The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413 The Remains Are Missing

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"What?" The eight-clawed octopus was taken aback, its dark red eyes expressing a mortified look.

It watched as its skin was gradually penetrated by a ray of colorful colors, decaying its body from inside.

It turned out that as early as when Wang Qingchen reminded Su Yu that the eight-clawed octopus could be infinitely regenerated, Su Yu devised this plan and secretly smeared the Seven Poisons Demonic Toads venom onto the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.

Although the opponents body quickly regenerated, the venom was also quickly absorbed within the wound when the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation cut through the tentacles of the eight-clawed octopus.

Perhaps the poison on one or two swords was not enough.

If so, then what about nine swords?

To prevent the eight-clawed Octopus from realizing this ahead of time, Su Yu attracted its attention in other ways until finally poisoning it.


The body of the eight-clawed octopus decayed rapidly, melting into a black odorous liquid.

Because of the pain it experienced, the eight-clawed octopus roared again and again, "This general will not be forced by such a foul creature "

As the words left its mouth, a sword made of light suddenly wrapped around its huge neck.

As its massive head fell off its body, Su Yu caught it with a space ring.

At the same time, Su Yu cast the Milky Way Star Sand and purified the venom of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad venom from its huge body. This then separated the body of the eight-clawed Octopus into pieces.

Its body stopped decaying immediately. Then, Su Yus palm lighted up and he immediately strikes it, shattering its huge body.

Bloody water rose into the sky and covered it. Su Yu gathered all the traces of his blood with a single vessel with nothing left to spare.

Compared to the blood of those at Level Six beasts, the blood of a level three beast was pure energy of several orders of magnitude with a different color.

Its blood was no longer golden but now had a touch of grayish-white color.

Su Yu remembered receiving a drop of pure white blood from the body of the Book God. Now that he thought about it, the blood became whiter as one cultivated further.

He collected the blood as if nothing had happened, but Wang Qingchen stood by his side in astonishment.

He was almost dragged to death by the eight-clawed Octopus alive, but Su Yu managed to cleanly kill it in seconds.

Wang Qingchen felt bitter over the gap in their powers.

He originally wanted to come to Asura to privately cultivate himself, leave after completing it, and compete with Su Yu one-on-one.

He never expected that he would need to be saved by Su Yu during his training.

"Brother Wang, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. This animal said that it had four other companions who are on their way as we speak," Su Yu said.

Wang Qingchen only then regained his senses and became rather awkward. "Alright, I will do as Brother Su says and hurry away. I know of a safe place where we can temporarily avoid trouble."

Half a day later, they hid deep within a hillside. The entrance was at the river at the foot of the mountain. If Wang Qingchen had not accidentally fallen into the river before then, it wouldve been hard to find such a hidden hillside.

There are traces of life deep within the mountains, but it had been a long time since anyone lived there.

"This place is a part of my wizard tribe. It was probably created out of the first of two expeditions into the Asura Forbidden Lands as the hiding place of the two capitals." Wang Qingchen pointed to the blurred engraved text on the wall as he added, "These wizard crafts are all known only between the four of them."

Su Yu looked around and found that he was familiar with the Heaven Trampling Style.

According to the records, the four of them entered the Asura Forbidden Lands for exploration but accidentally encountered a Triple Morphosis Worm.

The Lord of the Saint Temple at the time died, along with the Master of the Temple at the time.

Was this the place they used to hide?

Su Yu glanced briefly at the wizard craft before casually averting his gaze.

Wang Qingchens eyes suddenly gleamed with light. "Brother Su seems to have no interest in the wizard craft of my wizard tribe. Any normal person would know that this is the inherited wizard craft left by the four supreme individuals. Who wouldnt get excited about it?"

Su Yu looked around and said, "Brother Wang does not have to test my intentions. My trip is not to snatch or steal anything from Brother Wang. Instead, I am fulfilling my promise with Chu Bawang by participating in a competition of hunting and killing ferocious beasts. However, it looks like we are here at the wrong time. The first barriers from the dangers of the Asura Forbidden Lands are far greater than usual."

Slightly relieved, Wang Qingchen said, "I do not want to hide from Brother Su, but I came to the Asura Forbidden Lands to sharpen my knowledge of life and death. I have a plan to achieve it, so I dont plan on guarding against Brother Su."

Su Yu remained silent and didnt care where he was going.

His attitude gave Wang Qingchen the feeling that he was being a bit insincere and unauthentic with him.

If Su Yu was a comrade who sought wealth, why would he have saved him just now?

"That ruin was the place where the Lord of the Saint Temple fell. At that time, the other three supremes left in a hurry without into account the remains of the Lord of the Saint Temple," Wang Qingchen said, "At the time, it was said that the Lord of the Saint Temple was carrying a vital seal that possessed great power. Even the Moonview Sect leader had to pay attention to that seal."

"However, the situation was critical at that time. There wasnt enough time to recover the seal."

Su Yu was surprised. "A seal that even the Sect Leader pay special attention to? If its so important, why wouldnt the Saint Temple send someone out to find it?"

Wang Qingchen shook his head. "The three supreme figures left no specific instructions about it. They only mentioned where the Lord of the Saint Temple encountered the Triple Morphosis Worm and fell."

"Then did you find that seal?" Su Yu asked.

Wang Qingchen seemed to be smiling as he responded, "I found the ruins, but the seal is missing."

What? Su Yu got up and looked around with a surprised expression. "Do you mean that this is the ruins?"

Wang Qingchen said. "I didnt believe it at first, but seeing this stone was enough to convince me."

He took a large piece of crystal stone from a space ring, with the wizard tribes characters on it.

The content of the text was left by the ancestors of the Wang clan who recorded exactly what they encountered here.

This stone monument was regarded as the tombstone of the Lord of the Saint Temple, which they had set up in a hurry.

Su Yu took the crystal stone and stared at it, gleaning. "If this is the burial place of the Lord of the Saint Temple, then what about his body?"

Wang Qingchen said, "I found it strange, as well. At that time, the Lord of the Saint Temple was strong. Thus, it only makes sense that his remains wouldnt rot so quickly."

They looked at each other and saw the surprise in the others eyes.

So where was the body of the Lord of the Saint Temple?

Suddenly, Su Yu looked at the crystal stone in his palm and suddenly brightened up. He thought for a while and said, "Can you give me this stone?"

Wang Qingchen was stunned for a while before he said, "This monumental stone is worthless. If Brother Su likes it, he can take it as my way of repaying Brother Sus attempt at saving my life."

"Then I wont refuse it" Su Yu said. With that, Su Yu suddenly struck through the cold air and immediately made a silent gesture.

Wang Qingchens heart beat fast, and he looked up at the sky feeling uneasy.

The breath of something thrilling came forth, right at the top of this mountain!

On top of the mountain flickered two figures, one green and one red.

The green figure was that of a middle-aged individual whilst the red figure was rather fuzzy, much like a demon monster.

"To be able to kill Number Five in such a short time and quickly escape our pursuit, he is by no means a master. Brother Blood Demon, could it be that the wizard tribe leader has noticed us and appeared in person?"

Blood Demon was the grisly blood-red creature with dark red blood eyes that hid in the shadows observing the rest. He said hoarsely, "No. If it were him, he wouldnt find Number Five or us. He will search for our master instead."

The green figure thought and nodded, "Brother Blood Demon is right. It must be those fools of the wizard tribe. They changed the prohibition without authorization and gave the master a chance to escape the trap. As long as we have enough time, our Asura world will return and take over!"