The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396 Son In Law Recruitment

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The Mistress of the Temple said indifferently, "I heard about the bet. It appears that Chu Bawang has nothing with which to hold up his end of the bargain, except for rude language. Is that not also a breach of commitment?"

"Of course he intends to adhere to his commitment! The Chu Clan says that we can go through with the bet, and we will." Chu Changhes temperament was cold, but he was nevertheless extremely domineering.

With that, he turned to Su Yu, evidently determined to capture him.

The Mistress of the Temple pointed her finger at Chu Changhe, and the latter changed his offensive tactics for defense. His cold eyes squinted. "How dare you stop me? You should know that at the upcoming Son-In-Law Recruitment, the Saint Temple will definitely do everything to sabotage the event! Without my authority, the Chu Clan will not try to stop them. If you continue to defy me, I must warn you that the Saint Lady might forever lose to chance to have an heir apparent!"

This sentence hit the Saint Lady peoples weakness.

In the last six consecutive generations of Saint Ladies, except for the unfortunate one who was forcibly taken away by Nitian Guyun, the remaining five were all unable to produce an heir apparent because of the disruption of the Son-In-Law Recruitment event, which caused the Saint Ladies to be unable to select a husband, and finally to lose their qualifications.

This time, the Saint Temple would be doing the same. It was the precise moment when the Saint Lady Temple should be seeking support.

Offending a superpower like Fan City was equivalent to reducing their own chances to succeed.

Many members of the Saint Lady Temple helplessly told themselves that they did not want to be dictated to, but that the situation left them no choice. They were not to blame.

"Are you sure you want to challenge me?" Chu Changhe said coldly. "Your Saint Lady Temple has been begging us to give you a hand at the Son-In-Law Recruitment event since a few decades ago, but now, as things stand, you wish to go against us?"

"Mistress of the Temple, you should know that your position will not change without the help of the Chu Clan."

The Mistress of the Temple said indifferently, "Is that so? I remember that your proud and arrogant Chu Bawang could not even pass the test of the Holy Altar, could he? What could you possibly do to help us through the Son-In-Law Recruitment event?"

Chu Changhe smiled and took out a token. A Wang character was clearly engraved on it.

Looking at the object, the four Helm Leaders showed obvious surprise.

Only the Mistress of the Temple was unmoved. "The inheritance token of the Wang Clan?"

"You have seen this token. I dont think I need to say more. You should also understand that this was given to me by the head of the Wang Clan. I can ask the Wang Clans assistance at the most important juncture. Of course, it needs to be within the scope of what they can do. Nevertheless, if I order Wang Qingchen to help you at the Son-In-Law Recruitment event, presumably, his clan cannot refuse. "

Helm Leader Wuxin erupted in fiery delight and said excitedly, "Mistress of the Temple, with the strength of Wang Qingchen, Zhao Tianyin can never kill him. In this way, the Saint Lady can finally choose a husband, preferably Wang Qingchen. We can avoid a catastrophe, and the Saint Lady Temple will once again be on par with the Saint Temple, reversing our fate of many years! "

Helm leader Wuxin was not the only one who was excited. Many were obviously thinking along the same lines.

"No need for it."

However, when the Temple Mistress spoke, her voice was cool and indifferent.

Not only were the Helm Leaders surprised, but Chu Changhe was stunned as well. He asked in a tone of astonishment, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," The Mistress of the Temple said casually. "We have found the right person already."

"Impossible! Who?"

"The person you seek, naturally."


All heads turned and all eyes glanced at Su Yu. He was stunned.

"Him?" Chu Changhe smiled coldly. "Mistress of the Temple, I think you must be crazy! An unknown boy! Would it be wise to place the destiny of the Saint Lady Temple in his hands?"

This was clearly what the other Helm leaders were thinking as well.

The Mistress of the Temple seemed to see through it all and said with a smile, "If that is the case, may I ask why the leader of the Chu Clan is prepared to offer such a valuable token for this supposedly insignificant boy?"

Chu Changhes eyes were downcast. Showing just a little bit of anger, he replied in a low voice, "Do you really want to fight against the Chu Clan? You know that if you do so, the position of your Temple will sink rapidly!"

"I thank you for your concern. See the guest away!" The Mistress of the Temple waved him off indifferently.

Chu Changhes eyes lit up with fury as he suddenly rushed towards Su Yu.

The Mistress of the Temple sneered. Her residual image remained in her seat, but she had already gotten up to fight against Chu Changhe.

Everyone felt that they were caught up in a storm of wizard craft and were about to be destroyed at any moment.

Fortunately, after a while, the storm suddenly disappeared, and Chu Changhes angry voice echoed throughout the hall: " Saint Lady Temple, you have been warned! You just wait and see!"


The Mistress of the Temple returned to her seat, maintaining her previous appearance as if she had never moved.

"Alright, we should all calm down. Tomorrow will be the day of Xueyis betrothal ceremony. You must be fully prepared so that no incident will happen." The Mistress of the Temple waved her hand, sending all the Temple servants away.

Everyone bowed and backed off. They went to go on with their preparations for the event.

Su Yu walked out at the end, not before he bowed to her and thanked her.

The grand ceremony of the Son-In-Law Recruitment had a set order. The Saint Lady Temple had prepared for it countless times and its disciples were familiar with how it usually proceeded.

In the early morning of the next day, the nine statues of Saint Ladies in the Saint Lady Temple met the first rays of sunlight between heaven and earth, sending back a blinding brilliance.

The nine reflections of light rose into the sky from the nine statues and interweaved into a majestic glow, covering the entire sky above Saint Capital.

The residents of Sheng City and Fan City, though they were far away, could see it as well.

The square of the Saint Lady Temple was set up with a ring around it. Using the mighty wizard power contained in the statues, the place could resist the attack of any being up to a Level Two rank.

This was meant to ensure that the event would go smoothly and that nothing would hurt the audience.

The Mistress of the Temple, the four Helm Leaders, and the other Temple servants were all sitting on the rostrum.

Under the stage were more than a hundred young people from across the Lost Nation.

These were the people who had gone through the test of the Holy Altar over the past six months and succeeded.

Of course, this included Wang Qingchen, whom Su Yu had met before.

Wang Qingchen stood beside a spiritual-looking old man. The old mans eyes were milky white. He was dressed in quaint clothes and had a powerful aura.

His strength gave people the impression that he was not inferior to the Mistress of the Temple.

At this moment, the sun stood directly above everyones heads.

The Mistress of the Temple glanced at the audience and said calmly, "The election of the Saint Ladys husband will start now."


Just as her voice sounded, several powerful wizard fluctuations flickered all of a sudden in the empty space below the venue.

Two figures appeared at the same time.

One of them was Zhao Tianyin, and the other an old man with short hair, wearing a green robe. His body was frail and his eyes were deeply sunken. The most bizarre thing was that there were no eyeballs inside his eye sockets at all, but two black beads instead. His whole look gave off a spine-chilling impression.

"The Lord of the Saint Temple!" The crowd whispered, and there was a sense of awe in their words.

"This is just like the rumors of a month ago. It was said that the Saint Temple would make trouble at this event!"

"It was inevitable. If the Saint Lady fails to get a husband, she will lose the qualification to inherit the position of the Moonwatch Sect leader. Naturally, the Saint Temple would do anything to make it happen.

"Yes. That was why the past six Saint Ladies lost to the Saint Temple. The crux of the matter was that this ceremony was disrupted by the Saint Temple, and therefore, the Saint Ladies directly lost their qualification."

Everyone was gossiping about what was happening, but the Lord of the Saint Temple turned a deaf ear to it and sat down comfortably.

He did not attempt to apologize for his rudeness in appearing so late on such an important occasion, because there was no need to pretend. His purpose here was to cause trouble, and he did not hide it.