The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411 Unusual Changes At The Forbidden Land

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Chu Long said, "I know what you are worried about, but we will only hunt the beasts on level one. As long as we dont encounter those level three beasts, there shouldnt be much danger at all."

After a pause, he smiled and said, "And with your strength, even those level three beasts wont be able to hurt you, right?"

After hearing those words, Su Yu pretended to be more reassured. He looked at Ling Wu and asked, "Is Lord Ling Wu okay with this as well?"

Ling Wu displayed an impartial appearance. "I am only responsible for deciding whether the content of the test is fair and reasonable. Without external assistance, it can be said that it is very fair and reasonable if you and Chu Bawang enter the level one zone together. There is nothing for me to disagree with."

Su Yu smiled secretly and thought, Was it really fair?

Unsurprisingly, the Chu clan must have made preparations in the ruins, which would greatly benefit Chu Bawang.

This Ling Wu pretending to be oblivious about it meant that he was bought over by the Chu clan to help them.

"Since Ling Wu has no objections, then neither do I," Su Yu said.

Chu Longs smile spread across his face, "You came a long way. Do you need to take a break before we start the contest to hunt down the beasts?"

"No need for that, lets start it now."

Chu Long said with a smile, "Okay, lets go."

He solemnly took out a black jade token from the space ring.

The material of the token was very special; it exuded traces of the wizard ancestors auras.

With the ancient auras enveloping over it, the token should have existed for ages now.

Despite its old age, it remained resolute. One could easily see how peculiar it was.

There was a faint red dot on the token moving slowly. Chu Long looked at the red light and then looked towards a certain direction in the sky. "Its over there. The Asura forbidden land is in that direction"

His brow furrowed slightly and murmured, "Thats strange Why is the Asura forbidden land outside of that vicinity? Did something happen inside?"

As the guardian of the forbidden land, Chu Long instinctively felt that something might have occurred in the forbidden land but didnt know what it was. It was enough to catch his attention, along with that of the Moonview Sect leaders attention.

If that was the case, the contest must be reconsidered.

He was mindful of the Sky Splitting Yin Yang style, so he hesitated.

The Ling Wu glanced at the token and said, "Is something wrong? It would be better to postpone the contest if we need to."

Although he did not understand what the red dot meant, he could clearly notice the subtle change in Chu Longs expression.

If something was amiss in the Asura forbidden land, that would be a potentially major issue.

After hearing this, Chu Long felt a little bit choked. How could he give up the contest now?

He made countless preparations within the Asura forbidden land to ensure that Chu Bawang would definitely win.

If he gave up now, there was no other way to ensure Chu Bawangs victory.

"Thats not a problem." Chu Long quickly concealed the expression on his face as he forced himself to calm down. He called for four wizard phoenixes, one for each of the four people present.

The Ling Wu wanted to stop it, but the space ring on his finger was getting heavy. With little hesitation, he gave up the dissuasion. He thought to himself, We wouldnt be so unfortunate, right?

The four of them quickly rode on the wizard phoenixes and set off across the sky.

Half a day later, they reached the edge of a dark sky.

Witnessing the scene in front of him, Su Yus expression changed slightly.

If he remembered correctly from half a month ago, the journey from the Fan Capital to the Asura Forbidden Land took about seven or eight days.

Now that it had moved, it only took them half a day to reach from the Fan Capital!

This unusual series of events made Su Yu feel uneasy.

It seemed that the Asuras forbidden land was consciously moving towards the Fan Capital.

What was going on in the Asura forbidden land?

Chu Longs expression remained blank. He took out the jade token, which released a burst of light enveloping the four of them.

It was strange to see that the wizard phoenixes, which were originally terrified, gradually quiet down after being enveloped by the light. They seemed to be no longer afraid of the Asura Forbidden Land and carried the four of them quickly. Eventually, they arrived directly at the Asura Forbidden Land.

At their destination, one could look up to easily see a spinning dark vortex.

In the vortex, red lightning flashed continuously. The sight was awe-inspiring.

"This is the entrance. That red lightning only threatens live spirits below level five, so you should be able to enter safely." Chu Long said and took out two identical greyish-black stones at the same time.

"This is the induction stone that you must wear on your body. The image of you killing the beasts will be recorded in it, then we will use it match the head of the beasts you have obtained and the images to check if you killed the. This is to keep the contest fair. "

Su Yu listened with a cold smile.

This was prepared specifically to prevent Su Yu from killing his baby son after entering Asuras forbidden land, right?

"Anything else I should know?" Su Yu said.

Chu Long smiled, "There is nothing else, but I do hope you all understand that this is just a contest. The contest is important, but do not disrupt the harmony."

Chu Bawang said, "I know."

"What about you?" Chu Long wanted to wait for Su Yus response, but Su Yu did not seem to want to respond so he had to personally ask him.

Su Yu glanced at the father and son and said lightly, "Well, it depends on how Im feeling!"

When he finished, he pointed his toes and flew upward to be swept into the vortex.

With greatly clouded eyes, Chu Long he warned sternly, "Remember, if you encounter Su Yu inside, dont try to fight him. You shouldnt give him an excuse to attack!"

"I know," Chu Bawang said bitterly. He wouldnt dare to seek out Su Yu and cause trouble.

Listening to Su Yus tone just now, it was clear that he did not plan to have a proper contest.

If he encountered Su Yu, he would escape immediately. Why would he try to fight him?

"Also, look for the elders from the clan once you enter the palace. They should have already captured the level three beasts for you in advance, but you still need to kill them first. With this, youll basically get an easy victory."

Chu Bawangs eyes flashed and smiled coldly, "Hehe, with the heads of five level-three beasts, I can score as high as forty-five points to guarantee my victory. Unless Su Yu manages to kill all the ferocious beasts at the level one zone, theres no way hell turn the tables in his favor."

"Father, await my good news!"

Watching his son enter full of hope, Chu Long whispered, "Even if you dont win, you will never lose."

A tinge of fierceness and viciousness flashed across his pupils.


After some violent spinning, Su Yu landed on a dark and damp ground of a gloomy and ghastly land.

Su Yu shook his body and grabbed the two red remnants of the lightning with his fists, exterminating them in his palms.

"The red lightning is pretty strong. Anyone who is level five and below will either be seriously injured or die if they touch it" Su Yu said, "If I get the chance, I should bring some back and let the live spirits of Jiuzhou use it."

After a few murmurs, a slight air-breaking sound suddenly arose.

Su Yu did not have much time to think about it. With a flick of his robe sleeves, a gust of wind wrapped around his body.


He watched as a lump of black liquid hit the cyclone only to be swept away, splashing onto the mud.

As a result, the mud reacted violently as if cold water was being poured into boiling oil. With a sudden explosion, it splattered everywhere and left behind a deep pit.

Su Yu looked intently and saw an ordinary frog lying under a tree behind him.

It had a bluish-green body with dark red eyes. It was not even from the level-one mortal fairy realm.

Even so, the liquid that it sprayed contained horrifying lethal toxins.

Su Yu was surprised. "At only such a level, this things poison can kill level six deities?"

Although he was surprised, Su Yu attacked it mercilessly by sending a beam of divine power to mince the frog.

As the frog died, Su Yu suddenly found a small black hole the size of a fist under the tree where the frog was located.

Inside, many pairs of dark red eyes stared at Su Yu with murderous intent.

"There is a nest?" Su Yu said, planning to get rid of it.

Suddenly, there was another one in the mud under his feet. As it coldly stared at him with dark red bloody eyes, it spewed a black liquid from its mouth.

Su Yu smashed it with a wave of his hand. After thinking about it, his eyes turned white and glanced deep into the ground as his scalp immediately felt numb!

This swampy area was full of dense frog nests underneath the muddy ground. There were countless of them densely packed together, inducing anxiety into those who witnessed it.

Su Yu immediately ascended into the sky. He got away from the ground and headed towards a huge mountain in the distance.

What he did not know was that the huge swamp threshed shortly after his departure. From underneath the mud emerged a massive frog the size of a hill!

Its eyes were not only dark red but also contained spiritual intelligence. It looked incredibly fierce.

What was even more amazing was that it was fluent in human language. "Oh, isnt this interesting. I deeply sympathize with those that broke in from the outside world at this point."

After that, the huge body turned into a slender middle-aged man with blue skin and black lips as a long red tongue stretched out from his mouth. Glancing in Su Yus direction, he let out a pitiful sneer.

Su Yu seemed to sense something and suddenly looked back.

In the end, he could only catch a flash of green.

"Huh? What was that just now?" Su Yu usually believed what he saw was real. Since he saw the green light, it meant that there must be some live spirits there just now.

He became stern as he thought to himself, With such a fast speed, am I afraid that it is a level three ferocious beast?

With such a thought, he could not help but be extra careful.

He originally planned to set foot on the mountain, but he eventually gave up, choosing to bypass the mountain and avoid it.

Standing from a distance, Su Yu used his Heavenly Eyes to observe the mountains from afar.

With his Heavenly Eyes, everything on the mountain seemed clear.

There were several peculiar looking trees. They were straight and dark, with no branches or leaves. They just stood vertically.

Furthermore, Su Yu was horrified to see that there were five bloody heads on top of the mountain!

They were the heads of the people from the wizard tribe!

Their heads were inserted onto five sharp wooden stakes at the top of the mountain. Their faces remained in the same state of fright they felt right before their death.

"How come the people from the wizard tribe are here?" Su Yu was shocked. "Are they people who came here to explore, or are theypeople from the Chu clan?"

What astounded Su Yu further was that, based on whatever remained of their auras, they were strong warriors that were at least at level three realm!!

Their prowess was in sharp contrast with their bloody heads.

Su Yu was shocked deep down. "What exactly did they encounter?"

Even though Su Yus strength was relatively great, it was far from being able to compete with five level-three strong men!

Whats more, all five of them were killed in the same way!

Suddenly, his Heavenly Eyes seemed to find something. His eyes narrowed sharply, magnifying the image at the top of the mountain.

He saw that at the center of the five heads, the soil underneath crept as if something was underground.