The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402 Three Thousand Divine Paths

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"Su Yu!" A thunderous roar of shock and fury escaped from Zhao Tianyins throat.

He was stunned and frightened at the same time.

His ability was insanely powerful! A far cry from the level of insignificant beginners that he had imagined!

He thought it was a battle he could win with ease, defeating his opponent with his absolute vantage point. He thought he could crush this man, who was recognized by the Nine Paths of Heaven-Splitting Yin Yang Style, beneath his feet and prove himself the most powerful of them all.

However, unbeknownst to him, his opponent had concealed his true strength all this time, and now he turned out to be such a strong rival!

A surge of dread rose within him!

"Stroke of Gods Doom!" Zhao Tianyin cast a powerful wizard spell once again.

Su Yu was shrouded in an air of belligerence. Having transformed into a mighty being who shouldered the burden of the world, he continued to attack, carrying with him a force that not even trillions of years could destroy.

Sorcery energy and belligerence, the two forces that made the creatures of the world crouch in fear, erupted in the skies.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky split apart, revealing numerous long cracks. Boundless disorderly space energy poured down at once, sweeping away everything in its path and shattering it amidst the turbulence of space.

The restrictive barrier of the Saint Lady Temple that had existed for countless ages crumbled under the impact of the collision.

The land cracked open, and the hellfire hidden underground for countless years erupted skyward, carrying lava with it and turning the vicinity of the Saint Lady Temple into an ocean of fire.

The people who had witnessed the battle were scurrying helter-skelter in extreme terror, fleeing as fast as they could, overwhelmingly horrified.

"Is that really Su Yu?" Wang Qingchens eyes went saucer-wide as he spoke in utter disbelief.

He had never regarded Su Yu as a person of significance and only used to label his capacity as "fair".

Before he entered the arena, Wang Qingchen never expected him to triumph.

Unbeknownst to him, Su Yus strength was so immensely powerful that it was way above his own!

As he recalled the first time they met and how he appraised Su Yus performance in a supercilious manner, he felt his cheeks burning with humiliation.

It was like an ant evaluating an elephant in ludicrous ignorance.

The Saint Ladys beautiful eyes flickered. She was utterly shocked. "He has attained such massive improvement!"

Back in the ruins, Su Yus Heaven-stomping Three Strokes were low-grade, yet he had now achieved the top tier, which was many times more menacing!

Despite their stupefaction, they could not stay and watch for too long, because the two showed no sign of ending the fight.

Wherever they passed, major destruction occurred as oceans of fire billowed skywards.

"Citizens of Saint Capital, all of you, retreat into the protective region of the Sect!" The elder in the linen robe bellowed as he saw the situation getting out of hand.

In fact, even without his reminder, the residents of the Saint Capital were fleeing frantically in all directions, utterly frightened by the earth-shaking devastation.

The elder looked up at the two of them, yelling while mobilizing his sorcery energy, "The competition ends right here, stop now!"

However, his voice was drowned out by the remnants of magical impulse, and the two opponents were completely oblivious to it.

His voice could not reach the battlefield!

"Let us strike together! Stop them!" The elder glanced at the Saint Lady Temple Mistress, the Saint Temple Master, the Wang Clan Master, and the Chu Clan Master with a clenched jaw.

"If we strike at once, we can stop the battle by force, but it will be dangerous," the elder assessed the situation.

All of a sudden, his words trailed off and the battle in the Void paused for a moment.

The two of them retreated ten thousand feet each, with the eyes of each fixed on the other person, sparks flying in the air between them.

Zhao Tianyin grew increasingly stupefied and more and more restless. He was deeply perturbed.

Initially, he had thought he could easily finish Su Yu off. Then he came to terms with the fact that it would take him some effort to deal with Su Yu. Now he actually found out that his rival was equal to him in strength!

A spark of resolution flashed across his eyes, and Zhao Tianyin slammed his own forehead with a palm.

A spell hidden in his palm disappeared into his forehead.

An expression of misery appeared upon his face, and his eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears began bleeding.

In his anguish, a low, beastly growl escaped from his throat, and his eyes slowly became bloodshot.

The elder in the linen robe was stunned. "What kind of wizardry is that? Its like he is activating something within him!"

Upon hearing that, an apprehensive look appeared on the Saint Temple Masters face. As he stared at Zhao Tianyin, dread filled his eyes.

"Second stroke of Sky-flipping, Word Annihilation!"

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The power was unleashed the moment he spoke the words. As he opened his mouth, the World Annihilation Curse was released.

In the formless desolation of the world, a continuous thudding noise sounded relentlessly.

It was as if an invisible giant beyond the edge of the sky was pummeling the heavens with a hammer.

The intangible oppression made people extremely uneasy and apprehensive.

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress was stupefied. "He has successfully mastered the second stroke as well? How did he even do it?"

The Wang Clan Master and the Chu Clan Master were impressed as well.

The Wang Clan Master stroked his beard and said, "Even with Zhao Tianyins natural endowments, it is very unusual for him to master the second stroke in ten years. There must be something he has kept hidden."

Despite their rivalry, the Chu Clan Master agreed. "What was the spell that he slammed into his forehead just now? Does such uncanny wizardry exist among our people?"

The three of them looked at the Saint Temple Master expectantly, but he looked indifferent as always, his profound gaze fixed on Zhao Tianyin.

Once the World Annihilation Curse was released, a terrifying force that far surpassed the previous one spread across the entire expanse of the sky.

The thudding, pummeling noise grew more and more intense.

Su Yus heart had begun to pound vigorously to the rhythm of the thudding sound.

However, right at that moment, the sound stopped abruptly.

A dim, grey, gargantuan human-like figure a hundred million feet in height emerged out of nowhere, standing behind Zhao Tianyin.

The colossal size of its body could rival the Giant of the Bitter Sea and the Epoch-making Dragon.

He was holding an enormous hammer of thirty million feet wide. It was the hammer that made the thudding sound in the sky.

The people were horrified!

"Is this the legendary second stroke, the World Annihilation Giant?" They recoiled in fear while craning their heads to look. Beholding the giant made them shake all over.

"There was only one Sect Master who succeeded in mastering the second stroke. At such a young age, Zhao Tianyin can already rival the legendary Sect Master who lived all those years ago?"

As the giant appeared, its pitch-dark, chasm-like eyes were focused on Su Yu. Holding the humongous hammer in both his hands and swinging it above his head, he brought it down forcefully.

The blow tore through the atmosphere, and a space crack that crossed millions of miles was formed.

A significant portion of the Saint Capitals buildings crumbled and fell into the space seam.

From a birds eye view, one could see that a quarter of the Saint Capital had been demolished!

As the humongous hammer touched the ground, the oppression it created was ten times stronger and more vigorous than the impulse waves before the collision!

The impact sent tremors across the continent, and the Saint Capital disintegrated into fragments. Numerous volcanoes rose from below the earth, forming a chain of volcanoes right within the territory of the Saint Capital.

Eventually, an enormous, thunderous boom that shattered the mountains, rivers, and lands within the radius of a billion miles shook the world!

With the giant hammer in the center, the lands caved in layer by layer, forming a gaping chasm.

The powerful impulse waves radiated in every direction, causing massive rampage and devastation along their way.

No part of the Saint Capital was spared. The city was razed to the ground!

One exception was the magnificent great palace radiating brilliant splendor at the center of the Saint Capital, which remained unscathed.

The citizens of the Saint Capital who took shelter in the great palace beheld the blood-chilling, petrifying scene with eyes wide, jaws hanging open and mouths agape. It was a scene the likes of which they had never seen in their lifetime.

"World Annihilation This, this really is World Annihilation!" The people felt their hearts growing faint and their blood chilling.

They stared at Zhao Tianyin as though he was the God of War, with great reverence and admiration.

The elder in the linen robe, the Saint Lady Temple Mistress, the Saint Temple Master, and the two clan masters were also taking shelter in the resplendent great palace, watching as the Saint Capital was destroyed.

In the midst of the World Annihilation, there was not a single thing they could do to resist it.

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress heaved a long sigh. "This is indeed the top-grade wizardry that evolved from the Heaven-Splitting Yin and Yang Style! Look how horrendous it was! It almost felt like the Supreme Law."

The rest of them were equally stunned and shaken.

In terms of strength, Zhao Tianyin had surpassed all who were present.

As a matter of fact, they were no match for Zhao Tianyin even if they combined forces!

The Saint Lady had turned pale from fright. She could not take her pretty eyes off the bottomless, giant pit as she muttered under her breath, "Where is he?"

Upon hearing that, they heaved a silent sigh.

How could Su Yu survive the force of World Annihilation? He had most probably turned into ashes that had scattered across the lands.

"Heh, despite his impressive power, he still was no rival for Zhao Tianyin," someone sighed.

"Exactly! What a great pity. Although he might be an enemy from the God Realm, still it is heartbreaking to see such a rare genius perish."

However, someones eyes shone as he yelled, "Hold on! Look at Zhao Tianyin!"

Zhao Tianyin was standing above the deep pit, but his face was devoid of the victorious smile that he could be expected to display. Instead, he had a peculiarly solemn look.

The Saint Ladys eyes lit up. "He must still be alive! If Su Yu was killed, how could Zhao Tianyin be unscathed?"

The realization struck them as well. Indeed, Su Yu had another form of protection, being the man who challenged the Sect Master.

Right at that moment, a serene voice rose up into the clouds from the deep chasm, breaking free from all shackles.

"Three thousand Divine Paths!"

In the blink of an eye, divine brilliance radiated from the giant pit, giving off endless, boundless, bedazzling god-like light from within.

It was as if a bright sun was hidden in the deep pit.

The entire sky was tainted by the divine brilliance, creating a colorful canvas filled with a broad array of hues.

At that moment, a ten-thousand-foot-tall shadow shrouded in a halo of divine light slowly soared from the pit.

"The Godly Dharma Portrayal?" The eyes of the elder in the linen robe turned fearful. This man had really come from the God Realm!

However, shortly after, the elder was stunned.

The second Godly Dharma Portrayal rose from the pit.

"A person practicing two Divine Paths at the same time and achieving their advanced states at once! No wonder hes so great" The elder trailed off as the third shadow had appeared!

"What! He practices three Paths at once?" The elder was dumbfounded.

Then, however, his fright turned into horror as the fourth Godly Dharma Portrayal appeared!

Then the sixth, the seventh, the eighth All the way until there were three thousand Godly Dharma Portrayals!

The boundless Godly Dharma Portrayals filled the entire sky of the Saint Capital, radiating with dazzling resplendence.

However, no matter how blinding their glow was, they could still see the comparatively tiny, insignificant figure surrounded by the three thousand Godly Dharma Portrayals!

Su Yu!

He was completely unscathed. His silver hair refracted the glorious brilliance of the divine aura as he stood surrounded by the three thousand Godly Dharma Portrayals like the King of all deities.

The magnificent, awe-inspiring, unprecedented, out-of-the-world phenomenal sight shook everyones hearts.

"How could one person master so many Divine Paths?" The Saint Temple Master was completely incredulous.

The elder in the linen robe had seen many marvels in his days, yet he could not quite comprehend the sight before his eyes.

If one were to compare the two rivals, although the shadow behind Zhao Tianyin was spectacular, it was far less awe-inspiring than Su Yus three thousand Divine Paths.

With a blood-streaked face and bloodshot eyes, Zhao Tianyin stared at the three thousand Divine Paths and growled once again, "World Annihilation!"

The giants shadow raised the humongous hammer again, slamming it down at Su Yu.

Su Yu, looking quite tranquil, only raised a hand.

The three thousand Godly Dharma Portrayals began moving all at once, some of them performing their powers, some raising their arms, some maneuvering their magic.

All three thousand of them unleashed their might at once, integrating into an unbelievably monumental, resplendent beam of light that stood in the way of the giant hammer.


A thunderous, explosive noise reverberated through the air. The terrifying giant hammer did not slam down. Instead, it was sent flying in a wide arc by the colorful beam.

The colorful beam did not retreat, but charged forth and penetrated the hundred-million-foot-tall shadow.

With an anguished low howl, the shadow of the giant disintegrated, vanishing into nothingness.

The remnant of the colorful light beam aimed straight for Zhao Tianyin.

With great resentment in his eyes, Zhao Tianyin screamed harshly, "It is not over yet!"

He raised his hand again, slamming it into his forehead.

The Saint Temple Masters face changed abruptly at the sight of it. He did not seem to care about anything else anymore as he sprinted out of the great hall, yelling, "Stop it! Do not go on!"