The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410 Contest In Asura Lands

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The skies were devastated, the live spirits exterminated. In the depths of the icy starry sky, a pair of cold eyes looked down on the silent world.

At this moment, a sword no, a knife, but it also seemed like a gun

A piercing light encompassing the power of the world penetrated through the silent sky and shot towards those cold eyes.

The pair of eyes flashed coldly, shattering the piercing light attacking them. At the same time, the sword was also torn apart.

The divided sword immediately transformed into a long knife and persistently attacked.

With another flash, the eyes shattered the long knife once more.

However, the piercing light was like an indestructible blazing sun. The pieces immediately gathered into a spear and shot straight ahead.

The might of the eyes was unfathomable; it continued to constantly shatter the piercing light. With each time, the piercing light became more and more valiant, its will to fight seemingly endless.

With every inch it moved, the light gradually approached the eyes.

At last, it penetrated the eyes and minced it!

As he quietly watched the scene unfold, Su Yu could not help but be completely mesmerized by its endless will to fight.

Its life was endless, and the fighting spirit would remain indefinitely until the ruler was eliminated.

That was the secret to the infinite style.

Su Yu understood a little more about it in his heart, but he was unable to be immediately enlightened. He always felt that something was missing, as he could not integrate that infinite fighting spirit unto himself.

"What am I missing?" Su Yu thought.

After half a month later, his eyes were still open. He thought about it for so long that a thin layer of dust fell on his eyelashes.

It wasnt until a commotion outside his chamber door rang out that he awakened from his thoughts.

Su Yu blinked and could not help but sigh with disappointment as the dust on his eyelashes settled on the floor. "In the end, there is still something missing that is preventing me from mastering the infinite style."

Even so, he always liked to multitask.

Although he did not fully understand the infinite style, he had been comprehending the divine paths.

Within half a month, he successfully grasped one thousand divine paths. Taking into account what he learned in the past, he had grasped four thousand divine paths.

When the four thousand divine paths gathered, the power released outweighed that of his prior knowledge by a longshot.

He got up and opened the stone door to find Xueying and Cailin waiting outside.

"Its time to go to the Chu clan," Xueying said. He took a jade letter from Cailin and handed it to Su Yu. "This is what you wanted: information about Asuras forbidden land."

The information about Asuras forbidden land was hardly recorded in the history of the wizard tribe. Nobody knows whether this was a deliberate decision or if it was a taboo subject. Since it was usually described in brief, Su Yu did not understand too much about it.

Su Yu urgently needed the information that Cailin collected.

He focused all his attention on immediately reading the information.

It turned out that the Asura Forest was divided into three layers, with each layer divided further into three separate forbidden areas.

The first layer was the outermost layer, which sealed many powerful beasts with strength from level one to level four. There were only a handful of level three beasts.

The second layer was the inner layer, which was what Su Yu and Xueying had a brief glimpse of. It was filled with many powerful level-three beasts. This layer even contained level two royal beasts in it.

The third layer was the core layer, where exceptionally powerful beasts were personally sealed by the wizard ancestors. No one knew exactly what this layer contained.

If the contest was only on the outermost layer, any potential risks wouldnt be too severe. Regardless, he should still act carefully.

Aside from the ferocious beasts, the environment at the outermost layer was perilous on its own. Many highly toxic substances rampaged. If people were not careful around them, these substances could fatally wound the deities.

Among them, the most notorious one was a kind of Ancient Spiritual Worm called the Triple Morphosis Worm.

The vicious toxin of this bug could instantly kill a level-three wizard.

The ancestors of the wizards went on a deep excavation. The two clans masters of the capitals formed teams consisting of no less than ten strong level-three strong men.

The line-up back then was truly formidable!

Unfortunately, they encountered a Triple Morphosis Worm. The Master of the Saint Temple was careless back, resulting in him getting bitten and immediately dying from the poison!

The Mistress of the Greatest Saint Lady Temple was the strongest person aside from the Moonview Sect leader, yet she too was bitten. She used her strongest witchcraft to resist the toxins and was barely brought out of the forbidden place alive, but only after receiving the leaders help in the nick of time.

Even though he was the level two realm Moonview Sect leader, he ultimately failed to save her as well.

Before midnight, the poison spread throughout her body and killed her.

Hence, the name of the Triple Morphosis Worm came from that tragedy.

1The bug terrified people down to their very cores.

It was unfortunate that there were no detailed records of the exact appearance of this bug. As falsehoods slowly spread, all kinds of strange descriptions about its shape had surfaced. In the end, no one knew which one to believe.

After knowing so much more, Su Yu felt a surge of newfound confidence from within his heart. He said, "You all wait patiently for me. I will go to the contest alone."

Xueying said, "Okay!"

He knew that if they accompanied him, they would only drag him down.

Regardless of the methods, he knew to hide or to escape; Su Yu was more than capable of staying alive. Taking them with him would only burden him further.

He went to the Chu clan alone.

The Chu clan, regarded as a very prosperous clan, was located at the center of Fan Capital. The clan occupied the most bustling area with a population of up to 100,000.

Additionally, the mansion inside was extravagant; even the guards at the door were level five wizards.

"You think of yourself as the master of Fan Capital and a self-proclaimed king, dont you?" Su Yu smiled lightly and walked up the stairs.

"Stop!" The guard at the door shouted, "Whos there?"

"Su Yu!"

The bodyguard frowned, "I never heard that name before! Do you have an invitation letter?"

"Oh, nope." Su Yus had a blank expression.

The guards face turned cold, "This is an important place in Fan Capital, and idlers are not allowed to enter. Please leave immediately!"

The challenge between Su Yu and Chu Bawang was such a hot topic that even people in Sheng Capital knew about it. How could the Chu clan be unaware of the fact?

Moreover, one month had lapsed and the battle was today. The Chu clan would surely know that Su Yu was going to knock on their door today. There was no reason not to inform the guard at the door.

It became obvious that this guards resistance was deliberately set up by the Chu clan. They intended to give an initial display of strength by throwing Su Yu off and dispelling his resolve.

Looking back on it, Su Yu took the trouble to come all the way here for the contest. If he could not even be allowed to walk through the other partys door, wouldnt it be a joke?

"Then go and notify your master. Tell him that Su Yu is here." Su Yu said.

The guards face tightened and sneered, "Who do you think you are? Do you think you can see the master whenever you wish? Do you want to see him? The only way to do so is to wait!"

Su Yu said, "Okay, then I will come back later."

"Hmph! If you leave now, dont think about coming back!" The guard sneered again.

They werent informing the master of the clan, nor were they allowing Su Yu to leave. It seemed they just wanted to keep Su Yu waiting at this spot.

Such obvious provocations only confirmed Su Yus guess.

Turning around, Su Yu said lightly, "What if I dont want to wait or leave?"

"Huh! This is the Chu clan. No matter who you are, you have to wait!"

Su Yu said, "Is that so? I think I am capable of forcing myself in. "

"You would dare to "The bodyguard bellowed. He then felt a gust of wind blowing around his ears, sending him and a row of people flying.

They were blown away without even seeing how Su Yu attacked!


A figure suddenly stopped in front of the door and struck the door of the mansion with a black fist. Despite the loud sound that rang out, he failed to open it.

"Is it a barrier?" Su Yu smiled faintly. A golden glittering light appeared across his palm, manifesting into a golden sword in his hand. With a flick of his wrist, the golden sword lightly grazed across the door.


With a loud noise, the barrier failed to withstand the invincible cutting edge of the golden flame forbidden wood and shattered into countless pieces.

The giant door collapsed, forming a cloud of dust.

Su Yu put away his long sword and stepped in slowly as he said, "Master Chu was behind the door. I almost accidentally injured Master Chu!"

The dust dispersed, and a young man with an embarrassed face stood beside the door. It was Chu Bawang!

He had been spying from inside the door to witness Su Yus mockery.

But he never imagined that Su Yu would forcibly break open the door of the mansion with such brute. In the end, he did not have time to leave and was caught red-handed by Su Yu.

Chu Bawang said, "I just coincidentally happened to pass by here, just coincidentally!"

He felt guilty for a while, but the guilt turned into confusion once he recollected himself. What was he guilty for? If anything, it was Su Yu who should be considered guilty!

He broke open the door of the Chu clans mansion in such a fashion. Did he even have any respect for the Chu clan?

He was waiting for an angry interrogation, but Su Yu stared at him and said, "I didnt expect the door of your Chu clan to be so useless. The barrier you have set up is too inferior; I merely fling my arm and it was blown to pieces. I hope Chu Bawang doesnt mind!"

With that said, Su Yu patted him on the shoulder.

Chu Bawang felt overwhelmed by Su Yus pat and retreated hastily. He said anxiously, "No, its okay. We can simply make another one."

As Su Yu patted on thin air, the power from his palm hit the ground made up of hard ore. As a result, several cracks appeared on the ground!

Chu Bawang saw this and his eyelids twitched violently in both anger and shock. Was he planning to pat him to death? Fortunately, he was smart enough to respond in the nick of time!

Surprised, Su Yu said helplessly, "Ah, I have been training a few moves lately, so my strength is not stable. Please do not blame me, Master Chu."

"Its fine, Im not blaming you at all." Chu Bawang laughed stiffly but hated Su Yu deep down to his core. He thought to himself, Gloat all you want now, but well see how much longer youll keep that up once you enter the Asura Forbidden Land!

"Come follow me. Father and Ling Wu are already waiting."

In the living room of the main hall

Chu Long was in a cordial conversation with Ling Wu. Ling Wu occasionally smiled, and his fingers swiped across the space ring around his fingertip at times. His smiling expression grew richer.

Su Yu entered and found that this Ling Wu was not the same as the last one.

"Here already? This is the third spiritual wizard that serves directly under the Sect leader. He is a specialist in adjudication and is a fair and honest person. If you dont trust me, you should at least be able to trust him," Chu Long laughed.

There were many wizards around the Sect leader. The previous old man in linen cloth was responsible for investigating cases, and this one was responsible for adjudication. The division of labor was very clear.

Fair and honest? Su Yu glanced at the space ring on his finger and smiled but didnt call him out on it.

"We shouldnt keep up this pointless banter anymore. Tell me all about the rules of the contest so we can start the contest straightaway." Su Yu said, pretending to be oblivious.

Chu Long said, "Haha, we have prepared for this! The main theme of this contest is to hunt the ferocious beasts. Hunting a level six beast scores you one point, a level five beast scores you three points, a level four beast scores you six points, and a level three beast scores you nine points. The contest will last for half a month. When the time is up, the scores will be added up based on the point system. Whoever scores higher points will be crowned as the winner."

Su Yus expression remained unfazed. "So it is not a fight between individuals?"

Chu Long smiled and said, "Hunting and killing beasts is a better way to display the comprehensive quality of both sides."

"Alright, where will we hunt those beasts? Will it be at Blackwood Forest?" Su Yu asked.

Chu Long and Chu Bawang looked at one another with gloomy glances.

Chu Long smiled and said, "We have a better place in mind!"


"Asura Forbidden Land!" Su Yus face pretended to stiffen and express a fearful look. Feigning surprise, he asked, "Are you sure about that place?"

Seeing that, the pair of father and son took the pleasure of conspiring against him. Sure enough, even Su Yu seemed to feel uneasy about going there.

Yes, that would be the best place to hold the contest!

Chu Bawangs eyes were brimming with cynicism, "Oh Su Yu, my dear Su Yu. Just wait for your ultimate defeat! After all, the Sky Splitting Yin Yang style you mastered belongs to my Chu clan!"