The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409 Repaying With Life

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Since he decided to participate in the competition, Su Yu would never give up when it was near.

He needed the Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits to craft the Cosmos Sword Formation, the materials needed for crafting the replica of the World Annihilation Plate, and many more materials for the now-extinct, ancient civil weapons.

With one glance at the entire ancient god realm, it was clear that those were only available in the Chu Clan of the Fan Capital.

If he passed up on this opportunity, it was almost impossible to find adequate resources anywhere else.

"In that case, its far from enough to trigger their killing intent, right?" Su Yu said.

The Moonwatch Sect Master promised that they could formulate the content of the competition. Hence, they couldnt be blamed for anything, not even setting the venue of competition at the Asura Forbidden Lands.

"Of course! If that is the case, they wouldnt be bothered. But based on the information I got, it is enough to land the entire Chu Clan in deep trouble; itd be hard to get out of it!" Wuxin said.

She went on, "They plan to open up a seal when necessary so that you and Ling Wu would be buried alive within!"

They couldnt lose the competition, because it would cost the Chu Clan plenty of resources they had amassed over hundreds of millions of ages. If that happened, then the foundation of the Chu Clan would be shaken.

As a precaution against the worst possible outcome, they would resort to drastic measures if they lost. With this and the aid of the powerful creatures form the forbidden lands, they would eliminate Su Yu and the supervising Ling Wu!

Su Yu and Xueying were horrified and stunned. They knew just how many dangerous creatures were in the Asura Forbidden Lands. Once the seal was opened and things got out of hand, the deluge of beasts would surge out. An unprecedented catastrophe to the Fan Capital would occur, as well as to the entire Lost Nation.

They finally understood why they wanted to murder Wuxin.

It was a pity that they were gluttonous over wealth. Instead of killing her right away, they decided to sell her as food.

As he recalled the military station in the Black Forest, Su Yu said, "Birds die for food and humans die for money. The Chu Clan will probably die from their greed now!"

"Do you have evidence left with you?" Su Yu asked.

Wuxin smiled bitterly. "I was seized by them right after overhearing it. How could I have managed to collect evidence?"

Right when Su Yu and Xueying were disappointed, Wuxin added, "But if we capture one of them alive and search their soul, it wouldnt be hard to learn about their plan."

Xueying brooded. "Perhaps that is the only way. If we could report their whole plan, then the Sect Master would never forgive them!"

Wuxin agreed to that, "Since time immemorial, no one dares to simply tamper with the seal of the forbidden lands. For the sake of their familys wealth, however, they are dragging the whole world into a crisis. If the Sect Master learns about it, their entire family will be annihilated!"

Upon a sudden realization, Su Yu said, "We need to get out of here right now!"


The three of them disappeared in a flash.

Before long, a group of people arrived. The fat priest was among them, but his face was pale and he was breaking out in cold sweat. He followed the group meekly with his waist bent forward and head hanging low, behind a youth with a heavy air of cold brutality around him.

It was Chu Bawang!

Chu Bawangs face was as gloomy as the dark water, and he was holding a stack of thousand-year-old leaves from the Soul-stabilizing Wood in his hand.

"We have lost track of her scent!" Chu Bawang turned around coldly and smashed the leaves into his face. He yelled in frustration, "You piece of garbage! Who asked you to release the foods?"

He had never expected Wuxin to be taken away alive; she should have been made into a dish!

Although he received several precious thousand-year-old leaves of the Soul-stabilizing Wood, he never thought Wuxin would still be alive. Chu Bawangs heart thumped with fear as his insecurities crept into his heart. He felt a huge rock wedged within his chest.

The fat priest was furious. "The customer wished to bring away the foods, and Miaofang House had no right to stop him. Besides, young master, you did not say that she couldnt be brought away!"


In response, Chu Bawang brutally kicked the fat priest. The priests abdomen turned into a bloody mess of flesh, and his plump body was sent flying like a piece of rock.

"How dare you! You committed a foolish act and blame it on me?!" Chu Bawang yelled fiercely.

Clutching at his belly in excruciating pain, the fat priest knelt to the ground hurriedly and begged for mercy. "I am sorry!"

"If you want to make up for your mistake, then take some men with you and go look for her right now!"

"Sure, sure!" The fat priest nodded like a chick pecking at rice. He hurriedly left with a team of people.

As he left, hints of rage flickered in his eyes. When he was out of sight, he cursed in resentment, "Who do you think you are? You are just lucky to be born a young master! Hmph! Wait for your karma!"

When they came to the remote spot, Su Yu told the Wuxin Helm Leader, "The Fan Capital is not a good place to stay permanently. Since youve essentially put your life in danger, you should no longer stay here. It is better to leave now."

Wuxin stared at Su Yu, and said, "I may be a traitor, but I still have the right to make choices as a person. You saved me from the dining tables, so I owe you my life."

Su Yu shook his head. "I only did it because it was convenient for me. It wasnt just for you, so dont take it to heart."

When he finished, he turned invisible and concealed his scent. Alongside Xueying, he disappeared right in front of her eyes.

Upon sensing it, Wuxin realized that she had lost sight of them. Nevertheless, the light of determination in her eyes kept glinting. With a flash of her figure, she concealed herself.

In an abandoned, ramshackle temple outside the city

Xueying asked in curiosity, "Wuxin intends to repay your kindness, why didnt you give her a chance? Do you still not trust her?"

"I believe shell pay me back, but thats why I dont want her to follow," Su Yu said, "Disaster follows me everywhere. If shes willing to repay me, shell perish for it sooner or later. If that happens, it would be upsetting for me."

Xueying chuckled. "It looks like you are not as heartless are you make yourself out to be, huh?"

Su Yu touched his chin. "Oh? Am I truly heartless?"

"Dont try to deny it. At the Ice Sealed River, you cared about the numerous lives as though they were insignificant ants"

"You were at the Ice Sealed River during that time? Why didnt I see you?" Su Yu frowned. All the wizards at the relic had been devoured by the World Annihilation Dragon into its reverse scale by Divine Dragons Devour.

Su Yu acquired the square, but why hadnt he found such a person inside?

"Oh, I I heard it from the Saint Lady." Hints of panic flashed across Xueyings face as he hastily changed his words.

Despite his suspicion, Su Yu did not give it much thought. He said, "You seem to have a close relationship with the Saint Lady. To me, she seemed like a woman who didnt speak much. I guess she must be fond enough of you to share the matter on that day with you in such detail."

"Ah? No no, we are not close, not at all! Believe me!" Xueying explained frantically.

Su Yu was perplexed. "I heard that Saint Lady is fond of handsome men and has a hobby of recruiting pretty men from all over the world. With your good looks and the fact that she appointed such an important task to you, how could you not be close to her? No need to be humble, Brother Xue."

"I wasnt being humble!" Xueying was so anxious that his face was reddened. "Besides, she has no interest in handsome men, neither does she recruit pretty men from all over the world. Those are all a bunch of damn lies! She has her difficulties!"

Su Yu measured him up and down, feeling that something was off. He thought to himself, Why was he so anxious?

All of a sudden, Su Yu seemed to understand something and chuckled. "Brother Xue, dont worry. Even though Im the Saint Ladys fiance, there will be no interaction between us. No need to worry!"

Upon hearing that, Xueying seemed to be at the brink of tears. With a troubled look, he said, "Thats not what I meant."

"Haha, the Saint Lady is a truly rare beauty. With her outstanding looks and personality, her noble status, and her remarkable talents, she is certainly a uniquely great woman."

"Im not blessed enough to enjoy being with her because I have no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with her. Brother Xue, you dont need to worry."

The more Su Yu explained it, the duller Xueyings eyes grew. Hints of bitterness spread from the corners of his lips.

Those were Su Yus true thoughts.

However, Xueying wasnt particularly disappointed; he never had any unrealistic expectations.

He had disguised himself and followed Su Yu, all for the sake of strengthening the bond between them in the hopes of developing romance.

As he thought about it, Xueying felt less upset. His face beamed with a smile as he said, "Alright, lets stop talking about the Saint Lady. The person I was telling you about is here."

Before long, the figure of a woman in a colorful dress arrived nearby the dilapidated temple, searching around.

When she ascertained that it was the temple, she smiled and said, "Su Yu Mister Xue."

"Its you?" Su Yu was stunned. The colorfully dressed woman before him was none other than Cailin.

Back when Su Yu first came to the Saint Lady Temple, the Saint Lady had foreseen that Su Yu would eventually travel to the Fan Capital for the competition.

Hence, she ordered Cailin to prepare ahead of time.

Cailin flashed a small smile as she shot a thoughtful look at Xueying. She said, "The training chamber has been prepared. Please come with me."

With Cailin taking the lead, they arrived at a mansion in a plain-looking city. However, under the mansion was the most well-equipped, top-notch training chamber.

The training chamber was filled with the spiritual energy needed by the martial artists of the Divine Paths.

Su Yu was fascinated. In the Lost Nation where sorcery energy was predominant, it was hard to find ley lines with spiritual energy. He could only imagine how much effort Cailin had put in to find such a place.

"Sorry for the trouble," Su Yu said.

Cailin laughed before clasping a hand over her mouth. "It is my duty! The secret chamber is just part of my preparation. I have contacted the various outlets of the Fan Capital."

"If you need anything, I can prepare for you as quickly as possible. It would not hinder your training."

"Thanks a lot."

"You should thank the Saint Lady." Cailin seemed to be implying something.

Upon entering the secret chamber, Su Yu said, "Im not lacking any training resources, but Im short on information. If possible, please help me get hold of as much information regarding the Asura Forbidden Lands as much as you can within two weeks. They are far more important than any training resources."

Upon hearing that, Cailin was shocked. Why did he need to learn about the Asura Forbidden Lands?

"Sure, just leave it to us," Xueying smiled serenely, "For us wizards, scavenging information is a piece of cake."

After weaving signs with both of his hands, a surge of sorcery energy spurted out from his body. His body transforming into petite creatures of all forms such as ants, moths, worms, birds and so forth.

They scattered in all directions, infiltrating all parts of the city to collect information.

With his mind finally put at ease, Su Yu shut the door of the secret chamber.

The competition would be held two weeks from now, and the venue was at the Asura Forbidden Lands. With Su Yus current strength, he wasnt confident at all.

The most troublesome part was that he still had no clue about what kind of competition the Chu Clan would formulate.

He was sure it wouldnt involve hand-to-hand combat because Chu Bawang was no match of him. It would most probably take place in other forms.

The methods used might vary, but the principle was the same. Regardless of what kind of competition it is, strength and abilities would always be the basis.

He had to raise his caliber within two weeks.

After musing for some time, Su Yu sat down with crossed legs. He recited and internalized the second stroke of the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes silently in his mind, the Legendary Style!

The Legendary Style was higher-level belligerence based on the Heaven-stomping Stroke. Not only could it devastate the heavens, but it could also stomp on the manipulation of the Universe.

As long as life went on, the fighting spirit would remain legendary until the universe was destroyed.

As he relished the enigma within it, Su Yus mind and soul entered an immensely vast galactic dimension.