The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391 Nine Paths Of Yin And Yang

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Cailin thought for a while and said, "I will go first. I will try to do all I can to reach the fifth step. With your ingenuity, I hope you can see the flaws within the test and exploit them. This is as much as I can help you."

She knew that it was impossible for her to climb to the Holy Altar, and she was willing to become Su Yus stepping-stone instead.

Su Yu casually gave her a nod.

The guardian asked again, "Who is going first?"

Cailin took a breath and was prepared to speak, but Su Yu answered first, saying casually, "We came together, so of course, we go up together as well."

With that, he laughed carelessly and pulled on Cailins wrist, walking sprightly towards the stairs.

The guard was shocked. "Together?"

Su Yu replied, "There are rules and regulations here. Is this not allowed?"

The guards shook their heads. "There is no prohibition against you going together, but as the guards, we are obliged to remind you that the difficulty of the test will increase exponentially in this case."

Su Yu was surprised. "How much more difficult would that be?"

The guard spoke clearly, with a tone of finality, "Ten times more."

However, the guards were stunned again when Su Yu said abruptly, "Fortunately, this falls within what I had planned."

The guard felt obliged to say, "Perhaps you did not understand. The test would be ten times more difficult! With such an immense increase in the obstacles ahead of you, you may not even be able to climb one step."

Su Yu said lightly, "I understand. Ten times more difficult. Can we get on with it now?"

With that, he grabbed the overwhelmed Cailin and moved to stand in front of the stairs.

No one else was paying attention to them. With Zhao Tianyin, Wang Qingchen and Chu Bawangs amazing performance before, who cared about the two unknown people?

However, hearing that Su Yu wanted to take another person to climb up beside it, despite knowing that it would make the ordeal ten times more difficult, many couldnt help but exclaim in horror.

"Are you kidding me? Ten times more difficult? Even Zhao Tianyin wouldnt dare to be so arrogant!"

"This kid was very likely to be affected by the performance of the three contestants before him and decided that he wants to attract everyones attention as well."

"Oh, I definitely agree that he is going for the limelight! However, I doubt he is good enough for that. Without any capabilities to show off, he will simply look like an idiot!"

"Come, lets make a bet. How many stairs can he climb?"

"My guess is zero! As soon as the Wizard Fire appears, he will be so scared that hell pee in his pants."


The crowd of spectators laughed and ridiculed him for a while.

Cailin turned red and tried to wriggle out of Su Yu s grasp. However, she found that his fingers clasped hers with the strength of iron tongs. She could not help but panic. "Let go of me. If you go alone, you might succeed. Bring me along and there will be no hope at all. "

Su Yu smiled at her. "You have known me for so long. Dont you know I dont believe there is anything impossible in the world?"

Cailin was struck. Su Yus words echoed deep in her mind. He seemed as solid as a rock. She hesitated for a while before she recalled that Su Yu had achieved amazing things.

Was there anything in the world that was impossible for him to do?

No, such a thing had never appeared so far.

With her doubts cleared, she obediently followed Su Yu and set foot on the first step of the staircase.

The audience was quiet, staring at the interesting proceedings.

With two people climbing the stairs together, how would the Yin Yang Wizard Fire change?

However, to everyones surprise, the Wizard Fire continued to retreat as they moved forward!

Yes, from the first step to the second step, from the second step to the third it continuously shrank and finally was all but hidden under the stairs, concealed from view.

It seemed as though Su Yu was the master of Wizard Fire, and that he was meant to be the Moonwatch Sect leader!

This very strange scene astonished everyone beneath the Holy Altar. The people stared at the unprecedented scene without blinking.

The two guards were also taken aback.

"What happened?"

"Is the Wizard Fire energy insufficient? Has it dispersed?"

Above the Holy Altar, the two supreme beings facing each other became aware of how quiet it was on the staircase below and looked down.

When they saw what was going on, they could not help but be surprised.

The Yin and Yang Wizard Fire actually disappeared!

Although the Wizard Fire did not pose much of a difficulty for them, it was the first time it had retreated on its own during the test.

"This is really a stroke of good luck for these guys! To think that they actually encountered a test failure that has never before seen," Zhao Tianyin said contemptuously.

However, the people under the Holy Altar didnt think so.

Su Yu was confident that he would be able to take another person up the stairs despite it being ten times more difficult. Then the Wizard Fire retreated almost immediately. How could this possibly be a coincidence?

They wanted to watch the happenings, they wanted to ridicule and mock, but the more they saw, the more they thought that it was not a coincidence at all.

Wang Qingchen stared at Su Yu intently, without saying a word.

Surrounded by the tense silence, Su Yu nevertheless looked as if he were not bothered by anyone. He continued leading Cailin up the stairs.

However, an unforgettable scene appeared!

Su Yu just raised his foot when, on the second step, black and white light gathered and condensed into a huge Tai Chi pattern!

"Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style?" Many onlookers standing under the Holy Altar were dumbfounded.

The guards who have been in this place for millions of years were equally baffled.

On the Holy Altar, the two divine beings glanced down quickly.

They had no presence of mind to ponder why the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style, which had appeared twice already, showed up for the third time now.

They were all shocked by the fact that the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style had re-appeared on the second step.

This situation was unprecedented.

The Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style would only occasionally appeared in the course of the test, and then only at the last step, as the most difficult final stage.

Therefore, why the hell did it appear so early, on the second step?

They were still immersed in this incomprehensible enigma when the next scene that unfolded made their jaws drop.

Chi chi chi

Eight consecutive sounds rang through the air.

The Tai Chi pattern appeared on each of the subsequent steps!

In addition to the first step that Su Yu was standing on, there were nine other steps, and each now had a Tai Chi pattern on it.

This scene made the audience fall silent.

The guards, the onlookers, and the two divine beings were all paralyzed with shock.

Nine Paths of Yin and Yang had appeared for two people No, to be precise, they appeared for Su Yu and only for Su Yu!

"How how is this possible?" Given Chu Bawangs character, he couldnt help but wonder.

His words were like stones falling into a calm lake, sending out ripples.

"How could this happen? Nine Paths of Yin and Yang appeared at the same time, all for the assessment of one person!" The people all around exclaimed as they began to recover from the shock.

"If a single Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style appears, this means that it recognizes a persons extraordinary talent. However, if the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang appear at the same time, would it mean that his talent is far superior to Zhao Tianyins and Wang Qingchens more than nine times over?"

"Wait! The Tai Chi pattern that appeared three times before was not actually for Chu Bawang, nor for Wang Qingchen, nor for Zhao Tianyin but for him!"

This bold guess made everyone even more shocked. They were unable to believe what had just happened.

However, with the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang in front of them, they were convinced that this was not an illusion.

Wang Qingchens pupils shrank into pinpricks, and his heart was full of turbulent emotion.

The guesses of the crowd might not be quite correct, he thought, but they might not be entirely wrong either!

There had been simultaneous tests throughout history, but the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang had only made their appearance on a handful of occasions. Now, in fact, the Yin and Yang Wizard Fire has become over ten times more powerful!

Wang Qingchen finally faced Su Yu and observed his every move.

Zhao Tianyins face was somber. Su Yu was not just lucky; he actually had extraordinary talent!

Aggression began to build up in his face. Anyone who threatened him and his prospects had to go, and he was prepared to use any means to achieve that end.

He had to get rid of this young upstart at all costs.

Cailin was surprised as well, but looking at Su Yu, she took for granted that this phenomenon was expected. The fact was, nothing about Su Yu really shocked her anymore.

Su Yu himself was, however, a little surprised. He did not expect the Sky Splitting Yin and Yang Style to show up for him, and to appear together with the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang, too.

However, since they were here, he was ready to face them.

Su Yu took out the True Sky Flute of Heavenly Melody, placed it at his lips and played a melodious tune. It sounded like fairy music.

The wonderful sound was fascinating and calming.

The Tai Chi pattern on the second stair shook and retreated silently.

On the third step, the Tai Chi pattern continued to recede.

Then the fourth step

Everyone was stunned, and their eyes were opened so wide that they almost popped out.

The eventually defeated Chu Bawang, the barely-winning Wang Qingchen, and the powerful Zhao Tianyin all exerted great magical powers to contend with the mighty Yin and Yang style.

What about Su Yu? He was casually walking, accompanied by the fairy sounds he played so elegantly, easily resolving the terrible Tai Chi Patterns one after another.

From the perspective of outsiders, Su Yu wasnt even being tested. He was merely walking on at his ease!

However, the Tai Chi patterns became more resistant as he got to the top of the staircase.

When he reached the ninth step, the Tai Chi Pattern was basically unaffected by the fairy music.

Su Yu put the flute away indifferently, held Cailins hand in one of his, and gently tapped on the Tai Chi pattern with the other.

In his body, a wisp of pure and innocent power was activated. It followed his finger and came in contact with the Tai Chi pattern.

The indestructible Tai Chi pattern melted away like a snowflake.

Su Yu smiled faintly, pulled Cailin along, and finally, casually landed at the top of the Holy Altar.

At this moment, the world was silent.

The scene had shocked everyone beyond description. It was something that they had never witnessed before.

No one would ever view the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang as mere nothings, especially the last one. The spectators were very far apart from the patterns yet could still feel the terrible danger they exuded.

However, Su Yu easily subdued every one of them.

From the beginning until the end, the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang had no chance to exert their power on him at all.

Such terrifying capabilities surprised everyone.

"Who is he? From the Holy capital or from the Earth Capital? Which clan does he come from?"

"I dont know, I have never heard of him!"

"Impossible! How could such a character be unknowns?"

"Could it be someone close to the Saint Lady? That woman in a mans costume is a close confidant of the Saint Lady. No doubt, if they all planned this"

If he was close to the Saint Lady, it would make sense.

However, even so, the feat of crushing the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang one by one so easily had impressed everyone.

The two guards looked at each other, their eyes full of suspicion.

"The leader must be notified. Something serious is happening!" The two read each others thoughts.

On the Holy Altar, Su Yu ignored Wang Qingchens burning stare and Zhao Tianyins obvious murderous intent. He let go of Cailin and moved forward to the tombstone alone.

The inscription on the tombstone has been crumbling for hundreds of millions of years, and some of the letters were unclear.

However, Su Yu could sense that the gravestone exuded a supreme power.

"Finally, I have come to this step." Su Yu took a step forward and touched the inscription with his hand.

Everyone was watching Su Yus every move. People exchanged glances.

The spectators began whispering among themselves.

"He is crazy! He does not sign on the list, but instead wants to touch the inscription?"

"But wait, touching the inscription means he wants to"

The two guards also noticed Su Yus move and their expressions changed drastically. They shouted in unison, "Stop, dont touch the tombstone!"

Alas, it was too late. Su Yus hand already came in contact with the tombstone.