The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Blood Red Light Curtain

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Overjoyed by the fact that he successfully performed a sneak attack on a Duckbill Beast, he immediately unleashed wizard power to hunt down the other Duckbill Beasts.

Just as Su Yu expected, the four Duckbill Beasts immediately found themselves under a sneak attack and immediately rushed in to shield their companions.


Four Duckbill Beasts were beheaded, but the rest of them had already fled and scattered by then. It was impossible to kill them again.

This persons actions could be said to have completely destroyed Su Yus overall plan on eliminating the entire group.

"Heh. I may not have found the few Level Three Ferocious Beasts that the old guy left me, but the harvest of so many four-fold Ferocious Beasts is also worth it. Su Yu may not have so lucky in finding so many."

Su Yu sneered to himself. Who else would have used such a cheap tactic in a fight? It had to be Chu Bawang!

Just when Su Yu was about to show up and surprise Chu Bawang, he suddenly felt a chill crawl down his spine before he immediately hid his exposed breath and figure again.

"Hmph! Sure enough, there is a big fish here!" The hoarse voice of the Blood Demon rang through the Silver Lake with no barriers.

Beside him, a Green figure followed his shadow.

Taken aback by this, Chu Bawang looked up and stared at him. " Two Level Three Ferocious Beasts?"

He licked his lips and thought with a sneer, What a shame for them to have met me. I couldnt find you, but you decided to send yourselves to me instead!

Chu Bawang had the right to despise ordinary Level Three creatures, but it was a pity that the ones standing before him were not ordinary creatures!

"Bound Dragon Curse!" Chu Bawang suddenly struck. A powerful inherited wizard craft emerged and went straight to the Blood Demon and Green Figure.

The Blood Demon held his arms with both hands, his calm expression seemingly unchanged.

The Green figure beside had a slight look of scorn. "Had I not regained the power of Asura, I might still be afraid of your wizard powers. But now"

He waved his Green fist in the air, and the wizard power that rippled by seemed to have met its match and quickly subsided. It then finally disappeared without leaving behind a trace.

"Ah! How is it possible?" Chu Bawang was taken aback. He looked to his side and tried to escape immediately.

Just as he was about to escape, a huge duckbill beast suddenly emerged from the water. Much like eating a small fish, it swallowed Chu Bawang into its mouth in one bite.

A large Duckbill Beast surfaced as this happened, standing ten times larger than a regular Level Four Duckbill Beast.

Its dark red blood eyes appear colder than those of regular beasts. It was covered with hardened steel-like feathers.

It held Chu Bawang firmly in its mouth. Although Chu Bawang could exert his wizard power on it, the attacks did not affect the Duckbill Beast.

The Green figure withdrew his fist and chuckled, "Kudos to Number Four! Wizard power does not affect you! On the foundation of Asuras power, only our Blood Demon boss possesses the same amount of power as you."

The Duckbill Beast threw Chu Bawang onto the ground. His body was covered in a thick layer of viscous mucus, trapping him and rendering him unable to move.

Duckbill Beasts dark red blood eyes looked around, but it scanned past the two of them. It then said in a low tone, "Youve got the wrong one. This kind of thing is impossible to have killed Number Five."

"Isnt he the one?" The Green figure was startled.

With a terrible look on his face, the Blood Demon shook his head. "Its not him! He doesnt have the breath of Number Fives blood on him."

"It cant be. We launched the creatures throughout Asura Forbidden Lands to seek out the people who killed Number Five and managed to find suspicious-looking people heading straight to the Level Two Realm entrance. In that case, it makes sense for us to set up an ambush here. Why did he not come?" The Green figure exclaimed loudly.

The Blood Demon and Duckbill Beast glanced around. The air was slowly filled with a tyrannical murderous intent.

Blood Demon sneered coldly. "Who told you that he didnt come?"

The Duckbill Beast also said, "Hes here! Hes still nearby, by the poison in the Silver Lake!!"


Just then, a gray figure flashed above the lake, bringing about a series of whirlwinds.

It was a creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a human.

Its mouth held a person. Who else could it be but Wang Qingchen?

Wang Qingchens abdomen was torn apart by giant claws; he had been severely injured.

Su Yu was stunned. With Wang Qingchens combat power, it was a huge surprise that he could be injured like that in a short amount of time!

Gauging the situation, it seemed that Wang Qingchen hadnt put up much resistance!

This giant eagle

The giant eagle dropped Wang Qingchen onto the ground and said, "Are you looking for him?"

After hearing these words, the Green figure and the Duckbill Beast stepped forward to examine. "Kudos to Brother Number two. The prey is caught by his prey behind him!"

The four mutated beasts came around and looked at Wang Qingchen.

The Blood Demons eyes flickered. "Well, yes. He has the breath of the blood of Brother Number Five within him, so it should be him."

Duckbill Beast also echoed, "This person is quite cunning. If Number Two hadnt kept watch, I am afraid he would have managed to escape."

The Green figure said, "The murderer has already been caught. How shall we deal with them?"

Everyone looked at the Blood Demon, the eldest of them all.

The Blood Demon looked up at the vortex of the sky and said, "The seal needs to be lifted immediately. The cultivation of these two people is ranked high amongst the Wizard Tribe, so the power of their bloodline should help speed up the process of removing the seal. It is best to use them as a sacrifice."

With that, the Blood Demon grabbed the two and flew deep into the vortex with the other three Ferocious Beasts.

The group disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After a long time, Su Yu still did not move or expose his breath.

Half a day had passed and he was as still as a rock. He did not move one bit.

However, not far from where Su Yu was standing, the Duckbill Beast had stealthily appeared before him just now!

It glanced around doubtfully. "Did I sense it wrongly? It seemed clear to me that there have been momentary breath fluctuations in this neighborhood."

"Youre overthinking it!" In the vortex, a giant eagle swooped down. Its sharp eyes seemed to be able to catch all subtle movements.

At the same time, the Blood Demon and Green figure also flew out from the vortex.

The Green figure said, "It seems that there is no one else. We thought about it too much."

"In that case, then lets go." Blood Demon said. Along with the three other Ferocious Beasts, they successfully got into the whirlpool this time.

Soon after, the breeze was blowing, but Su Yu remained unmoved.

After several hours passed, there was a sigh in the air. "It seems like nobody is here. Lets go."

An hour passed.

Only then did Su Yu appeared. His eyes were sharp as he said, "A group of very cunning beasts!"

They pretended to leave twice in a row but were secretly preparing for an ambush, enticing those in hiding to reveal themselves.

Fortunately, Su Yu was patient enough to avoid falling for their trick.

Looking at the vortex above him, Su Yu hesitated for a while but ultimately decided to follow ahead.

He promised that he would keep Wang Qingchen safe. Now that he was in trouble, Su Yu couldnt stand idly by and do nothing.

Unlike the whirlpool of the Level One Realm, there was another universe in the vortex.

In this vortex was actually space. Within it was a huge maze that was constantly moved by waves.

There was a Blood-Red Light Curtain above the maze, which seemed to block the top of the skydome.

One could faintly make out all the dark dragon shadows reflected on the blood-red light curtain as they quickly flew by.

Su Yus pupil shrank slightly. The Blood-Red Light Curtain was the seal of the Level Two Realm!