The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395 A Visit For A Wanted Man

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Wuxins face changed dramatically and she hurried forward to pay her respects. "Congratulations on the Mistresss awakening."

Although she tried her best to act polite and respectful, Helm Leader Wuxin was slightly disturbed and her tone was a little false.

The eyes of the Temple Mistress swept over Helm Leader Wuxin and on to Su Yu. She waved gently to the many guards surrounding him and said, "All of you, back off."

The guards dared not object. They quietly retreated to the sides, waiting patiently for the instructions of the Temple Mistress, who would wake up only once a year.

"Yes, someone who has the courage to challenge the leader will not be a coward, at least." The deep, penetrating eyes of the Temple Mistress seemed to see Su Yu through and through, perhaps with a hint of grudging appreciation as well. "Originally, my intentions were the same as those of my people. I believed that we must get rid of you."

Hearing these words, the Saint Lady, who just had a hopeful expression on her face, now looked unpleasantly startled.

"But" The Temple Mistress let out a long sigh. "Your words moved me."

"I have been sleeping for ten years, and in my sleep, I was thinking about why the Saint Lady Temple is not as good now as in the previous generations. We have not trained a leader for many, many years, and the past four generations of leaders were all produced by the Saint Temple," The Mistress continued. "I have been thinking for a long time, and have come to the conclusion that the Saint Temple has a stronger foundation than ours."

Then she looked at Su Yu. "But what you said had shaken me awake. The external reason certainly exists, but the internal reason may be the crux of the matter."

Her gaze swept across everyone, stopping for a moment on Helm Leader Wuxin.

"You are a fraud! You know that there is a problem, but you would rather seal the lips of people who dare to speak of it, than face the problem and correct it," the Temple Mistress sighed. "We have lived in the glory of the past for too long, and cant bear a little criticism of ourselves now."

"Outside troubles can be fatal, but internal worries are the first thing to break down our powers," the Temple Mistress said. "Blind eyes cannot see past the mountains. We are gradually declining, and our own way of doing things contributes to this more than anything else does."

Her speech made everyone in the Saint Lady Temple want to hide, but there was nowhere to run.

The same words, when Su Yu said them, were received with extreme indignation.

However, when the Temple Mistress spoke, everyone was forced to stop and think about it.

"We need a change here in the Saint Lady Temple." The Mistress of the Temple stood up slowly. The invisible oppression that followed her affected everyone.

"Over the next few days, I will adjust the duties in the Temple, and everyone should prepare themselves," The Mistress said as her eyes swept across the crowd.

The four Helm Leaders seemed disturbed by what they heard, especially Helm Leader Wuxin.

Earlier, the Mistress of the Temple gave her a penetrating look, which made her very apprehensive.

Helm Leader Wuxin shot Su Yu a deadly stare, showing her deep resentment.

Su Yu was the one who came up with all this nonsense and made the Temple Mistress change her mind!

After she finished speaking, the Temple Mistress looked at Su Yu. "As for you although the words and deeds of Helm Leader Wuxin were rough and uncouth, what she said was not unreasonable. You, an alien, come here to challenge the ultimate leader of the Moonwatch Sect. That is by itself highly suspicious."

"We in the Saint Lady Temple may be able to believe that you are from another divine domain, not an enemy who contemplates invasion, but will the Saint Temple believe it? Will Sheng City believe it? Will Fan City believe it?" She looked at Su Yu and went on. "Once the news leaks out, they have too many reasons to imprison or kill you, and once that happens, the Saint Lady Temple cannot become everyones enemy solely to protect you."

Hearing this, the Greatest Saint Lady was anxious. What reasons could she give to convince everyone present to leave Su Yu alone?

Su Yu, on the other hand, was surprised. He had not expected the Mistress of the Temple to be so reasonable.

At first, she pretended to be asleep, thus Su Yu thought she secretly instructed Helm Leader Wuxin to act on her behalf. Unexpectedly, her reasoning was very different from the other Temple servants.

After a moment of contemplation, Su Yus lips wriggled, and his words were transmitted to the M Mistress through telepathy.

As she got his message, the Mistress was visibly disturbed by it and found it hard to conceal her expression.

In disbelief, she turned to the Saint Lady for affirmation and got a positive answer from her.

At this point, the Mistress of the Temple allowed herself to smile a little. "Very well! From today onward, you are not just a guest of the Saint Lady Temple, but a guest of honor! In all of the Lost Nation, whoever is your enemy will have to answer to the Saint Lady Temple."

Hearing the first half of her speech, everyone was amazed.

Whatever message Su Yu passed on to the Mistress changed her mind so profoundly that she not only took Su Yu in but also gave him the status of a distinguished guest.

However, upon hearing the second half of her phrase, no one could sit still.

Helm Leader Wuxin said, "Please be careful, mistress. You may not know it, but this person has become a thorn in the side of the Saint Temple, Sheng City, and Fan City, and our Saint Lady Temple, therefore, should not provoke everyones anger."

The Mistress of the Temple looked at her indifferently. "Are you the Mistress, or am I?"

Hearing such stern words, Helm Leader Wuxin was startled, shut her mouth quickly, and dared not speak again.

Others who had their own opinions only muttered to themselves and dared not question anymore.

However, they thought it was all really strange. What kind of reason did Su Yu give? Did this man, a man who had enemies on all sides, merit such preferential treatment?

At this moment, the Temple Mistress said, "Just as we were speaking about the devil, he has come. Please invite the head of the Chu clan in."

Eh? Su Yu looked out of the hall and realized that, without him noticing, a middle-aged man in armor had come and was silently standing outside, much like a ghost. He was almost transparent, except for a pair of vulture-like eyes that hovered in the air.

He folded his arms across his chest and quietly observed every move in the hall.

Su Yus pupils shrank slightly. Was this some kind of wizard craft? He had never sensed this persons existence from the beginning until now!

The man managed to get so close to him; if he had chosen to attack, there was nothing Su Yu could have done.

Moreover, the armor this person wore was extremely strange, making Su Yu feel some undefined danger.

"Chu Changhe, how dare you break into the Saint Lady Temple so brazenly? What audacity!" Helm Leader Wuxin hastened to chide the intruder in order to win back some respect and stepped forward to confront the man.

The Saint Lady Temple has always been a holy place of the Lost Nation. Without the explicit approval of the Mistress and the Saint Lady, no outsiders could enter.

Chu Changhe entered without permission, and could potentially face severe charges.

"Back off!" Chu Changhe took a stepped in and entered the temple. A ray of overwhelming dark red wizard power rippled out from the soles of his feet.

Helm Leader Wuxin, who was also ranked at Level Three, was forced to retreat hastily by the power of the dark red ripples.

The eyes of the Temple Mistress were calm as she lifted her dry fingers. She swiped them across the ground.

The ground of the Saint Lady Temple now looked like the surface of water. Waves rose up to cancel the effect of the dark red ripples.

"The Chu clans patriarch came to my Saint Lady Temple. I dont believe you are here to threaten me. Are you?"

Only then did Chu Changhe stop in his tracks. He stood in the center of the Saint Lady Temple, looked directly at the Temple Mistress, and said, "There is someone here who needs to come with me. Give that person over to me!"

Heard these words, all the servants of the Saint Lady Temple were visibly irritated.

Trespassing on the Saint Lady Temples territory was already a sign of blatant disrespect. Now, to think that Chu Changhe actually dared to make demands!

He clearly did not hold the Saint Lady Temple in very high regard!

It was true that the Saint Lady Temple had fallen considerably from the lofty position it had occupied in the past. Nevertheless, it had certainly not reached the point of allowing other leaders to disrespect it. Now the leader of the Chu clan had actually come to demand that they give someone over to him. That was outright insolence!

"What a bully!" The four Helm Leaders were furious. They were channeling wizard power in their bodies, and it was on the point of bursting out.

"All withdraw," the Mistress of the Temple said calmly.

She looked at Chu Changhe and asked, "Who is the person you want?"

"Him!" Chu Changhe abruptly pointed his finger at the corner. Su Yu, who stood there, said nothing.

Everyone looked at him, their expressions doubtful and suspicious.

"Do you have a reason?" The Temple Mistress asked.

Chu Changhe said without hesitation, "This man made a bet with Chu Bawang of the Chu Clan, but he broke the terms of their agreement. I personally came to capture him and bring him back to the Fan Capital for punishment!"

He didnt dare to kill Su Yu, but he was determined to punish him, disregarding the effects of the Thunder Seal.