The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390 The Battle Of Supremacy

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The guardian on the right seemed dejected at this perceived slight of his own powers. Sighing, he said. "This form of Magical Sealing Power has been sealed in the House of Cloaks for hundreds of millions of years, and it has developed its own thoughts and behavior. It will only appear in front of talented people. It has never appeared before in the thousands of years I stood here guarding this place. "

The guardian on the left thought the same and had a conflicted look on his face. He heaved a sigh as he looked at the two. "The future is destined to belong to them."

Cailins face assumed an expression of deep shock. "It is actually the legacy of the Wizard Ancestor!"

As he heard these words, Su Yus heart started beating fiercely.

Outsiders would not know who those Wizard Ancestors were. The Epoch-making Divine Dragon told Su Yu all about the terrible existence of an emperor who would override the world.

To think that he actually left a legacy on the Holy Altar!

Suddenly, Su Yu seemed to understand what the Epoch-making Divine Dragon had said.

The ones who started the problem must be the one to resolve it. Those who had learned the way of the wizards would also be the ones who would be able to undo the powers that the Wizard Ancestor left behind.

"Is this style for everyone to learn?" Su Yus eyes were gleaming as he spoke.

Cailin shook her head. "How can it be so easy? If anyone could come to the Holy Altar to learn this style, do you think the four emperors would not attempt to do so as well?"

That was true. It would not be difficult for an emperor-level figure to break through to the Holy Altar.

It was like what had happened in those years when Nitian faced the demons.

However, he had gone to the Holy Altar in person and still did not come back with this kind of magical power. Obviously, it was not easy to cultivate.

"I heard from the Saint Lady that this style has its own spirituality. To practice it, there are two conditions. First, it needs to recognize and feel that you are qualified for enlightenment. Second, you must from the Wizard Tribe."

Hearing the second condition, Su Yu sighed.

However, Cailin seemed to have anticipated that and went on in a deeply meaningful tone, "Do you know that when one becomes the husband of the Saint Lady, he will experience a baptism by the ancestral wizard statue? If the baptism is successful, even if he is not from the Wizard Tribe, he would gain an authentic wizard breath."

Su Yus eyes glimmered as he caught Cailins meaning at once. "You are hoping that I will fight for the champion seat to become the Saint Ladys husband?"

Cailin smiled enticingly and looked at Su Yu from head to toe: "What do you think?"

"Based on your appearance, talent, and wisdom, I dont think there is anyone in the Ancient God Realm who can surpass you. If you can gain the Saint Ladys hand in marriage, I think this would be your lucky day."

Su Yu felt rather helpless. "You exaggerate. Anyway, I did not intend to marry the Saint Lady on this trip."

Cailin was surprised. "You should see the Saint Ladys beauty. She is as lovely as a goddess, comparable to the greatest beauty of the Ancient God Realm, Yongye Chuxue! As for her status, in the future, she will become the leader of the Moonwatch Sect. If you become her husband, anything you want across the entire Lost Nation would be within your grasp. Why would you miss out on this fabulous opportunity?"

"It is not the Saint Ladys fault, but due to my own personal reasons," Su Yu said.

Having been unable to deal with the relationship and feelings of Xianer and Jingyu adequately, Su Yu couldnt begin to think of other women.

Cailin sighed. "Then Im afraid it would be impossible for you to master the Yin and Yang style."

Su Yu did not think so, however.

The Epoch-making Divine Dragons idea was to help Su Yu get in touch with the inscription. Once he was in touch with the stone monument, something should happen.

Even without marrying the Saint Lady, Su Yu believed he would still be able to master and cultivate the Yin and Yang style.

On the stairs, Chu Bawang was sweating profusely, his mouth constantly emitting waves of curses and spells. He looked stubborn and annoyed, which was very different from the earlier happy-go-lucky vibes that he had before.

At this time, the Tai Chi pattern continued swirling and the black and white spots alternated. It turned the huge stairs into a black and white world.

Chu Bawang, irradiated with black and white light, was surrounding with cyan smoke, looking as if he was about to burst into flames.

The Wizard power in his body not only failed to become a boost for him but also added oil to the fire so that he boiled like ignited lamp oil.

As he tottered on the brink of death, Chu Bawang hurried to make the wise decision and quickly retreated from the Holy Altar.

Only when he did that, the sources of yin and yang and the abnormalities in Chu Bawangs body quickly subsided.

"The contestant has failed." The two guards shook their heads slightly. The Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style had not appeared because of him.

Chu Bawang had a look of extreme disappointment upon his face, and it seemed as though he struggled to accept this outcome.

"Next, Wang Qingchen!"

Wang Qingchens eyes flashed, his footsteps were light, and he jumped straight up to the stairs.

When the crowds gaze followed his progress, everyone saw that he had gone up to the second floor almost effortlessly. Then, just as they were surprised, he had already passed the third floor.

"So fast!"

"It looks like nothing can stop him!"

Chu Bawang was shocked. It was the same test, but Wang Qingchen not only treated it lightly and with ease, but also moved up the stairs at an astonishing speed.

Until he reached the fifth floor, he was so quick people could barely follow his progress.

From that point onwards, with each stair, Wang Qingchens speed slowed by a decimal point.

Finally, he stayed put on the ninth floor, staring at the light.


A yin and yang pattern appeared silently.

His eyes expressed a flash of joy and a sense of ease.

It seemed as though the yin and yang pattern had appeared just for him.

The two guards nodded slightly and could not help but watch the happenings intently. This formation of the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style had not appeared in a very long time.

Wang Qingchen took a deep breath and walked up to the tenth stair. With that, his fighting spirit erupted suddenly.

A colossal wizard power, deep and overwhelming, converged into a mighty wizard curse.

"Earth-Shattering Sky Splitting Curse!" Wang Qingchens eyes suddenly opened wide, bursting into a powerful aura. His blue hair floated up in the air, his robe danced wildly, and his entire temperament suddenly changed. He was very fierce.

At the same time, spells of unmatched power came out of where the bombardment of wizard power landed. As the ground shook violently, it tore up the Tai Chi Pattern that was blocking the area in front.

The Tai Chi pattern swirled and easily absorbed the power of wizard craft.

Immediately after that, much like during Chu Bawangs test, the Tai Chi pattern burst into two forms of overwhelming black and white divine light, igniting Wang Qingchen from within.

Wang Qingchens tenacious will, despite the intense pain he felt, kept him from flinching and retreating. Instead, he stimulated the raging wizard power in him and yelled, "The Curse of No Return!"

The deep wizard power in his body suddenly erupted, and in conjunction with the curse, a powerful spell broke out.

A huge sword made of pure wizard power emerged from behind him, slashing with a force that could break the world apart.


The black and white light between heaven and earth was split into two. After a stalemate between the Tai Chi pattern and the sword, it collapsed suddenly.

What remained was a gust of air that swept through thousands of miles across the sky. It set off a strong wind that whipped Wang Qingchens clothes, making the hem of his robe flutter.

As he turned away from the spectators, Wang Qingchen set foot on the Holy Altar, looking majestic.

At this moment, the world was quiet, and everyone seemed to be holding their breath.

The guards took a long time to exhale before their old faces finally showed excitement. "After so many years, someone has finally gone through the trial of the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style! This is something that no contemporary leader has done!"

"The heavens showed mercy! We have a top wizard of the Moonwatch Sect. He is the true heir of the tribe!"

Defeating the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style was equivalent to getting recognition from it and being qualified to cultivate it.

Thousands of people, during millions of years, had tried and failed. Thus, Wang Qingchens success signified he had to be the chosen one. What else could it possibly mean instead?


With another strong gust of wind, someone else had stepped up on the stairs, uninvited.

"No way! I am the heir to the Moonwatch Sect!"

The Saint, Zhao Tianyin, looked extremely angry. He seemed to think that his own place was taken away from him.

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps Zhao Tianyin exuded a terrible aura. The Yin and Yang Wizard power retreated on its own and dared not get close.

His overbearing dominance shocked the soul of every spectator present.

It seemed that they were now witnessing the resurrection of one of the old leaders of the Moonwatch Sect, a being who stood high above them.

On the ninth step, it was a shocking scene for all.

The Tai Chi patterns resurfaced!

The two guardians were surprised. "They reappeared? Impossible. According to the records written down in ancient books, each time the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style appears, it will only acknowledge one person. If this person passes the test, the pattern would not appear again. Instead, it would wait for this person to be completely enlightened by it. So, what is going on? Why did it appear again? "

Zhao Tianyin looked around proudly and said, "I am the leader of the Moonwatch Sect. The world is destined for me and the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style exists for me alone!"

After he finished speaking, a wizard curse full of boundless spells surged out.

"What an overwhelming wizard power!" The two guardians were stern.

"I havent seen him for a mere few years, so how did his wizard power become so pure in such a short time? Unless I am mistaken, he is close to breaking into Level Two, isnt he?"

The other guardian also felt it was unbelievable. "With the extent of the Saints cultivation over the past few years, his wizard power has grown by leaps and bounds indeed. This is highly unusual!"

What shocked them even more was that his powers attacked the Tai Chi pattern, which was now seemingly unstable.

It broke into pieces after holding out for the time of half a breath!

The Tai Chi pattern was too late in releasing its black and white light, and Zhao Tianyins spell destroyed it, not giving it a chance to resist.

Everyone looked up to Zhao Tianyin, who was ascending to the Holy Altar. All were trembling from head to foot.

This was the true heir to the Moonwatch Sect!

Although Wang Qingchen was strong, he was still one level behind Zhao Tianyin.

Zhao Tianyin was the true fated one instead.

Wang Qingchens expression looked troubled. He stood on the Holy Altar, facing Zhao Tianyin across the sky.

The eyes of the two met, and sparks danced in the air between them.

If it were not for the Holy Altar, if it were not for the names of their ancestors, they would already be fighting each other now.

After a long time, Wang Qingchen took a breath and said, "You are my greatest enemy, indeed! Now, in front of the Saint Lady, you and I will fight again!"

After he finished speaking, he placed his name on a list above the Holy Altar.

Zhao Tianyin replied arrogantly, "You are not an opponent worthy of me. If you want to die, I dont mind it at all!"

With that, he also left his name on the list.

Looking at the two men who were about to confront each other, many young people of the same generation who stood at the foot of the altar appeared to have a spark ignited in their hearts.

"Fifteen years ago, these two arrogant warriors fought for dominance over the Moonwatch Sect."

"Fifteen years later, they meet again, one for the sake of the past and one for the position of the leader. Now they collide again!"

"Ha ha ha, after fifteen years, The Lost Nation will finally win a war across time and space!"

"Although I have lost the qualification to participate in the test this time, I can witness the battle of two great warriors with my own eyes. It is worthwhile! It is worth being here just for this!"

Those below the Holy Altar all felt that todays test was outstandingly fierce.

If this scene before them was the finale, it had to be a classic.

Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen fixed their eyes on one another and both of them moved forward without hesitation.

"Slow down!" Although the guards were equally excited, they did not forget their duties. "There are still two people who did not participate in the test. If you start a fight on the Holy Altar, you will be disqualified from the competition."

Zhao Tianyin, Wang Qingchen, and all the other people present turned their eyes to Su Yu and Cailin, who were almost forgotten in all the excitement.

If not for the reminder by the guardians, the two main contestants would have forgotten that there were still two seemingly unassuming candidates left.

Wang Qingchen glanced at Su Yu indifferently and retracted his footsteps. "Alright, then. This guy will fail within ten breaths. Lets give him the opportunity to humiliate himself."

He estimated that in ten breaths, based on the strength Su Yu showed, he would only be able to climb to the third step.

Zhao Tianyin stared coldly at Cailin, his mouth curling in disdain. "What a waste of time!"

The guards looked at the two of them. "Which of you will go first?"