clashing. There was a fight going on!

Su Yus heart skipped a beat and he hurried over to have a look. A young, handsome man with a boyish face was caught in a duel with a black-clothed Grand Wizard.

What shocked Su Yu the most was that he recognized the black-clothed Grand Wizard. He was the one who fled helter-skelter after fighting with Xue Xiaoman in the Myriad Bone Mountain. His name was Wu Tong.

As for the handsome youth that was fighting with him Su Yus lips twitched once he glanced at the warrior carefully.

It was not a man at all, but a woman who disguised herself as a man!

Looking at her face, he realized it was Cailin!

Heavens were immense and lands were vast, but apparently, they were fated to meet. Being in the Holy Land in the depths of the Lost Nation, he still ran into them.

"Resign to your fate! The future of the Saint Lady is decided, and there is no way you can change it," Wu Tong said coldly and launched a blow full of sorcery energy towards Cailin, sweeping her off her feet.

Cailins white teeth were tinted with streaks of blood. With great tenacity in her face, she was holding a statue of the Saint Lady in her hand. It was covered in cracks.

Wu Tong, opposite her, was holding a long blade made of unique material in his hand.

The sound of metal clashing against metal that Su Yu heard just now was produced from the collision of the two items.

"The Saint has seen through your schemes long ago, so he gave me the Heart-slashing Knife. The amulet that the Saint Lady gave you has no effect on me at all!" Wu Tong laughed wickedly, and as he spoke, the Heart-slashing Knife in his hand struck down once again.

Cailin put the statue forth in haste. Coming out of it, a bright glow radiated in the Void.

In every place the glow illuminated, all sorcery energy was gone.

However, under the Heart-slashing Knife, the brilliant glow vanished into thin air in an instant, and the statue was struck by the Knife.


The statue shattered and the sword energy pierced right through the statue, aiming straight at Cailin.

With a solemn look on her face, Cailin bellowed, "Thousand-handed Flower-plucking Stroke!"

Her hands began weaving signs in front of her chest and her Divine Path coalesced before her. It was in the form of a deity who possessed innumerable hands.

The thousand hands took turns to fend off the sword energy, quickly diffusing it.

By the time the sword energy hovered close to Cailins chest, it had dissipated almost completely.

However, right at that moment, a powerful wave of energy followed.

Before Cailin could catch her breath, she was struck by the wave and her entire body went stiff.

"Its over!" Wu Tong laughed maliciously, his lips murmuring a spell. "Deity-destroying Curse!"

A curse that carried eerie, murderous intent befell all of a sudden, sweeping towards Cailin.

Cailins heart sank as the foreboding feeling consumed her, but she could not retaliate, for she was spellbound.

On the verge of death, she closed her eyes desperately, her heart filled with despair. It was too late, and no one would come to her rescue.

However, right at that moment, she heard a dull thud.

A piece of Soul-stabilizing Wood crossed the Void and hovered in the air above Cailins head, easily fending off the wave of energy that came surging towards her.

"Whos there?" Wu Tongs face changed dramatically as he yelled in fury. Looking in Su Yus direction and finally spotting him, he scowled. "You are you are the bastard from the Myriad Bone Mountain?"

Wu Tong was stupefied as he recognized Su Yu right away.