The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398 Mysterious Gentleman

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As he fixed his gaze on this man, Su Yu found him very familiar. As he studied his opponents features, Su Yu tried to figure out where he had seen him before.

Wasnt he the great wizard who helped the Saint Lady to excavate the remains of the Ice and Fire Divine Warriors?

He and the Saint Lady saw the scene of Su Yus confrontation with the World Annihilation Dragon and knew how powerful Su Yu was.

Alas, this wizard would not fight him. Su Yu couldnt help but feel a little annoyed. Wasnt this cheating method a bit too obvious?

Sure enough, the audience immediately expressed their dissatisfaction.

"Humph! Isnt the tactic of the Saint Lady Temple too unfair? In order to push Su Yu to the top and get the result you want, you have decided to do this? Are you not afraid of causing public outrage?"

"Yes! I thought the Temple of the Saint Lady was proud and honorable. To think they turned to such low methods to get what they want!"

The harsh and unpleasant criticism came from a couple of people within the crowd, which made the Temple servants unable to pinpoint its source.

The eyes of the Temple Mistress flashed coldly, and suddenly the robe of her sleeve fluttered. A large streak of wizard power flew out of it, sweeping across the crowd of spectators, and directly attacked two masked figures who were loudly voicing their dissent.

Their faces were horrified, and they hurriedly scrambled out of the crowd and left the premises of the Saint Lady Temple.

Alas, they had no chance to escape. Compared to the Mistress of the Temple, they were mere insignificant ants. The Mistress of the Temple easily killed them in the air, leaving two cold bodies that fell to the ground.

As the masks were removed from their faces, their identities were revealed.

Everyone murmured secretly, understanding what had happened.

"These two guys were from the Saint Temple, right?"

"Oh, obviously, this was arranged by the Saint Temple to disrupt the competition, taking advantage of the opportunity to slander the Saint Lady Temple."

"However, in fact, it is not slander. In order to get their candidate to the top, the Saint Lady Temple deliberately gets people to admit defeat. Such cheating is really unbearable!"

Despite the criticism, the Mistress of the Temple was indifferent. "The second round will start now."

Zhao Tianyin, Wang Qingchen, and Su Yu became the focus of attention.

The first two were powerful and dazzling.

Su Yu, as a cheater, was scorned by all.


Suddenly, a scream reverberated through the competition ring.

Zhao Tianyins hands were stained with blood, and a dead body was sprawled at his feet. Blood was spilling all over.

The audience, including many young talents waiting to enter the ring, had determined looks upon their faces.

"It has finally started!"

"Oh, I shouldnt be hoping to get any luckier." A young man preparing to compete laughed at himself and shook his fist, as if steeling himself.

"Wang Qingchen against Zeng Yi!"


There was another scream that stopped abruptly, and a cold body toppled at the feet of Wang Qingchen!

Wang Qingchens face was indifferent. He wiped off his hands, which were full of blood, though killing a person was nothing out of the ordinary.

Another candidate was dead.

The goal of Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen was to kill those who were following the instructions of the Saint Lady Temple.

According to the rules of the nine rounds, everyone who participated in a one-on-one duel would, at some point, inevitably battle either Zhao Tianyin or Wang Qingchen.

"Li Qiufeng against Zhao Liangyuan."

"I give up!"

"I give up as well!"

The two of them stepped aside, showing no desire to compete.

They understood that even if they won, once they eventually faced Zhao Tianyin or Wang Qingchen, they would meet the same end as those that came before.

The Lord of the Saint Temple sneered slightly as he observed the disruption in the competition.

The audience looked at the Saint Ladys Temple disciples and couldnt help but feel some pity and sympathy for them. They could understand their willingness to use any means to achieve their goal.

"Hey, if they could thwart the Saint Temple by cheating, they would have already done so. They would not have gradually declined and reached their present situation."

The face of the Saint Lady was expressionless. "The next duel: Su Yu defends, Zhou Yan challenges."

"I abstain," Zhou Yan said.

As Su Yu was the defender, without the challenger being willing to step onto the ring, he could not give up the competition.

As a result, Zhou Yan did not give him the opportunity to retreat, leaving the victory to Su Yu.

This time, it wasnt the Saint Lady who cheated in the competition, but Zhou Yan who gave up because he didnt want to fight a futile battle.

"Su Yu, two consecutive victories!"

An effortless win. Su Yu speechless.

"The third round!"

"I abstain!"

"I will not compete!"

"Fourth round!"

"I give up!"

"I will not fight. I abstain!"

Round five!

Round six!

Round seven!

Round eight!

If the opponent was either Zhao Tianyin or Wang Qingchen, the other competitors would immediately give up.

Occasionally, some would get on stage to challenge the two. Alas, they were all killed on the spot, without exception.

However, the person who attracted the most attention was obviously someone else: Su Yu!

Whenever his name was called out, all opponents gave up at once and did not even enter the ring.

Most of them were instructed by the Saint Lady Temple to step aside and not attempt to fight. The Saint Lady Temple arranged their own people to challenge Su Yu. There was also a small number of people like Zhou Yan, who gave up on their own.

In short, Su Yu was made to look like an exotic flower, enviable and untouchable. He went all the way to the eighth round; the next round would be the ninth!

Su Yu smiled bitterly. He merely wanted to admit defeat and withdraw from the competition. Why didnt they even give him this chance?

Wherever he turned, he sensed Zhao Tianyins cold and stern eyes.

He attracted everyones attention so that no one noticed that, in addition to Zhao Tianyin, Wang Qingchen, and Su Yu, there was a little-known gentleman dressed in white in the crowd.

He looked exceptionally handsome, with fair skin, striking facial features, and a face that would make even women jealous.

Su Yus rapid way to the top overshadowed his gradual steps toward the final pool of candidates.

"Who is he?" Su Yu was secretly surprised. To think that he had never noticed this person before!

At this time, only four people were left for the ninth round of fighting, and people finally began to notice this strange man in white.

"Hey, who is this and when did he appear on the ring?"

"Wait! How many rounds has he won? Has anyone paid attention to him? Did you notice what methods of fighting he has been using?"

"No, I didnt"

"Neither do I! I was only focusing on Su Yu!"

"Me too, I have been observing Su Yu. How would I possibly have the time to look at others?"

The amazed audience was abuzz with discussions.

The Lord of the Saint Temple frowned slightly. He had noticed the white-clothed man but didnt pay him much attention until now.

Based on what he noticed in passing, this person could defeat his enemy in one stroke.

Most of his attention had been focused on Su Yu, however.

After all, Su Yu was clearly the favored candidate of the Saint Lady. He was focused on Su Yu and naturally ignored the others.

On the other hand, the Mistress of the Temple observed the unknown man with eager expectation and a faint smile.

"The ninth round of the competition begins," the Mistress of the Temple said. Her voice was firm and powerful. Echoing through the air, it was loud and deafening.

Everyone was more alert than ever. The moment to decide the fate of the Saint Lady had come.

If Su Yu and the white-clothed man were both killed in the ninth round, only Zhao Tianyin and Wang Qingchen would be left.

If the two of them refused to marry the Saint Lady, it would be the end of the Saint Lady Temples prospects.

The Saint Lady would lose the qualification to inherit the position of leader, and the Saint Lady Temple would face further decline and would be overshadowed by the Saint Temple.

"Gentleman Yi against Wang Qingchen!"

Wang Qingchen, whose eyes were focused on Su Yu, couldnt help but be disappointed.

A public duel with Su Yu was what he looked forward to most of all.

Su Yu gained his renown with the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style. This was a huge blow to Wang Qingchen. Since then, he always wanted to face Su Yu one on one.

As he walked into the ring, Wang Qingchen glanced at Gentleman Yi casually and said, "I abstain. It is admirable that you won eight straight victories. I dont want to put an end to a genius like you."

There was a faint smile on Gentleman Yis beautiful face. "Lets get started. Ten strikes to determine the outcome."

His confident demeanor and arrogant tone surprised the audience once again.

Su Yu took a moment and thought about it. Who was this person? When did such a figure appear within the Lost Nation?

Moreover, there was something familiar about Gentleman Yi.

After a while, Su Yu thought of someone. The idea left him stunned and a little confused. "It cannot be, right? Could there be such a ridiculous thing?"