The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412 Eight Clawed Octopus

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All of a sudden, a dark claw struck from beneath the ground!

The claw gently waved around, and soon a crack was formed in space.

Immediately afterward, the creature sat up from the earth. It was a bloody red humanoid figure covered in black scales. It appeared rather odd for a living being.

A pair of dark red blood eyes then followed, revealing the creatures brutality.

It raised its head and coldly stared into the sky. There was a crack in the corner of its mouth; it was grinning hard.


The next moment, its blood-red figure disappeared and instantly appeared in an endless cloud.

Those dark claws were aimed at the Heavenly Eyes, seeking to rip it apart.


The Heavenly Eyes were divided into two!

Su Yus eyes tingled with pain. He closed them quickly and immediately teleported away from the place in fear. He manages to catch his breath with the fragments of the Strength of Rules.

He moved swiftly, but the blood-red figure immediately crossed over approximately 50 to 60 million mountains and rivers to Su Yus location.

It sniffed its nose in the air but did not detect Su Yus breath. Its dark red blood eyes looked doubtful.

Su Yu, who was more than hundreds of millions of mountains and rivers away, could just barely open his stinging eyes and managed to hide within a dried and deserted mountain.

"What kind of creature is that?" Su Yu was secretly shocked.

With a simple breeze, it broke the Heavenly Eyes!

Even the Master of the Temple would find such powers extremely difficult to achieve!

First, it was the cyan afterimage that followed. Then the blood-red monster, of which then were the five Level Three Wizard Tribe strongmen.

Su Yus hunch that something bad was going to happen was getting stronger!

"I shouldnt stay here any longer than I need to. As soon as I defeat the Level Four Ferocious Beasts, I must leave this place quickly." Years of instinctive intuition told Su Yu that the Asura Forbidden Lands was truly dangerous.

Although he did not know what the place was normally like, the Asura Forbidden Lands were currently unsuitable for anyone to stay in for long.

A deep cough rang out.

At that moment, Su Yu suddenly heard the familiar sound of fighting and bickering.

His heart skipped a beat. Su Yu then lurked in a corner and stood in the distance to look into the situation.

The scene in front of him shocked him.

A huge eight-clawed octopus the size of one million feet was fighting a young white figure in a lake.

Su Yu knew who that white figure was!

"Wang Qingchen?" Su Yu almost thought that he had made a mistake; how was it possible to run into him in the Asura Forbidden Lands?

At that moment, he was entangled and could not escape the octopus grip.

Most of his wizard tools were damaged. A sturdy-looking giant boat crossing the lake was crushed by the eight-clawed Octopus as well.

Wang Qingchens clothes were torn. He had an embarrassing expression as his wizard power was dissipating. His face was pale with barely a tint of color. It seemed that he wouldnt survive for long.

In contrast, the eight-clawed octopus back was against the lake as it channeled the power of the water and struck him with endless streams of power.

This tactic made Wang Qingchen unable to attack or retreat. All he could do was stay put and face the attacks head-on.

It seemed that they have been fighting for some time.

"A Level Three Ferocious Beast?" Su Yus eyes lighted up. The breath of this eight-clawed octopus was just slightly weaker than the green and blood-red creatures from before.

If he could launch a surprise attack, perhaps this would be his first prey!

Su Yu had always acted decisively, and several possibilities quickly emerged in his mind.

He thought about it for a while. Su Yu gathered his breath and figure, hid them, and quietly jumped off the rocky edge of the mountain. He then walked slowly towards the eight-clawed Octopus.

The eight-clawed Octopus was so distracted by playing with Wang Qingchen, it never even realizing it, that a person other than Wang Qingchen was approaching.


Wang Qingchen was as dry as a dried out oil lamp. Struggling hard to fight back, he channeled the few remaining wizard powers in his body as he said, "Split Metamorphosis Technique!"

He was now full of wizard power. His body shifted into hundreds of phantoms that fled in different directions.

This was his last fight for survival!

However, the eight-clawed octopus showed an anthropomorphic sneer. It lifted its eight giant claws lifted all at once, sweeping in all directions!

Puff! Puff!

As the claws swept through the phantoms, they all burst away in a flash.

Just one of the figures was swept up. He was not destroyed, but smashed through instead!

The eight-clawed octopus sneered and withdrew the other seven tentacles fiercely.

Wang Qingchen flew upside down. He was close to being entirely drained. It seemed that all eight tentacles would come crashing down on him, smashing hard on him like a mountain collapsing. As the tentacles covered the sky, he closed his eyes in despair with a wry smile. "Perhaps this is my fate."

He originally wanted to sharpen himself up in the Asura Forbidden Land, but because of an earthquake that occurred in the Asura Forbidden Land half a month ago, he discovered that it was a hundred times more dangerous than before!

All the Ferocious Beasts seem to have been reborn and mutated!

Any randomly encountered small beast had deadly toxins that could easily kill someone.

In the past, he could easily deal with any Level Four Ferocious Beast he encountered.

Alas, now, the Ferocious Beasts were so extraordinary that he had to use at least 80% of his strength before killing it.

Several consecutive similar experiences gave Wang Qingchen the feeling that he was in serious danger.

After thinking about it, he decided to temporarily suspend his practice and return to his family to report on the situation in Asura Forbidden Lands.

Just as he was passing by this lake, he, unfortunately, got entangled by the eight-clawed Octopus hiding in the lake.

He couldnt win. He wanted to retreat but was nevertheless still entangled with it.

The two sides fought for half a day, pushing Wang Qingchen to his limit.

Now, he was unable to bear it any further. He would die here.

With a bitter smile in his heart, Wang Qingchen closed his eyes in despair.

However, an extremely fierce fighting spirit suddenly came out of nowhere like a volcanic eruption.

Its murderous intent seemed to come from a time and space before the ages of eternity. It seemed eternally unbreakable.

"This is" Wang Qingchen suddenly opened his eyes and couldnt believe what he was experiencing. He secretly said to himself, "Might this be an illusion before death? How can Su Yu possibly be here?"

With just one familiar sound, Wang Qingchen finally woke up to his senses.

"Heaven-trampling Three Steps!"


A loud noise came thundering by. Su Yu suddenly launched an extremely violent attack towards the octopus.

The eight-clawed octopus was caught off guard, unprepared to be struck by the Heaven-trampling Three Steps.

Its huge body collapsed, with half of its crushed by the foot.

There were eight huge tentacles on its body. The attack broke four of them and even burst his head open!

This attack can be described as a successful one-hit-wonder.

However, the eight-clawed Octopus survived the attack!

Its broken body was so full of vitality that it began regenerating by just slightly wriggling around.

Its head recovered first, leaving only the body to continue healing as time passed.

Wang Qingchen was shocked and reminded of something. "Brother Su, be careful! This beasts body is almost immortal, and any injuries it suffered can be instantly restored!"

With such a massive blow, Su Yu had finally managed to sever a few tentacles. However, the tentacles either regenerated or healed up once again.

Su Yu appeared and was surprised.

Though it was seriously injured by his sneak attack, the dark red eyes of the eight-clawed octopus looked different. The color of playfulness disappeared and the color of anger emerged.

It suddenly turned its huge head turned and stared at Su Yu. It then vigorously waved eight huge claws, pressing them through the sky with an overwhelming force of terror.

Su Yus eyes tightened their focus. As his robes swept open, nine golden suns quickly rose into the sky to fight against eight huge tentacles.

Slash! Slash!

The tentacles met the golden sun and were all severed immediately.

What was strange about it was that the tentacle quickly regenerated at an alarming rate.

Su Yu controlled the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation and aimed to cuts them off even quicker.

With each cut, he managed to sever several tentacles.

Alas, the opponents regeneration speed was staggering!

If things went on like this, he would surely end up entangled with those tentacles like Wang Qingchen. That would be a waste of all his expanded powers.

He turned his gaze as the nine suns burst into shock, shaking the eight tentacles away from him.

However, Su Yu did not withdraw and retreat. To Wang Qingchens surprise, he attacked instead!

The eight-clawed Octopus was also surprised, but there was a smile in its eyes. Did he want to die?

It opened its mouth and sprayed out a black mist from its huge mouth, hindering Su Yus line of sight.

Taking this opportunity, it withdrew its eight tentacles and once again directed them at Su Yu.

However, Su Yu suddenly hid all traces of himself and disappeared.

The eight-clawed octopus threw its tentacles into space. Its dark blood red eyes narrowed as it started to look around for Su Yu.


After falling into the water, Wang Qingchen was suddenly pulled by something invisible and flew away from the lake.

The eyes of the eight-clawed octopus seemed to have anticipated this as if it was saying, "I knew you were going to save him."

A prepared tentacle patted in the direction that they fled in with the force of a thousand mountains.

It was so powerful that it gathered all the power of the eight-clawed Octopus at its tip.

Under the pressures of the powerful force, Su Yu also resurfaced.

Instead of showing fluster and panic across his face, he had on a personified smile.

The eight-clawed octopus was extremely intelligent. It guessed something was amiss from Su Yus expression. Then, its dark red blood eyes hurriedly swept down into a dark mist below itself.

Through the black mist, he discovered that the lake around it had somehow turned colorful!

The colorful lake quickly spread across the entire lake, rendering all the water droplets a colorful reflection.

The lake water was now boiling with activity. Countless beasts in the water were poisoned, floating to the surface with their white belly facing upwards.

The huge body of the eight-clawed octopus submerged underwater quickly dissolved as well!

Although it could be regenerated quickly, the speed of regeneration was far behind the dissolution speed!

"You dropped poison into the water!" The eight-clawed octopus was angered. It finally knew why Su Yu attacked as he did; he was aiming to just poison the water around itself.

It waved eight tentacles and hurriedly climbed out of the water.

Wang Qingchen was overjoyed. "This eight-clawed octopus fights with water and can absorb the power of the water at any time to regenerate. Brother Su forced him out of the water. If you break his advantage, it will be much easier to kill!"

"Hahaha such vulgar creatures! How easy do you think it is to kill me? I have notified the other four generals, and they will come over soon!" The eight-clawed octopus mouth spat out insults as it laughed aloud. "Even if I leave the water, I can still hold out until they arrive!"

They? Su Yu immediately thought of the blue light and blood-red creatures.

Wang Qingchens face changed drastically. "There are four other mutant creatures like you?"

"Hum? Variation? We merely regained our original strength! Prepare to die, ants! As soon as they come, you will die without a burial place in sight!" the eight-clawed Octopus viciously said.

Wang Qingchens heart tightened, his eyes staring hard.

With a bland expression, Su Yu said, "Is that so? Youll likely be the one to die without a burial place instead."

"What do you mean?" the eight-clawed Octopus asked suspiciously.

Su Yu raised his hand and withdrew the golden flames forbidden wood swords. Then, he said lightly, "Do you think I only poisoned the lake?"

The golden light on golden flames forbidden wood dissipated, and a trace of the remaining colorful colors was striking for all to see!