The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Full Streak

Following that, it was Wei Tao's turn to go on stage. He jumped on, but his movement techniques seemed clumsy. Wei Tao was 15 years old, but he was born chubby, and his strong face made him look like a mature 20 year old.

His body was strong, with the muscles in his arms, chest, abdomen and legs looking like inflated balloons that were going to explode, giving people a powerful sense of force. Su Yu clicked his tongue quietly. To enter the top 10 silver ranking, you had to be extraordinary.

"I heard that last week, Wei Tao challenged Fan Li, who is ranked number five, and almost defeated him. His current powers are more than enough to enter the top six!"

"That's right, I have also heard that. It would not be easy for Jiang Fan to defeat him."

Master Jiang's thick black eyebrows frowned slightly as he said,"The testing starts now!"

Jiang Fan nodded his chin slightly and said, "I will let you have one move, go on and take action."

Hearing that, the audience could not help but gasp.

"Isn't Jiang Fan crazy? To look down on him like that?"

Wei Tao was instantly humiliated and replied, "Jiang Fan, stop looking down on people! Even Fan Li was almost defeated by me, how much stronger can you be?"

Jiang Fan stood with his arms crossed, and although his cool gaze was on Wei Tao, his eyes only took in another person who was in the same direction, Chen Tiannan. He could only see the Silver King, and not the people who were weaker than him!

How arrogant! The audience could not help the tremor in their minds. To have been completely overlooked, Wei Tao was furious.

"Lion Overlord!" Wei Tao's terrifying explosive body charged towards Jiang Fan.

The fierce energy shifted the airflow, blowing through the robes of the audience.

"So fast!" The audience could not help their cry, as they felt scared for Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan seemed to have been too proud this time, and would have to suffer a loss.


Just as Wei Tao almost crashed into him, Jiang Fan rose onto his toes and levitated, bringing him two meters above the ground, easily avoiding that powerful collision. A hint of disdain and ridicule showed through Jiang Fan's lips.

"I have already let you have a hand!" the cool voice entered Wei Tao's ears.

Wei Tao's face paled, and a great sense of foreboding washed over him!

"Eagle Claw!" Jiang Fan's toes turned into hooks in the air, and as he spun during his descent, they looked like turning screws, aimed for Wei Tao's neck.


The great force from his neck caused Wei Tao's muscular body to fall to his knees! Not waiting for Wei Tao's retaliation, Jiang Fan's toes spun again as they kicked Wei Tao above his temples.


Wei Tao only had time to scream before he fainted from the kick. The temples were one of the most dangerous points on the human body. To suffer a kick there and faint is already considered a light injury!

This Jiang Fan, he shows no mercy! Su Yu's felt a slight coldness is his heart!

Jiang Fan returned to the ground, a look of disdain on his face, as he had defeated Wei Tao so easily. He glanced at Wei Tao coolly as he said, "Can't even take an attack!"

"Let me tell you, Fan Li can't get past this trick under me, what use is it that you almost defeated him?"


The sounds of the audience gasping came one after another! Rank number five Fan Li couldn't take an attack from Jiang Fan?

"Jiang Fan has become strong again! Last time Fan Li could narrowly take 10 tricks under him, but now not even one?"

Master Jiang announced with a smile, "Jiang Fan wins!"

Following that, Jiang Fan went on the stage multiple times and without exception, defeated his opponents with one move!

Of course, Su Yu was not too different, defeating his opponents with one move of Continuous Jade Leaf Kick!

Half a day later...

"Woah! Jiang Fan is so strong, he already has 18 consecutive wins!"

"And Su Yu, he has taken everyone by surprise, with 18 consecutive wins as well!"

Without a doubt, Su Yu was the biggest dark horse in this Silver Assessment!

"Go Su Yu! I support you!" some female students who were sympathetic for his past relationship cheered him on.

Many silver students who had been at the bottom levels for a long time viewed Su Yu as a learning goal, and cheered him on.

Out of the 3,000 or so students who had passed the elimination round, about 400 to 500 were cheering him on. Although the sounds were sparse, "Su Yu" could be heard every once in awhile.

In the VIP audience seats, Lord Ye followed the cheers of the audience and shifted his gaze. Jiang Zhishi, the head judge, also could not help but realize Su Yu. His face instantly drooped slightly.

"How could it be him?" If he hadn't seen him with own eyes, Jiang Zhishi would have forgotten him!

Duke Qin had reminded him multiple times to chase Su Yu out of the institute and disrupt his future.

Jiang Zhishi did not think about the matter, as with Su Yu's qualifications and strength, he was bound to have been eliminated, but how did he make it into the ranking round?

To Jiang Zhishi, it was surreal. Was that Su Yu he was looking at, the real Su Yu? With these thoughts flashing through his mind, Jiang Zhishi had a look of seriousness. This matter was instructed by Duke Qin, how could he mess up?

However, with the housemaster present, it was not acceptable for him to settle private matters, so he could only act should a chance arise. Although, realizing his son was at the venue made him more relaxed. With his son present, he knew without a doubt that he had to stop there.

In the arena...

Master Jiang stared at Su Yu with a hint of dislike.

He had an impression of him. He was good at archery and was admired by Miss Xia, to the extent that she gifted him her own kirin bow. He did not expect that besides archery, his skills were also so powerful, winning 18 consecutive rounds using his perfect basic leg technique. As such, both he and Jiang Fan were one round away from achieving 19 consecutive wins, achieving the stage of complete victory.

"Next round, Jiang Fan versus Su Yu!"

Jiang Fan went onto the stage elegantly as per usual. In comparison, Su Yu appeared extremely clumsy.

"I'm letting you have one hand." Jiang Fan, who looked at people through his nostrils, still had no eyes for even Su Yu's shadow.

Many people were feeling nervous for Su Yu, as Jiang Fan was very powerful. Just as everyone was feeling anxious, an inharmonious voice made them freeze.

"Hey, your nostrils are so turned up, aren't you afraid a bird will poop inside?" Su Yu pursed his lips.

An unknown person almost spit out his mouthful of tea.

Many people below the stage covered their mouths and laughed quietly. This Su Yu, he had a really bad mouth. Jiang Fan's eyes instantly turned cold as he said "Hmph! The trash whose woman was stolen from him has the courage to laugh in my face today?"

"Might as well. You sought your own death, don't blame me for not showing mercy!" Jiang Fan rose onto his toes, displaying his movement techniques, his form like a spirit.

It all happened very fast. When he was three meters away, he rose into the air, like a huge bird opening its wings. Next, he spun down, his feet like a bird's claw, aiming for Su Yu's head!

Judging by his stance, he was not concerned whether Su Yu would be injured, his vicious technique witnessed by all.

Su Yu's expression was calm. In his eyes, which were as deep as outer space, there were no signs of disturbance. They sharply searched for a weakness in his opponent's position, and his right leg lashed out like a whip!

Jiang Fan's spinning left leg was blocked by the kick.

Following that, his right leg pursued Su Yu like a bird's claw, and he gave a cold smile as he said, "The basic leg technique, no matter how perfect, cannot be compared to the middle class techniques that belong to the top tier!"

"Get lost!" Jiang Fan's right leg came swinging in without obstructions.

Su Yu's face had a slight look of ridicule. At the last moment, he changed his pose!

"Universal Stroke!" His fists and feet went out one after another, with smooth transitions that showed no signs of stagnation.

Before his fist was done punching, his leg attacked! Once his leg stopped, another fist came! With the speed of the fists and legs, they could not be differentiated from each other.

Jiang Fan's face suddenly froze. With him in the air, he had no choice but to use his feet to block. But, with no where to tap energy from, how could the speed of his legs be faster than the fierce and continuous attack?


All of a sudden, Su Yu's leg gave a hard kick and hit his opponent squarely in the crotch! Jiang Fan's face paled as he gasped for air. After he tumbled onto the ground, he covered his crotch with his hands, cold sweat on his forehead, not daring to move. Any movement, and he would experience piercing pain!

"You! Dare to injure me? You better watch out" Jiang fan said furiously as his eyes gave a stare.

Su Yu did not show mercy, and the Universal Stroke continued. A fist to his opponent's head caused him to fly out of the arena.

The double encounters of extreme pain caused Jiang Fan to pass out. The audience below the stage gasped! They had already categorized Su Yu as the biggest dark horse, but no one thought that Su Yu would be so much stronger than what they had imagined!

Even Jiang Fan, who was ranked fourth, was not an opponent! Instantly, this grabbed everyone's attention!

With the defeat of fourth ranked Jiang Fan, a powerful figure comparable to the top three in the silver ranking had appeared!

Housemaster Ye, who had been watching throughout, squeezed out a smile on his cool face. "Universal Stroke, looks like it had been trained to Level Two Top Class, reaching four consecutive attacks. Jiang Fan's defeat is reasonable."

Head judge Jiang Zhishi and judge Master Jiang suddenly paled and rushed down together, to check on Jiang Fan's injury. Realising it was just a temporary loss of consciousness, they let out a breath.

Master Jiang looked back fiercely, "Su Yu! It's just a learning experience, did you have to be so ruthless?"

Facing his fierce look, Su Yu said naturally, "Jiang Fan was ruthless all the time. He even dared to kick an area as dangerous as Wei Tao's temples, and Master Jiang saw this but did not stop him. I thought this was a life or death battle, so to protect myself, I was more ruthless.

"Jiang Fan can get away with being ruthless, but I am merely a student with no background, so I get the blame for being ruthless once. If I had known earlier I would have stood still and let Jiang Fan beat me to death." Su Yu's face was full of regret.

Instantly, many obscure looks were seen, all full of dissatisfaction.

Housemaster Ye, whose expression also showed slight coldness, lightly chided, "To shield your family members, you also need to look at the occasion!"

Head judge Jiang Zhishi realised the bad situation and gave Master Jiang a fierce stare, Do you have a brain? Such obvious bias, aren't you seeking trouble for yourself?

Between thoughts, he announced in a dignified manner, "It has been confirmed, Su Yu is not suspected of cheating. Su Yu wins!"

Oh? They were checking if Su Yu had reason to be suspected of cheating? This far-fetched reason was not believed by many, but gave the brothers a way out. Otherwise, the they would not have a good ending with the angry crowd.

Su Yu had a record of 19 consecutive wins, and became the first in his team! At that moment, Su Yu's student number plate was dazzling, as it had reached the stage of a silver-white colour!

Looking at the undefeatable dark horse Su Yu, many had different reactions.

Chen Feng's fingernails pierced into her palms and she said bitterly "In just a few days, how did he become so strong?"

A large hand patted her shoulder lightly, and a rough cold voice said, "What is Jiang Fan? In front of me, he doesn't even have the courage to look at me. Su Yu defeating him is nothing much."

Chen Tiannan's expression was cold, his eyes indifferent, with a sense of loneliness of the undefeatable. For the Silver King, there still existed no opponent among the silver students. In the year with rare competitors, he could only cure his loneliness through finding the gold students.

Hearing that, Chen Feng's face relaxed, her mind at ease.