The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Urgent mission
Chapter 141: Urgent mission
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Even if Su Yu knew that he could not win, he had to try everything he could to kill Li Hao!


The sudden ring of a gong reverberated around the faction.


In the External Affairs Division, Xi Ruolan flew toward the sound of the gong with a serious expression.

Li Hao's cold smile vanished, replaced by a slight surprise. His grave expression showed signs of frustration, glaring at Su Yu. "Count yourself lucky!"

After saying this, he left hurriedly, not bothering with Su Yu!

Su Yu's expression changed. To be able to fluster Xi Ruolan and Li Hao, this must not be an ordinary incident.


The second gong sounded, more hurried than the first.

Using his long range vision, Su Yu could see multiple terrifying auras gathering in the Inner Sanctum like bamboo sprouting after a heavy rain, congregating where the sound of the gong came from.

Even though he did not know what had happened, Su Yu did not dare dawdle. He flew toward the location.

The gong came from a wide palace. Within the palace was a great golden gong, still trembling as its sound trailed off.

Those that were gathered by the sound were all Inner Sanctum disciples, there was about a hundred of them. Their cultivation levels were all Fourth Level Holy King or higher!

In front of the great golden gong was an elder, his cultivation level so powerful that no one could discern it.

The elder stood with his eyes shut, but he still managed to cause the skin of everyone to crawl.

The crowd was completely silent. Even those who were in a conversation as they entered stopped talking when they noticed his presence.

Xi Ruolan had a respectful expression, standing before the gong and not daring to do anything inappropriate.

The elder was the Third Elder, in charge of dispatching the missions of the faction.

After a while, there were no more people entering the palace. The Third Elder opened his eyes. Even though those eyes were ancient, they still captivated the attention of everyone present.

"The ringing of the Liuxian Gong is due to an emergency situation. There is an urgent mission," The Third Elder said calmly.

The crowd present did not understand the situation.

"The last urgent mission was last year, wasn't it? There were invaders that alarmed the Master. Those who returned from the mission were all rewarded by the Master."

"I also heard about that. There were two newcomers who displayed their strength, gaining the attention of the faction. Now they are all core disciples of the faction with limitless resources, much to the envy of others.

"What's there to envy? In that battle, the two newcomers killed the leader of the enemy. Their glory and contribution fully displayed their loyalty to the faction."

Su Yu was excited!

He faced two difficulties if he wanted to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple. The first was to enter the top hundred of the faction! The second was to get the faction to acknowledge his loyalty!

This urgent mission would be the shortcut to obtaining the faction's acknowledgment, an opportunity like this was once in a lifetime!

Xianer's Phoenix of Death curse was gradually descending, her life was hanging by the thread. Su Yu had to find the Phoenix Blood Elixir, or he had to helplessly see her die, or send her to be violated by Cao Xuan.

He would never give this chance up!

But others who saw opportunity were everywhere. Urgent missions like these were extremely rare.

The Third Elder clapped his hands lightly. A person covered in blood and wounds, as if a thirty-year-old youth coming back from a deathmatch walked out from behind the palace.

His chest had a huge claw mark covering half of his chest, much to the shock of everyone.

"He shall explain the situation," The Third Elder unfeelingly said.

The thirty-year-old youth's expression was harsh. Even though his injuries hurt, his expression did not change and his voice was still full of power. "I'm Wu Qingzhou, a disciple dispatched to the Abyss of Wutong. My responsibility was to search for treasures in the Abyss of Wutong and escort them back to the faction."

"But I got ambushed halfway during my journey back! Five other members, excluding me, managed to make it back. The rest of us were all killed!" Wu Qingzhou's harsh face showed signs of grief. "My brother was also killed!"

The crowd gasped!

Wu Qingzhou was a Fourth Level Peak Holy King, yet even he had difficulty escaping back to the faction. Just how powerful were the enemies he had encountered?

The Third Elder slowly sighed. "Out of the four sacrificed, three were Fourth Level Peak Holy Kings. The other was a senior who was a Fifth Level Holy King. This is an unprecedented loss within the Liuxian faction, and also the shame of the Liuxian faction!"

"Thus, the urgent mission is to capture their killer!" Killing intent appeared in the eyes of the Third Elder. "We, the Liuxian faction, have stayed silent for too long. It is time to teach a lesson to these vermin using blood!"

The beard of the Third Elder flared, his expression furious. "Now, I shall announce the mission. We need six people to kill all of the perpetrators!"

"Killing the murderer of Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King will net you five glory points.

"Killing the murderer of Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King will net you ten glory points.

"Killing the murderer of Fourth Level Peak Holy King will net you twenty glory points.

"And, killing the murderer of Fifth Level Holy King would net you a hundred glory points!

"Your glory points will be doubled if you could capture them alive!"

The crowd exploded in commotion!

"What terrifying rewards! A glory point can be exchanged for a Medium Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill. Killing a Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King would mean that you would obtain five medium grade Marrow Cleansing Pill!"

"My god, I have labored over the past year going on normal missions to obtain a meager ten glory points. Who would have thought that the urgent mission today would give such terrifying rewards? If we managed to get a hundred glory points, would we get the legendary Advanced Grade Marrow Cleansing Pill?"

The extraordinary rewards caused a hundred disciples to explode in commotion.

While they were all excited, no one dared to register for the mission!

For everyone noticed that the elder never once said how many enemies there were. For even he did not know how many murderers there were!

In fact, they did not even know whether there was a Fifth Level Holy King murderer.

Wu Qingzhou had escaped in a panic. It was hard for him to clearly say how many powerful enemies had attacked them.

The true aim of gathering a group of six this time was not to kill the enemies, but to test the overall number and strength of the enemies!

The six-man team might not even return alive.

"The condition for accepting the mission is that your cultivation level cannot be higher than Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King. The registration begins now!" The Third Elder coldly said.

The crowd had expected this!

Why did they not allow more powerful disciples to enter? Because should the abilities of the disciples sent be too high, the culprits might not show themselves.

The plan to kill them would be foiled. Only by forming a team with members below Fifth Level Holy King could they draw out the culprits.

Undoubtedly, this six men team was for scouting purposes.

There should be a more powerful group assisting them in the shadows. Once the six-man team gained an understanding of the overall number and strength of the enemies, the other group would strike like thunder, decimating all of the enemies.

Those tempting rewards did not belong to the six-man group. They were only sent as cannon fodder, and would not receive any rewards.

Thus, when the Third Elder announced the registration, the venue turned silent, nobody stepping forward to register.

Those with little brains and experience could see the true motive behind this urgent mission. Those with abilities higher than Fifth Level Holy King were full of mockery. This time, the stage was theirs.

The six-man team were all but paving the way for them.

The eyelids of the Third Elder twitched. He had clearly underestimated the wits of the disciples.

"I'll enter!"

A figure stepped forward from the silence.

Purple-robed with silver hair, his expression was calm.

The Third Elder relaxed. But he froze a little when he saw who had stepped forward.

Su Yu? The Third Elder was present that day during the wedding. He could remember Su Yu from his silver hair and his purple robe.

But Su Yu was only a Third Level Holy King, his abilities were too weak!

Even though he had established an upper limit of Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King and had not set up a lower limit, everyone had figured that only Fourth Level Holy King's should participate.

Sending a Third Level Holy King would not even accomplish the motive of paving the way.

Even though he was unwilling, he had no other way to salvage his reputation. Now that there was someone stepping out to relieve the awkward atmosphere, how could he decline?

"You alright, I'll count you in." The Third Elder sighed unwillingly. He muttered in his heart, did no one tell this lad that the emergency gathering of the faction should only be attended by Fourth Level Holy Kings and that those below Fourth Level Holy King were not allowed to attend?

Su Yu stepping out brought attention to his unusual presence.

"That's weird. Why would a Third Level Holy King be present at a gathering for Fourth Level Holy Kings?"

"Why, does no one recognize him? Su Yu, the one who defeated Cao Xuan, do you know?"

"It's him!"

"His abilities are not bad, but he is still a youth. His experience and intellect are still lacking. He does not understand the risks of the six-man group."

"He does not live up to his reputation! When he gets older, he will just be a simple-minded brute, easily tempted by rewards. The chances of him staying alive to develop his abilities in the future are slim."

Hearing the discussion around him, Su Yu was shocked!

He truly did not know that this was a gathering for people above Fourth Level Holy King, for no one had told him.

But how would Su Yu not realize the risks behind this urgent mission?

Put nicely, they were the vanguard. But in reality, they were the team rushing in to die.

But Su Yu had no choice!

The stronger team that was going to be formed later would definitely only be open to people above Fifth Level Holy King.

Su Yu definitely did not qualify. In fact, him being a part of the six-man team was purely accidental. He was lucky to barely make it into the team.

His only chance was to kill as many enemies before the powerful backup squad rushed in, fighting for the glory points and gaining honor.

Other than that, it would be difficult for him to obtain the faction's trust in such a short amount of time.

Just as the Second Elder had said, even though it was an extremely dangerous situation, the faction might not believe him, for even life and death could be an act.

Only killing enemies for the faction could prove his loyalty.

"I'll join in too!" A sound came from the back. It was Li Hao!

With a thoughtful smile, Li Hao stepped forward.

He had come for Su Yu! Eliminating Su Yu during such a dangerous mission would definitely not invite any suspicion!

The Third Elder's eyes sparkled, revealing a satisfied smile. "Alright, the second member, there are four more slots left I would give the highest contributor a chance to enter the depository."

Clenching his teeth, the Third Elder had thrown out another shocking reward.

For a Holy King, entering the depository would mean the chance to come into contact with a Legacy level technique! In fact, with enough perseverance, entering the deepest parts of the depository might present a small chance of obtaining a complete Legacy level technique!

"I'll go!"

"Me too!"

In the blink of an eye, more than ten people had registered, amongst them were people who had mocked Su Yu for being simple-minded and easily tempted by rewards.

The Third Elder smiled as he picked four people.

The six-man team had been finalized.

A Fifth Level Holy King, four Fourth Level Peak Holy Kings, and finally, a slightly out of place Third Level Lower Tier Holy King.

"Alright, set out for the crime scene. Search out and kill the culprits!"

Su Yu clenched his fists. Obtaining the recognition of the faction and glory points for exchanging for pills and elixir. This battle to him, if he managed to do well, would be a moment of rebirth!