The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 Word Law Synchronization

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Chu Long regained his composure, and his confidence increased.

No matter how powerful Su Yu was, he could not possibly override the Law.

Flashing a content smile and placing his hands behind his back, Chu Long said to Su Yu, "What do you say? Are you daring enough to fight?"

His exhilarated, high-spirited look was very different from the image he portrayed just now, which raised some reproach from the people.

"Haha, look at that countenance! He changes faster than flipping pages!"

"I wonder why the Sect Master made such a decision. It is good for the Chu Clan indeed, but totally unfair to Su Yu."

"Yeah, you would know that just by looking at the Chu Clan Masters face. He is confident in winning over Su Yu."

Su Yu looked Chu Long in the eye and nodded without the slightest bit of hesitation. "Sure."

"Eh?" His forthright attitude made many people curious.

"How is he so confident?"

"I think hes too young and inexperienced. After acquiring exceptional strength, he became all puffed up with pride, dismissing the other elements besides magical abilities that determine victory or defeat."

Even Chu Long was slightly taken aback. He thought Su Yu would hesitate about it or demand other conditions from the Sect Master. Yet Su Yu agreed without any stipulations.

After trying to figure this out to no avail, Chu Long couldnt help but come to the same conclusion as the spectators.

Being a youngster, he must have been dazzled by his own success, thinking that martial strength alone could decide the outcome

"Alright! One month from now, come to the territory of the Chu Clan. We will have all the resources you wagered on prepared. If you triumph, well give them all to you!"

Su Yu nodded and walked out from the arena without saying a word, returning to the side of the Saint Lady Temple Mistress.

Inside the great hall, the Sect Master said, "The bet is now confirmed. Su Yu, wait in patience! There will surely be a time for a challenge between us."

When he said this, he added, "You are dismissed now. Get back to work!"

His voice contained the resolute Power of Law, which was invisible and unnoticed by others but made Su Yus chest leap gently a couple of times.

Stunned, he looked up to the sky, and his eyes widened.

In the air above the palace, a long, winding Chain of Law had emerged.

"Word-Law Synchronization?" Su Yu was amazed.

Zhao Tianyin did not need to weave signs with his hands and could perform wizardry with his thoughts alone, which was considered the highest level of wizard sign-weaving.

The Sect Master could regulate the Chain of Law of the Universe, which was Had any of the past Sect Masters done that before?

Su Yu had done a lot of reading on the history of the Wizard Tribe, yet he did not remember reading about any Sect Master who had reached the level of Word-Law Synchronization.

Even the four great Empire Rulers had not been able to do that.

"The current Sect Master is so remarkably powerful?" Su Yu gasped in utter shock.

At that moment, two gazes shot out from the palace, probing Su Yu.

Su Yu was taken aback. He quickly looked away and attempted to soothe the palpitations of the Fragment of Law in his chest.

His uncanny behavior had drawn the attention of the Moonwatch Sect Master!

After the Sect Master observed him intently but found nothing, the gaze was quickly withdrawn.

Shortly after, a breathtaking scene unraveled before the eyes of the wizards and Su Yu.

Under the influence of the Sect Masters Word-Law Synchronization, the Saint Capital, which had been razed to the ground, reconstructed itself at once, as if time had been turned back.

Before long, it returned to the way it was before the destruction happened.

Apart from the dead creatures that were accidentally killed and could not be revived, the Saint Capital was no different from before.

The awe-inspiring magic made everyone tremble.

"Hail the Moonwatch Sect Master, whose power knows no bounds!" The wizards and the disciples knelt to the ground in reverence, their eyes filled with admiration.

The Saint Lady Temple Mistress and the Wang Clan Master, who knew the Sect Master well, felt a deep sense of gladness.

The Sect Master was infinitely more powerful than he used to be.

While cheering in jubilation, the people returned to their homes.

Wang Qingchen said in a wistful manner, "Su Yu, if possible, I still hope there is a chance that we could meet in a duel."

"Sure," Su Yu agreed.

Wang Qingchen gave him a bow and returned to his fathers side. The pair then returned to Sheng City.

Having experienced two consecutive setbacks on the same day, Wang Qingchen was dispirited. He was no longer his previous exuberant self.

The Wang Clan Master said sincerely in a grave tone, "Chaos is imminent, and elites are scheming against each other without restraint."

"My son, no matter what happens, youll always be the worthiest candidate for the Sect Masters place. Its not that you are inferior, its just that unscrupulous people tend to climb to the top."

However, Wang Qingchen remained calm and undaunted. "Father, you dont need to console me. Defeat means defeat. If I cant even face that, I will make no progress!"

As he recalled being defeated by the Saint Lady, Zhao Tianyins overbearing, unbridled talents, and Su Yus absolute power, he felt extremely downhearted and oppressed.

Then, however, his fighting spirit rekindled and he was trying to be positive again.

"Su Yu was very generous to agree to have a duel with me. If I let my dejection rule me, wouldnt I be unworthy of his respect?"

"There is still time before he challenges the Sect Master. I dont believe that I, Wang Qingchen, have no chance of turning my fate around!"

The Wang Clan Master was glad. "My son has high morale and great aspirations indeed! What are your plans?"

"I wish to travel to the Asura Forbidden Lands and refine my skills for three months," Wang Qingchen said in a casual tone.

However, the idea was repugnant to the Wang Clan Master. "No way! That is a land of doom. Most of the people who had gone there in the past died a horrible death."

Wang Qingchen, however, was staunch and unwavering. "The path of training is like going against the tide. If I do not advance, I will be moving backward."

"I have already failed so shamefully. If I dont take some drastic measures and train at all costs, I will fail all over again!"

"Father, do you wish to see your son lose time and time again, while his past glory becomes all in vain? Or do you wish to see a brand-new Wang Qingchen, who bounces back from his failure and changes for the better?"

The Wang Clan Master was silent for a long time and finally sighed. "Alright, go ahead then, but do not enter Level Two Asura Realm."

"People who had gone there never returned alive. According to the records, even some of the former Moonwatch Sect Masters who entered that realm by accident did not make it out alive."

"I do not wish to commit suicide, Father."

At the Saint Lady Temple.

Tonight, glasses were raised and toasts were made as the ambiance was overflowing with merriment and joy. Many women cast their prudence aside, indulging themselves in tasty fairy wine.

The Saint Lady Temple with decorated in bright colors. The oppression that had bound them like a curse for many years was finally removed. How could they not be delighted?

Their past distress had turned into todays boundless revelry.

Su Yu, the hero of the day, wasnt present during dinner, however. He sat in a pavilion on a serene, quiet lake.

A young girl in a white dress, her beauty celestial and bright, was sitting opposite him.

Her eyes were free from the dust of the mortal world, her body dainty and delicate like a willow in the wind.

Her white dress looked like virgin snow, her sleeves fluttering in the gentle night breeze.

She was, indeed, a woman whose beauty was not of this world, like a beautiful painting or a mellifluous poem.

As she gazed at the glorious lights in the distance, the Saint Lady tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

At that instant, her beauty was so breathtaking that it was almost dazzling.

However, there seemed to be a touch of hidden resentment and sorrow in her lovely face. She let out a soundless sigh with a slight tinge of bitterness.

"Mr. Su, are you planning to leave?" The Saint Lady asked.

Su Yu nodded. "Yes, Im leaving tonight."

The Saint Lady said in a self-deprecating manner, "I know I have caused you trouble."

She would not force Su Yu to marry her, but the Saint Lady Temple Mistress would try, and so would the many disciples of the Saint Lady Temple and the citizens of the Wizard Tribe.

Leaving was the only way he could liberate himself from the burden.

Su Yus expression was apologetic. Once he left, he knew the Saint Lady would never get to marry another man for the rest of her life.

"It was all just a necessary measure. Dont blame yourself, Mr. Su." The Saint Lady was a considerate woman.

She didnt look at Su Yu, yet it was like she was probing him, trying to gauge his emotions.

Su Yu sighed. "You are lovely, Miss Xueyi, but I have a wife and a childhood sweetheart."

"Before dealing properly with them, I do not wish to get involved in another relationship and become entangled in sentiments."

The Saint Ladys dull eyes brightened up a little all of a sudden, flickering like fireflies on a summer night.

"There is no need for explanations." The Saint Lady turned away, trying to conceal her emotions.

The look on her face turned tender, shy, and a little reserved. "Real men should have their eyes and ambitions on greater things, not on love and affection."

"But Mr. Su does not just have great ambitions. You regard your women with importance as well. I know how to value that."

She had seen way too many powerful men, both wizards and people from the God Realm. They treated women as if they were possessions, never giving them the slightest bit of affection.

Powerful men like Su Yu, who were among the greatest of their generation and had defeated countless formidable opponents but still cared for their wives and lovers, were few and far between.

"You flatter me. All I ever did was follow my conscience," Su Yu said.

The Saint Lady offered him a sweet smile. It was as enchanting as the spring sun and as pristine as fresh cherry blossoms.

Su Yu was mesmerized for a second, lost in her alluring beauty.

"Are you heading to Fan City, Mister Su?" The Saint Lady must have noticed his absentmindedness.

She hung her head low, a streak of bashful pink flashing across her beautiful face.

Su Yu cleared his throat and said, "Yes. It will take a fortnight to reach Fan City, which is hardly enough time."

"Xueyi wont be seeing you off, then, Mister Su. However, I could recommend someone to keep you company," the Saint Lady said.

"Hes adept at the local culture and customs of various regions of the Wizard Tribe and has an extensive network of connections in Fan City."

"If he accompanies you, Mr. Su, things will be more convenient for you."

Su Yu could not turn down her kind offer.

Besides, Fan City was the territory of the Chu Clan, which was especially hostile towards Su Yu. Hence, Su Yu would not refuse connections that could help him.


"Hold on," Luo Xueyi said. There was a hint of slyness hidden in the depths of her eyes.

Following her summons, a clean-shaven young man in green clothes walked towards them unhurriedly.

He had a slim build, red lips, and alabaster teeth. His temperament was gentle and lively, and he looked like someone who would stand out in a crowd.

As he looked at the man, Su Yu recalled the records he saw in books.

Many books that circulated in the market mentioned that the current Saint Lady, Luo Xueyi, was fond of handsome men.

It was quite common for good-looking men to roam the Saint Ladys mansion.

That was one reason why, despite her beauty, she had far fewer admirers compared to Yongye Chuxue.

They were both world-renowned beauties, but Yongye Chuxue had many more pursuers than Luo Xueyi.

It was because Luo Xueyi had a frivolous reputation.

The Epoch-making Dragon had dropped a hint of that as well.

He said Su Yu was more likely to succeed due to his good looks. It was as though he was telling Su Yu that the Saint Lady had a taste for handsome men.

As the thought occurred to him, Su Yu felt slightly uncomfortable.

This young girl as bright and beautiful as a flower in full bloom turned out to be a frivolous woman. However, it did not make him despise her, for Su Yu admired her personality.

"This must be Mr. Su, right? I am Xueying. I received the order of the Saint Lady to accompany Mr. Su to Fan City."

Su Yu nodded with a smile. "I am Su Yu. Thank you for doing me this favor."

"Dont mention it! Please come with me, Mr. Su," Xueying gestured for him to follow.

Su Yu looked once more at the glorious, luminous Saint Lady Temple and set off soundlessly into the dark night sky, vanishing without a trace.

Xueying pursed his lips, a smile playing across his handsome face. A faint surge of sorcery energy undulated, vaguely flashing around his body.

The two of them took off, one after another.

Before long, an old, weathered figure appeared in the pavilion, showing a cunning, meaningful smile.

"The child has grown up, cant hold her back anymore. Hehe, let her be, then."