The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Scheming venomous snake
Chapter 140: Scheming venomous snake
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But just as the Ice Flames shattered, a huge ball of purple light filled the air!

It was an extremely lifelike, giant purple lotus. The petals extended, swaying in the wind. Bales of terrifying energy circulated within the lotus. Arcs of thunder were released, their destructive energy spreading around!

Qin Gang's mocking laugh froze.

There was no separation between Glazed Ice Flame and the Purple Star Thunderbolt! The two techniques had merged!


Qin Gang did not have any time to react. The rumble shook the entire Liuxian faction, piercing through the clouds!

The purple light illuminated the Outer Sanctum. Huge waves of wind blew about, their destructive energy obliterating everything in its path!

At the center of the battle, waves of energy rumbled, shooting out in all directions!

Two figures could be faintly seen within the waves of energy.

A purple robe was flying wildly, silver hair dancing in fury. Su Yu stood in his original position, undamaged.

On the other hand, Qin Gang's robes were destroyed and his skin was dark red. His face was slightly contorted, presenting an expression of pain.

A Stage One Top Class Legacy level technique. Even a person in the Dragon Realm could not easily withstand this.

The Outer Sanctum Disciples were shocked. Su Yu had actually gotten the upper hand!

Mo Wu's pupils dilated. "The amount of spirit energy he has is thirty percent more than that of the past!"

Wang Shenxue was dumbfounded. "In just a few days, the power of this technique has increased by more than thirty percent!"

Su Yu's level of spirit energy, coupled with the Stage One Top Class legacy level technique, had powers much more intense than anyone imagined.

Feeling the stinging pain on his skin, Qin Gang was furious!

"Hmph! Small tricks can't do me in" Qin Gang let out an angry grunt, hurling his bronze body once again toward Su Yu! "Roar of the Angry Dragon!"

A punch, ferocious as a dragon, once again pushed toward Su Yu!

But, at the moment he struck, Su Yu had already readied his third attack!

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!" With a low grunt, the hand hidden behind Su Yu's back prepared a long spear, formed by fusing the Ice Flames and Thunder Flares!

Destructive energy encircled the three-foot long spear.

The Ice Flames and Thunder Flares danced beautifully.

As Su Yu threw the spear, it transformed into a streak of purple and azure light, piercing the air!


The air crackled, the land trembled.

It was a spear from the God of Punishment, causing many hearts to tremble!

Qin Gang's face of fury turned rigid, his eyelids twitching madly!

It was a Half Divine grade Holy Decree!

Dread filled his heart!

The fist he threw at Su Yu took on a defensive turn, protecting the vital points in his chest!

But at the moment he retracted his fist, the Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder descended!

Boundless flames rolled in the horizon! Countless people felt the earth shaking, falling on the floor as they could not steady themselves.

The terrifying energy shook the External Affairs Division.

The two bronze pillars that had stood for multiple centuries let out cracking sounds under the insane energy wave.

None of the Outer Sanctum Disciples could keep calm, retreating in shock.

The power of this strike had surpassed the limits of their imagination!

When the dust settled, a shocking scene appeared in the arena!

Qin Gang's arms were bloody, frozen by the Ice Flames and burnt by the Thunder Flares. Bones were even visible where the injuries were most serious!

A long spear with a subdued glow pierced his arms, gradually dissipating.

He had been pushed back multiple steps, his legs forming two long trenches on the ground.

Along the way, the ground was sprayed with a layer of fresh blood!

Qin Gang, the Angry King Kong Buddha, had been injured!

Su Yu had achieved something even a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King could not accomplish!

The Outer Sanctum Disciples gasped!

They had seen the King of the Fallen Star break through to new heights, and they could only admire him for eternity.

Su Yu was too powerful! He was so powerful that those chasing in his footsteps felt despair!

Wang Shenxue's battle intent was blazing. He cannot help but feel even more inspired.

"He has grown more powerful again!" It was the same Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder, but compared to its power during the match at the Law Enforcement Tribunal, it had thirty percent more explosive power.

Mo Wu secretly nodded her head. "The power of this technique had improved considerably!"

Qin Gang had a feeling of caution for the first time.

If he was a normal Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King, he would have had been completely destroyed!

What he did not know was that Su Yu had not used the Seal of Time, nor his Space Manipulation. Otherwise, Qin Gang would not have had the opportunity to block.

If he could not defend himself, he would not have escaped with such light injuries under the Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder.

Was shocked, looking at Su Yu's restless expression. He was not satisfied with such a result.

"Barring any accidents, this is the full might of the Holy Decree fused with ice and thunder." Su Yu muttered softly.

The fragment of the Purple Star Thunderbolt only had one stage. Now that he had achieved top class of that stage, there was no continuation of the lightning style legacy level technique that he could cultivate; this was because the depository of the faction did not contain any lightning style legacy level techniques.

If the lightning style technique could not be improved, it would be hard for the Holy Decree to be improved further.

The Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder might be the final form of this Holy Decree.

Admittedly, it was quite disappointing.

Qin Gang was humiliated by how distracted and unsatisfied Su Yu looked!

Su Yu had inflicted minor injuries, but he still felt dissatisfied!

"Come again!" Qin Gang's face was filled with shame and fury. Not only was he older than Su Yu, but his cultivation level was higher too. Yet, he still lost!

Su Yu looked up, his expression merciless. "Alright! I'll strike you until you apologize to Senior Zhao!"

Qin Gang was ultimately not in the Dragon Realm, he only had the physical body of a person in the Dragon Realm. His combined strength was only higher than that of a Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King, but did not exceed that of Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King!

Su Yu could still handle him with a little effort!

But as they were going to engage in battle once again, a female figure came out from within the External Affairs Division!

She pointed with her dainty fingers, causing Su Yu to be pushed back three steps!

Abruptly lifting his head, a figure that inspired deep hatred from within Su Yu was imprinted in his eyes. "Xi! Ruo! Lan!"

Clenching his teeth tightly, Su Yu fought back his urge to strike her!

She had framed Li Guang for an entire century! She had destroyed Li Guang's aspirations and stolen his life force!

The reason Su Yu entered the Liuxian faction was to personally claim her head and send it to Li Guang's grave!

Xi Ruolan was expressionless, lightly glancing at Su Yu and coldly scolding. "Have you caused enough trouble yet? The External Affairs Division is an important place in the Outer Sanctum, you dare cause trouble here?!"

Ever since she had appeared, she had not bothered to ask about the details of the incident, instead blamed Su Yu! The favoritism was blatant.

Su Yu suppressed his killing intent. "Causing trouble? Alright! I shall report this matter to the Master of the faction and we shall see who's the one that was causing trouble!"

Li Nian was not flustered, frowning instead. "A joke! Would you be granted an audience by the Master of the faction? Furthermore, I was following the rules of the faction, what wrong did I commit?"


While Li Nian still could not understand the situation, Su Yu had retrieved a token from his sleeve.

"The Liuxian Token!" Li Nian's face turned rigid, his lips trembling slightly.

The Liuxian Token allowed a small request to be granted by the Master! This token was everywhere a hundred years ago but was gradually phased out. There are not many tokens in circulation left.

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of the token was still valid!

If Su Yu used this token to ask the Master to investigate the truth of the incident

Swallowing, Li Nian's heart was in a fluster. If the Master were to question him personally, it would be hard to mask the truth.

Framing someone and making light of another person's life would result in an immediate execution by the Master!

Even the furious Qin Gang trembled, involuntarily retreating away from Li Hao.

Mo Wu and Wang Shenxue were all secretly shocked!

Su Yu had a discontinued Liuxian Token!

The entire place was silent. Li Nian was pale, cold sweat spouting from his forehead.

Even Xi Ruolan's fierce expression gradually turned gentler.

After a moment, she calmly said. "Why alarm the Master for such a small matter? The External Affairs Division can deal with this impartially. Those who have nothing to do here, leave."

Xi Ruolan surveyed around the room and those in her gaze left hurriedly.

The External Affairs Division controlled the Outer Sanctum. Her very word could decide the fate of the Outer Sanctum Disciples, who was not fearful of her?

In the blink of an eye, there were only the three people from the External Affairs Division, as well as Su Yu and Zhao Guang, left.

Xi Ruolan calmly sighed. "Whatever happened is clear to all of us present. Su Yu, you can claim the injustice done to Zhao Guang.

"Li Nian used the rules for his personal vendetta and should be executed. But if you agree to let it be, Zhao Guang will be given a Medium Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill as an exchange, to let him breakthrough to Holy King. This is the biggest justice I can give everyone."

If Su Yu did not agree and insisted on the Master of the faction handling this case, the ultimate result would be merely the execution of Li Nian. Zhao Guang would at most get a few recovery pills, and not the precious Medium Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill.

And, Su Yu would have to exhaust his Liuxian Token!

"Tell me, who instigated this?" Su Yu shot a cold gaze towards Li Nian!

As guilty as he was, in this moment of life and death, would he hide the truth?

"It it was the royal brother, Li Hao. He ordered me to kill all those close to you."

Li Hao! Su Yu's gaze turned cold!

It looked like Su Yu had made his choice. Xi Ruolan took out a blue Medium Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill from her sleeve and took the two back into the External Affairs Division without any emotion.

Taking the elixir, Su Yu was apologetic. He propped Zhao Guang up. "I'm sorry Senior Zhao, I have implicated you."

Zhao Guang's dull eyes looked at Su Yu, gradually regaining his color. He anxiously gripped Su Yu's arm. "Junior Su, were there any last words for me by teacher?"

Su Yu was silent, his fist clenched. "Before he died, he only hoped for one thing Do not seek revenge for him, and live well."

"Live well" Zhao Guang muttered repeatedly, bitter tears falling from his eyes.

Su Yu forced out an expression of consolation. "Don't worry Senior Zhao. Someone will pay for teacher's death! I, Su Yu, will one day claim the heads of those who wronged him, and I will pay respect to teacher's spirit."

"Thank you." Zhao Guang smiled as tears rolled down his cheeks. "I am useless, it is all up to you, Junior Su!"

"Alright, this is a Medium Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill. It is enough to let you breakthrough to Holy King. Should you face any difficulty in the Outer Sanctum, tell me." Su Yu put the pill into Zhao Guang's mouth, its powerful effects immediately released into his body.

It healed his injuries as he was achieving his breakthrough.

After some time, Zhao Guang gradually regained his color. His injuries were healed considerably.

"Thank you for your kind gesture, Junior Su. Please tell me where teacher's grave is. I wish to leave the Liuxian faction and guard his grave," Zhao Guang said pitifully.

He had stayed at the Outer Sanctum for a few months and had come to understand that he would not have much of a future cultivating any further. He was already more than thirty years old and had missed the optimal age to cultivate. He would only be wasting his time in the Outer Sanctum.

He would rather guard his teacher's grave.

Su Yu was shocked, only telling him the location after a while.

He had many enemies in the Liuxian faction, he might not be able to help Zhao Guang the next time he implicated him.

"Goodbye, Junior Su." Zhao Guang cupped his fists, staring deeply at Su Yu before silently leaving.

They had once shared the fate of stepping onto the forbidden grounds of the Shenyue Island together, but now Zhao Guang was out of the picture.

Su Yu felt lonely as he looked at the back of Zhao Guang disappearing into the faction.

"What a deep bond between brothers." A mocking voice came from behind him.

Turning back, Su Yu's eyes turned ice cold. "Li! Hao!"

Standing with his hands behind him at the entrance of the External Affairs Division, Li Hao's face was full of mockery. "Zhao Guang is but the first one! I want to play with everyone close to you until they die! Let's see who shall be next!"

Su Yu grumbled. Of those close to him from the Shenyue Island, other than Zhao Guang and Xianer ( who was protected by the Second Elder), there was but one person left!

Xia Jingyu!

"You wouldn't dare!" Su Yu's calm eyes displayed an alarming killing intent!

Li Hao coldly smiled. "Why, you wish to kill me to prevent future accidents?"

But his tone suddenly changed as an equally cold killing intent surfacing in his eyes. "Fine! I'll give you a chance! Now let's leave the faction and have a duel to the death!

"If you don't accept this challenge, I shall play with those close to you until they die!" Li Hao's expression of hatred was exceptionally ferocious.

Su Yu clenched his fists. His abilities were not Li Hao's match. But, when he thought about Jingyu's gentle figure, his heart was wrenched.

"Alright! I, Su Yu, shall claim your life" Su Yu's eyes were filled with killing intent. Without dealing with Li Hao, he would not be able to achieve peace!

For Xianer and Xia Jingyu, Li Hao must die!