The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387 Saint Of The Moonwatch Sect

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However, he had no idea about Su Yus confrontation with the Empire rulers, which had happened after their meeting.

"Its been quite a while," Su Yu chortled softly as he strode out from the dense foliage with great confidence.

Upon hearing the unusual commotion, Cailin opened her crystal-like eyes, shock etched on her face. She was even wondering if it was a dream.

Laughing bitterly, she said, "Is it because the Great War is near that Im having hallucinations? How could he possibly venture into the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect? It must be a dream, Im sure."

"Haha, I havent seen you in a while, Servant Cailin," Su Yu greeted her with a smile.

Cailin shuddered and opened her eyes abruptly, staring at Su Yu in great disbelief. She stammered, "How how is this even possible? You are actually here!"

"Yes, the world is not a big place after all," Su Yu offered a mirthless smile.

From the Star River God Realm to the Ancient God Realm, and from the Ancient God Realm to the Lost Nation, they ended up running into each other.

"So you guys are old acquaintances. Its even better that way, then. You could have company on your way to Hell so that you wont be lonely." Despite his shock, Wu Tong laughed hideously, and the Heart-slashing Knife struck down once again.

Cailin yelped in shock, "Dodge! This is a divine knife personally crafted by the Saint, and it contains powerful spells. One prick of the blade and youll be dead!"

Su Yu squinted. Only then did he notice the soft whisper of the Heart-slashing Knife as it streaked across the air. Those were the spells.

Without careful observation, it was hard to notice, indeed.

Nevertheless, since these were just wizard spells, things became easier to deal with.

With a flip of his hand, Su Yu retrieved a flute, placed it at his lips and played a melody.

All of a sudden, the celestial music drifted through the air leisurely, dispersing the spells carried by the Heart-slashing Knife until they vanished.

"Ahh! How is that possible?" Wu Tong was utterly shocked. Any Level Five deity would have been killed by one strike of the Heart-slashing Knife. Never had it been thwarted like that. This was the very first time something like it happened!

However, before he could get over his stupefaction, Su Yu flicked his sleeve and the Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang bound Wu Tong firmly.

"These rings belonged to that woman!" Wu Tong recognized them right away, and his face turned pale with fright.

Su Yu said calmly, "Glad that you are informed. Do you have any last words?"

Wu Tong gritted his teeth but showed no intention of surrendering. "I will not succumb to enemies from the God Realm!"

"Commendable courage. I admire that," Su Yu remarked with indifference, but his divine aura turned cold all of a sudden. "Therefore"


Two sharp, bright beams of light shot out from Su Yus eyes, penetrating the spot between Wu Tongs brows.

Wu Tong did not even manage to scream in time before his eyes turned dull with death. However, they brightened up once again before long.

His hideous, fierce look was immediately changed, turning into a sort of agitated groveling. Not bothered by the tightening of the Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang around his body, he got down on one knee. "Greetings, Master. Wu Tong will obey your commands, Master."

Su Yu withdrew the Violet Gold Rings of Yin and Yang and said nonchalantly, "Go ahead, do what you normally would. Do not attract attention. If there comes a day when I need you, I will give my orders."

"I will fulfill your wish at the cost of my life, Master." Wu Tong offered him a low bow and retreated at once.

Having witnessed the scene, Cailin was shocked beyond words.

She greatly admired Su Yus intelligence and resourcefulness.

However, Cailin had never regarded his powers as being of any importance. Back when they met in the Star River, despite putting in his best efforts, Su Yu only reached the level of a late-stage Prospective Deity.

Now, however, they had faced a Level Two deity who would be considered a top-notch deity on par with the Dakini and Alliance Master Luo from the Star River God Realm. Su Yu tamed him in less than a second and actually turned him into an obedient slave!

Cailin could not understand the tremendous change in his capabilities.

After a long while, she recovered from the shock bit by bit, breathing deeply. With her eyes saucer-wide, she said, "My mistress was right. The strength you have concealed is astonishing, indeed. A Level Five deity cannot hope to beat you."

Su Yu chortled. Not just a Level Five deity, but even a Level Four deity could hardly rival him.

He did not point that out, but asked instead, "Why are you here?"

Cailin blinked and questioned him in return, "Thats what I should be asking you. Why are you here? As an enemy from the God Realm, are you dreaming of becoming a husband to the Saint Lady of the Moonwatch Sect?"


Su Yu raised his brows and queried in surprise, "Husband? What makes you say that?"

Cailin was startled. "Do you mean to say you barged in here without knowing anything?"

Seeing Su Yu shake his head, Cailin was befuddled. "Since ancient times, all important events of the Moonwatch Sect have taken place in the Holy Land. Things are no different when it comes to choosing a husband for the Saint Lady."

"First of all, the prospective bridegroom must pass the trial at the Holy Land. I thought you have come here for the Saint Lady."

Su Yu was speechless once he finally understood what the Epoch-making Dragon had in mind. He couldnt help shaking his head in frustration.

"I am here for something else. However, I am heading to the tomb of the Wizard Ancestor as well. If you have no objections, do come with me. Since you shared the truth with me, I would protect you in any way I can."

Cailin was having an internal struggle. In the past, she used to view Su Yu as an insignificant insect who should be stamped out.

However, here and now, she had to take shelter under Su Yus wings.

"Well, alright." Cailin nodded lightly and followed behind Su Yu. After a moment of thinking, she asked, "Why did you release Wu Tong? He serves the Saint. He might be dangerous to you."

Su Yu shrugged. "It was just a precaution, a trap that I have prepared. If the Saint runs into me some time, at least I have someone to lay an ambush."

Upon hearing that, Cailin could not help but mumble under her breath, "Thinking of bad ideas again."

"What did you say?" Su Yu turned around to look at her.

Cailin replied with feigned seriousness, hurriedly, "I said you are a kindhearted, righteous man."

"Oh, really? Thats what I think, too," Su Yu touched his cheek with a serious look.

The righteous, kindhearted Su Yu led Cailin all the way through the deep forest without encountering any obstacles along the way.

The view before them opened up all of a sudden, revealing a vast, expansive plain.

At the center of the plain, there was the Holy Altar, a structure made of stone ten thousand feet in height.

Attached to the Holy Altar were stairs that could be climbed, but they were guarded by two powerful Level Three wizards. The stairs were sealed for the time being and looked like they havent been opened yet.

Around the Holy Altar stood a few dozen young men, all of them contestants who came to participate in the competition for the Saint Ladys hand.

Su Yu was not concerned about them. Neither was he interested in the Saint Ladys marriage plans. His eyes were fixed on top of the Holy Altar, on a tomb so ancient that the scriptures on it had partially crumbled.

Would the method of resolving the Wizard Ancestors curse reveal itself if he just touched the tomb?

Su Yu knew that the contestants who hoped to gain the Saint Ladys hand in marriage had to leave their name on a list beside the tomb.

It was not a big problem that Su Yu didnt leave his name.

"There is one chance for taking the assessment every day. We just have to wait for another half-day for it to open," Cailin pointed at the stairs. "This is the key point of the assessment! Most people are unable to pass the stairs."

Su Yu thought about it and asked, "What would be your chances of success if you try to do it all by yourself?"

"Hard to say. If no one makes things especially difficult for me, perhaps about 20 percent."

So low? Su Yu was surprised. Was there some remarkable hardship hidden within the stairs?

Right at that moment, a cold, violent gust of air blew from the dense forest behind them, carrying a strong wind with it.

They looked up and saw a unicorn of seven colors sprinting across the sky like a galloping racing horse.

On top of the unicorn sat a young man with red flames leaping between his brows.

Cailin could not help but clench her fists, her eyes cold and dangerous. "The Saint!"