The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 The Source Of The Abnormality

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"But if its not the Matriarch who killed Number Five, then who did it? According to the memories we got from Soul Search, there are less than five or six people with such strength in the Wizard Tribe," The green figure said.

The Blood Demons nostrils snorted coldly, his dark red eyes flashing fiercely. "It must be the two highly skilled individuals from the Wizard Tribe planning to compete within the Asura Forbidden Lands! By killing Level Three creatures, they can get nine points for it!"

Hearing this, the Green figure sneered, "They take our Asura Realm as a source of prey. Hmm. Since ancient times, it was always the Asura Realm that hunts other creatures. These two do not know what the hell theyre doing!"

"Huh! No matter why they hunted down Number Five. Now that the master is out, no further accidents are allowed! All creatures in the Asura Forbidden Lands are starting their search for these imbeciles. We must rid these weeds at the roots!" The Blood Demon said.

His hoarse voice passed through in all directions, and the Ferocious Beasts nearby immediately moved out in search of Su Yu and the others.


In two breaths, the Blood Demon and the green figure swept far away, paying no attention to the unremarkable mountains at their feet.

In the belly of the mountain, Wang Qingchen was horrified. "What are those two creatures? Especially one of them. He is particularly evil!" he said, his voice slightly trembling

Su Yu briefed him on what he saw and heard. Hearing this, Wang Qingchen had a solemn expression as he said, "I am afraid that I am forced to retreat. The Ferocious Beasts here had an abnormal change and are now at a level higher than me."

"Abnormal change?" Su Yu raised his brows and recalled that when he entered the Asura Forbidden Lands, he saw the sky filled with creatures resembling dragons. He could not help but suddenly realized that the Asura Forbidden Lands had truly changed.

Wang Qingchen said, "Half a month ago, I felt that the prohibition in the forbidden land had changed. Immediately afterward, an extremely evil wave radiated from somewhere deep in the sky. Wherever that wave swept, all creatures underwent an abnormal change."

"Their eyes gradually turned red and their temperaments became tyrannical. They also suddenly developed supernatural instincts such as a sudden increase in physical strength, a heightened stealth ability and the ability to morph, etc"

Su Yu remembered the group of small frogs he met with highly toxic poison that did not match their cultivation base. If nothing else, they should have received those toxins from abnormal change.

"Brother Su, we must not delay any further. We must leave this place immediately, or it will get more dangerous and unpredictable." Wang Qingchens anxiety grew.

Su Yu narrowed his eyes and said, "Sorry, but I dont plan to leave for the time being. The outcome of this contest is crucial for me. If Brother Wang wants to leave, then please do so as soon as possible."

Thinking for a while, Wang Qingchen sighed and replied, "Well, then let me help Brother Su to kill as many beasts as possible and win the competition."

He continued, "The rules state that although outsiders are not allowed to assist in killing beasts, it will not be a problem for me to help Brother Su by pointing out where the beasts are. I was in Asura Forbidden Lands for more than half a month, so I know most of the terrain as well as the nests of many beasts."

Hearing this, Su Yus eyes brightened. Wang Qingchen serving as a guide could allow him to complete his task more efficiently.

"Thank you!" Su Yu said.

Wang Qingchen smiled bitterly. "I did this in hopes that I can stay safe and get through this disaster with Brother Sus blessing."

Besides the abnormal change in the Ferocious Beasts, there were also two extremely horrible unknown beasts wandering around. Additionally, he had lost all his wizard tools and his wizard power was dwindling. Why would he walk alone through the forbidden lands?

Following Su Yu was his safest option.

"Brother Wang is too humble. We are helping each other, so how can we talk about me offering you a blessing?" Su Yu smiled lightly.

Wang Qingchen laughed, "Brother Su is self-effacing! I know a few beasts are living in groups, but there is one that is most suitable for Brother Su to challenge."


"The source of the abnormal change, the intersection of Level One and Level Two Realm." Wang Qingchen said.

Su Yu gleamed and said, "There "

Wang Qingchen said, "After the occurrence of the abnormal changes, I went to investigate and found ten beasts in the Level Four realm staying together. Given Brother Sus strength, it would be easy for you to eliminate all of them. In that case, Brother Su You get sixty or seventy points. Indeed, that would make it difficult to beat you."

Hearing this, Su Yu got excited and replied, "Okay, lets take a look."

Two days later, they went straight to the source of the abnormal change.

On the way, Su Yu noticed the eyes of the Ferocious Beast several times. They did not look truly mutated, but they did seem to be acting as surveillance.

A bad feeling came to him and he whispered to himself, "This will have to be a quick and decisive battle."

"Brother Su, up ahead." Wang Qingchen pointed away at a vortex on the horizon.

This vortex was the same as the Asura Forbidden Vortex seen by the outside world.

The difference was that it was no longer a painful and itchy red thunder. Instead, it was now replaced with a terrible scorching flame.

The terrible flames would incinerate anyone into ashes. This wasnt only true for Su Yu, but perhaps for the Leader of Moonview Sect as well.

"Thats the Level Two Realm seal of the Asura Forbidden Lands. It is said that there are thirty terrible Level Three creatures sealed inside," Wang Qingchen said with a calm look across his face. "Fortunately, theyve been sealed away so they could not go out to harm the Lost Nation."

Su Yu thought to himself, The Level Two Realm seal most definitely sealed more than thirty beasts!

That amount was inestimable, but they most likely could easily destroy the entire Lost Nation.

"Under that vortex, there was originally a group of Duckbill Beasts ranked at Level Four. The mutation first affected them, so they had mastered the special ability of stealth. In other words, it would not be as easy as before to eliminate them." Wang Qingchen said.

Su Yus eyes looked into the distance. Sure enough, he spotted a group of duck-shaped beasts appearing and disappearing in the silver lake under the vortex.

"Sure enough, mastery of stealth," Su Yu whispered, "Brother Wang, wait here for a while. I will go in and come back here as soon as possible."

After he finished speaking, Su Yu concealed his figure and breath, then quickly disappeared in front of Wang Qingchen.

At the next moment, a breeze floated by the lake. The reeds fluttered gently, and an invisible figure quietly approached the lake.

Immediately, a stream of colorful liquid was silently poured into the silver lake.

Eighteen Level Four Duckbill Beasts continued their foraging in the silver lake, unaware of what was going to happen.

Suddenly, one of the Duckbill Beast screamed violently. Its feet soaked in the lake water were rotting!

Under the severe pain, the Duckbill Beast flapped its huge wings and hurriedly flew into the void.

Because its body was rotting, the dripping blood immediately exposed its position even when he was invisible.

The rest of the Duckbill Beasts followed and flew into the sky in quick succession, albeit with their lower bodies decaying.

Su Yu saw this and with that, nine golden lights swirled and formed in his palm. He was preparing the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation and intended to gun them down as they were unprepared.

However, a gray aura of power now flashed over and killed one of the Duckbill Beasts.

Its death immediately alerted the other Duckbill Beasts, and they spread out one after another.

They quickly coordinated with each other. Fourteen of them fled, while four remained behind as sentry. Their dark red eyes coldly darted around, ready to block off any attacks on their companions at any time.

Su Yus eyes turned cold. He looked at the place where the dark gray power appeared, but he could only make out a figure covered in a transparent cloak sneaking behind a huge rock.