The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392 Challenging The Leader

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The tombstone shook gently, and Su Yus palm print was left on it.

Then Su Yu retracted his hand and waited for the next transformation of the tombstone.

After a while, the tombstone returned to normal, except that there was now an imprint of Su Yus hand on it, and no other abnormalities occurred.

Su Yu was feeling suspicious deep down in his heart. He had followed the instructions of the Epoch-making Divine Dragon and left his palm print on the ancestral wizard tombstone. Why didnt anything happen?

Staring at the palm print, the people present were all dead silent, looking from Su Yu to the tombstone without blinking.

The two guards looked grave, as if the sky was going to collapse.

Zhao Tianyin seemed to be even more furious. He stared at Su Yu sternly and shouted, "Youre so audacious! How dare you not pay any attention to a Saint like me?"

Wang Qingchen was silent, and his eyes were full of anger as he said in a deep voice, "Okay! I admit to having underestimated you, but your actions today tell me that you do not care about us at all. Are you trying to make all the younger generation of the Lost Nation your enemies?"

Su Yu was secretly astonished, but he looked very calm and stood still without saying a word.

In fact, he didnt know what was going on, so he kept his mouth shut in case he said the wrong thing and gave himself away.

At this time, his ear picked up a subtle sound.

Cailins face twisted with surprise. "Su Yu, dont tell me you came all the way to the altar just to leave a handprint on the tombstone?"

She knew that Su Yus purpose was to go to the altar, but she didnt know what he was trying to achieve.

Now, as she looked at that palm print, she was shocked. At the same time, an inquisitive expression appeared on her face and she looked suspiciously at Su Yu.

Su Yu said, "Well, the purpose was as you just mentioned, but I dont know what it means to leave a palm print on the tombstone. The expressions of everyone here tell me that something is amiss."

Cailin rolled her eyes. She almost fainted with shock because of Su Yus ignorance. She said with mixed feelings of anger and amusement, "You dont know, but you dare to leave a palm print on the tombstone of the wizard ancestor? I really dont know if you are brave or arrogant. You simply do not treat the wizard tribe with respect!"

Cailin took a deep breath and went on with a solemn expression, "I regret to tell you that you are in big trouble! Since ancient times, leaving your palm print on the tombstone of the wizard ancestor can only have one meaning in the community of the wizard tribe."

"Whats the meaning?" Su Yu had a bad feeling about this. The mysterious behavior of the Epoch-making Divine Dragon was probably going to be explained at this moment.

"It means you challenge the leader of the Sect and fight for his position," Cailin said slowly and clearly.

Su Yus pupils shrank suddenly, and he took in a gulp of air.

Challenge the leader of the Moonwatch Sect? Even for Su Yu, this was too dangerous.

The terrifying prowess of the Moonwatch Sect leader was something he did not know how to evaluate. He had not seen it with his own eyes, nor was he able to obtain any accurate records of it.

Nevertheless, Su Yu could more or less imagine how powerful the leader of the wizard tribe must be.

At the very least, he should be a powerful figure that could rival the monarchs of the four empires.

By getting Su Yu to challenge such an overwhelmingly strong being, wasnt the Epoch-making Divine Dragon sending him to his death?

He could imagine hearing the laughter of the Epoch-making Divine Dragon from hundreds of millions of miles away.

Su Yu did his best to control his mind and calmed down quickly.

"Do you have any speech prepared before you proceed with the challenge?" Cailin said.

Su Yu said, "Can I erase the palm print and pretend that I have not been here at all?"

"No," Cailin answered very earnestly. "If you want to erase it, you would need to get the permission of everyone here!"

"From ancient times to the present, anyone who blatantly challenged the leader would be sent to the Saint Tribe to fight against the leader in order to decide which of the two is more powerful," Cailin said. "When your hand was imprinted on the tombstone, you have signed a contract. Unless you die, this contract cannot be dissolved."

Su Yu asked, "What are the rules of the challenge? Fight till someone says stop or"

"It will be a fight to the death in the arena. Only one person is left alive at the end of the challenge. This is a matter of dignity for the Moonwatch Sect, and it will never change."

After listening to this, Su Yu thought, "It seems that I have no choice other than challenging the leader of the Moonwatch Sect."

Now Su Yu also understood Zhao Tianyins murderous look and Wang Qingchens fierceness.

Throughout the ages, no one dared to challenge their leader, because every leader was the strongest in the wizard tribe of their time!

Even Zhao Tianyin, who was amazingly talented and proud, only competed with the Saint Lady for her position and never dared to challenge the leader.

The same was true for the Saint Lady, who fought fiercely with the Saint but never dared to harbor the idea of overthrowing the leader.

Su Yus active challenge to the leader was undoubtedly a slap in the face of the entire younger generation.

No arrogant and ambitious wizard could stand Su Yus challenge to the leader.

Under the altar, after a commotion, people began to get angry.

"The leader is an unparalleled divine being. How can a junior just challenge him like that? Before challenging the leader, you will have to go through me first."

"Huh! What is there to fight for? It would be easier to kill him directly. He doesnt even have the right to stand in front of the leader."

A few hot-blooded youngsters were all saying that Su Yu was provoking them, and they all wanted a piece of him.

"The contract has come into effect. No one can harm or kill him until the challenge, or you will be punished by the power of the ancestors. Do not blame me and say that I did not warn you!" One of the guars scowled.

A group of angry wizards all gritted their teeth. As much as they wanted to, they could not do anything to Su Yu.

After saying their piece, the two guards looked at each other and took out a dusty wooden box. Their expressions were extremely solemn.

The wooden box had an immensely powerful aura and was clearly ancient. It was obvious that it hadnt been opened in a very long time.

The two guards carried the box and slowly walked up to the altar with everyone looking at them.

Their footsteps were measured, steady and firm.

There was awe and devotion in the ancient ritual as they lifted the wooden box and walked up to Su Yu.

"State your name."

"Su Yu."

The guard on the right nodded indifferently and the grating tones of his voice reverberated through the air. "Ancient Epoch, October 1, Year 3500. The wizard Su Yu challenged the current leader, Bai Xiaofeng. The spirit of the wizard ancestor and the 380th generation defenders, Mo Sang and Mo Yu, hereby notarize and declare the challenge effective."

With that, Mo Yu, the guardian on the left, opened the dusty, ancient wooden box. A purple thunder mark was suspended in it.

When the mark appeared, the palm print on the tombstone slowly vanished, gradually melting away. Soon it faded as if it was never there.

However, the Thunder Mark had now formed some sort of connection with Su Yu and penetrated the space between his eyebrows.

Suddenly, a thunder mark appeared on Su Yus forehead.

The mark was brimming with the immensely terrifying power of the ancestral wizard.

At the same time, an endless ripple radiated from the thunder mark, spreading in all directions.

From those who stood close to the altar to the wizard tribes on the far edge of the Lost Nation, everyone could feel this powerful ripple.

As the ripple swept across them, people looked up, startled.

"What? Someone directly challenged the leader, vying for his position?" A girl with big, bright eyes in a certain hall far away was visibly shocked.

Throughout the land, several powerful Level Three wizard auras shot out. For a moment, the wizard powers soared into the sky, rumbling above the world. "Who is daring enough to try to override the temple of the Saint and fight for the position of the leader?"

Somewhere in the dark mountain ranges, there was an immense army resembling a dark cloud. On the golden throne, a young man who looked bold and defiant suddenly looked up, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. "This is interesting! Somebody actually challenged the leader at this time. Haha, it seems like even the heavens are on my side!"

In the void space, sensing the ripples sweeping over its head, the Epoch-making Divine Dragon smiled mysteriously. "Finally it is going to start. I hope you are blessed with good fortune."

After Mo Sang and Mo Yu opened the wooden box at the altar, they looked at Su Yu and said in a flat voice, "The test of the staircase is over for now. Those who have not tried yet can face the challenge tomorrow."

At this moment, however, the people present were no longer focused on the Saint Ladys quest for a husband.

Instead, the focus was on the unprecedented event of someone actually challenging the leader!

No matter who the other party was or what kind of connections he had, it was something that had not happened in living memory.

Under the instructions of Mo Sang and Mo Yu, most of the wizards gathered at the altar left.

Su Yu became more relaxed after escaping the attention of many people and their intentions to challenge him. Then he was ready to leave just like the rest.

However, Mo Sang stopped Su Yu and took out a document. "Please sign here."

Su Yu was stunned. "I need to sign?"

He wasnt interested in becoming the husband of the Saint Lady.

"Yes! You touched the tombstone and thus signed the contract of the highest caliber. The challenge contract goes together with gaining the Saint Ladys hand in marriage."

Ah? Su Yu was dumbfounded and looked at Cailin for an explanation.

Cailin suppressed her smile and said, "By leaving your hands imprint on the altar, you have committed to challenging the Sects leader in a fight to the death. However, this also means that you have stated your intention of becoming the Saint Ladys husband if you win. Now you have no choice but to sign this document."

Su Yu was stunned and finally understood what the Epoch-making Divine Dragon meant when he said that an exceptionally young and handsome man like him would have a higher chance of success.

It turned out that the Epoch-making Divine Dragon already knew that no matter how he tried to avoid it, Su Yu would eventually fall into the trap of a marriage contract with the Saint Lady.

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Su Yu thought about it for a moment before signing his name.

It was one thing for him to participate, but if he deliberately admitted defeat, no one could stop him, right?

After he signed, Mo Sang and Mo Yu walked down from the altar and did not stop Su Yu from leaving any longer.

"Hmph! You had better look out for yourself," Zhao Tianyin said, not hiding his killing intent. He stared at Su Yu coldly before he rode away on his seven-colored unicorn.

Wang Qingchen also gave Su Yu a sharp look and said, "When it comes to the Saint Ladys betrothal ceremony, I wish you all the best."

After he said his piece, he stepped on the back of a white crane and flew away.

Su Yu shrugged indifferently. There were pros and cons to the thunder mark between his eyebrows.

The con was that this was a binding contract. If Su Yu violated it, the ancestral wizard power contained in the mark could destroy him.

The benefit was that this mark also protected him. Until the challenge with the leader was completed, any people who tried to harm Su Yu would be killed by the ancestral wizard power in the mark.

That was why Zhao Tianyin, who was clearly anxious to kill him, gave up easily.

It was the reason why nobody dared to attack Su Yu directly.

When Su Yu came to the altar, everyone began to leave. Only one person stood there with his arms folded across his chest, patiently waiting for Su Yu.

"You want to challenge me as well?" Su Yu glanced at Chu Bawang and decided he did not like this ghastly-looking man.

Chu Bawang said coldly, "Yes, but not because you have entered the contest for the Saint Ladys hand, nor because you challenged the leader."

His eyes were cold and dangerous. "It is because you have touched something you were not supposed to touch. The Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style!"