The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397 Admitting Defeat

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The eyes of the Mistress of the Temple and the Lord of the Saint Temple met, but neither of them said a word to the other.

However, everyone present felt the terrible fluctuations spreading across the atmosphere from both parties, as though it was an invisible fight.

"Since everyone is here, can the election of the Saint Ladys husband begin?" said someone from the Wang Clan. It was the elder of the clan, who was somewhat dissatisfied with the overbearing manner of the Saint Temple.

"Slow down!" A voice rang out loudly.

Everyone was surprised. Zhao Tianyin from the Saint Temple was the one who spoke.

This was the second time that the election ceremony of the Saint Ladys husband was interrupted.

The Mistress of the Temple asked, "Does anyone have any objections?"

"There is one more candidate who is not here yet," Zhao Tianyin said as he glanced around.

Hearing these words, everyone present suddenly realized that they were true.

Moreover, they all knew whom he was referring to.

The Mistress of the Temple of the Saint Lady, the Lord of the Saint Temple, and the patriarch of the Wang Clan all blinked. The expressions of their faces changed slightly.

"It seems that the rumors are true," someone said in a suspicious tone.

"Yes! When I heard it, I didnt believe it. The Nine Paths of Yin and Yang actually appeared! Also, he actively challenged the leader of the Moonwatch Sect!"

"I didnt believe it either, but if you look at Zhao Tianyins eyes and the expressions of the two Temple leaders and the head of the Chu Clan, it seems clear that this person really exists!"

"Ha! So there really is such a person. That is outstanding. Where is he from exactly?"

Despite the gossip of the people, the wizened face of the Mistress of the Temple was indifferent as she said, "Who didnt come?"

"Su Yu," Zhao Tianyin replied. He clearly saw Su Yu signing his name on the list.

The Mistress of the Temple said lightly, "Well, then, please get Su Yu to come."

"Yes, Mistress," a Helm Leader next to her replied. This was a huge event that gathered the most powerful people of the Lost Nation. However, Su Yu not only failed to arrive on time but apparently also needed a special invitation!

Sure enough, the Lord of the Saint Temple tilted his head sideways and said in a tone of cold anger, "Is a junior like this person allowed to make me wait for him?"

He seemed to have forgotten that he had set the precedent himself and made everyone wait for the Saint Temple representatives to arrive at last.

Candidates who had a close relationship with the powerful Saint Temple all agreed with him.

The Mistress of the Temple just glanced at them indifferently and said mercilessly, "If you have any objections, you can simply leave the ceremony. I would not presume to stop you!"

Suddenly, the audience was silent.

"Hmph!" A young candidate, receiving the hint of Zhao Tianyins glance, stood up and asked, "Dare I ask the Mistress whether this kind of person, who has no respect for seniority, is eligible to become the husband of the Saint Lady? I represent all the candidates here as I strongly urge his disqualification. "

What he got in reply was the indifferent look of the Temple Mistress and the disdainful wave of her sleeve.

A powerful spell came forth, releasing a huge tornado. In a blink, it blew the man who spoke off the arena and threw him out of the Saint Lady Temple.

"Arguing with the Mistress of the Temple means disqualification." The Temple Mistresss face was expressionless. Glancing at the rest of the people present, she said, "Whoever still has objections can stand up now and state them at once."

Everyone was motionless for a while. The Mistress of the Temple was clearly on Su Yus side. Who would dare to question her further?

Thus, a strange situation unfolded. The high-ranking supreme figures of the Lost Nation were forced to wait for Su Yu, a little-known stranger.

After a long time, following the summons of a Helm Leader, Su Yu finally arrived.

Looking at the furious faces of the people who were staring at him, Su Yu felt rather helpless.

He never liked to be late, but it was deliberately arranged by the Saint Lady Temple that he should appear last.

The Mistress of the Temple wanted to let everyone know in this manner that she favored Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded to the Mistress of the Temple and stood behind the many lords of the Saint Lady Temple, trying to keep his face impassive.


At this moment, a lithe figure jumped onto the ring and gracefully bowed to the spectators. "Before the official competition begins, I have a request. Let me challenge Su Yu to a fight, one on one!"

This was Wang Qingchen, who spoke in a sharp, insolent voice.

Eh? The outsiders were not surprised.

The line of people who wanted to challenge Su Yu could have reached outside Sheng City.

However, the followers of the Temple Mistress were secretly surprised. They looked at each other, and they all felt that something was amiss.

"Helm Leader Wuxin, thats not right. Wasnt the Wang Clan supposed to be neutral? How could they seek to challenge Su Yu? This is not in line with the plan." The Helm Leaders talked among themselves in hushed voices, discussing the unexpected proceedings.

Among the four major forces, only the Wang Clan was neutral and had promised that it would not hinder the course of the event.

"Something is indeed wrong. We even used a Daochi Comprehension to get the promise of the Wang Clan on this matter. How dare they go back on their word?"

However, once again, the Mistress of the Temple was indifferent. It was as if she had expected this. She sighed softly and imperceptibly.

What could she do? Of course, Chu Changhe made use of underhanded methods and used the Wang Token to order the Wang Clan to hinder the event.

As things stood, the other three major forces, except for the Chu Clan who were not able to participate in the event, were all aiming to sabotage the Son-in-Law Recruitment ceremony.

Of course, the Saint Lady Temple people would not just sit around passively waiting for failure.

The Mistress of the Temple said lightly, "Any individual competitions will be arranged by the Saint Lady Temple, and you do not get to decide on this matter. Step aside now."

Wang Qingchen was disappointed and moved aside, but his eyes never stopped following Su Yu.

Su Yu thought to himself that the one who was ultimately chosen to become the Saint Ladys husband would not necessarily be the strongest wizard.

He rather thought that the Saint Lady would choose her favorite one from a select few superior candidates.

Therefore, the only foolproof way to sabotage the event was to kill off all the other contestants completely, until only Zhao Tianyin was left.

Then he would refuse the request to become the Saint Ladys husband and she would, therefore, lose her qualification to inherit the position of the leader.

In this way, the conspiracy of the Saint Temple would succeed.

Wang Qingchen was involved in this as well. Obviously, Wang Qingchen would also refuse to become the Saint Ladys husband.

However, if a third candidate other than Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen were to survive to the final juncture, the Saint Lady would have room for choice.

"The test is divided into nine rounds. If you win nine rounds in a row, you will be promoted to become one of the final candidates. The Saint Lady will then choose her husband from the pool of final candidates, according to her own preference."

With a series of wizard powers sweeping across all the candidates, each ones opponents for Round One were determined.

Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen failed to encounter Su Yu, as expected, and naturally won.

As for Su Yu, it was arranged that he would duel with a Level Five wizard from Sheng City.

Those who closely followed this scene had nothing to say.

Having a Level Five wizard duel with Su Yu was not against the rules, but the outcome was predictable.

Su Yu felt a little helpless. Although he had to perform according to the rules, he really didnt want to marry the Saint Lady.

He walked to the ring. Su Yu didnt even look at his opponent as he opened his mouth to declare he would not continue participating in the competition.

However, he did not have a chance to do so.

Before Su Yu could speak, the other party quickly said, "Wait, its you! In this case, I will not fight. I admit defeat!"