The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 Keeping Ones Own Counsel

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The air became distorted around Gentleman Yi, who was in the guise of a male. When the undulation calmed down, Gentleman Yis appearance became clear again.

However, the person before their eyes was no longer Gentleman Yi, the exceptionally handsome young man.

Before them stood a lovely, young girl with bright, shining eyes!

It was the Saint Lady, Luo Xueyi!

Her eyes were solemn while her heart was fluttering nervously.

The look on the face of the Saint Lady Temple Mistress was terrible to behold.

The people were stupefied, their eyes wide and their mouths agape.

Gentleman Yi was the Saint Lady?

Did she come over to join the Son-in-Law Recruitment to win her own hand in marriage?

This was preposterous!

They finally understood how such an exceptionally powerful talent from the wizard tribe appeared out of nowhere, unknown and unheard of.

It also became clear how he was so proficient in the wizardry passed down from generation to generation in the Saint Lady Temple.

This person was actually the Saint Lady herself!

The elder in the linen robe had a cold, hard look on his face. " Saint Lady Temple Mistress, what more do you have to say?"

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress kept quiet, her eyes filled with sorrow and grievance. "I have nothing to say!"

"You broke the ancestral rules and brought blasphemy upon the Wizard Ancestor. I believe you must know what kind of sin you have committed, dont you?" The elder in the linen robe spoke in a stern, uncompromising voice.

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress nodded. "I know. I have to disable my own sorcery and go into exile to one of the two forbidden places, and I will never get to come out for the rest of my life."

Upon hearing that, many were horrified.

Such harsh punishments had not been implemented for many years, yet today this fate was going to befall the Saint Lady Temple Mistress, who was already miserable enough.

It was heartbreaking for a noblewoman like her to end up in such a plight.

"Ah, the Saint Lady Temple Mistress is at fault, but she did not do it willingly, I am sure. Try to think of it apart from the Saint Lady herself, who in the world would be able to make nine consecutive wins?"

"Right, but there is no order without law. Since the Temple Mistress decided to do so, she should have been prepared to fail."

"Hehe, the Chu Clan has always been known for being vile and cunning. Im really curious about what the Saint Lady Temple did to offend them that made them report to the Sect Master."

The people shot looks at the eerily sneering Chu Clan Master, whose eyes were filled with contempt.

The Chu Clan Master said, "Temple Mistress, you have to accept the consequences of the path that you have chosen! Do not blame me for being ruthless. I cannot condone such transgression."

"When I see people break the ancestral rules as you have done, I am forced to report it to the Sect Master."

Hearing the hints of insult and humiliation in his words, the people of the Saint Lady Temple were fuming with rage. Oh, how bad they wanted to tear him apart!

All they did was refuse to hand Su Yu over to him as he demanded, and he landed the entire Saint Lady Temple in such a predicament!

However, the Temple Mistress was exceptionally calm, her voice devoid of any emotion. "Could you please tell me, which of my four great Helm Leaders did you bribe?"

"The four of them and I were the only ones who had known the Saint Lady would take part in the Son-in-Law Recruitment in the guise of a man."


As she finished speaking, a figure ran out from among the four great Helm Leaders, took a detour around the people of the Temple, and hid behind Chu Clan Master.

The people fixed their eyes on her. Much to their surprise, it was the first of the four Helm Leaders, Wuxin!

Only then did the three other Helm Leaders come to their senses. Furious, they yelled, "It was you who betrayed us!"

They were wondering how the matter was exposed. It turned out that they were betrayed by one of their own!

Helm Leader Wuxin hid behind the Chu Clan Master. Once she calmed down, she sneered hideously. "For many years, I served the Saint Lady Temple conscientiously and earnestly, but what did I receive in return?"

"The Saint Lady candidate whom I nominated was ostracized, and while I got promoted to the position of the First Helm Leader painstakingly, I was threatened with sacking just because of a few random nonsensical words of Su Yu! I, Wuxin, have always been faithful and dedicated to you, yet you failed me!"

The Chu Clan Master chuckled creepily. "As the saying goes, a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unfair cause finds little affirmation. Temple Mistress, do disable your sorcery without further ado!"

The elder in the linen robe proclaimed with an icy look, "Do it! Do not force to me get involved!"

Whiffs of harsh, swift air surged from his body, an extraordinarily powerful aura hidden in them. That was the aura of the Sect Master!

However, in the face of doom, the Temple Mistress said serenely, "Lord Ling Wu, I have never broken the ancestral rules."

The elder said, "You had instructed the Saint Lady to disguise herself as a man and compete for the position of her own husband. Didnt you confess this yourself?"

"I only admitted to having the Saint Lady wear the guise of a male, but it was just to allow her to test the strength of the contestants personally. I never meant for her to seize the position of the Saint Ladys husband. Once she made nine consecutive wins, she was supposed to give up on her own," the Temple Mistress said.

Upon hearing that, the people were baffled. She was fooling them, wasnt he? Who would even believe her words?

"Humph, how hilarious! Do you think wed believe you?" The Chu Clan Master sneered. "Take a glance at all of the competitors. The Saint Lady and the Saint are the only ones who could make nine consecutive wins."

"And among yourselves, the Saint Lady is the only one. How could she participate in the contest without aiming to seize the position of the Saint Ladys husband?"

The elder in the linen robe said coldly, "Temple Mistress, let the truth prevail. On behalf of the Sect Master, I hope you stop making pointless struggles regarding this matter."

Still, the Temple Mistress said calmly, "I think all of you have understood it wrong! I have never meant for the Saint Lady to attain this position herself, because I do have a suitable candidate to become her husband. He is the person whom I have the most faith in!"

Who? Who could it be?

There were only two people left on the arena now.

The Saint, Zhao Tianyin.

And Su Yu, who miraculously made eight consecutive wins!

Was the Temple Mistress referring to Su Yu?

The elder in the linen robe shot a cold, penetrating glance at Su Yu. When his eyes fell upon the thunderbolt mark between his brows, he scowled slightly. "Is this the person who challenged the Sect Master?"

"Is there a problem with that?" The Temple Mistress questioned in return.

The elder shook his head slowly after a moment of contemplation. "No, its alright."

"However, if he collapses at the first blow, I can still proclaim that you were lying previously in an attempt to get the Saint Lady to seize the position of the Saint Ladys husband as well."

The Temple Mistress smiled without saying a word, looking at Su Yu.

At that moment, the green veins on Su Yus forehead bulged with frustration.

After so many troubles, it still fell upon him eventually!

"This old fox had her own plan," Su Yu muttered through his teeth.

While everyone thought Su Yu was the hope of the Saint Lady Temple, Gentleman Yi surprised them.

However, just when their attention was drawn to Gentleman Yi and Su Yu was all but forgotten, it turned out that he was destined to triumph after all. Gentleman Yi was only meant to pull the wool over peoples eyes.

That old fox, the Temple Mistress, must have noticed Helm Leader Wuxins treacherous intention from early on. Hence, to deceive the deceiver, she put up such a scene.

Moreover, she had known SU Yus reluctance to participate in the contest, so she forced Su Yu into the final battle by resorting to such means.

If Su Yu gave up on his right of competing, the transgression allegedly committed by the Saint Lady Temple would become real, and the Temple would fall apart overnight.

Without the protection of the Saint Lady Temple Mistress, the Chu Clan Master and the Saint Temple would not let Su Yu get away, and even the people of the Saint Lady Temple would treat him as a foe.

Hence, for the sake of himself and the Saint Lady Temple, there was no way Su Yu could withdraw from the competition.

The Temple Mistress put on a gentle smile. "I have full confidence in Su Yu."

As she spoke, she shot Su Yu a meaningful look.

Su Yu rolled his eyes in frustration. Then he stepped out of the crowd swiftly and leaped onto the arena without saying a word.