The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 The Sect Masters Oracle

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The battle ceased for a moment, and the voice telling the two opponents to stop finally reached the battlefield.

However, all that Zhao Tianyin could see at that moment was Su Yu. In great wrath, he growled, "I do not believe this! I am the greatest wizard of this generation! No one can ever overtake me, no one can surpass me!"


Once again, he slammed his palm against his forehead, which was now covered in numerous gashes. Blood gushed out from his wounds like a fountain, splattering everywhere.

His ferocious face was a mangled mess of flesh and blood, and he looked as horrendous as a monster.

A violent, savage, aggressive air surrounded his entire being. His dark red eyes shot a deadly glare at Su Yu as he smirked and uttered the words, "Sky-flipping Third Stroke, World Creation!"

The second he finished, it was as if the entire Universe fell silent.

The great hall in the distance, the ravaged earth, and the Saint Temple Master who was hurrying on his way

All of them came to a standstill.

It was as though Time and Space had come to a halt, becoming motionless.

It was if the whole world was about to restart.

A faintly visible chain was hovering in the sky.

The Chain of Law!

The final stroke of the Sky-flipping Style turned out to be the Law!

Moreover, it was the Law of Time even!

There was a terrible icy gleam in Zhao Tianyins eyes. At that moment, he was the only person who could tread the Universe, like a god who had taken control over the world.

"Humph, how dare you fight against me? Who the hell do you think you are? Argh!" As Zhao Tianyin spoke, a mouthful of fresh blood spilled from his mouth. His body was growing feebler by the second.

Still, his face was beaming with a victorious smile.

He walked up to Su Yu, who was standing motionless. Zhao Tianyins face was ablaze with murderous desire.

"What a pity that I cant kill you now! However, in defeating you I had the chance to display my strongest World Creation!" Zhao Tianyin approached Su Yu, raising a hand to strike him in the abdomen.

He smiled grimly. "It is said that this is the most vulnerable spot of people from the God Realm. Once it is injured, ones cultivation will very likely be halted. I wonder if you will still dare to challenge me when you turn into a crippled man!"

However, when his palm rose to strike Su Yu, a hand emerged out of nowhere, defying the stillness of Time and Space and haphazardly grasping Zhao Tianyins wrist.

At the same time, a placid voice that made Zhao Tianyins blood turn cold spoke. "Have you become so feeble? Looks like that is the limit of your strength, huh?"

Zhao Tianyin looked up. Much to his horror, Su Yu was speaking nonchalantly, totally unaffected by the Law of Time.

He glanced around in a panic to ensure that the Law of Time was still in effect. How did Su Yu stay impervious to it?

"Let this end," Su Yu proclaimed calmly, prodding Zhao Tianyins chest with a finger.


With a dull noise, a bloody hole penetrated Zhao Tianyins body, starting at the chest and coming through his back. His heart was devoured within seconds.

When Su Yu loosened his hold, Zhao Tianyins body went weak and he collapsed listlessly onto the ground.

Following his defeat, the World Creation melted into the air, disappearing instantly.

The frozen Time and Space began flowing again.

The Saint Temple Master, who rushed over, found that the Saint collapsed after sustaining severe injuries. His face fell horribly and he hurried to bend over the Saint to gauge the extent of the damage.

Upon close examination, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Swiftly, he produced a heart out of the pocket of his robe and implanted it in the Saints body.

On the verge of death, the Saint regained vitality. However, he was extremely feeble, which caused him to pass out again after a short while.

Su Yu was not really surprised by this sight.

Having trained to such a level, the Saint would not necessarily come back to life spontaneously, but there were countless ways to resuscitate him at the brink of death.

The Saint Temple Master carefully placed the Saint on the ground. Seeing him covered in blood and terribly defeated, he lifted his eyes at Su Yu and stared at him with blazing anger.

"You dirty creature, how dare you, a mere foreigner, beat the Saint up so ruthlessly!"

Su Yu replied placidly, "Did you expect me to stand still and do nothing while he was trying to kill me?"

"Humph!" The Saint Temple Masters face was dark and ominous.

Following the Saints defeat, not only did the plans to overthrow the Saint Lady Temple fall through, but the reputation of the Saint Temple would suffer major damage as well.

The only way to turn things around right now was to eliminate Su Yu and accuse the Saint Lady Temple of colluding with outsiders.

As he spoke, the Saint Temple Master looked over at the elder in the linen robe and bowed respectfully in his direction. "Lord Ling Wu, please show us justice!"

"The Saint Lady Temple colluded with enemies from the outside, who severely injured the top candidate for the Moonwatch Sect Masters place. That was downright evil and sinful!"

"I suggest that Su Yus right of competition should be withdrawn and that the people of the Saint Lady Temple should be severely punished!"

If Su Yus right of competition were to be abolished, it would mean that Su Yus victory didnt count.

Hence, Zhao Tianyin would be the only person who made nine consecutive wins.

This, in turn, would mean that the Saint Lady Temple would find itself in a predicament beyond any solution.

Upon hearing that, the Saint Lady Temple Mistress rebuked in anger, "What does his status have to do with his defeat? As for being severely injured, humph, has the Saint ever had any mercy on people in the arena? When did you ever step out to stop him?"

The Saint Temple Master argued in return, with a grim vicious smile on his face, "The very fact that the Saint Lady Temple colluded with enemies of the wizard tribe is enough of a reason to convict you! Lord Ling Wu, please enforce justice!"

Ling Wu was staring at Su Yu all the while. After a long moment, he said, "Facts prevail against arguments. Su Yu has won, and Zhao Tianyin has lost, so Su Yu is the stronger one!"

"I shall keep my word and stop inquiring into the matter of the Saint Lady taking part in the competition in the guise of a man."

Upon hearing that, the people of the Saint Lady Temple heaved a long sigh of relief, finally liberated from the heavy burden that had been weighing down on them.

The three Helm Leaders were so elated that they were crying tears of joy.

Even the old Saint Lady Temple Mistress was so glad that her hands were shaking slightly with emotion.

After so many years, they had finally pulled through the harrowing ordeal.

The Son-in-Law Recruitment had officially ended. The Saint Lady had acquired the qualification to compete for the place of the Sect Master.

The Saint Temple Master was utterly shocked, his face flushed red with anger and bitter resentment. When he looked at Su Yu, his eyes were filled with immense hatred and animosity.

The spectators looked at the war-stricken area, full of ruin and devastation, and at Su Yu, who hovered in the sky above. Their chests expanded with a deluge of inexplicable emotions.

"This Son-in-Law Recruitment was held at the expense of razing the Saint Capital to the ground!"

"No! To speak the truth, the Saint Lady Temple has finally turned its fate around after suffering bullying and oppression for so many years. The price was great, and the battle was intense."

"The Saint Lady Temple is finally going to see better days!"

The people exchanged opinions, lamenting the miserable past of the Saint Lady Temple.

However, right at that moment, the elder in the linen robe spoke again. "The Son-in-Law Recruitment of the Saint Lady Temple is over, but I cant overlook the Saint Lady Temples conspiracy with people of the Ancient God Realm!"

With a cold gleam in his eyes, the elder said, "Everyone, seize this man!"

He took the lead and charged forth.

Upon hearing that, the Saint Temple Master was overjoyed. With a cold hard face, he followed behind the elder.

The Chu Clan Master snickered. "How dare an outsider act so insolently on wizard territory!"

With a cold snort, he went after Su Yu as well.

After a moment of hesitation, the Wang Clan Master did not choose to follow.

Ling Wu, a Temple Master, and a Clan Master were pursuing Su Yu.

One represented the Sect Master, while the other two represented the most powerful influences of the Lost Nation. They were joining hands to capture Su Yu!

Su Yu was unruffled as he folded his arms across his chest, the three thousand Divine Paths gleaming with resplendent glory all around him.

Looking at the three people coming at him, there was no dread in his face. He looked as though everything was under his control.

The elder in over the linen robe approached first, his eyes wary. He said, "You seem to be fearless!"

Su Yu replied casually, "You could say that, because someone will come to save me from this predicament. Am I right, Saint Lady Temple Mistress?"

There was a cunning look in his eyes as he spoke.

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress had plotted against Su Yu, so it was now Su Yus turn to put her in a difficult position.

There was a look of mixed emotion on the Mistress weathered, ancient face. "You are convinced that I have to come to your rescue?"

Su Yu shrugged. "Thats for certain. If you dont clarify my identity, you would be convicted of colluding with enemies, which I believe the Saint Temple would be very glad to see."

Listening to their exchange, the Saint Temple Master sensed that something wasnt right. He yelled, "Ignore them! Capture this fellow first!"

The expression of his face was savage. With a flash, he flew over to Su Yu all of a sudden, and a ring-shaped wizard tool shot out from his sleeve. It contained a powerful, malicious spell, which headed straight in Su Yus direction.

The spell targeted Su Yus abdomen with the purpose of destroying his divine spirit!

The ferocity of the attack and the power of the spell were no weaker than the first stroke of the Sky-flipping Style, the Stroke of Gods Doom.

Su Yus attention was mostly focused on the elder in the linen robe, which meant that his defense was at its weakest. Indeed, it was the best time to attack.

However, despite his decreased concentration, Su Yu wouldnt miss this blow.

"Hehe, just at the right time." Su Yu flashed a mysterious smile, and with a twist of his right hand, an enigmatic wave of light shot from his eyes. "Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control!"

Buzz! Buzz!

The wizard tool aiming at Su Yu switched to another direction all of a sudden. With a sharp swerve, it went straight at the Saint Temple Master!

How would he have expected his own weapon to lose control and backfire?

Right at that moment, the Saint Temple Master weaved signs with one hand, maneuvering his sorcery energy to protect himself.


With a loud boom, the wizard tool crashed into his defense aura, making it tremble vigorously. The sorcery energy weakened quickly.

Fortunately, with his abundant sorcery energy, he fended the blow off by a hairs breadth.

Cold sweat broke out all over his forehead. He lifted his eyes and said coldly, "Little sinful beast! How dare you hurt me?"

However, then his eyes met an expanse of colorful divine brilliance!

This was the terrifying divine brilliance that made the World Annihilation Stroke fall through!

He shuddered violently, screaming in terror, "Lord Ling Wu, Chu Clan Master, save me, make him stop!"

Ling Wu and the Chu Clan Master were shaking with fear as well. They couldnt even manage to dodge in time, so how could they resist such blinding divine brilliance?

They hastened to move aside, afraid of being afflicted.

The Saint Temple Master was choking with fear, his face turning pale from fright as he screamed frantically, "Stop it! Stop it now!"

Due to his shock and terror, even his voice had turned shrill. He was shrieking like a duck, which was truly hilarious.

However, the divine light did not retreat. Instead, it went right through the Saint Temple Master.

In his terror, he let out a blood-curdling, ear-piercing scream.

However, the pain and death that he had imagined did not arrive. Instead, it was like a painless, leisurely gust of wind caressing him gently.

He opened his eyes in amazement and saw Su Yus baffled face. "I was just withdrawing my divine light. Why are you so frightened?"

Su Yu was pulling back his three thousand Divine Paths, one after another. Occasionally, a few scattered rays of divine brilliance would shoot into the surroundings.

The divine brilliance that touched the Saint Temple Master was one of those rays, which was completely harmless.

All of a sudden, the crowd below burst out in laughter.

"Did you see how scared the Saint Temple Master was?"

"Hehe, did you hear him scream like a slaughtered pig?"

"Right, it didnt even touch him, yet he screamed so awfully. It looks the Saint Temple Master is really scared of pain!"

Upon hearing that, the old face of the Saint Temple Master was flushed red with shame, his eyes turning even more bitterly resentful.

The elder in the linen robe and the Chu Clan Master, who dodged to the side, felt embarrassed as well.

The elder bellowed, "Are you done fooling around? Surrender yourself now and you might stand a chance to live, but if you stubbornly resist"

Su Yu said calmly, "If I resist, all three of you will be buried here today!"

Upon hearing such harsh words, the elder was taken aback. He had nothing to retort because that was a fact.

Even if the three of them joined forces, it did not look like they would be able to subdue Su Yu.

As they were wondering what they should do, the Saint Lady Temple Mistress finally spoke. "Lord Ling Wu, please take a look at this."

There was a dainty golden figurine on her palm, giving off an immensely magnificent aura.

Looking at the object, Ling Wu shuddered. Hurriedly, he stepped forth and bowed before it. "Ling Wu here, greeting the Sect Masters Oracle!"