The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418 Non Participation

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With a shrug, Su Yu replied, "I meant what I said. Hes never coming back."

This couldve meant one of two things; he was either trapped there or dead.

In such dangerous places like the Asura Forbidden Lands, it is much more likely to be the latter if he didnt return!

"What are you talking about?" The color on Master Chus face changed. "If you dare to lie, Ill make you stand upright and walk sideways!"

Su Yu looked at Ling Wu as he said "Master Ling Wu, he threatened the contestants. As the supervising messenger sent by the leader, isnt this something you should be concerned about?"

After hearing his name, Ling Wu felt the need to come forward. He patiently said, "Su Yu, the Chu Clan Master cares about his child, so he has the right to speak as such. You should be considerate of that as well."

With a faint smile, Su Yu blankly said, "Well, I can understand how someone would feel after losing a son. However, Chu Bawang has only his skin and bones left. I doubt any Ferocious Beast will ever send his body back. What does that mean for this competition? Will it continue until that happens?"

Ling Wu said, "Today is the end of the contest. If he doesnt come back, he will be considered to be defeated. In that case, you would be the winner by default."

Su Yu looped his hands on his chest and said, "Yes. If it is only for half a day, then I can handle it."

"How dare you spout out such lies! Bawang has In short, he has a trump card. Anyone might die, but he could never meet the same fate!" Chu Longs pupils flickered violently, and one could make out the few remains of his hope and expectations.

Su Yu said, "What does he have? Since five elders of the Chu clan can protect him, he can never die?"

What? Chu Longs face changed drastically. Finally stricken with panic, he said in surprise, "What did you see?"

"Not much, just those five heads. Assuming nothing else went wrong, it should be the card that you, the Chu clan, must have created for this competition," Su Yu said.

"Bullshit. How could they have been killed?" Chu Long said in shock.

Su Yu spread his hand out and replied, "I didnt expect you to believe me. If thats the case, then go ahead and wait here patiently for another half of a day."

Half a day had passed. With every minute, the period of half a month that they agreed on was coming to an end.

Chu Long stared at the whirlpool with both eyes, his eyes gradually drying up and turning blood-red. Despite this, he still refused to give up hope.

However, his heart sank deeper and deeper as time passed.

Even if five elders working together were not enough to kill the Ferocious beasts, they shouldve at least been able to escort Chu Bawang back.

However, there had been no movement until now. That could only mean that something that wasnt part of the plan had happened.

Ling Wu remained silent, but inside he was secretly surprised. The five powerful Level Three elders of the Chu Clan had fallen, along with their heir, Chu Bawang!

What happened in there? How could the five elders not come back alive?

Finally, the time was up.

Although Ling Wu has a partiality to help the Chu clan, the rules had already been established. He didnt dare to change it without permission.

With a sigh, Ling Wu said, "This is unfortunate, Chu Clan Master. Because Chu Bawang failed to return as scheduled, he is considered to have failed the competition. The winner of this competition is Su Yu!"

"Hold on!" Chu Long turned around. Under the armor, it exposed a pair of eyes that reflected gloomy light.

"I suspect that he killed my son, Chu Bawang! Lord Ling Wu, please use the Jade Pendant to learn the truth!" Chu Long spoke in an icy cool tone. He exuded a sharp breath, seemingly eager to kill Su Yu at any moment.

Ling Wu immediately said. "Of course! The Chu Clan Masters request is permitted by the rules of the competition. This will be no problem at all!"

He did not care about whether or not he would damage Su Yus reputation. He immediately agreed out of fear of offending the Chu Clan Master if he didnt.

Ling Wu took out the jade pendant and immediately activated it. The jade pendant projected a flowing scene depicting exactly what Su Yu did after entering Asura Forbidden Land.

The images of the Green figure and Blood Demon made their expressions change drastically.

Even if they were images, they could still feel the horror coming from the two creatures. They were by no means ordinary Level Three Ferocious Beasts!

What made their faces change further was that there were five heads on the top of the mountain.

Chu Long was horrified. With one glance, he recognized them as the heads of the elders of the five tribes he had sent in prior. He ordered them to capture a few Level Three Ferocious beasts, then head to the banks of the Silver Lake to meet with Chu Bawang.

Unfortunately, they all wound up dead.

Their eyes widened, with horror deep in their hearts.

After that, Su Yu met Wang Qingchen and beheaded the eight-clawed octopus.

Ling Wu nodded. The fact Su Yu beheaded the eight-clawed octopus was no longer his concern. All of his attention was now on learning how Chu Bawang died.

Finally, Chu Bawang appeared beside a silver lake. Instead of waiting for the elders of the five tribes, he had walked into a trap.

He did not succeed in picking up an easy kill from Su Yu. Instead, he became Su Yus surrogate and was caught in the whirlpool.

Finally, the scene of Chu Bawangs death was clear.

Su Yu had nothing to do with this!

Chu Longs face was pale. While his heart was mourning for his loss, he had no choice but to accept what happened to Chu Bawang.

Upon eventually recovering from his grief, he felt an inexplicable hatred toward Su Yu.

If it had not been for Su Yu, would they have needed to go to Asura Forbidden Lands for the competition? Will this decision then eventually lead to Chu Bawangs death?

As the picture continued to flow, Su Yu lightly said, "Do you have anything to say, Lord Ling Wu?"

Lingwu wanted to help the Chu clan to disqualify Su Yu from victory, but everything that Su Yus had done was impeccable. With no other option, he said, "The winner of this competition is Su Yu."

"Wait a minute!" Chu Long clapped his palms together. In the distance, a flying object that had been hidden for half a month suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Jumping out from inside the object were three old clan elders of the Chu Clan!

Everyones breath was at least that of Level Three!

Ling Wu was taken aback. He didnt know that a group of strong men of the Chu clan was hidden nearby!

"Lord Chu, what are you doing?" Ling Wus eyes flickered and asked.

Consumed by deep hatred, Chu Long stared at Su Yu. "Su Yu killed our son. This is no longer a question of competition, but a problem of our personal grudge. I want his blood as payment for harming my son!"

"Lord Ling Wu, this matter has nothing to do with you. Please step back and dont interfere!"

After hearing this, Ling Wu was overjoyed. He did as told and did not participate.

Su Yu said, "Lord Ling Wu, the Chu Clan cannot accept that they have lost and decide to kill an innocent person. Do you truly want to act as if you have not seen it?"

Ling Wu could not wait to get himself away from trouble. He would not dare speak up for Su Yu. With a fair and selfless look, he said. "I am merely a messenger. Therefore, I only have the right to supervise. The competition is over, and I made a fair ruling. The rest is about your own personal grievances. I have nothing to do with this."

Upon hearing this, Su Yu sneered. "You are so smart that it exhausted you!"

Ling Wu sneered as he thought, I would be muddle-headed if I helped you!

"Su Yu, you pay for my sons life!" Chu Long knew that Su Yu could not be blamed for Chu Bawangs death. Even so, the most important thing at the moment was not his grudge; it was the bargaining chips!

If he did not kill Su Yu, the Chu Clan would have no choice but to cough up all the resources that he asked for.

This was a price that the Chu Clan could not afford to pay.

Therefore, he selected three men from the clan who were willing to die to give Su Yu a fatal blow at the last minute. It didnt even matter if the three of them were repelled by the Thunder Seal.

"What a joke. What does your sons death have to do with me?" Su Yu said.

Chu Long shouted, "Had it not been for the contest between you and Chu Bawang, would he have fallen?"

Su Yu smiled and laughed with scorn. "Maybe the Chu Clan Master forgot, but your precious son forced me to agree to his challenge! You may have also forgotten that to ensure that the winning ticket is in your hands, you chose the Asura Forbidden Lands as the location of the contest! I dont understand when I ever killed your son!"

"Its better to blame yourself than to blame me." Su Yu had a look of pity across his face. "A wretched person blames misfortune on others instead of self-reflecting on his own mistake."

Now provoked by Su Yus words, Chu Long shouted, "Dont you dare act all high and mighty! Give me back my sons life!"

Along with Chu Long himself, the strongest men of the Chu clan attacked Su Yu together.

However, at this moment, they changed their target and instead, set their attack target on Ling Wu!

Standing in a corner with his arms folded, Ling Wu was caught off guard and shouted, "What are you doing?"

He quickly resisted.

Despite having done the mental calculations to do this, he failed to utilize them in reality. One could imagine the eventual outcome of four to one.

As Ling Wu was smashed through the flesh by the four, his soul hurriedly escaped from his body.

However, he was grabbed by the Chu Clan Master.

Now exasperated, Ling Wus soul shouted, "Chu Clan Master, do you want to rebel? I am the messenger sent by the leader!"

The Chu Clan Master sneered. "You idiot! You die here and push the blame to Su Yu, or the Ferocious Beasts will escape. Do you think that the leader can even blame me?"

"Rest in peace!" The Chu Clan Master gripped his five fingers.

Frightened, Ling Wu frantically asked Su Yu for help. "Brother Su, please help me get rid of this traitor."

With his arms in both hands, Su Yu watched him as coldly as he had before. He said lightly, "This is a personal grudge between you and him. Since I have nothing to do with this, it would be inconvenient for me to intervene!"

Ling Wu was told the exact same thing he said to Su Yu.

Su Yu ignored the fact that Ling Wu favored the Chu Clan.

Su Yu couldnt care less as he stood idly by.

Su Yu wouldnt have cared at all if he was killed.

As Su Yu said, he was fooled by his own cleverness!

The images in the jade pendant recorded several earth-shattering secrets. One example of such a secret was that the Chu clan changed the prohibition without authorization, which resulted in the change of the Asura Forbidden Lands.

Would the Chu Clan ever allow this information to spread?

Ling Wus fate had already been sealed!

Unfortunately, he held on to his identity. He believed that the Chu Clan wouldnt dare to treat him otherwise, and even planned to stand by and watch!

What a stupid and selfish person. Su Yu could not think of a reason to save him.


Chu Longs five-finger gripped Ling Wus soul, completely extinguishing it.

His cold eyes expressed content. "After getting rid of the idlers, I, the Chu Clan Master, can calmly deal with you!"

The three old men behind him headed for Su Yu, taking one step at a time.

However, the vortex above their heads now suddenly rolled. The red thunder from within kept roaring as if it was trying to block something out.

Everyone at the scene was taken aback.

Chu Long was surprised. "How strange. Is it that the arrangement of the five clan elders caused several Ferocious beasts of the Asura Forbidden Lands to be released?"

As he thought about it, he couldnt help but chuckle. "This is Gods will to help me! The terrible Ferocious Beasts of the Asura Forbidden Lands have appeared. Theyve forcibly killed Ling Wu, and will kill Su Yu as well! Hahaha!"

Looking at the vortex with solemn eyes, Su Yu said in a deep voice, "Arent you afraid of the fact that you have no control over the incoming beasts?"