The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393 Outrageous Gamble

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What did it mean when the Nine Paths of Yin and Yang appeared at the same time? Many people already knew the answer.

Su Yu was recognized by the Paths of Yin and Yang more than any other being.

After hearing what he said, Su Yu smiled. "If Zhao Tianyin or Wang Qingchen said that, it might have sounded convincing. You, on the other hand, didnt even get the most basic recognition. Dont you feel that you are being obstinate on purpose because of that reason?"

Chu Bawang grinned in an insolent manner. "I am not fighting for myself, but for another person, the real chosen one."

"Who?" Su Yu rolled his eyes.

Within the Lost Nation, apart from Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen, was there another person who claimed to be the chosen one?

"You dont need to know who it is." Chu Bawang looked stern and forbidding as he exuded a powerful wizard aura.

He failed the staircase test, but it did not mean that he was weak.

A Level Three wizard was enough to attract the attention of the four emperors.

Feeling the other partys fighting spirit, Su Yu said, "Arent you afraid of the mark?"

Chu Bawang looked at the space between Su Yus eyebrows and a disdainful smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "This mark will only be activated when the enemy has the intention to kill. Now, I only want to have a duel with you! If I win, you must pass on to the Chu tribe the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style that you master in the future! "

"Not interested," Su Yu said directly.

"Are you afraid?" Chu Bawang sneered.

Su Yu said lightly, "No, Im not afraid. Why do I have to make such a deal with you? I do not benefit if I win, but I have to hand over the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style if I lose. Are you stupid, or do you think that I am?"

Chu Bawang said in a mocking tone, "Hahaha, your courage is commendable! You actually have the confidence that you would win! Regarding benefits, the Chu tribe has controlled the resources of the Lost Nation for countless years. We will be able to procure whatever you might need."

"Many of the rare materials that have disappeared from your Ancient God Realm would take a long time to be discovered in the Lost Nation without our assistance."

Su Yu considered the offer. If it was just about treasures, Su Yu would not necessarily care.

But ancient, rare materials

Turning his head slightly, Su Yu said, "Do you have the Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits?"

The Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits was an important catalyst for mastering the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. It has not been seen in the Ancient God Realm for tens of millions of years and was considered extinct.

It was created from an endless pile of corpses, formed by merging many departed spirits, and it was extremely valuable.

Without the rock, the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation could not be mastered successfully.

Chu Bawang chuckled. "What do you think? There is nothing the Chu tribe cannot find! Our tribe does have one Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits. It was found on the battlefield between your Ancient God Realm and the Moonwatch Sect, left behind after hundreds of millions of live spirits were killed."

Su Yu secretly rejoiced. He thought about it and then took out a handwritten list.

It was a list of materials he needed to create the World Annihilation Plate. The resources required were innumerable. The vast majority of them had existed during the ancient era of the Ancient God Realm, but only a few of them left in the present time.

Looking over the list, he handed it over to the other party. "Can you get everything I have written here?"

Chu Bawang took a look at it and laughed. "Nearly all of these resources would be impossible for you to procure in the Ancient God Realm. However, the Lost Nation is ten times larger than the Ancient God Realm. Yes, I can get all the items on this list."

Su Yu was very excited and took out a few more lists and diagrams one after another. All those ancient civil weapon designs were taken from the Myriad Stone Mountain.

Although Chu Bawang was confident in his abilities, as he observed Su Yu pulling out page after page, he could not help but exclaim, "Enough! Dont you think that you are being too greedy?"

What a joke! Greedy? If he did not take advantage of the situation now, he would regret it later.

"The choice is up to you. These are the resources I want."

Chu Bawang had a dangerous look in his eyes. If it were not for the Thunder Mark, he would have cut all the nonsense long ago and attacked Su Yu directly, making him submit by force.

Gritting his teeth, Chu Bawang took the lists, inspected them, and could not help but ask in astonishment, "Why do you need all these materials? About eighty to ninety percent of them are resources from the ancient era."

Su Yu said indifferently, "That is none of your concern."

After perusing the lists, Chu Bawang said, "I can procure most of these materials."

What he did not say was that these resources were of great importance to the Chu tribe as well. Even if he agreed to give them away, it would be impossible to get the tribe to agree.

"So, are you going to gamble? The resources that I need against the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style?" Su Yu asked.

Chu Bawangs eyes flashed, "Yes!"

"Fine! I will accept this bet," Su Yu said.

Chu Bawangs demeanor became aggressive and he said, "Since that is the case, there is no need for further talk. Lets duel now!"

"Hehe," Su Yu grinned. "To make this an honest bet, you should at least demonstrate that you have your side of the stakes. Do you think that I can be easily cheated?"

Chu Bawang chuckled. "Do you think I, Chu Bawang, would break my promise?"

In fact, what he really meant to say was that there was no chance whatsoever he would lose. It would not make any difference whether he had the stakes in his possession or not.

"Sorry, your name and reputation mean nothing to me," Su Yu insisted. "Ill wait until you show me what I want, and then lets talk again!"

Chu Bawang sneered, "I have tried to give you some dignity, but you are too insolent! Anyway, the duel ending will be the same, so why waste time? Today, you will be dueling me whether you want to or not!"

As he said this, his whole body was gearing up for battle. He looked ready to crush and kill Su Yu at any moment.

Su Yu saw through his act and laughed. "It turns out that you were planning on deceiving me! You cannot represent your tribe. Even if you lose, you will not be able to hold up your end of the bargain. This is such a waste of time!"

Waving his sleeve, Su Yu pulled on Cailins hand and said, "Lets go. Well leave this place first and then we can talk."

"You want to leave? Not so fast. Fight with me first and complete the bet!" Chu Bawang had to have his own way. He began to attack without warning. The spells came out of his mouth and a powerful wizard power erupted all around him.

Su Yus eyes turned cold. An emerald flute revolved in his hand.

At this moment, a cold denouncement came from the nine heavens.

This cold denouncement contained a mighty wizard power.

It was a wizard spell as well. The spell released by Chu Bawang disintegrated under the ripples from the other partys magical force and quickly disappeared.

Chu Bawang looked up and was visibly annoyed. " Saint Lady?"

A beautiful young lady in a colorful dress slowly descended from above, accompanied by several Level Three wizards.

Chu Bawangs expression was distraught and he said, "Even though you are the Saint Lady, you do not have the right to keep others from making a gamble."

The Saint Ladys lovely eyes looked on with an indifferent expression. "Gamble? What about your gambling stakes? If you cannot demonstrate them, please retreat. Su Yu is my friend, and you are not allowed to bully him."

She flashed a kind smile at Su Yu.

When she sensed the ripples from the Thunder mark, she rushed over at once and happened to witness this scene.

"Are you determined to be an enemy of my clan?" Chu Bawang was extremely annoyed.

The Saint Lady frowned. "Are you threatening me and the Saint Lady Temple?"

There was a hint of coldness in her voice.

Behind her were several Level Three wizards who did not look friendly at all. They were all from the Saint Lady Temple. How could they allow the Saint Lady to be threatened in front of them?

Chu Bawang was visibly annoyed. He stared at her intently, then looked at Su Yu and finally exclaimed, "Our bet is not completed yet!"

"I will wait until you have all the things I want," Su Yu said, unmoved.

"Hmph, you had better watch out for yourself!" Chu Bawang transformed into a gust of cold wind and disappeared.

Su Yu shrugged helplessly on his face. Through a single move, he had antagonized many people.

Whats more, he was not recognized as part of the wizard tribe, which was a serious problem for him.

If it were possible, he would choose to back off immediately.

However, he knew that in order to undo the curse lingering on Yongye Chuxue, he had to cultivate the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style.

In any case, he had to find a way to learn the technique.

There were two requirements to do so.

The first was to get the acknowledgment from the style itself, which Su Yu had already accomplished.

The second was to be a descendant of the wizard tribe.

If he married the Saint Lady, Su Yu would receive the baptism of the ancestral wizard statue and would be able to possess the aura of the wizard tribe. Then he would be officially considered a descendant of the tribe.

However, he was unable to accept such a marriage contract.

He would not travel that path.

"Mr. Su, I havent seen you for two years. I didnt expect to see you here at the altar of the Moonwatch Sect." The Saint Lady seemed to find it amusing. It was truly amazing what miraculous coincidences could occur in life.

She painstakingly searched for Su Yu for two years without success. After Su Yu crossed the border to the Lost Nation, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. She even entertained the idea of giving up.

However, now Su Yu appeared at the altar himself.

What was even more amazing, the mark between Su Yus eyebrows told her that he was the one who challenged the Moonwatch Sect leader.

Su Yu said, "Yes."

He had no reason to be too friendly with the Saint Lady.

When he was at the ruins beneath the Frozen River, the Saint Lady chased him with the intention of killing him.

Sensing Su Yus coldness, the Saint Lady could not help but look to Cailin for help.

Cailin sighed helplessly. If only the Saint Lady had known it would come to this, she would not have acted the way she did back then.

However, Cailin still tried her best. She said, "Su Yu, the Saint Lady deeply regretted what had happened in the past. She had also sincerely apologized, so would you please forgive her? After all, as the Saint Lady of the Moonwatch Sect, it is natural that she mistook you for an enemy from the Ancient God Realm. Under those circumstances, her actions were understandable."

The Saint Lady straightened her gown and made a bow. "That day, I mistakenly thought Su Yu was an enemy of the Moonwatch Sect. Now I hope you would be magnanimous enough to forgive me."

Su Yus expression then softened slowly and he said, "Whats done is done, no need to mention it anymore."

The four great empires of the Ancient God Realm all put out an arrest order for Su Yu. He could no longer go back, and there was no need to offend the Lost Nation as well.

The Saint Ladys face brightened. "Mr. Su came to the Lost Nation and probably has no place to stay, right? Why dont you come to the Saint Ladys Temple? Then we could easily help you to get rid of any unnecessary entanglements."

The Saint Ladys Temple? Su Yu could naturally figure out what the solicitation meant.

After considering his situation, however, Su Yu felt helpless and realized that he had no better choices.

The Saint regarded him as a sworn enemy and wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.

The Chu tribe longed to kill him too.

The Wang tribe did not seem to want to accommodate him either.

Throughout the Lost Nation, except the Saint Lady, all were his enemies.

With the Thunder mark, Su Yu was not afraid of whoever might threaten him, but entanglements such as the one with Chu Bawang were getting on his nerves.

"Alright, thank you, but I have a request," Su Yu said.

The lady rejoiced. "Of course. Please state it."