The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399 Ling Wu Appears

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"Ten moves to determine the winner?" Wang Qingchen could not help but smile. "There is no need for so many. Three moves and we will know who is stronger!"


Wang Qingchens hands swiftly and skillfully formed a seal. When everyone looked over, they could only catch the afterimage.

The deep wizard power in his body was like an erupting volcano, but it was being compressed and rotated between his palms.

At a glance, one could see two round-shaped blades radiating dangerous auras in his left and right hands.

"Wizard power could actually be compressed to such a degree?" The expressions of the four helm leaders of the Saint Lady Temple were incredulous.

A look of dread appeared on their faces. Despite their vast experience, they felt awed in the face of wizard power that was compressed to the extreme.

"Extreme World Crushing spell!" Wang Qingchen exclaimed, and the compressed rotating wizard power between his hands suddenly shot out many ripples into the sky.

Unlike ordinary ripples, the current ones came wave after wave, and each wave was like a circular blade, cutting everything in its way.

Swish Swish Swish!

Space shook profusely. Wherever the ripples passed through, it became as dark as pitch.

The surrounding spectators behind the protective wizard barrier could not help but hold their breaths, feeling terrified.

"This is the heritage wizardry of the Wang clan?"

"It should be. It is said that this is one of the few sorcery paths left behind by the ancestors. Although it is not as strong as the Sky Splitting Yin Yang Style, it is still very potent. Once, a Sect leader successfully mastered it and used this technique to challenge the Ancient God Realms four emperors. As a result, they were all defeated! "

"Yes! That was one of the few glorious moments of my wizard tribe, but unfortunately, that Sect leader died young and did not manage to lead us again to attack the Ancient God Realm. Until now, no one has managed to master this style to its peak form."

"However, Wang Qingchen has performed this style to great success! Even the Sect leader was not as good at his age as he is now. If Wang Qingchen continues to practice diligently, he will certainly be able to master this technique to perfection!"

Until this moment, the crowd was all excited and agitated.

"Wang Qingchen deserves to be ranked second to the Saint in this contest. Although he failed, his power of comprehension and talent was far superior to most of what any of the past Saints displayed!"

"Yes. Although this Gentleman Yi got into the ninth round, I doubt he has much chance of leaving the premises alive after meeting Wang Qingchen."


The ripples cut through vigorously, causing a deafening rumble and disturbing the spiritual energies of the world. The wizard powers were unstoppable.

There was a distortion in the arena inside the barrier, but the audience could not see clearly. They could only hear the continuous roars and the blurred figures of the two opponents.

"First move!"

At this moment, everyone felt that Gentleman Yi could not beat the talented Wang Qingchen, who had displayed outstanding capabilities.

However, at that moment, a warm and calm voice came from the arena.

Everyone took a closer look and was shocked to find that Gentleman Yis slender fingers easily caught the sharp ripples of spells shot by the other party!

"Ah! How is it possible? The sharpness of the ripples could even cut through space!"

"Who is he? What kind of wizard craft is this? Why has it never been heard of before?"

"This is unbelievable. With his fingers alone, he succeeded in releasing powerful sorcery and neutralized the almost perfect Extreme World Crushing spell," an old man with sharp eyes who sat among the audience looked on in awe.

"Its just" The old man tilted his head, looking surprised. "There are only a few ancient spells that can neutralize the Extreme World Crushing spell! Moreover, only the Sect leader and the Temples of the Saint and the Saint Lady ever possessed the secrets of those spells. Those who can cultivate these skills are painstakingly chosen talents, and normally only the Saint and Saint Lady are qualified to master it. So who is this man?"

After hearing this, everyone felt even more surprised.

Why was a wizard power of such magnitude passed down to this man instead of the Saint Lady?

Did the Saint Lady Temple secretly cultivate male prodigies?

"Could it be that the Saint Lady Temple finally cultivated a powerful genius who can become the Saint Ladys husband and help restore the Temple to its former glory?" Someone suggested.

He did not really mean that, but other people continued to speculate.

Some of them looked from Su Yu to Gentleman Yi, and one person suddenly exclaimed, "I know! The Saint Lady Temple has acted in a very cunning manner here!"

"Why did they make Su Yu come so late and incur everyones dissatisfaction? It was to make everyone shift their attention to Su Yu!"

"Why did they display such obvious cheating to incur great dissatisfaction? Again, it was to get Su Yu to attract everyones attention!"

"Since we were all focused on Su Yu, we did not notice this Gentleman Yi!"

"He is the real trump card of the Saint Lady Temple! Su Yu was only here to distract us."

After listening to his analysis, everyone suddenly understood what was going on.

No wonder the Temple of the Saint Lady was displaying such mind-boggling tactics. Not only did they cheat, but they also did it in an extremely blatant manner. It turned out that they were waiting for this moment all along.

Looking at the expressions of the Temple of the Saint disciples and their allies, it was easy to see their fury. It seemed that they became dupes of the Saint Lady Temples scheme.

Su Yu said softly, "You all finally noticed it."

From the beginning, Su Yu felt that the arrangements of the Saint Lady Temple must have a deeper meaning to them, and he now understood it all when he saw Gentleman Yi.

"However, I am afraid there is one more thing that you all did not notice," Su Yu said.

In the arena, Wang Qingchen was dumbfounded. He stared at the other party in horror and asked, "Who are you?"

Gentleman Yi smiled. "I am someone who is competing for the Saint Ladys hand."

As he said that, he pointed two fingers towards Wang Qingchen, pressing them together.

Wang Qingchens expression suddenly changed. He actually felt the wizard power in his body become uncontrollable after Gentleman Yi pressed his fingers!

"Disperse now!" Wang Qingchen tried to use the wizard power in his body to contend with the mysterious power of his opponents two fingers.

Nevertheless, to Wang Qingchens horror, Gentleman Yi just smiled lightly and pressed five fingers together instead of two.

As the five fingers pointed at him, Wang Qingchen felt his wizard powers were flowing out from his pores like fountains, irresistibly drawn towards Gentleman Yi!

His wizard power had decreased, while Gentleman Yis wizard power surged.

All of a sudden, Wang Qingchen felt completely and utterly helpless.

In the face of such overbearing and weird witchcraft, Wang Qingchen was shocked. He also seemed to have realized something. "So it is you!"

Gentleman Yi smiled faintly and did not speak.

Wang Qingchen hesitated for a while and then sank into a low bow. "Im no rival of yours! I had not expected your strength to be hidden so deeply! If it is really you, I think that the Saint Lady Temple may have hopes of surviving this calamity."

"I admit defeat." After that, Wang Qingchen retreated from the arena.

The master of the Wang clan frowned and asked, "Qingchen, did you discern the identity of your opponent? Who is it?"

Wang Qingchen shook his head. "I cant say for now."

He looked around him and added, "Our agreement with the Chu clan has ended, and we no longer need to work for them."

The master of the Wang clan nodded slightly. Yes, they had kept their promise and attempted to disrupt the conference.

Now that Wang Qingchen was defeated, they did not have to continue any further and could retreat.

The Wang clan master closed his eyes and stopped paying attention to the arena.

However, Wang Qingchen stared closely at Gentleman Yi, his eyes were brimming with excitement and anticipation.

"Gentleman Yi had gained the right to become the husband of Saint Lady after winning nine straight victories," The Mistress of the Temple said in a would-be neutral voice.

Within her calm words, however, there were slight fluctuations implying that deep down, she was deeply moved.

After many years, her long-cherished wish had finally been fulfilled!

The helm leaders and many of the hosts all wept with joy.

Someone with a nine-game winning streak was finally born, and he was a part of the wizard tribe.

Regardless of the result of the upcoming battle between Zhao Tianyin and Su Yu, the Saint Lady would only have one choice of a husband, and that was Gentleman Yi.

According to the rules, if Gentleman Yi agreed to become the Saint Ladys husband, they could complete the prerequisites for the Saint Ladys succession to the position of Sect leader.

The Temple of the Saint Lady would finally be able to hold their own against the Saint Temple.

"Oh, the Temple of the Saint Lady finally turned the tables around!"

"Yes! After so many years, I never expected to see the day when the Saint Lady could actually choose a husband."

At this moment, a discordant yin and yang strange tone drifted through the air, echoing clearly over the halls of the Saint Lady Temple.

The people looked around and were surprised to see that there were three people floating in the sky above the Saint Lady Temple.

One of them was a middle-aged man in full armor, with eyes oozing a dark and cold aura.

"The Chu clans master!"

The other was a dark-looking young man, standing close to the middle-aged man.

"Chu Bawang is here too!"

The father and son, leaders of the Chu clan, arrived at the same time.

However, the audience and the disciples of the Saint Lady Temple, and even those of the Saint temple, were paying closer attention to the unremarkable-looking old man in a linen robe behind them.

Upon seeing this person, the Master of the Saint Temple and the Mistress of the Saint Lady Temple stood up one after another, and even the Chu clans leader opened his eyes wide suddenly, revealing his astonishment. He stood up along with the two leaders of the Temples and went forward to welcome the man in the linen robe together with them.

"We pay our respects to Lord Ling Wu!" The three supreme figures of enormous power all bowed before the old man in the linen robe.

The old man in the linen robe was expressionless as he nodded faintly, acknowledging their respects.

This scene was completely bewildering in Su Yus eyes, but in the eyes of the wizard tribe, it was quite natural.

The power and influence of Ling Wu might not be as high as that of the three supreme leaders, but this old man had a special status.

He was a close attendant of the Moonwatch Sect leader!

During the isolation period of the Sect leader, all of his orders were conveyed through Ling Wu.

In the wizard tribe, Ling Wu was the embodiment of the Sect Leader. Seeing him was as good as seeing the Sect leader himself.

However, Ling Wu rarely showed up, usually staying beside and waiting for instructions from the Sect leader.

Now he suddenly appeared at the Saint Ladys matchmaking ceremony!

Even more worthy of notice was the fact that the Chu clan leaders came with him!

Others might not know it, but the people of the Saint Lady Temple remembered very well that yesterday, the leader of the Chu clan left their temple with feelings of hatred.

This old man here was therefore not a bearer of good news.

The Mistress of the Temple stepped forward and said, "May I ask Master Ling Wu if there are any decrees from the Sect leader?"

The old man in the linen robe looked above her shoulder and to Master Yi. He spoke slowly in a cold and hoarse voice, "Someone reported to the Sect leader that the Saint Lady Temple violated the Sect rules and acted dishonorably in the Saint Ladys matchmaking ceremony. I came here by the orders of the Sect leader to investigate the matter!"

After hearing him, all the disciples of the Saint Lady Temple were dumbfounded.

The Mistress of the Temple replied hastily, "I humbly ask Lord Ling Wu for a clarification. The Saint Lady Temple has always followed the ancient traditions and never violated any rules."

The old man in the linen robe asked coldly, "Who is he, then?"

With a gnarled finger, he pointed at Gentleman Yi, and an obscure wizard power suddenly swept over him.

The wizard power swooped on him and stirred a ripple across his body.

Deep and relentless, it covered his entire being.

"Break!" The old man in the linen robe exclaimed, and the layer of wizard power covering his body suddenly shattered.

Next, an amazing scene unfolded.