The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 Helm Leader Wuxin

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"Give me the rights to access all the information of the wizard tribe," Su Yu made his request.

The Saint Lady was a little surprised. Judging from Su Yus solemn matter, she thought his request would be something very difficult to accomplish. She did not expect he would merely ask to check some information.

After thinking about it for a moment, the Saint Lady said, "The Saint Lady Temple has a full collection of the records handed down from generation to generation. Except for the confidential information, I can allow you to have access to the rest."

"Thank you very much," Su Yu said.

There were three major wizard cities in the Lost Nation. Saint Capital was the imperial capital of the wizard tribe. It housed the headquarters of the Moonwatch Sect.

Sheng Capital and Fan Capital were the secondary capitals of the nation. If foreign enemies attacked, they would be the shields of the Saint Capital and stop the enemy from entering the imperial city.

The Wang clan commanded Sheng Capital, while the Chu clan controlled Fan Capital.

These two were the most powerful wizard clans.

They took direct orders from the leader of the Moonwatch Sect, and no other forces in the Sect, including the Temple of the Saint and the Temple of the Saint Lady, had the power to command them. Unquestionably, they had formidable power and influence.

A crucial thing to remember was that Bai Xiaofeng, the leader of the Moonwatch Sect, has been in isolation for millions of years and never appeared in public.

The clans who controlled the Sheng and Fan Capitals had formidable power.

Even the Temple of the Saint and the Temple of the Saint Lady had to be polite to them and could not afford to offend them.

"Is the status of the two minor capitals so high?" Su Yu asked as he sat in an elegant and quiet courtyard, flipping through a book about the recent state of the Lost Nation.

"If that is the case, the Chu clan that controls the Fan Capital could really have enough of the materials I need," Su Yu secretly said.

This was the general structure of the wizard tribe. There was the Temple of the Saint, the Temple of the Saint Lady, Sheng City, Fan City, and the Moonwatch Sect leader, Bai Xiaofeng, who had not appeared for many years.

In addition, Su Yu also read many books on the history of the wizard tribe.

From the books, Su Yu learned about the origins of the wizard tribe. History stated that the first generations leader had come to the deserted and mysterious Lost Nation, along with other ancient wizards.

Later, the ancient wizards disappeared, leaving behind a group of wizards who flourished and multiplied for countless years.

After that, the Ancient God Realm suddenly invaded the Lost Nation, occupying one-tenth of its territory. Since then, the wizard tribe had waged a long battle with the Ancient God Realm.

History had made it obvious that the wizard tribe themselves were outsiders as well.

It was just that they got here a step ahead of the rest.

"Exactly what sort of place is this Lost Nation?" Su Yu thought.

Dong Dong!

Someone was knocking on the gate. The Saint Lady stood there, frowning slightly and seemingly worried.

Su Yu opened the gate wide and invited her in.

Su Yu was staying at the residence of the Saint Lady. Every few days, she would come and visit him.

Now that a month had passed, the two had become very familiar with each other.

"Mr. Su, the matchmaking ceremony is going to take place soon. Are you ready for it?" The Saint Lady asked.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment and said, "Yes, I am ready."

The Saint Lady smiled. "Please, there is no need to be nervous. I already heard from Cailin about your intentions, and I will not force you to marry me. Instead, I will choose the candidate I like best amongst the shortlisted ones."

"Thank you, Saint Lady, for your kind understanding," Su Yu said.

His answer made the Saint Lady feel helpless and a little lost.

She had no feelings for Su Yu, but the fact that he staunchly refused to marry her stung a little. As a woman with the reputation of a highly desirable beauty, she found it hard to swallow.

"Mr. Su, I came here today to talk about one matter. I hope you are mentally prepared for this," The Saint Lady said.

Su Yu was not surprised. "Is it about my identity?"

His identity as a non-wizard could not be concealed for long.

His words, actions, and training ripples did not allow him to hide his identity for too long. Eventually, the people of the Saint Lady Temple found out that the Saint Ladys guest was not from the wizard tribe.

"Yes. The Masters of the Saint Lady Temple met with several Helm leaders and they are currently discussing your problem." The Saint Lady hesitated and went on, "I hope you can restrain yourself. They will not hurt you, but they might not talk to you in a very nice manner. "

It would be strange if their manners towards him were good, actually.

The wizard tribe regarded the people of the Ancient God Realm as sworn enemies. How could they tolerate the presence of an unknown man who was staying at the residence of the Saint Lady as her guest?

"Its alright. I will follow you and meet them." Su Yu did not seem to mind. Anyway, they would not dare to do anything to him. At most, they would argue over some trifling matters. Otherwise, if Su Yu wanted to leave, what could they do?

The Saint Lady said, "I will support you."

After a while

They left the residence of the Saint Lady and came to the Saint Lady Temples main hall, which was situated not far away.

The Saint Lady was the proud accomplishment of the temple that had spent a lot of effort in cultivating her. Since ancient times, the Saint Ladys Temple provided half of the candidates for the leaders position. The Temples power was formidable, and its status ranked above the two capitals.

Any slight move they made would cause the whole Lost Nation to be unsettled.

Moreover, Su Yu realized that there was some hidden information he had no access to while he was reading about the history of the wizard tribe.

In history, there were several Sect leaders who were very likely puppets controlled by the Saint and Saint Lady Temples.

The Saint Lady would support Su Yu, but this did not mean that she could protect him.

Nine majestic statues stood outside the hall of the Saint Lady Temple. They were all made in the image of beautiful women. The expressions of the statues faces varied from cold and proud to gentle and sweet. Each one of them was unique.

However, each one exuded a superior and noble aura.

They were not just any women, but the female Sect leaders who had been trained by the Saint Lady Temple.

When in close proximity to the Saint Lady Temple, all wizard tribe members would be solemn and did not dare to blaspheme.

Su Yu walked into the temple, taking note of all the details as he looked around.

In the temple, several women were waiting. Some were young, some were older, and some seemed to be exceedingly ancient.

They were all figures with great power in the Temple and had trained no less than nine Saint Ladies.

Luo Xueyi was the most recent Saint Lady.

When Su Yu entered, they were talking among themselves.

However, instead of talking about Su Yu, they were discussing the invasion of the Lost Nation by the army of the Ancient God Realm. It was said that the army had arrived outside the secondary capital, Fan City, and was currently engaged in a fierce battle.

As they saw Su Yu enter, they stopped talking among themselves and set their eyes upon him.

Su Yu did not care too much about most of them. At most, they were only Level Four wizards. Even though they might be troublesome, the majority of them would not constitute a serious threat to him.

Only a few special figures made Su Yu be on his guard.

Su Yu was most disturbed by the old lady sitting alone at the front of the temple. She was dressed in a very unusual dark yellow robe. Her hair was almost white and her face was wrinkled. Her whole being seemed dispirited.

However, Su Yu could feel the power she emitted, similar to what he felt when facing the rulers of the empire.

Strangely, she was actually in a state of deep sleep.

The people around her did not seem to be bothered and appeared to be accustomed to it.

"Is she about to break through her boundaries and reach Level Two divine realm?" Su Yu secretly panicked. This woman was probably the leader of the Saint Lady Temple.

Next to her, four ladies in red stood side by side. All of them were middle-aged women, and all were at Level Three divine realm.

Although they were not as formidable as the temple mistress, they were much stronger than the Saint Lady.

The presence of these five women made Su Yu be extra attentive.

"Indeed, he is not part of our wizard tribe." The woman on the left side of the old lady was the first Helm leader of the Saint Lady Temple. She had extraordinary strength and was only one notch beneath the Temple mistress.

Her cold indifferent eyes glanced at Su Yu with penetration and immediately confirmed his identity.

"What were your intentions in pretending to be part of the wizard tribe and disturbing the test at the Holy Altar? Own up to it now!" The first Helm leader sneered in a cold tone.

All the women in the temple held their breath and stared at Su Yu.

Su Yus eyes were calm and his demeanor confident. He said lightly, "When did I pretend to be anything? Its just that your people did not realize the truth right away."

The area at the altar was flooded with powerful wizard forces that interfered with the senses of the wizard tribe. Indeed, Su Yu did not deliberately disguise himself.

"Youre a liar!" The first Helm leader waved her hand and a ripple of spells shot towards the space between Su Yus eyebrows.

The Saint Lady hurriedly said, "Mistress Wuxin, please stop! He is not an enemy. He is a person from another world!"

The woman named Wuxin did not even look at the Saint Lady as she said, "Saint Lady, given your status, we have not looked into your offense of bringing an outsider into the Saint Ladys residence without permission. If you carry on hindering us, however, the Temple will have to re-examine your qualifications as the Saint Lady! "

Upon hearing that, the eyes of several young women present in the temple suddenly brightened, revealing signs of secret hope.

These young women were defeated when they competed with Luo Xueyi for the title of the Saint Lady. They were equally gifted and only lost in the competition because Luo Xueyi was lucky enough to beat them.

Nevertheless, each of them still had the qualifications to become the Saint Lady. If the current Saint Lady fell or was removed, one of them would become the new Saint Lady.

The Saint Lady did not dare to resist in the face of these threats. She could only grit her teeth and watch how the situation unfolded.

The violent ripples of spells penetrated the space between Su Yus eyebrows.

Mistress Wuxin said, "This is my truth revealing spell. Anyone who is hit by this spell would not be able to hide their innermost secrets! Now let me ask you, first, where do you come from, and second, who are you taking instructions from?"

All the candidates for the Saint Ladys position secretly rejoiced. If there was something wrong with this person, the Saint Lady would definitely be implicated in the matter!

If the Saint Lady was to be stripped away of her title at the altar, each of them would have a chance to take over her position.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu smiled, his eyebrows undulated, and a ray of purplish-black light shot out of the space between his eyebrows, enveloping the ripples of the spell and casting them out of his body.

"Although I would like to prove my innocence under your truth-revealing spell, my physique is special and your spell will not have any effect on me," Su Yu said, acting in a very innocent manner.

What? Not just the group of the Saint Lady candidates were surprised, but even Wuxin the Helm leader was taken aback.

The three other helm leaders were secretly surprised as well. How could this be possible?

However, they did not display their feelings but did their best to continue looking indifferent, as if they were merely watching a good show.

Among the four Helm leaders, Wuxin Helm was the one most dissatisfied with Luo Xueyi, because Luo Xueyi who defeated the candidate whom she had nominated herself.

Up until this moment, she was still holding a grudge.

The spell that she had confidently cast failed, causing Wuxin to lose some face. She was even more annoyed now, and her eyes turned cold. "How audacious of you! Since you resisted our attempt to reveal the truth about you, you are surely someone with ulterior motives. Drag him out of here and throw him in prison forever!"

Upon her command, a group of female guards hurried in from outside the hall and surrounded Su Yu, looking murderous.

Su Yu laughed. "The spell you had tried to cast on me failed, so you blame me for resisting it! Does an ignorant person like you actually lead the Temple of the Saint Lady? No wonder the previous Saint Lady was taken away by Nitian Guyun and became part of his harem. How can any Saint Lady who has been trained by the likes of you be any good? "

Eh? Suddenly, the already tense atmosphere in the temple became even more suffocating.

The three Helm leaders who were passively watching until now cast grim looks at Su Yu as well.

The situation was growing more dangerous every second.

Even Luo Xueyi, whose face had turned pale, sensed that this was getting out of hand.

This matter was a big shame for the Moonwatch Sect, and talking about it within the Temple of the Saint Lady was taboo. No one even dared to mention it.

By announcing the matter in public, wasnt Su Yu trying to provoke them on purpose?

Sure enough, Wuxin ordered, "Drag him out! Do it now!"

However, Su Yu suddenly lifted up his chin and laughed. "Hahaha, look at all your expressions of anger and shame. No wonder the Saint Ladies have been captured again and again. You still dont dare to face reality, concealing your faults to avoid criticism instead of trying to figure out how to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. You chose to shut the mouths of others instead of dealing with the real issue!"

Looking at his surroundings, Su Yu shook his head. "I thought that the Temple of the Saint Lady has gone through enough to learn a lesson. There should be one or two among you who are smart enough to understand. However, you are actually a group of ignorant and arrogant women. This is really disappointing."

Wuxin shouted, "What are you all waiting for? Grab him!"

A group of female guards came up at once, slowly approaching Su Yu.

Su Yu sneered. Two rings swirled multiples times in the air, surrounding the guards and revolving around them.

At the top of his lungs, Su Yu shouted, "Tighten!"

The two rings merged into one and began to contract, compressing all the guards together.

At the same time, with a flash, Su Yu teleported away from his original spot.

All the guards were being captured in one go, and they were all trapped by the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang.

Upon seeing this, a group of young ladies on both sides of the hall were furious and started to attack Su Yu. Several spells were hurled at him.

Su Yu smiled disdainfully. Without even bothering to put up a resistance, he began to make his way out.

When the spells collided with Su Yu, purplish-black energy automatically wafted out of his body and pushed the spells away.

Everyone was shocked when they saw it!

He could actually defend against their spells without putting up any form of resistance!

Seeing that Su Yu was going to get out of the Temple of the Saint Lady, Helm Leader Wuxin was furious and yelled, "Trying to escape?"


She took out a decaying rattan whip and hurled it towards Su Yu.

This whip contained not only magical power but also the physical strength of a Level Three wizard.

Although the physical strength of a wizard was far from being comparable to the power of a Divine Path, it was not something one could underestimate.

Su Yu smiled again and took out a jade lion with three cracks on its surface, placing it in the palm of his hand.

This was the ancestral magic weapon of the Northern Xue Nation royal family. It could only be used a few times. Su Yu had not tried using this artifact yet since he acquired it.

The jade lion began to grow until it was ten feet tall, exuding the aura of Level Three divine realm, and let out a deep roar before pouncing forward.


The rattan whip landed on the jade lion and made an astonishingly loud noise.

A fourth crack appeared on the surface of the jade lion, but jade lion raised his claws, snapped at the rattan weave, and then went on to attack Helm Leader Wuxin.

The expression of Wuxins face changed abruptly. How could she know that Su Yu was hiding a magic weapon of Level Three divine realm?

Before she had any time to defend herself, the jade lion had knocked her off her feet.

The jade lions eyes flickered with anger and its vicious mouth exerted a formidable force, biting her furiously.

This force was bound to send the startled Helm Leader Wuxin to her death.

However, at this moment, a strong suffocating wave of wizard power swept across the jade lion.

The jade lion still maintained the appearance of biting Wuxin, but its body was motionless, and then a cracking sound could be heard from inside the statue.

Apparently, the jade lion was petrified from the inside, and its spiritual energy suddenly disappeared.

Immediately afterward, the petrified jade lion split apart under the counterattack of Wuxins spell.

The embarrassed Helm Leader was in a murderous mood and stared at Su Yu furiously. "For publicly insulting the temple leaders, on behalf of the Saint Lady Temple, I officially announce that you will be imprisoned for life!"

Getting into an attacking posture, she was preparing to launch a spell at Su Yu again, but an old and wheezy voice sounded from behind her.

"On behalf of the temple? Did you ever consult me?" The old lady in front, the mistress of the Saint Lady Temple, opened her old eyes slowly and spoke with a quiet force.

Helm Leader Wuxin shuddered.

Within the entire hall, many were shocked. There was a growing buzz as people began to talk among themselves.

"We welcome the awakened Mistress of the Temple!"

Luo Xueyis pretty face instantly brightened up with joy and she said, "This is wonderful! The Mistress has awakened. You are safe now."

Su Yu disagreed. He wanted to leave. Who could stop him?

Looking at this old Mistress of the Temple, Su Yu fought the urge to roll his eyes.

This old lady could fool the others, but not him. As soon as Su Yu came in, she had already woken up.

No matter how aggressive Helm Leader Wuxin was, she pretended not to be aware of anything. Seeing that Su Yu was about to leave, however, she finally "woke up".