The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Immortal Level Technique
Chapter 143: Immortal Level Technique
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"Immortal level cultivation technique!" Su Yu was incredibly stunned!

Spirit level cultivation techniques were split into Legacy, Immortal, and Legendary levels.

Su Yu had already known how rare Legacy level techniques were. For a fraction of a manual of a Legacy level technique, even the elegant Yun Yan had to beg unwillingly, offering to marry Li Hao in humiliation in exchange for the manual.

As for complete Legacy level techniques, only people of the Dragon Realm, as well as the elders, had the right to cultivate them.

There was only one fraction of an immortal level technique in the entire Liuxian faction!

Yet, here there appeared an Immortal Legacy level technique. This would shake the entire faction!

Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly, his blood boiling with excitement.

But after opening the manual, his heart froze!

There was only one page remaining! Of that, there were less than a hundred words left!

With a sigh, Su Yu opened the other jade box. His dull eyes regained their sparkle!

"Top level Legacy level technique fragment, Artifact Control Technique!

"This technique is a supporting technique. At the lower tier, you can begin to awaken the souls of divine artifacts. At the upper tier, you can release the souls of divine artifacts. At the top class, you can completely release the souls of divine artifacts!

"The condition for cultivation is that the person must own a divine artifact."

Divine artifact? Su Yu's heart was thumping lightly. Wasn't the Divine Ice Ring he owned a divine artifact from the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom?

But what was the meaning of the divine artifact's soul?

Reading the book in detail, the Artifact Control Technique had further introductions.

"Divine artifacts cannot display their true powers without the right master. It would be no different from ordinary weapons in the hands of an ordinary person, not achieving even ten percent of what the divine artifact could achieve."

Su Yu was excited. He recalled that, even though the Divine Ice Ring was a divine artifact, no one could really tell. Not even the Second Elder noticed it.

Could it be that he had never once used the true powers of his Divine Ice Ring?

"Cultivators of the Artifact Control Technique can forcefully use the divine artifacts of another person. With enough effort, they could force the artifact to view them as its master, taking the divine artifacts of others as their own. It is an arrogant technique that will incite hatred and jealousy, cultivate at your own risk."

Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly!

It could take the divine artifacts of others and make them his own?

Unfortunately, the Artifact Control Technique was but a remnant, with many of its pages missing. There was only the Stage One Lower Tier portion left, with only a few thousand words.

"Junior Su! Please pay some attention to this beast and help us escape!" Seeing how Su Yu had executed the slender lady, Song Qingshan was elated.

Su Yu creased his eyebrows. He did not have loyalty to them, especially Li Hao. He was a person Su Yu needed to kill!

But losing its master, the Snow Lion's battle power was weakened. It was only a matter of time before Song Qingshan and the others would free themselves.

If he left them be, he would face trouble should they complain about him back in the faction.


Su Yu shot out a bolt of energy, then hurriedly retreated!


Suffering an attack, the Snow Lion of Fifth Level Holy King roared in fury!

Seizing the opportunity, Song Qingshan and the rest broke free from the blue ice!

Leaving the small cave, they could finally use their techniques. They were no longer trapped within the confines of the cave. With the combined abilities of the four people, the Snow Lion let out pathetic howls. It finally retreated in defeat after suffering multiple strikes.

Song Qingshan was elated. "Chase it! It was one of the culprits. If we manage to capture it, we will definitely be commended!"

The other three nodded. Only Li Hao had a glimmer in his eyes, greedily staring at the two jade boxes in Su Yu's hands. "Wait! The two treasures Su Yu found, should they be given over to use for safekeeping?"

It was only after hearing this that Song Qingshan and the others noticed the two aged jade boxes.

A bolt of passion flared in their eyes. The treasures of the Abyss of Wutong! What precious items did they contain?

The Abyss of Wutong was an ancient wasteland found by the Liuxian faction. There were several protected zones which were well preserved. There had been many precious treasures found in these zones.

Most of the Legacy level technique in the faction's depository came from the Abyss of Wutong.

It was rumored that the Immortal level technique of the faction also came from the Abyss of Wutong! It could be said that it was the foundation of the faction!

The ten elders of the faction took turns being in charge of the abyss every six months.

Ordinarily, Song Qingshan and the others did not even have the authority to touch the items from the Abyss of Wutong.

Song Qingshan struggled for a moment but ultimately succumbed to his greed. "Su Yu! According to the rules of the team, these treasures should be split among everyone. Pass them to me, the team leader, to deal with them accordingly!"

Hearing this, Su Yu was not surprised, lightly sighing. "I should have known. I should have let you all die sealed in the ice before striking just now."

Everyone turned red. This made them seem like people who repaid benevolence with hatred.

Su Yu had saved all of their lives, but they had asked Su Yu to hand over the treasures he had found.

Li Hao laughed. "Since we are from the same faction, you reasonably had to save us, that was your duty! Do not take it as benevolence!"

Hearing this, two greedy Fourth Level Peak Holy Kings looked at each other, surrounding Su Yu and coldly grunting. "Hand over the treasures, hand them over to the team! Don't think about keeping them for yourselves!"

Su Yu's peaceful expression showed faint traces of disappointment. "Saving you all is the natural thing to do?

"Alright, take care of yourselves. Let's hope that there will still be people who will save you." Saying this, Su Yu lightly threw the jade boxes down on the floor.

Two remnants of techniques totaled only a few thousand words, Su Yu had long since memorized them.


The pupils of the four dilated, they immediately snatched up the treasures! They had not realized the double meaning in Su Yu's words.

Song Qingshan grabbed a box. Li Hao also snatched a box.

They were visibly elated, opening them to see the contents.

Suddenly, a horrifying aura descended, blanketing the surroundings!

An icy voice filled with a deep hatred reverberated around everyone. "You kill a member of the Empire of Darkness and stool my treasures, and you dare stay here?! You're brave!"

The hearts of everyone skipped a beat, everyone turning rigid except for Song Qingshan.

Twisting their heads to look, three people had appeared at the mouth of the canyon out of nowhere!

There was a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King, a Fourth Level Peak Holy King, and... a Fifty Level Lower Tier Holy King!

There was also the injured Fifth Level Holy King Snow Lion!

The Fifth Level Holy King was only a teen. His expression was cold, his gaze icy. He was glaring at them.

There were two Fifth Level Holy Kings!

Song Qingshan's throat swelled and a fear of death struck him like lightning.

His team would only be annihilated facing such a roster!

Li hao's heart trembled. As crafty as he was, he sneakily set the box down, slowly retreating. He tried to explain. "Your female partner was not killed by me. I have also not looked at what's inside the jade box."

Song Qingshan realized what he was doing. He put down the box in a fluster, cautiously retreating, grunting. "We have no intention of being your enemy, don't force our hand!"

The cold expression of the Fifth Level Holy King became furious when he scanned past the cold body of the slender lady. He laughed angrily. "Force you? You are standing beside Yue-er's body, and have her treasures in your hands. Are you telling me she was not killed by you? Did the killer leave the treasures for you? It is you that is forcing our hand!"

The colors on the faces of the four were mixed as they tried desperately to defend themselves!

In their hearts there was regret!

These treasures were indeed left for them by Su Yu! Had they known this was going to happen, would they be so greedy for the treasures? They should have left this place earlier instead of running into such powerful foes!

"Kill them! Feed them to the Snow Lion!" The Fifth Level Holy King stepped forward.

The Snow Lion harnessed a horrifying blue chilly energy, attacking with it!

"Split up and run! Every person that escapes is a survivor!" The color on Song Qingshan's face changed, he was shouting loudly as he hastily escaped!

The four of them suddenly thought about the words Su Yu said before he left.

Take care of yourselves, let's hope that there will still be people who will save you!

Now that they thought about it, Su Yu had already known that enemies were approaching!

While they were frustrated that Su Yu had hidden this fact from them, they could not do anything about it. They all had unspeakable regret.

If they had not returned their favors with malice, causing Su Yu to be deeply disappointed, would they still be like this?

They had brought this upon themselves!

Whoosh, whoosh

Filled with regret and fear, the four of them split up and ran!

Two hours later, Two Fourth Level Peak Holy King disciples were fearfully kneeling on the ground.

Song Qingshan and Li Hao had escaped with injuries. The two of them had been captured and subjected to their interrogation. They told them everything they knew.

"What! Yue-er was killed by a Third Level Lower Tier Holy King disciple?" The Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King member of the Empire of Darkness wore a look of deep hatred.

"Li Xiaowei, please allow me to kill this vermin!" The Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King's eyes were filled with killing intent, he was kneeling as he made his request.

The Fifth Level Holy King was Li Xiaowei, a captain of the Empire of Darkness, and their superior.

"En, Cheng You, go. Yue-er was engaged to you, you should personally get revenge!" Li Xiaowei was confident, as he had also held high regards for Cheng You. it was him who brought Yue-er and Cheng You together.

Cheng You thanked him in gratitude, leaving quickly.

After he left, there was only the Fourth Level Peak Holy King and Li Xiaowei left.

"Lord Xiaowei, that human is very strange. Will just sending Cheng You be safe?" The Fourth Level Peak Holy King was a little worried.

Li Xiaowei shook his head. "Don't worry; in terms of battle ability, Cheng You doesn't lose to you, Wang Li. He has the highest potential in our army camp, and his role is the hardest to replace. You need not worry about him. You should go search for the Fourth Level Peak Holy King disciple that escaped."

"Yes." Wang Li bowed, but a strange look flashed past his eyes.

Su Yu had been flying for an entire day. Once he was sure that the horrifying enemies had not pursued him, his worry completely eased.

He found a secluded area in the ice mountains. Su Yu hid in a cave, taking the Ice Crystal Marrow out.

He had only felt such horrifying chilly energy from the Icy Pearl.

Even though this was a little weaker, it was more or less the same.

The Ice Crystal Marrow was a liquid made by condensing chilly energy, it harbored a terrifying chilly energy.

To a normal person, this item could take a life. But to Su Yu, it was nourishment!

He swallowed the marrow, a powerful chilly energy circulating throughout his body.


His body was rapidly frozen. Under the effects of the Sigh of Ice, he was absorbing the spirit energy around him at an accelerated rate, causing Su Yu's cultivation level to steadily increase!

In the ice seal, as Su Yu was quietly cultivating. He involuntarily started to gain insight into the Artifact Control Technique, as well as the nameless Immortal level technique.

Even though the latter manual only had a hundred or so words, there was still some information worth learning. Just disregarding it would be a pity.

Three days later, Su Yu gradually awoke from the ice seal.

His cultivation level had entered Third Level Upper Tier Holy King.

His amount of spirit energy was double that of those with the same cultivation level!

Not mentioning Third Level Holy Kings, he could compete using spirit energy with Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings.

But Su Yu had the most improvement in the Artifact Control Technique!

Even though he did not manage to learn the technique to the lower tier, he was not far off.

Now that he looked at the Divine Ice Ring again, Su Yu's eyes showed a hint of excitement. "This Divine Ice Ring is indeed a gift of the heavens. In the past I never fully used its true power, merely showing a sliver of what it can do! It's like a divine artifact in the hands of an outsider was merely normal steel."

Closing his eyes, Su Yu waited silently for the release of the Seal of Ice.

But just as his eyes were about to close, alarm bells rang in his head!

When he opened his eyes again, a person had appeared ten feet away from him!

It was Cheng You!

"Die!" Cheng You was filled with hatred. He took advantage of the fact that Su Yu was still sealed in ice to deal a killing blow!

Su Yu's expression changed, his heart surprised. How did Cheng You discover his exact location?

But he did not have time to think. The killing palm was about to strike him while he was in the ice seal!